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Investor Group Brochure

  1. 1. Wealthy by choice! of companies A complete solution for residential property investors insured Protecting your greatest asset
  2. 2. Welcome to your Total Property Centre If you are an existing property investor or are considering investing in property, the Investor Group of Companies is your property investment solution. Established in 2004 by property investors who understand the ‘business’ of property investing, our experienced and active team members are available to discuss your needs in any facet of property investing:  Property coaching and education including business planning and strategy assessment and their application  Quality property management of your investment  Market estimate - rental and sales  Selling your home or investment property  Sourcing property to expand your investment portfolio  Refinancing or obtaining finance  Protecting your greatest asset - You. (risk mitigation through insurance) Whether it is education, support, sales, finance, insurance or property asset management – we cover it all. insured Protecting your greatest asset Values Our values are an insight into the way we do business. 1. Success Investing is a journey, there are going to be challenges. Our conviction is to partner with you through to success. 2. Strategy To build structured `outside of the square´ strategies, investor to investor, and support you through the investment journey. 3. Integrity To provide you with investment solutions soundly based on the integrity embedded into our business practices. 4. Generosity Wealth has no purpose beyond yourself if you keep it to yourself. We believe that to lead and make a difference in lives we need to give back and support the communities in which we live, work and play. © Investor Group of Companies 2010 1800 248 911
  3. 3. Investor Property At Investor Property, we set out from the very beginning to help residential property investors achieve their dreams. We do this through a business founded on strong convictions that provide a valuable and unique cooperative partnership with clients, builders, developers, residents and us. Helping People Secure Great Properties At Investor Property we help people secure great properties that help them on their Pathway to Wealth by working with them over time and by: Coaching our clients through education, support and information to identify and execute their Pathway(s) Researching high capital growth, low vacancy areas for secure property portfolio growth so our clients can make informed decisions Sourcing quality investment properties that meet our predetermined strategies and suit our clients’ Pathway(s) after extensive due diligence and research on the developments and builders Managing the assets with sound property management practices to ensure your asset has the best opportunity to maximise the property’s growth potential Background Investor Property is an ‘investment property sourcing company’ and a full member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) . We apply our core convictions to work with each stakeholder to achieve positive solutions and offer a specialised investment property researching, coaching, sourcing and asset management services to clients across Australia. Our Support Office is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Founded in 2004, the brand was purchased by Reign Holdings Pty Ltd in 2008 who also owns the Investor Property Rentals, Investor Finance, Investor Networx, Investor Tribe and Investor Insured brands through its subsidiary companies. Investor Property is focused on the business of sourcing quality property for property investors. Our typical clients are investors with multiple properties, as well as those just entering the residential property investment market Our Convictions Investing is a journey, not an event. We work with our clients providing coaching through education and support to identify the right Pathway(s) to Wealth through property. Researching At Investor Property we believe that all property doubles over time, BUT we also believe that Residential Property Investors should take advantage of specific property markets that have sound fundamentals to ensure the fastest possible doubling of values. Coaching Few people would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into shares or a business without adequate support, training or an understanding of foundations like profit and loss and cashflow. We teach our clients how to lower their risks and maximise their returns by treating their property investing as a business and teaching sound investment strategies though our Pathways Program. © Investor Group of Companies 2010
