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Thesis tips

  1. 1. Thesis PowerPoint Presentation: BasicRecommendations Making a thesis PowerPoint presentation is one of the effective ways to present your project during the defense. Usually, thesis PowerPoint presentations make the whole process less boring and less scary (for a student) and lead to a successful defense. However, if you are not experienced enough in making PowerPoint presentations, you might get into troubles. Not very serious, definitely,but a poor thesis PowerPoint presentation will spoil your defense and results.This is why we are glad to share some useful pieces of advice on how to make successful thesisPowerPoint presentations.The main rules to keep in mind about your thesis PowerPoint presentationAlways keep in mind your major mission – to present your project. Thus, focus on WHAT youare presenting and not on HOW you are doing that.Do not just read the slides during your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Members of thecommittee can read as well. They are interested in your understanding of the covered topic.Do not try to “hide” behind your thesis PowerPoint presentation. The committee wants to seereal you, your knowledge, and talents.Finally, do not forget that PowerPoint slides are not the presentation itself but just media thatshould help to make your presentation effective.Several recommendations for making your thesis PowerPoint presentation Choose one or two types of font and use them throughout the presentation. Make sure they are clear and easy to read. Better use Roman and Gothic typefaces. Font size should not be smaller than 22 pt. For headings, you may use 28 pt. Do not put too much text, since this makes it hard to read. Use capital letters if you want to emphasize something in your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Italics can be used for quotations, book and magazine titles.Thesis WritingDo you want to know the main requirements for thesis writing? You can go to libraries, lookthrough different Internet sites, but you can not say for sure that you will achieve desirable
  2. 2. results. Or you can just read this article and find necessary points which will help you in thesiswriting.Writing a thesis is a difficult thing for those who do not want to understand its essence. But ifyou create a plan and get to know what you should write in each chapter, the ideas about boringprocess, called thesis writing, will disappear.Well, the first thing that happens to you is panic. You are desperate. You have no ideas. You feelyourself as a looser. If these words describe your condition – stop this immediately!!!So, the question number one for theses writing: “What should you do first to start your thesiswriting?”Try to think in another way: you are a good student, and you always can find the way out of anysituation. Put yourself together. Such thesis writing is just one more task you should do in yourlife.Try to think in this way: with the help of thesis writing you can demonstrate your writingabilities, show your skills and share obtained knowledge with other people.When you are writing a thesis, you create your personal investigation. You become responsiblefor something and you are to prove your standpoints.If you understand all this, then thesis writing becomes easier and you become calm. You knowwhat you should write and you can concentrate on thesis writing.When you are writing a thesis, you can use various books and numerous articles, also you canask your tutor for some help or you can even ask our supporters different questions.The only thing you need for perfect theses writing is your desire. Everything else will come.May be a bit later, but if you want this, you can achieve this.Direct contact with writerNever resold worksHo hidden chargesThesis Presentation RequirementsThere are several strict requirements for thesis presentation. We will name all of them and tryto explain the difficulties.Thesis papers is normally presented in a printed form. There are the following requirements tothe printed thesis presentation: In printed thesis paper you should use a 12 pitch front on A4 paper. You should print your thesis paper on both sides of the paper with 1.5 spacing.
