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    TET Presentation TET Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • A Joint Proposal by Logistics and SR&W RFID: Revolutionizing petPRO’s Supply Chain
    • What is RFID?
      • A data collection technology
      • Allows data to be transferred from data-storing memory chips (tags) to data-gathering readers
      • Transmitted data can provide a multitude of information about the product
      • Commonly used to track assets
    • How is RFID Used?
      • An RFID tag attached to a product can be read/interrogated by a reader about its data (product information)
      • RFID readers can be stationary or mobile
      • RFID tags can be passive or active
    • petPRO Applications
      • Would revolutionize our supply chain by providing a with a multitude of product information:
      • - Product components
      • - Product history
      • - Product location
      • - Product usage
    • Tracking Products at Every Stage of the Supply Chain
      • Our primary responsibility is to monitor and control the flow of goods
      • With RFID, we would know exactly when each product is at each stage of the supply chain
      • This would allow us to know whether or not our product flow schedules and timelines being followed
      • RFID as a tool to evaluate Logistics’ standards and the efficiency of the supply chain
      RFID and Logistics
    • Logistics and the Supply Chain Logistics controls the flow of goods through the supply chain, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.
    • Software #1: Symbol Technologies Inc.’s RFID Solutions
      • Worldwide leader in enterprise mobility, the first organization to implement working RFID solutions
      • Offers a set of RFID solutions
    • Software #1: (con’t) Symbol Technologies Inc.’s RFID Solutions
      • XR400 Fixed Reader
        • Gen 2 certified for capacity and security
        • Enterprise connectivity for existing infrastructure
        • Reliable readability despite interference potential
        • Read, update, and transfer data
        • Most reliable on the market
      • MC9000-G Handheld Reader
        • Collects/distributes data at critical points
        • Cost-effective, reliable, long-life
        • Pinpoints inventory location
    • Software #1: (con’t) Symbol Technologies Inc.’s RFID Solutions
      • Symbol Tags
        • Different varieties for different needs
        • Unique inlay antennas for optimum sensitivity
        • Applied to cases, pallets, or products
      • DC400 Portal System
        • Tracks all assets passing through primary read zones
        • Includes components to create read zone
        • “ Plug and Play” installation
    • Software #1: (con’t) Symbol Technologies Inc.’s RFID Solutions
      • Comments
      • Products undoubtedly facilitate tracking products
      • Products to be used with existing information systems = potential difficulty
      • Is more of a product line than a networked solution
    • RFID and SR&W
      • Our primary responsibility is to monitor the physical aspects of controlling the flow of goods
      • Supply Chain Management: tracking inventory levels, communicating with supplies in transit to petPro headquarters, tracking shipments on the way to customers, forecast delays in shipments
      • RFID will allow us to know whether or not our asset levels are up to par, also maintain the standards logistics has set out for product flow schedules and timelines
    • Software #2: (con’t) Sun’s Java Enterprise System
    • Software #2: (con’t) Sun’s Java Enterprise System
      • After the reader interrogates the items it sends that data into the next architecture in the system, the Java System RFID Software for processing.
      • The Event Manager is designed to process streams of tag or sensor data coming from the reader.
      • Has the capability to filter and aggregate data prior to sending it to a requesting application.
    • Software #2: Sun’s Java Enterprise System
      • The other major component is the Java System RFID Information Server.
      • Sun advocates that integration technologies be used to connect the RFID Event Manager layer to enterprise information systems (EIS).
    • Software #2: (con’t) Sun’s Java Enterprise System
      • Comments
      • Sun’s Java Enterprise System is easily integrated with petPRO’s existing systems such as SAP, SCM, WHM
      • The software has highly sophisticate components that can perform intelligent tasks such as filtering, processing, and manipulating data.
    • Recommendation
    • Recommendation
    • Recommendation
      • We recommend that Sun’s Java Enterprise System be implemented in petPRO in order to give the company the competitive edge it needs to dominate the pet food industry.
      • Thanks For Your Time!