RFiD Tag On Demand Deployment Solution


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RFiD Tag On Demand Deployment Solution

  1. 1. Omni-iD FAQ RFiD Tag On Demand Deployment Solution Product and Technical Questions Answered July 2009
  2. 2. On DemAnD DePlOymenT SOluTiOn FOR On-SiTe RFiD TAg COmmiSSiOning The Two Component RFiD Deployment Solution for ultimate Flexibility Omni-ID brings a new level of cost-effectiveness, control, and flexibility to your on-metal RFID deployment with the industry’s first two-component on-site commissioning solution for Omni-ID rigid tags and compound RFID labels. The On Demand solution is ideally suited to large-scale IT asset tracking applications to ease RFID deployment. RFiD Tag Commissioning Demo Learn how Omni-ID On Demand 2-component RFID deployment solution offers a low-cost and flexible solution for rapid on-site commissioning. Watch the Demo Link to: http://www.omni-id.com/OnDemand/demo.html 2
  3. 3. FAQ: TeChniCAl QueSTiOnS AnSWeReD RFiD Tag Commissioning Product and Technical Questions Answered 1. What is the specification of the Omni-iD On Demand product? The Omni-ID On demand solution is designed to meet the same specification as the standard factory produced Omni-ID Product, in the case of the Omni-ID Prox tag, the full product specification can be found on the Omni-ID Prox datasheet which can be found on the product pages of the Omni-ID website. 2. What is the specification for the compound label and/or Plasmonic Structures? The 2 major components of the Omni-ID On Demand solution are the compound labels and the plasmonic structures, the specification for these individual components can be found on the Omni- ID On Demand datasheet. 3. What is the difference between Omni-iD On Demand and Omni-iD Prox tags? After tag assembly there is no difference between the tags, the key difference is the way they are supplied in 2 components, which enables automated printing and encoding. 4. What read range can i expect from Omni-iD On Demand tags? The read range should match the performance of the factory manufacturer tag, the read range can be found on the Omni-ID Product datasheet. 5. What materials are the Omni-iD On Demand Compound labels made from? The Omni-ID On Demand compound labels are produced from synthetic materials for enhance durability; these include PP, acrylic adhesive and a PET laminate (outer layer). 6. Why does the Omni-iD On Demand product look different from standard Omni-iD Prox tag? Omni-ID is in the process of implementing a new manufacturing process to improve capacity and reduce the standard deviation of the physical and RF characteristics of the product. As such Omni-ID has changed materials and processes to facilitate this improvement. Omni-ID On Demand is the first solution to introduce these improvements, standard Omni-ID Products (Omni-ID Prox, flex and Max) with follow in the near future. 7. is Omni-iD On Demand suitable for outdoor projects? Omni-ID On Demand is limited to the label product versions at the moment, therefore do not include the ABS enclosed tags which are more suited to outdoor environments. 3
  4. 4. 8. is Omni-iD On Demand available for tag sizes other than Omni-iD Prox? Omni-ID Prox is the first commercial On Demand Omni-ID solution, however Omni-ID continues to develop this solution for the Omni-ID Flex and Omni-ID Max form factors, please contact Omni-ID Sales for an updated timeline for these products. 9. What is the effect of inaccurate label placement? Label placement is important as it effects the performance of the tag, however this effect is not digital (i.e. on or off ), and therefore reasonable tolerances for label placement have been taken into account during the design of the On Demand solution. Full information pertaining to label placement is provided during the Omni-ID On Demand certification training provided as part of the Omni-ID On Demand starter kit package. 10. Can i use Omni-iD On Demand with any thermal printer? No, Omni-ID On Demand compound labels contain a very small near field loop antenna and therefore are not like regular dipole tags such as those available with shipping labels. As such Omni- ID recommends the use of validated printers (such as the Zebra RZ400 or Sato GL408e). 11. Will i get voided labels from my printer and if so how many? Occasionally labels may be voided by the printer. All Omni-ID On Demand compound labels are 100% read and write checked during manufacturing however voided labels may be the result of glitches in the printer, RFID module, media motion or setup up. As a result a low percentage of Compound labels may be rejected and voided during printing and encoding. If the percentage rises to an unacceptable level Omni-ID will request samples for analysis, if the labels are found to be voiding on a benchmark Omni-ID Validated Zebra RZ400 or Sato GL408e model at the Omni-ID site, then Omni-ID will replace the compound labels, however if this is found to be a setup or printer hardware issue Omni-ID may refer the customer to the printer technical support or discuss on site support services (which may be chargeable). 12. my Compound labels appear to easily dispense, is this normal? Omni-ID compound labels are relatively thick to allow for a flat printable surface around the chip area. As a result the labels don’t have as much adhesion to the release liner as thinner label stocks. Ensuring that the liner does not become twisted and keeping the labels tightly wound on the core will minimise the risk of ‘pre-dispensing’ before, during or after printing. 13. my Omni-iD On Demand products are not working correctly, how do i get technical support? Technical support is available, and can be accessed through Customer Services or your region sales contact. Technical support will be limited to the tag components, and therefore printer or software 4
