Nearshore presentation (feb 2013)


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Nearshore presentation (feb 2013)

  1. 1. Nearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  2. 2. Agendao Brief intros / re-introductions (5 min)o Customer Needs (20 min) • Describe org, team size(s), tools & methodology • Current barriers for delivering quality software? • Desired outcomes from an engagement with Velocity Partners (capacity, quality of software delivered, better processes)? • Options you’ve tried or evaluated to resolve current barriers? • Project backlog sample?o The Velocity Nearshore Solution (15 min)o Q&A / Applicability Discussion (10 min)o Next Steps as appropriate (5 min)Nearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  3. 3. The Velocity SolutionNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  4. 4. Velocity Partnerso Established in 2004 as part of an Agile training companyo Spun out in 2007 as a stand-alone companyo Early adopter/innovator in Distributed Agileo HQ in Bellevue, WAo 400 employeeso Development Centers: • Rosario, Argentina • Buenos Aires, Argentina • Paraná, Argentina • Montevideo, Uruguay • Medellin, ColumbiaNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  5. 5. Is Your Team in the Dark?Nearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  6. 6. Why South America? o Time zone o Demographics • 100M people • Technical passion • Academic excellence • Travel friendly o Excellent English • Both verbal and written o Cultural similarity • “Western” business style and etiquetteNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  7. 7. Why Velocity in South America? o Pioneers in Distributed- Agile, with proven and referenceable track record o Very low attrition from strong corporate culture o Dedicated to ongoing training and career advancement o U.S. managed with outstanding customer serviceNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  8. 8. Superior Agile Development Processes • Eliminate waste • Embrace change • Design Patterns • Focus on • Daily standups • Test Driven business value Development • Commitment • Focus on the • Continuous customer • Release and Integration Iteration PlanningNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  9. 9. Quality Management at Velocityo Culture of Quality • Quality courses required of all personnel • Quality integrated with Scrum processes • QA Manager supports and leads all quality engineers • Metrics reported to all clientso Focus on Test Automation • Architecture and Plan: two-week quick start • What to automate and what not to automate • Variety of approaches considered: from off-the-shelf to completely custom, from functional to BDD, etc. • Leverage popular frameworks: Selenium, Watir, QT Pro • Build for maintainability (can be handed to the client) and for extensibility (supports both manual and automated QA staff)Nearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  10. 10. Collaborative Sprint PlanningNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  11. 11. Cohesive CommunicationNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  12. 12. Seamless StandupsNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  13. 13. Project DashboardNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  14. 14. Office ConfigurationNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  15. 15. Course Intended Goals Required For AudienceLean-Agile New hires High-level introduction to Lean and All employees unable to complete Lean-Quick Start Agile concepts, focusing on why we use Agile I before working on first Lean-Agile development sprintLean-Agile I: Overview New hires Understand Lean & Agile concepts and All employees working on a development principles enough to begin working sprint effectively on an Agile teamLean-Agile II: Scrum All employees Understand estimation, sprint planning, All employees working on a developmentProcesses story elucidation, and WIP sprintLean-Agile III: Lean All employees Learn how Lean adds to Agile practices All employees working on a developmentProcesses and use of specific Lean processes and project utilizing Lean practices and tools tools (Kanban, Scrumban …)Lean-Agile Seminar All employees Question & Answer session on Lean All employees who have participated in at and Agile practices least two development sprintsSoftware Quality All employees Understand the principles and practices All employees within 3 months of hireAssurance of SQA, including unit tests, coverage, TDD, functional testing tools, etc.Design Quality All employees Understand how the use of design All employees within 6 months of hire patterns and refactoring improves flexibility and maintainabilityScrumMaster Team Leads / Deep understanding of Lean & Agile Team Leads / Solutions Managers before Solutions and ability to effectively plan, facilitate, assuming lead role Managers and execute sprintsNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  16. 16. Low Risk Startup Team Best Practices Sprint Zero Configuration Workshop Successful distributed Team size Communicate goals meetings Mix of client staff, Velocity Identify leadership, roles Agile process in-depth staff Discuss the nature of the Setup Tracking progress work infrastructure/environment Vital technical skills Tool selection, licenses Software quality practices Desirable technical skills Share code samples Expected velocity English expectations Schedule travel Definitions of Done Ideal ramp up timeline Establish Product Backlog Role definition Longer term team scale Standard Velocity Equipment GovernanceNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  17. 17. Team ConfigurationsNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  18. 18. Client SuccessesNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  19. 19. Focus on Performance Farshore Models Velocity Nearshore Process Overhead/Waterfall Agility Handoffs Real time collaboration Email threads Instant Messaging Onsite PM costs & expenses Self organizing teams Fractured communication Superior English Attrition costs Continuity of resource Early morning/nighttime meetings Voice/video Daily stand-ups during regular working hours Effective productivity ~~ 40% Effective productivity ~~ 85% Velocity Partners delivers value not just cost savingsNearshore Distributed Agile Teams
  20. 20. Next Stepso Q&A / Applicability Discussiono Next Steps as appropriate - NDA - Copy of presentation - 2013 rate sheet - Technical roundtable - References - Team config/Sprint 0 - ProposalNearshore Distributed Agile Teams