  3. 3. Quote and notes, which were used in your thesis presentation, should be printed in single spacing. You should separate the footnotes from the general text by a black line. There should be at least 3.5cm space on the left side of the paper between the main text and the margins.You also have to do at least 3 copies of your thesis presentation, for two readers and for thefaculty.The contextual statement of your theses papers should indicate: The main goals of your research; A brief summary of your research and its description.The thesis presentation has to be presented clearly and logically. You should develop the thesistopic gradually in your thesis paper; your statements should glide into the justified results. Bythe way, as to results, – you had better support it with examples or references to some sources.Otherwise they would be uncertain, and your theses presentation will become less valuable.You should tell about your own researches in your thesis paper, not only to mention someoutside discoveries. But as it is impossible to do without the outside help while preparing to yourthesis presentation, you should mention all the sources which were used for your thesis paperpreparation.At the end, you have to make a conclusion, basing on your and outside researches.You may need an additional help while preparing your thesis presentation. In this case youshould ask for advice from your tutor, who will check your thesis paper, show your mistakes andhelp you to correct them. If you have some problems with organizing your thesis paper, he or shewill help you to put your thoughts in the right order. You should consult him/her all the timewhile you are writing your thesis paper and preparing for the thesis presentation.Thesis Defense – Get Ready!Thesis defense seems to be a day of torture to you? You are expecting everyone to kill you withknotty questions which are not even related to the theses you have cherished like a child? Nopanic! Just read the article and follow the instructions listed below!Thesis Defense or How to Survive Guide. You are welcome:
  4. 4. You have spent lots of weeks planning, investigating, editing and proofreading. Who else may know your custom thesis paper better than you? Not your examiners, that is for sure! Do not expect a steam of extremely difficult questions during your thesis defense. The examiners’ questions are usually based on the knowledge they have given you. Take your time. Think a bit and then perform a reasonable answer. No one is going to push on you. A few seconds pause before the answer won’t harm your general presentation. Let the committee take their time. Do not interrupt, listen to the questions carefully, and let the committee finish them before you start answering. Use “That’s a good question” or “I was waiting for the question” during your theses defense. Such phrases do not only flatter the committee, but also postpone your answering, as you have got some time to think over the question.Note that there are three types of questions you may face while your thesis defense: Inquisitive – the committee will like you to enlarge upon some peculiarities of your research or its most controversial aspects; Curious – the committee will want you to present a general overview of the field under study and your contribution to it; Hostile – the committee will try to expose an area of inadequacy; Consider your answers beforehand depending on the question type; Do not underestimate your advisor’s role during the thesis defense: your advisor is the most important judge of your work. Inform your advisor on the working process in order to keep him/her on the track of events before the defense comes.Believe in yourself and your success is sure to please you!A Good Thesis WriterDo you need help from an expert thesis writer? We have the best writers online and it is just amatter of placing an order before you get the writing service that you need. In this website, youcan place an order for a quality thesis paper. But let me give you some important details aboutbecoming a good thesis writer.The thesis support that we have online is something that we are excited to share with you. Ourthesis writers know all the necessary ways to come up with a quality thesis project that’s why weare offering our services to you. A good thesis writer knows how to select a topic. He knowsthat the subject must be feasible, significant and interesting. A qualified thesis writer also knowswhat parts are necessary in a thesis; from writing the abstract and introduction to composing theliterature review and conclusion. It is also a good thing that a writer knows how to cite resourcematerials. Citing them must be applied with the concepts of APA and MLA formatting styles.Lastly, a good thesis writer is able to proofread his work. It is something that is very important sohe should be able to eliminate grammar and spelling errors.If you will place a thesis order with us, here are the basic benefits that you will experience:
  5. 5. Superior writing service On time delivery of your orders Affordable writing rates Easy to use order panel 24 hour customer service Privacy protection for customers All original papers which are never plagiarizedGreat Thesis TipsDo you want to receive some thesis tips? If you are worried about writing a thesis paper, youshould take a look at our website and read our articles. We are publishing articles related tothesis writing and this is your chance to improve your skills. We have the best thesis supportonline and you can make sure that our website can help you. So what are the basic thesis tips thatwe can share? 1. When you are about to choose the topic, you must select something that is feasible, important, relevant, has many reference materials and most important of all interesting. 2. Try to find as much resource materials as possible. You can collect guide papers online, some thesis software to teach you and some samples that can be downloaded. They can all help you in writing. 3. Build a thesis sentence that is strong. A thesis statement gives the very reason for writing the thesis paper. You can make is stronger if you will assert a notion to be true. 4. Make sure you know how to write all the necessary parts of the thesis paper. The list should include the abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, data, analysis, discussions and the conclusion. 5. Include the bibliography page. Of course you can only do this if you have cited your reference materials. Make sure you know how to apply Harvard, MLA and APA formats. 6. Lastly, proofread your paper. A good thesis paper is something that is free from spelling and grammar errors.These thesis tips are useful. Apply them when you are writing a thesis paper. For more help,visit our resource material section.