Partners for Innovation rural electrification Africa


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Presentation of Peter Vissers about the services of Partners for Innovation regarding rural electrification and access to energy projects in Africa. Alliance for Rural Electrification, match making event, 19 Feb 2014. Services include:
>Feasibility study
>Plan development
>Plan implementation
>PPP consortium building
>Grant fund raising
>Grant management
>Sustainability assessment
>Carbon credit development

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Partners for Innovation rural electrification Africa

  1. 1. Partners for Innovation BV who we are what we do what we are looking for in Europe and in Africa Alliance for Rural Electrification – Business Matchmaking Event 19 February 2014, Brussels, Belgium Peter Vissers, Managing Director, +31 6 4260 9354 (NL) +32 497 570 466 (BE) © Partners for Innovation 1
  2. 2. About Partners for Innovation Our services and clients Product Innovation >> Helping business to be successful in the bio-based and circular economy > Black Bear Carbon > DAF Trucks > DESSO > DOREL > FME high-tech industry association > Grass Valley > ICL Fertilizers > Inalfa Roof Systems > LightRec > NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre > Pick and Go > Port of Amsterdam > Sara Lee > Schoeller Allibert > SITA GDF Suez > Vanderlande Industries Climate, Energy, Biomass, Agroforestry >> Helping business, government and NGOs to be successful in food-energy projects > Bio2Watt > BTC Belgium Technical Cooperation > BULOG Indonesia > Cepagri Mozambique > Cleanstar Mozambique > Efico > European Commission DG Research > Ghana Energy Commission > Meewind > Ministry of Energy Mozambique > Netherlands Enterprise Agency > Oxfam Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe > Oxfam Novib > Simgas > Sun Biofuels > WWF Madagascar 2
  3. 3. About Partners for Innovation Our team and ambitions Partners for Innovation is a leading consultancy for sustainable innovation based in the Netherlands. Together with our clients we achieve profitable solutions for a biobased and circular economy. In Africa we focus on profitable and responsible biomass chains, scaling up agroforestry and renewable energy. We have worked on these topics in Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, SouthAfrica, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our ambition is to help biomass, agroforestry and renewable energy actors to be succesfull. 3
  4. 4. What are we looking for? >> Parties eager to build PPPs for RE energy projects Services offered: > Feasibility study > Plan development > Plan implementation > PPP consortium building > Grant fund raising > Grant management > Sustainability assessment > Carbon credit development Focus countries: > Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, South-Africa Other track record countries: > Madagascar, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Zambia, Zimbabwe
  5. 5. Project example 1: > Helping Bio2Watt to be successful with RSA waste-to-electricity projects Bio2Wat (Pty) Ltd: > Is the leading biogas energy company in South Africa. Exists since 2007 > Develops commercial 2-5 MWe waste-to-electricty projects. First project: Bronkhorstspruit Biogas project. Second project: Cape Dairy Farm project > Feedstock: cow manure, chicken litter, fruit & veg waste, food industry waste > Intends expanding to other African countries Partners for Innovation’s role 2009-2014: > Grant acquisition and grant management for the development of 3 biogas projects (NL Enterprise Agency – 700k€) > Sustainability assessment Bronkhorstspruit project > CDM development
  6. 6. Project example 2: > Helping Oxfam to scale up agroforestry food energy systems in the Sahel Oxfam’s ambitions: > Scaling up Agroforestry in the Sahel as a structural solution to move away from poverty and food insecurity, towards climate-smart productive food-energy systems in rural communities Partners for Innovation’s role 2010-2014: > Support Oxfam Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe to elaborate agroforestry country strategies with national + local governments + international donors > Support micro-enterprises with the development of agroforestry enterprise gardens > Support Oxfam to transform rural areas into business driven food-energy agroforestry systems. Our roles: > proposal development for seed funding > consortium building > concept development and implementation One spot, two views. Niger 2010  Chiefs and women farmers discuss agroforestry options. Niger 2010
  7. 7. Project example 3: > Identify RE opportunities in emerging and developing countries Request of EC DG Research: > Identify the development of RE in emerging and developing countries > Identify win-win-win opportunities for EU industry, local socio-economic actors and the climate > Develop recommendations for EC RTD&D policy Partners for Innovation’s role 2004-2008: > Coordination of the consortium with local partners in 15 emerging and developing countries > Modelling of RE industry development in 2020 in 15 emerging and developing countries > Identification of opportunities for EU industry > Interviews with RE stakeholders in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin-America > Expected market growth up to 2020 small medium hydro per country (RECIPES) Easiness of doing business in listed countries (RECIPES)
  8. 8. Project example 4: > Identify international biomass business opportunities for NL private sector Request of NL Enterprise Agency: > Identify information needs of NL private sector on biomass opportunities worldwide > Develop information material for NL private sector on biomass opportunities in different countries > Develop recommendations about information services of NL Enterprise Agency in this area Partners for Innovation’s role 2013-2014: > Interviews with private investors, project designers, technology providers in biomass market > Identification of trends and opportunities worldwide > Liaise with NL embassies on the topic > Workshop on 17 March 2014 with NL private sector and NL Enterprise Agency Countries with current activities of biomassrelated NL private sector Countries with planned activities of biomassrelated NL private sector