Breakthrough Sales Workshop

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Details of the Fearless Sales Breakthrough Workshop for high value solution sales.

Details of the Fearless Sales Breakthrough Workshop for high value solution sales.

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  • 1. Fearless Win more high value solution sales
  • 2. Invest in Sales Breakthrough Workshops
  • 3. Designed for Solution sales teams needing fresh insight to win bigger deals
  • 4. Reason to buy Be ahead of the client Set the agenda Control the outcome
  • 5. See the wood for trees
  • 6. You win by seeing the client’s best next step first
  • 7. Workshop Team Sales & Marketing, Finance, IT, Analysts - team up for vision
  • 8. Converge strategic market insights & sales proposals
  • 9. Working ON the client’s business beats working IN it
  • 10. Ask 3 Questions Where is the client? Where could they go? How do we get there?
  • 11. Where is the client? Helicopter above them to spot the biggest rocks in their road
  • 12. Understand market dynamics better than the client
  • 13. Understand segmentation better than the client
  • 14. Understand positioning better than the client
  • 15. Understand market share better than the client
  • 16. Understand key blockers better than the client
  • 17. Where could they go? Options generation Creative vision Commercial acumen
  • 18. Facilitated Options Generation
  • 19. Facilitated Options Generation
  • 20. How do we get there? 5 question test of best client option
  • 21. Your proposal must: Sell more or cut costs Win widespread support Be supported by data Easy to implement Tough for competition to copy
  • 22. Without a pre-prepared strategic breakthrough and the fearless attitude to lead with it the conversation takes place on the client’s terms
  • 23. Pilot your first Breakthrough Workshop
  • 24. The Package 2 day workshop Ongoing coaching Guidance on closing
  • 25. Rates 2 day Workshop - £7,500 Ongoing participation to close deals @ 20% commission share with sales
  • 26. Contact 07920 004953 00 44 (0) 208 255 1160
  • 27. Acknowledgements and primary research sources