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  • 1. 1The Hawaii Scenic Byways Program is for: d h “ ll ” h i i l • roads that “tell a story” that is special; • roads with outstanding scenic, cultural, recreational, archaeological, natural and historic qualities; and • roads that will benefit from a coordinated strategy for tourism and economic development 2 1
  • 2. Intrinsic Qualities SCENIC NATURAL HISTORIC CULTURAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECREATIONAL 3Māmalahoa Kona Heritage CorridorRoyal Footsteps Along The Kona CoastKaʻū Scenic Byway - The Slopes of Mauna LoaHolo Holo Kōloa Scenic Byway 4 2
  • 3. Waikīkī - Kauhale O Hoʻokipa 5Waikīkī - Kauhale O Hoʻokipa 6 3
  • 4. “Waikīkī’s significance is as a place of history, not destination.” George Kanahele (April 2, 1997) 7 ScenicThroughout the centuries, Waikīkī has been recognized for its scenic beauty:• Missionary Hi Mi i Hiram Bi h Bingham, “ th green t ft of elegant “… the tufts f l t fronds on the tall cocoanut trunks … the natives … riding more rapidly and proudly on their surf‐boards … give life and interest to the scenery.”• Robert Louis Stevenson’s remarks in the hotel guest book note: “…old‐fashioned things as lovely scenery, quiet, pure air, clean sea water, good f food, and heavenly sunsets …” ”• World’s Most Photographed Beach• Iconic Diamond Head Overlooking Waikīkī 8 4
  • 5. Natural Waikīkī has a wide variety of Natural features: • Waikīkī Beach • Beaches (Kapiʻolani/Queen’s Surf/Sans Souci/Kūhiō/  Kawehewehe) • Surf Breaks • Surfing/Beach Boys • Waikīkī Beach Sand Replenishment • Lēʻahi ‐ Diamond Head Lē ahi Diamond Head • Waikīkī Wetlands • Exceptional Trees in Waikīkī 9 Historic CulturalWaikīkī is Rich in History and Cultural Traditions:“Waikīkī’s significance is as a place of history, not destination.” George Kanahele (April 2, 1997) • Waikīkī Place Names • Island’s Royal Center/Capital for 400‐years • Royal Residences • Fishpond, Taro and Rice Production Fishpond Taro and Rice Production • State and National Register of Historic Places/ Sites • Military • Evolution of Visitor Industry 10 5
  • 6. Archaeological • Na Pōhaku Ola Kapaemāhū A Kapuni Na Pōhaku Ola Kapaemāhu A Kapuni (Wizard Stones of Kapaemāhū) • Heiau 11 Recreational• In 1865, Hawaiian scholar Samuel Kamakau listed four of the major surf sites in Waikīkī from east to west: Kalehuawehe Kalehuawehe, ʻAiwohi, Maihiwa and Kapuni.• Over the years, numerous localized surf sites have been identified and still in use today• Duke Kahanamoku ‐ Father of International Surfing• “Surfing was born in Hawaiʻi and truly has become Hawaiʻi’s sports. gift to the world of sports.” (Former Governor George Ariyoshi)•     Recreational Enjoyment of Waikīkī Beach is not limited to  surfing ‐ Outrigger Canoes; Experiencing the Beach 12 6
  • 7. Side Trips•   Diamond Head State Monument•   Honolulu Zoo•   Sans Souci Beach    Sans Souci Beach•   Kahi Haʻlia Aloha•   Kapiʻolani Park•   Waikīkī War Memorial Natatorium•   AquariumThe sense of place of Waikīkī lies within these stories;through the telling of these stories of Waikīkī, we help torestore Hawaiianness to Waikīkī in a positive, productiveand respectful way. 13 14 7
  • 8. 15Waikīkī - Kauhale O Hoʻokipa • Royal Center y • Royal Residences • Visitor Industry • Natural/Geologic • Socio-Economic-Political • Military • Side Trips 16 8
  • 9. Waikīkī - Kauhale O HoʻokipaAlthough many of the sites and structures of Waikīkī from theancient times are long gone, many of these pre‐contactHawaiian places, environment, people, history and culturestill convey the sense of earlier importance throughcontinued use of original place names for areas, streets, surfsites, symbols, etc and other references to these people,places and times. Though gone, they are not forgotten andcontinue to express the ways of the past. 17 18 9
  • 10. 1920 10
  • 11. 2122 11
  • 12. 2324 12
  • 13. 2526 13
  • 14. 2728 14
  • 15. 2930 15
  • 16. Waikīkī - Kauhale O Hoʻokipa • Royal Center y • Royal Residences • Visitor Industry • Natural/Geologic • Socio-Economic-Political • Military • Side Trips 31Waikīkī - Kauhale O Hoʻokipa 32 16