  4. 4. Sourcing We work tirelessly to ensure we source properties for our clients that match their Pathway (strategy) and meet a strict criteria, including but not limited to:  Properties must be at or below independent valuation  Properties must be readily marketable to the wider population  Properties must be in forecast high capital growth locations  Developer co-operation within specific estates must be adhered to, ensuring protection of capital value to all stakeholders Asset Management We believe property management across Australia has generally missed a vital element that property investor’s seek, namely the fact that the Property Manager has been selected to look after the residential property investor’s $500,000 asset! Managing that asset goes a long way beyond securing a tenant and collecting the rent. True asset management includes ensuring the underlying asset is returning the greatest return in many areas including:  Sound tenant selection processes  Sound inspection processes  Multiple reporting platforms to keep the owners aware of their asset status  Outsourced maintenance programs to ensure the value remains in the assets for all stakeholders  Maximised rental yields for the owners, while ensuring the tenants are supported What we do T here is no simple answer when asked ‘what we do’. Investor Property doesn’t ‘sell’ property’. We match well researched property to a property investor’s strategy and help them create wealth over time. We focus on your needs and work tirelessly to ensure the process is as effortless and easy as possible for you. A short summary of some of the ways we do this is: 1. Identify your Pathway - Our coaches will work with you to clearly identify your strategy(s) and business plan so we can then source the right property for your needs. 2. Secure great properties - based on quantitative research we source land in potential high capital growth areas in estates that research indicates should perform well and develop relationships with reputable builders that deliver a quality product at, or below, independent valuations within minimal time frames. 3. Project manage the entire process - often in a property purchase it is you, the client, who ends up running around chasing their tail ensuring everything comes together on time. At Investor Property we make the process easy and work with the finance broker, the developer and builder and anyone else we need to so we can ensure a transaction as smooth as possible for everyone involved. Once contracts are finalised and finance approved we then work with the builder to ensure construction begins as quickly as possible to help minimise your holding costs. 4. Communication - in addition to communicating with all stakeholders the progress of contracts and finance, we manage the construction phase ensuring you are kept up to date with emails, calls and photos. 5. Ensure a smooth handover - once completed we arrange a complimentary Quantity Surveyor’s Depreciation Report for you. 6. Find a tenant - once we know the handover date, we commence activity seeking a tenant to ensure you have minimal vacancy time. 7. Ongoing updates - we don’t see any property as a single ‘transaction’ rather part of the relationship we develop with you as we help you create wealth through property over time. With this in mind, we keep you up to date with property values (including an independent valuation 1 year after handover) and other t no information on the community where your investment is located. Call us today on 1800 248 911 All this aou! cost to y 1800 248 911
  5. 5. Investor Property Rentals Company Overview Investor Property Rentals manages your property assets with sound property management practises to ensure your asset has the best opportunity to maximise the property’s rental return and growth potential. At Investor Property Rentals we know that it’s all about managing the asset for your future. Providing service with a long term vision ensures your growth along with ours. Commitment to Standards Investor Property Rentals is a ‘best practice office’ in every regard – training, technology and commitment to high standards. As a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, Investor Property Rentals is committed to the highest ethical standards and practices. A System for success Your valuable investment property is safeguarded every step of the way by professional Property Asset Management personnel using a tried and tested system that is under constant review. Every step has been refined within the Property Asset Management Process starting with tenant selection, inspection timetables, dispute management and resolution, programmed maintenance, reports to investors and finally appropriate disbursement of tenants’ bonds. Careful Tenant Selection Our job is to find the best possible tenant for your property in the quickest possible time. Our detailed screening process aims to establish that tenants can meet the responsibilities of the Tenancy Agreement. All references are checked and verified in writing or by telephone. We cross check all our applicants on the Tenancy Information Centre Australia (TICA). Detailed Entry & Exit Reports Before a tenant moves in, your Property Asset Manager completes an Entry Condition Inspection with a carefully detailed report. Photos of your property are a must at both the start and end of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy these documents help ensure your property is in the same condition as at the start, fair wear and tear considered, and that the tenant’s bond is disbursed appropriately after a thorough exit inspection. Programmed Inspections We take care of your property’s maintenance and repairs as if it were our own, with our initial inspection after the first month of tenancy and ongoing inspections carried out quarterly. A copy of the routine inspection report together with photos if necessary will be forwarded to you after each inspection. The purpose of the inspections, are two-fold: © Investor Group of Companies 2010
  6. 6. Firstly, to bring to your attention any immediate maintenance needs and secondly, to inform you of any preventative maintenance or refurbishment that may be beneficial. Owners can then forecast and budget accordingly, for any upgrading work suggested in the report. Maximising Income Neglect of minor repairs can often lead to major expenditure and the loss of a good tenant. Our attention to maintenance will ensure that problems are resolved quickly, by qualified tradespeople and at a reasonable price with a limit determined by you. Trained to Handle Disputes In those occasional disputes with tenants we act as mediator between you and the tenant, and if needed, we refer to Dispute Resolution Services. If the dispute continues, we can attend the Small Claims Tribunal, on your behalf. We are well trained to handle such situations and know how best to represent you before the court. Our highest priority There is one reason why people invest in property – to protect and grow their hard earned wealth. After all, that is what you expect, what your investment needs and what we offer. Your Investment Working for You Our goal is to increase your income and ensure your investment is working for you! We ensure you enjoy the highest possible rent by regular assessments that take into account current market rents of similar properties, the area’s vacancy rate, condition of the property, quality of tenant and length of tenancy. Should tenants fall into arrears, we know about it the same day as part of our daily arrears management routine. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us or your Investor Property Coach or Finance Strategist and an Investor Property Rentals Asset Manager will make a time to meet with you to complete a detailed Needs Analysis on your property. This will allow them to understand the needs specific to your property and your long term goals. From there we take care of everything on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind that your investment is completely safeguarded. Call us today on 1800 248 911 1800 248 911
  7. 7. Investor Finance Investor Finance are niche finance brokers with a focus on property investors. We work tirelessly on providing strategic finance solutions to ensure everyday people can pursue the future they want. We believe that investing is a journey not an event so, while most mortgage brokers focus on the transaction of the ‘loan’, our focus is helping you achieve your long term goals and walking with you along the road to wealth through property. About Us Background Investor Finance is a finance broking company with Strategists (our specialist finance brokers) located across Australia. While we are seen to be in the general mortgage broking market, put simply, Investor Finance is focused on the business of finance for property investors. Our typical clients are investors withmultiple properties, as well as those just entering the residentialproperty investment market (we do of course look after first home buyers and those only looking to purchase a home to live in). We are a full member of theMortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA – formerly the MIAA). Vision ‘To help local investors exceed their property investing dreams through a strategic aproach to finance solutions’ We are dedicated to our clients. Our aim is to help them imagine and achieve an extremely profitable lifestyle. We do this by building successful Strategists through our support network. Investor Finance is successful because our people are successful. Our Strategists can only be successful by helping our clients achieve their investment goals. In turn our clients are reliant upon our expertise to help them get there. We are closely dependent on each other for success. Building a successful property investor is about building successful long term relationships – between you and us. It’s a journey we all take together. We’re committed to taking the steps to success with you, to working together to build your wealth through property and then seeing you enjoy the rewards. We believe that investing is a journey not an event so, while most mortgage brokers focus on the transaction of the ‘loan’, our focus is helping you achieve your long term goals and walking with you along the road to wealth through property. Before we even get into the loan process there is much we need to uncover to allow us to help you identify not only the right loan but the right financing strategy that supports your property investing plan and allows you to achieve your short, medium and long term objectives. From here we’ll be able to effectively partner with you – to make your dreams happen! © Investor Group of Companies 2010
  8. 8. Investor Finance specialises in:  Investment Property Loans  Developing your Property Investing Strategy  Home Loans / Refinance  Unlocking funds for maximum portfolio growth  Self Employed Loans  Commercial Loans  Equity Loans  Business Loans  Asset Loans What makes us different? The first thing you’ll notice is our like-mindedness. All of our team are active property investors so it’s only natural we live, eat and breathe property. We understand the power of knowledge and therefore, walk you through the process step by step. The outcome is a property investment plan with an end in mind and not just a loan. When you combine our passion and knowledge with products specifically designed for investors, you have a compelling solution focused on your future. The first step... Is to sit down with an Investor Finance Strategist and discuss your current situation, level of experience, potential opportunities and your property investing needs and goals. We call this a Property Investing Strategy Assessment; a free, no obligation review that will show you just how achieveable property investing can be. We offer access to funds from over 30 lenders, some designed specifically for investors. Once we have reviewed your current circumstances we can complete a personalised: Property Portfolio Review With a clear understanding of what you want to achieve we complete a reivew of your personal circumstances to outline the capacity you have to start or grow your portfolio in line with your goals and current lending regulations. This will provide you a step by step strategic plan in how to finance your portfolio. We’ll be able to effectively partner with you – to make your dreams happen! Wondering if we can help you? We answer people’s ‘what ifs’ every day... Call us today on 1800 248 911 or visit us at to arrange your FREE Property Investing Strategy Assessment, and ask for your FREE Property Investing DVD. 1800 248 911
  9. 9. insured Investor Insured ss et u r g re a te st a Pr ot ec ti n g yo At Investor Insured we understand that, as with all businesses, it’s important that you protect your assets. As a property investor YOU are your greatest asset and therefore it is important that you protect the income that supports your investing. We have a duty of care to our clients to ensure that along with continually assisting them to grow their property portfolio we are also ensuring their long term protection. Investor Insured understands you, the investor, the risks you will take, the debt you will carry and the lifestyle you want to live. We work with the end in mind, ensuring your protection no matter where your investing takes you. Insurance is often a ‘grudge’ purchase; however many don’t think twice about covering their less valuable assets, homes, contents and cars. Contrary to public perception having adequate protection in place doesn’t have to cost the earth. Most people can get the protection their family needs inside their existing superannuation fund. So ask yourself, how would your family cope financially if you or your partner were to experience a severe accident, illness or death? What is life insurance? Life insurance is your financial back up plan for your family. It gives you the confidence to seize life’s possibilities knowing you’ve made plans to secure your family’s future. Traditional life insurance is sometimes known as death cover, and has actually been around since ancient Roman times – or about 600 AD! Today, life insurance is much more sophisticated, but the basic concept remains the same: it provides a one-off payment if you pass away or are diagnosed as terminally ill. What is income protection insurance? Income protection is exactly that – it replaces your income if you can’t work due to sickness or injury. It’s important because your income is what fuels your life today – and all of your plans for tomorrow! Income protection insurance gives you the confidence to know that if things don’t quite go to plan ... well you’ve got a plan for that as well. Income protection pays you a monthly benefit – just like your salary – and generally covers up to 80% of your pre-tax salary. © Investor Group of Companies 2010
  10. 10. What is trauma insurance? We like to call trauma insurance ‘recovery insurance’ – because that’s just what it’s for. Recovery (trauma) insurance takes the pressure off, so you can spend your time focusing on recovering – not worrying about your finances! Recovery insurance is a great financial back-up plan for your lifestyle. Recovery insurance pays you a one-off lump sum if you have a serious medical condition (like cancer, heart attack, stroke or an accident). What is TPD? Total and permanent disablement (TPD) is your financial back- up plan. It gives you the confidence to seize life’s possibilities knowing you’ve made plans to secure your family’s financial future ... just in case! TPD insurance helps you modify your lifestyle and gives you choices and options if you’re left without the ability to work What is business expenses insurance? Business expenses insurance is your financial back up plan for your business. It gives you confidence knowing that you’ve got a plan in place to keep the business running if you’re unable to work. Business expenses insurance covers your fixed business costs, as a monthly reimbursement, so you can focus on your recovery – and not your bills! Your Needs, Your Solution, Your Protection. Our Wealth Protection Specialist can help determine if your current protection is adequate for your position now and what you intend to do in the future. They can also review the competitiveness of your current insurance. Call us today on 1800 248 911 Important information Investor Insured is a Corporate Authorised Representative, 340140 , of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd ABN 11 074 608 558, AFSL 234951. This material is provided as a brief overview and general information only. It does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. You should assess the appropriateness of any product before acting on this information having due regard to you own objectives, financial situation and needs. Before making a decision whether to acquire insurance you should consider the Product Disclosure Statement at This material is current as at May 2009 but may be subject to change. Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd HEAD OFFICE: Corporate Centre One, Cnr Bundall Road & Slatyer Avenue, BUNDALL QLD 4217 PH: (07) 5574 0244 FAX: (07) 5574 0180 EMAIL: WEBSITE:http:/ A.B.N. 11 074 608 558 Australian Financial Services Licence No. 234951 1800 248 911
  11. 11. 1800 248 911 insured Protecting your greatest asset PO Box 1130, Maroochydore QLD 4558