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Smp b2 b

  1. 1. COMPANYCREDENTIALSAugust, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda About us SMP management Key Services & Expertise Why collaborate with us References System of co-operation Summary Contact
  3. 3. About us We are an experienced marketing team of experts with more than ten years experience of work for  international companies, PR, advertising, research and digital agencies. By this fact we can offer multi-branch approach to solving integrated marketing projects. SMP has the necessary background for comprehensive realization of your projects as one stop shop.
  4. 4. SMP management  PhDr.Petr Frey, MBA  Ing.Miroslav Oupic Managing Partner & Consultant  Head of Research & Dtb dep.  Work for important communication  Work for two important Czech groups: BBDO, Lowe, Draft, FCB research agencies: Incoma Research  He was awarded from Czech Marketing and Factum Invenio Association on Marketer of the Year Awards  He provides a Marketing and Social  A member of international jury media monitoring, Consumer (IMC Awards, Caples Awards) Insight, testing of new strategies  He creates an innovation concepts and  His clients: SAZKA, Electrolux, Vitar, strategies and leads SMP project teams Ryor, POS Media, Reserved…  His clients: T-Mobile, Nestlé, RE/MAX, Tesco, Electrolux Professional, UPC, Thomson…
  5. 5. Key Expertise & ServicesIntegrated Publicity Consulting &marketing Management Lectoring B2BResearch & Community Training Strategy Building Company Media Marketing Touch Relations Consulting points
  7. 7. Integrated Marketing Nothing works well in isolation. That’s why a fully integrated marketing strategy, creating a variety of touch points and experiences, is often seen as best practice. We are ready to prepare for you a tailor made integrated marketing strategy and mix of tools and techniques for your contemporary B2B communication.
  9. 9. Publicity Management (PM) We live in a world where the traditional channels and online channels have become fully integrated. Every newspaper and broadcaster has a website. Many popular bloggers also contribute to newspaper articles. We can help you craft your message and tell your story across media. We can also get you on the right channels by approved publicity strategy. PM is the polite way to invite prospects in to learn, grow their business, and establish relationships of lasting value.
  10. 10. B2B Community building What we can offer in this field Community building.  Connecting with customers, prospects, peers, and potential referrers. This is a daily activity. Brand monitoring.  Scouring the social networks for mentions of your company and products. Also a daily activity. Engagement.  Listening to your communities, responding, reaching out with interactive messaging. Another daily activity, best done in real time.
  11. 11. B2B Community building Content sharing.  Writing, publishing, and sometimes scheduling content with links to strategic blog posts and web pages. This can be done on a monthly basis. Social network maintenance.  Keeping your communities free of spammers, updating content, adding applications, etc. Best done on a weekly or monthly basis.
  13. 13. LectoringAll parts of business are dramatically changing during thisera. That is the reason why we offer an educationof company employees. We provide lectures, trainings and webinars of particular topics or all-day workshops which give an comprehensive survey to your employees. We provide:  Identification of company training needs.  Creating a training plan.  Consultation for management.  Coaching of marketing and sales staff.
  14. 14. Lectoring Favourite trainings:  Internet and social marketing  Publicity training  Database management and CRM  Sales skills  Time management  Creation of sales and marketing strategies  Marketing planning  New trends of marketing communication  Mobile marketing Other tailor made topics by your needs.
  15. 15. Why collaborate with SMP ?1. Experienced team of`marketing experts.2. More than 10 years experience in marketing, advertising and marketing research.3. Integrated solutions and searching of function solution without compromises.4. Professional knowledge for your competition advantage.5. Pleasant people!
  16. 16. References
  17. 17. System of co-operation1. To put together an expert team for your project  Strategy, Digital, Content, PR, Social media…2. Developing a plan and schedule of activity Current, Medium-term, Long-term3. Creation of proposals, consulting, executing, supervising and monitoring4. Remuneration Flat fee + success fee strategy, project conceptions, consulting, social media Production costs e.g. research, print, programming, media buing…
  18. 18. Contact SMP Shopper Marketing Prague, s.r.o. Koněvova 2660/141, Praha 3, 130 83 Czech Republic  E-mail a web: