Le magasin du futur - Keynote Zappos E-Commerce Paris 2013 par Dominique Piotet (Rebellion Lab)


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Qui ? Dominique Piotet, Pdg de Rebellion Lab et architecte du magasin du futur pour Zappos, qui ouvrira ses portes en janvier 2015 à Las Vegas.

Quoi ? Un keynote lors du salon E-commerce Paris 2013, qui donne un avant gout du premier magasin physique du leader américain de la vente de chaussures, filiale d'Amazon.

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Le magasin du futur - Keynote Zappos E-Commerce Paris 2013 par Dominique Piotet (Rebellion Lab)

  1. 1. Zappos : the future of Retail is Digital…and we haven’t seen anything yet! 25 septembre 2013
  2. 2. Votre Logo ici DOMINIQUE PIOTET Digital strategy and innovation for large organizations EUROPE CONSEIL Manager of e-business team L’ATELIER BNP President and CEO REBELLION LAB Founder and Chief Rebel ZEN FACTORY Founder LA POSTE “35 hours” manager Head of Internet strategy BNP PARIBAS Director of Internet and Intranet strategy PARIS
  3. 3. Votre Logo ici Introduction: Web vs. Store? 1 – Zappos 2 – Zappos’ efforts in Las Vegas 3 – Future of retail…is digital 3.1 – Concepts and trends 3.2 – The store of the present 3.3 – The store of the future 3.4 – The four big challenges of the store of the future Keynote Conclusion AGENDA
  4. 4. Votre Logo ici INTRODUCTION: WEB VS. STORE? In 2012 : Online commerce + 19 % In-store commerce - 2 % Reasons why consumers prefer online commerce : 1 – Price 2 – Gain of time 3 – Avoid moving 4 – Good deals 5 – Shop whenever and wherever wanted Reasons why consumers prefer instore commerce : 1 – See the product 2 – Get it right away 3 – Touch and feel the product 4 – Avoid delivery fees 5 – Try the product BVA-Mappy, 2013
  5. 5. Votre Logo ici INTRODUCTION: WEB VS. STORE? Four new consumer behaviors: FULL STORE SHOWROOMER ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) FULL DIGITAL 88 %78 %41 %63 % BVA-Mappy, 2013
  6. 6. Votre Logo ici INTRODUCTION: WEB VS. STORE? BEFORE WEB VS. STORE NOW WEB-TO-STORE ! Consumer are not exclusive to a single profile. ! There is a necessity to make the bridge between in-store commerce and methods of online commerce. ! With the need of enhanced consumer experience, Web and Store cannot stay competitors…they must become complementary. à BVA-Mappy, 2013
  7. 7. Votre Logo ici 1 – BUSINESS CASE: ZAPPOS
  8. 8. Votre Logo ici KEY FIGURES ! Founded in 1999 in San Francisco with the vision of becoming the online shoe store with the best selection and the best service. ! Moved the headquarters to Las Vegas in 2004. ! Turned profitable for the first time in 2007: topped $100 million in monthly merchandise sales in December, ending the year with revenue of $840 million. ! Bought by Amazon in 2009 for $1.2 billion. ! US Leader for Shoes Online. ! 1,300 employees. ! Revenue of $2.2 billion in 2011, 20% average Growth y/y.
  9. 9. Votre Logo ici STRATEGY ! “We are a Service Company that happen to sell clothes”. ! The 3C: –  Clothing –  Customer Service –  Culture ! Almost No Marketing Expenses: –  Customer Service is The New Marketing: free shipping and free return, 365-day return policy, 24/7 call center + Upgrades & Surprises –  Word of Mouth –  Loyalty ! Focus only on the United States ! No Outsourcing for Logistics & Customer Service
  10. 10. Votre Logo ici CULTURE IS EVERYTHING –  Deliver WOW Through Service –  Embrace and Drive Change –  Create Fun and A Little Weirdness –  Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded –  Pursue Growth and Learning –  Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication –  Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit –  Do More With Less –  Be Passionate and Determined –  Be Humble ! The company lives by 10 core values from which are developed the culture, the brand and the business strategies.
  11. 11. Votre Logo ici CULTURE IS EVERYTHING –  In 2005, Zappos came up with the idea of the “Culture Book”. –  Collage of submissions from employees sharing what the Zappos culture means to them. –  Submissions are unedited. –  New book each year. ! “How can we sustain this culture? How can we remember it while simultaneously inspiring ourselves for the next year?”
  12. 12. Votre Logo ici AND ZAPPOS CREATED…ZAPPOS COUTURE ! In 2004, Couture was created as the line for high-end shoes and clothes. ! Value proposition : accessing the latest and greatest items from the best international fashion houses online…while enjoying the same best-of-class customer service experienced with Zappos.com. ! 10% of Zappos revenues are now made by Zappos Couture.
  13. 13. Votre Logo ici 2 – ZAPPOS’ EFFORTS IN LAS VEGAS
  14. 14. Votre Logo ici MOVE OF THE HEADQUARTERS… NEW HQ DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS •  Former City Hall Building •  Opened on September 9th 2013 •  $60 million invested in renovation and transformation FORMER HQ HENDERSON
  15. 15. Votre Logo ici …AS THE FIRST STEP OF THE ! THE BET: transform Downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world. ARTS, MUSIC, CULTURE COMMUNITY AND COWORKING EDUCATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP TECHNOLOGY URBAN DEVELOPMENT THE PILLARS OF THE PROJECT ROI Return On Investment Maximizing short-term ROC Return On Community Maximizing long-term
  16. 16. Votre Logo ici : HOW? $200 million in residential and real estate + $50 million in small businesses + $50 million in education + $50 million in tech startups = $350 million investment for the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas… …invested by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh who has initiated the project and leads it.
  17. 17. Votre Logo ici : SITE EXAMPLE Container Park is set to be the new heart of Downtown Las Vegas with a mix of cafes, boutiques, bars, galleries, community space, an outdoor theater, children’s play area, and Catalyst Dome.
  18. 18. Votre Logo ici STORE