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  1. 1. Trip to Hungary Our trip to Hungary was filled with many emotions, funny situations and pleasant moments. There we met with our project partners and found new friends. The program was interesting and entertaining. We spent the whole time wonderful. As soon as we arrived we settled in the rooms of the hostel. There, as well as in the school itself, everything was clean and tidy. On the next day, right after breakfast, we all gathered in front of the school for the general picture. Then we went to the presentation of the presentations and there, each country presented its habits, traditional food and drinks. The next part of the program was cooking competition of Hungarian goulash and pancakes. The food we cooked became really delicious, although the jury didn’t praise her highly. Everyone had fun and we've eaten from what we've prepared ourselves. After the cooking competition we visited the traditional Hungarian cellar, where we had the opportunity to taste Hungarian wine. The wine was a little strange for us to taste, but despite this we liked it. After dinner was a time for the quiz associated with foods and drinks of the different
  2. 2. countries-partners of the project. We learned a lot of new things, but we haven’t stopped to fun. We even found more friends, and finally for the prize of all participants had a big cake. The next day we left for the city of Szeged – the third largest city in Hungary. There we visited the Museum of the red pepper and "Pick Szalami", where was presented to us the way of production of traditional for Hungary salami and paprika, which for me was very interesting. Then we headed to City hall, where the Mayor personally told us about the history of the city. We had the opportunity to take a picture sitting on the mayoral chairs. Everything inside was very beautiful. Then we looked at the different architectural and cultural monuments, among which was the monument of Lajos Kossuth, university named for discoverer of vitamin c, as well as and Catholic Cathedral. We had lunch in a traditional Hungarian tavern, and the main dish was with fish and very tasty. After the lunch, some of us visited the Aqua Park, where we had fun and we swam at will. The third day we visited the National historical Memorial Park in Opustaser. The guide introduced us the story of the creation of Hungary, traditional
  3. 3. Hungarian clothing and customs, met us with soldiers at various military uniforms and we heard the traditional Hungarian music from musicians in folk costumes. We also visited the first Court and the first post office. The lunch was again in a tavern, where we ate a delicious Hungarian goulash and the dessert was of dough and it was superb. The final wedding dinner was really rich and naturally delicious. Finally, all danced together and formed a great party, with lots of fun. In Hungary all spent a wonderful, learned many new things about other peoples. There we found a new world, in which all are united and having fun. Martin, Bulgaria