Mobile Brain Bank links global potential


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Mobile Brain Bank presentation at the IIR Front End of Innovation conference March 2, 2011, Berlin

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Mobile Brain Bank links global potential

  1. 1. Mobile Brain BankLinks Global Potential@ the 5th annual Front End of Innovation Europe, Berlin, March 2, 2011 Petra Söderling, Founder and Chairman
  2. 2. Mobile is quickly becoming #1way people use informationand services.Mobile professionals are freedfrom traditional corporations.Mobile Brain Bank joins theseindividuals for creating new.
  3. 3. We are• A global network of mobile minds• A group of entrepreneurs unleashed• A talent pool• A think tank• A recruitment opportunity• A channel for sharing
  4. 4. Who we areConstantly evolving!
  5. 5. How we work• Independent & non-profit• ER Clinics• TalentBank• BrainStorm• ThinkTank
  6. 6. How we workConstantly evolving!
  7. 7. +1500 “members”+5000 individuals in reach20 events in 18 months~70 startups pitched their case~10 startups in ER clinic9 major hubs
  8. 8. What difference do we make1. New startups are born2. Tech startups find complementing skills3. Existing startups grow to hire4. Existing startups grow international
  9. 9. What difference do we makeConstantly evolving!
  10. 10. “The New Economy needs a fresh approach to developingtechnology and doing business.”
  11. 11. Out of the Old Economy1970s 1980s, 2000 1990s• 5 different engine-drive train combinations• 80% chose front-mounted V8 withautomatic transmission and rear wheel drive•Chevrolet Impala sold 1,5 million units
  12. 12. Out of the Old Economy1970s 1980s, 2000 1990s• 40 different engine-drive train combinations• 25% chose front-mounted V8 withautomatic transmission and rear wheel drive
  13. 13. Out of the Old Economy1970s 1980s, 2000s 1990s• 600 different kinds of vehicles• Over 30 brand names• Most popular type sold 400,000 units
  14. 14. Out of the old Economy• 1970 US car manufactuers offered 5 engine-drivetrain combinations => 80% chose front-mounted V8 with automatic transmission and rear wheel drive (Chevrolet Impala sold 1,5M units)• Over next 25 years engine-drivetrain combinations went up to over 40 => 25% chose front-mounted V8 with automatic transmission and rear wheel drive• By 2000 US consumers were able to choose from 600 different kinds of vehicles, carrying over 30 brand names, and largest selling car (Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry) only sold 400,000 units
  15. 15. Out of the Old EconomyComplexity Fragmentation Confusion Simplify
  16. 16. Out of the Old Economy• Compress manufacturing processes• Modularize product design• Mixed-model assembly systems• JIT with suppliers and customers Mass Customization
  17. 17. Out of the Old Economy• But hey... Now everyone’s doing the same thing, so we need to Speed up • Introduce CAD, CAE, Robotic Assembly etc.
  18. 18. Out of the Old Economy
  19. 19. Out of the Old Economy
  20. 20. Out of the Old Economy• OK... But now everyone’s fast so we need to focus on Quality • Enter TQM, DFM, QFD, QPD, CIM
  21. 21. Out of the Old Economy
  22. 22. Out of the Old Economy
  23. 23. The New World Economy.Asia Pacific - RedEurope/Middle East/Central Asia/Africa - GreenNorth America - BlueLatin American and Caribbean - YellowRFC1918 IP Addresses, “private internets” - CyanUnknown - White
  24. 24. The New World Economy• Globalization • Changes in Soviet Union, East Europe, China • Advances in ICT • Outsourcing to new types of partnerships, India, Africa• Information Technology • Information sensitive operations• Front loaded cost structure • Costs in developing new product and associated production and delivery system • Cost of incremental units is minimal
  25. 25. The New World Economy• Network Economies > Scale Economies
  26. 26. The New World Economy• Speed to market accelerate low cost, network effect, and cost of customer switching to competitor
  27. 27. The New World Economy Society CollaboratorCommunity Partner Network Co- Environmentopetitor Ecosystem Friend
  28. 28. The New World Economy
  29. 29. The New World Economy
  30. 30. The New World Economy
  31. 31. txtEagle
  32. 32. JamiiX
  33. 33. Powerkiss
  34. 34. Suntrica
  35. 35. Augmented planet
  36. 36. 1 Million $100 Business Startup
  37. 37.
  38. 38. eyeSight
  39. 39. Cellictica
  40. 40. MixORG
  41. 41. Founder2be
  42. 42. Grow VC
  43. 43. Why should I work for free?
  44. 44. Why should I work for free?
  45. 45. Why should I work for free?
  46. 46. The ride of my life
  47. 47. We are looking for new people.We are looking for new startups.We are looking for new ideas.
  48. 48. Thank you!All copyrights and trademarks in the presentation are the property of their respective owners. Sources Google and Bing.
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