  5. 5. issues will most likely be referred to relevant vendors. In addition Omni-ID will be offering onsite technical support services based on day rate charges for customers wishing to learn more about the product or troubleshoot an existing deployment. COmmeRCiAl QueSTiOnS 1. Can i get samples of Omni-iD On Demand? Yes, we can despatch 10 samples FOC (supplied as 10 compound labels and 10 plasmonic structures), this is restricted at the discretion of the sales POC, but nominally will equate to 1 set per account or sales opportunity. 2. how do i purchase Omni-iD On Demand? Omni-ID On Demand can be purchased in 2 forms: •• As a starter kit which includes 1000 products, introductory literature, alignment tools and ½ day on site certification training session with Omni-ID technical services. •• As standard volume product (similar to standard Omni-ID Products), however these can only be purchased by certified partners (which requires purchase of the starter kit and completion of the ½ day training). Volume product can only be purchased in multiples of 500 units. 3. i want to test approximately 100 On demand Compound labels, can i purchase less than 1000 pieces? No, for the initial purchase you must purchase the starter kit and become certified with the solution. Subsequently you can purchase multiples of 500 products from Omni-ID. 4. Why can’t i buy 500 products, rather than the starter kit? Omni-ID On Demand is a complex solution which will not suite all customer requirements, as such Omni-ID offers certification training with the On Demand Starter kit, this provides a way of sharing best practice with Customers to make sure that Omni-ID On Demand is implemented correctly . Without the training and certification the risk of failed installations is much higher, to offset this risk Omni-ID has generated a boxed solution to get partners started in a fast, straight forward and cost effective way. 5. how do i become a certified partner for Omni-iD On Demand? Simply purchase the Omni-ID On Demand starter kit, along with a suitable printer and software. Inside the starter kit you will find instructions for scheduling your training and certification session. It 5
  6. 6. is important that you can demonstrate printing and encoding of Omni-ID compound labels during the session, therefore a suitable printer and software will need to be available in order to become certified. 6. What benefit is there to becoming a certified partner? Key Benefits are : •• In-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the On Demand solution, to mitigate against failed installations. •• Access to volume product purchase. •• Full technical and product support (subject to using printer model and software choice) •• Marketing support (websites listing, lead referral etc..) 7. What is the cost of becoming a certified partner? Standard Certification training is included in the price of the starter kit, however failure to support the training with a suitable printer and software may prevent certification. If this occurs, Omni-ID may need to provide a further training session, charged at Omni-ID day rates. All such expenses will be agreed between Omni-ID and Customer before any costs are incurred. 8. What is the definition of Standard Certification Training? - Omni-ID has prepared a document which, upon request, can be supplied to customers. This document defines the ‘standard certification training’ session. By extension anything outside of the scope of this definition is considered none standard and should be commercially negotiated between Omni-ID and the Customer before any costs are incurred. 9. What is the process for becoming a certified partner? Certification starts with the purchase of the Omni-ID On demand starter kit. When the kit arrives you will find instructions for booking your certification training session. Assuming that you have a suitable printer and software, the certification training session should be successfully completed on the scheduled date and after this session is signed off you will be a certified Omni-ID On Demand partner. 10. What is an Omni-iD On Demand starter kit? The Omni-ID On Demand starter kit is a boxed set of tag components and supporting materials designed to help you get started with Omni-ID On Demand. The specific contents of the box can be supplied as a PDF file, but in general terms the kit includes 1000 Omni-ID Products (in 2 components), introductory literature, and a standard certification training session with an Omni-ID 6
  7. 7. technical services representative. 11. What is contained in an Omni-iD starter kit? See contents list PDF for physical items, the price also includes a standard certification training session (definition also available as a PDF by request). 12. i do not want to become certified, can i still purchase Omni-iD On Demand? Yes and No, you will not have access to volume product purchasing unless you have purchased the Omni-ID On Demand starter kit and completed the standard certification training session. You will be able to purchase additional starter kits from Omni-ID without certification, however Omni-ID may limit the level of product and technical support available to you. Purchasing Omni-ID On Demand may also be possible in-directly through one of Omni-ID’s certified partners, please visit www.Omni- ID.com for a list of Omni-ID channel partners. 