A View Of Last Minute Activity Holidays This Easter


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If you have left your Easter holiday plans until the last minute, don’t despair. We have narrowed down a few of our top activity holidays based in the UK. Reach us: http://www.holidaybooked.com/. Call us at : 01305 848039.

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A View Of Last Minute Activity Holidays This Easter

  1. 1. 1 http://www.holidaybooked.com/Holiday Booked
  2. 2. http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 2 If you have left your Easter holiday plans until the last minute, don’t despair. We have narrowed down a few of our top activity holidays based in the UK that will ensure all budgets and fitness levels are left in good condition. The Easter Sunday falls on 31st March 2013, which is the first Sunday after the full moon following the spring equinox, and Easter school holidays dates are from Friday 28th March to Sunday 14th April. Depending on the area of your child’s school will reflect a day or two either side of these dates if the school carries out teacher training days or not, so best check with the school first.
  3. 3. http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 3 Cycling in the New Forest: Prices start from £650 based on 2 sharing, 5 nights accommodation. Duration is five nights, six days and is a self-guided tour that includes accommodation. If your children are good on their bikes then can be an excellent break for the whole family to see some new location around the New Forest and get some exercise in the process. The terrain is generally flat and you will cover 13- 20 miles each day. The New Forest National Park lies at the heart of this tour with its vast forests, heaths and pastureland where deer, ponies, and pigs have the right to roam. Tucked into the peaceful landscape are pretty villages and charming estuaries where maritime history abounds. And just off the coast is the delightfully English, Isle of Wight. Using awesome gravel tracks through the forest and disused railway lines, much of this tour is free of traffic and leaves plenty of time to explore. Discover forest life and villages at Burley, Brockenhurst and Beaulieu with its fine estate and Motor Museum, maritime delights at Buckler’s Hard and Lymington, the Isle of Wight.
  4. 4. http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 4 Kitesurfing in Kent: Prices start from £449 based on 5 days tuition and all equipment. If your little ones are adrenaline junkies and love the water why not try the fastest growing extreme sport, kite surfing. Courses take you from a complete novice to a fully independent and confident kite surfer safe in the knowledge that you have all the skills needed to continue the sport once finished. All equipment is provided throughout the five days, including wetsuits, boots, kites and buoyancy aids. You will start with learning the safety of the sport and venture onto flying the kites and getting your feet wet. The Kite surf Centre located at Camber Sands, s a leading BKSA school providing the finest level of tuition with team of experienced instructors, using brand new kit updated every 8 weeks.
  5. 5. http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 5 As well as the extra useful theory there will also be a large amount of practical time spent with the kite and board in the water. In addition to the first 3 days, the extra time really allows you to master the kite skills and concentrate on the board control riding techniques. Weight distribution used effectively allows a better stance and full control in various conditions, the course works on this important factor. With this extra control and skill we can then go onto riding in both directions with turns and then onto smooth slide and carve turns. In addition, the course covers how to use the board effectively to produce ‘pop’ and the kite to give you lift, creating your first jumps!! The aim after completing this intensive kite surfing course is that you have the knowledge and skills needed to continue the sport as well as able to choose suitable wind, weather, location and equipment. You should be will able to kite surf anywhere safely and most of all have loads of fun! Camber Sands is the ultimate location for activity holidays and only one hour from London by car. The beach is flat, shallow and sandy making it perfect for learning to kite surf.
  6. 6. http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 6 Horse Riding, Tuscany: Prices start at £420 per person, based on four nights. With our Easter prices from just £420 per person, based on four nights full board in your own apartment this is a good activity. Price includes ten hours horse riding, based on 2 people sharing an apartment and non-riders, i.e. mums and dads are all welcome and discounts apply. The center based in Tuscany are specialists in family holidays and have received a '2 kite' rating from 'Child Friendly Holidays', so rest assured your little ones are in safe hands. The center provides a Pony Camp based at children with no previous riding experience, hoping that by the end of the week they are confident little riders. The staff conducts safety and animal awareness tips with the children while you can enjoy a good book and glass of local wine.
  7. 7. http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 7 If you love horse riding too why not book some riding for yourself, who says the kids have to have all the fun? The center have specially prepared packages such as the Trek Tuscany or you can even book one of rides and lessons depending on how experience you have. Trek Tuscany prices start from £845 full board per person for March 2013 for 7 nights full board. These are just a few of our top activity holidays available for this Easter holiday 2013. Whichever activity you choose be sure, both you and your kids have fun, safely aware the calories from the chocolate Easter eggs are being burnt off.
  8. 8. handleyseo@gmail.com http://www.holidaybooked.com/ 8