13. i want to use an alternative printer (to the validated models) can i still get certified? Provided the certification training session can be completed and that you can demonstrate successful printing and encoding during this session then you can still become a certified partner without using the validated printer models. However Omni-ID may not be able to provide full technical and product support for none validated printer models, therefore technical and product support for resale of solutions using none validated printers and Omni-ID On Demand tags may reside solely with the Omni-ID On Demand certified partner. 14. i want to use an alternative printer (to the validated models) will Omni-iD support this? Omni-ID may not be able to provide full technical and product support for deployments involving none validated Printer models. It may be possible to get a printer model ‘validated’ by Omni-ID and this will be subject to commercial terms agreed by the sales individual, however Omni-ID would always expect the customer to supply the printer to the Omni-ID facility, and cover costs for technical resource and product required to validate the printer (nominally this will require a minimum of 2 man days and 1000 Omni-ID On Demand Products). 15. What is the cost of an Omni-iD On Demand starter kit? See published price list. 7
  8. 8. 16. how do i purchase volume product after i have purchased a starter kit? Volume product can be ordered in multiples of 500 units, with pricing as per the published Omni-ID Price List, additional alignment tools can also be purchased in an accessory pack with tweezers if required. Omni-ID partners do have the option to purchase further On Demand starter kits, should these be required. 17. i need additional alignment tools, how do i purchase these? Omni-ID can supply additional alignment tool in an accessory pack, pricing details as per published price list. 18. Why do i need to purchase multiples of 500 tags with Omni-iD On Demand? Omni-ID compound labels are supplied as rolls of 500 labels as an output of the manufacturing process. This volume is the standard and represents a compromise between the number of times a printer needs to be re-filled during printing and the need to purchase product in a suitably low amount to make small projects affordable. 19. i have purchased Omni-iD On Demand product and have a high number of void labels, what is going wrong? This may be as a result of a number of issues including printer setup, label issues, or a software fault. If you are a certified partner please refer to Omni-ID technical services for further support, otherwise please contact Omni-ID Sales to find out how to become a certified partner. 20. Will i get a refund if the compound labels don’t work with my printer? If you have purchased a Starter kit and are using a none validated printer then Omni-ID cannot guarantee compatibility, however Omni-ID will seek to find a suitable solution to this issue and can recommend printers which have been validated for use with Omni-ID On Demand compound labels. Please contact your Omni-ID Sales to discuss the options available to you. 21. Can i get Omni-iD On Demand with customised compound label artwork? Printing the artwork for Omni-ID On Demand compound labels is one of the first stages of the manufacturing process, therefore providing customised label artwork is very challenging and can potentially result in long lead-times. Additionally the Omni-ID logo and text have been placed on the compound label to prevent Barcode printing directly over the chip, which is important in maintaining a reliable print solution to the customer. With this said Omni-ID may offer customised printing for commercially viable projects which exceed minimum order quantities and have realistic lead time expectations (indicative min volume would be 150k units with expected 8-12 week lead-time). 8
  9. 9. AbOuT Omni-iD Omni-ID is the leading supplier of passive, low-profile UHF RFID solutions. Through its patent-pending technology, Omni-ID “cracked the code” to overcome the problems traditionally associated with RFID, enabling a broad range of new applications that improve accuracy and efficiency in asset tracking, supply chain management and work-in-process. The company’s family of versatile RFID tags works reliably in the harshest environments—including on, off, and near metal and liquids—and excels in solving tracking and identification challenges with unprecedented accuracy. With major offices in Foster City, Calif. and in the UK, Omni-ID’s mission is to drive the widespread adoption of RFID technology as the optimal tracking and identification solution. For more information on RFiD Solutions, visit www.Omni-iD.com. COnTACT Omni-iD Visit www.omni-id.com to learn more about Omni-ID’s products and solutions. u.S. Office: 1065 East Hillsdale Boulevard, Suite 400 Foster City, CA 94404 650-571-OMNI (6664) european Office: Japan Office: The Enterprise Centre JapanOmni-ID Japan Office Coxbridge Business Park Ark Mori Building, 6F 12-32, Alton Road, Farnham, Surrey Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, GU10 5EH, United Kingdom Tokyo 107-6006 Japan +44 (0)1252 748020 +1 704-333-1533 Email customer.services@omni-id.com for product or technology inquiries. ©2009 Omni-ID Cayman, Ltd. All rights reserved. Omni-ID, the Omni-ID logo, Identify with Innovation, Omni-ID Flex, Omni-ID Max, Omni-ID Prox, Omni-ID OmniTether, Omni-ID On Demand and IDyourIT are trademarks or registered trademarks of Omni-ID Cayman, Ltd. or its subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Information regarding third party products is provided solely for educational purposes. Omni-ID Cayman, Ltd. or its subsidiaries are not responsible for the performance or support of third party products and does not make any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding quality, reliability, functionality, or compatibility of these devices or products. Part Number: 9