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rfid for people? iankerr canada research chair in ethics, law ...
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rfid for people? iankerr canada research chair in ethics, law ...



Published in Business , Health & Medicine
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  • Should show the transition from external devices to internal and external devices.
  • -the array was implanted in Warwick’s arm and an identical device was implanted in his wife’s arm. Signals were recorded and transmitted between the two participants. Click to cycle through the images.
  • Should show the transition from external devices to internal and external devices.


  • 1. rfid for people? ian kerr canada research chair in ethics, law & technology university of ottawa anonequity.org
  • 2. rfid 101 anonequity.org
  • 3. three yea rs ago… anonequity.org
  • 4. walmart / DoD anonequity.org
  • 5. supply chain anonequity.org
  • 6. internet of things anonequity.org
  • 7. (ubiq comp) anonequity.org
  • 8. anonequity.org TAG READER
    • rfid reader sends a pulse of radio energy to the tag
    • tag responds with serial number / other info
    • id is relayed to network/database
    1001100101010100100011 1010100011100101010100 NETWORK/ DATABASE
  • 9. rf id anonequity.org
  • 10. anonequity.org
  • 11. anonequity.org novel charac teristics
    • unique identifier
    • extended range
    • increased penetration
    • read /write
    • kill switch
  • 12. anonequity.org legal issues
    • consumer tracking
    • deactivation at point of sale (?)
    • labeling law
    • consumer choice (?)
    • fipps
  • 13. anonequity.org villa oly mpica
  • 14. anonequity.org
  • 15.
    • “ the objective of the technology is to bring an ID system to a global level that would destroy the need to carry ID documents and credit cards.”
    • conrad chase
  • 16. jumping on the implantable chip wagon… anonequity.org
  • 17. anonequity.org headline news
  • 18. Q ?
    • could verichip obtain approval in canada
    • as a health device?
  • 19.
    • s. 30(a)(iii) food and drugs act
      • medical devices regulations
        • to ensure that all medical devices offered for sale in Canada meet basic safety and efficacy requirements
    • no device that falls within the definition of a “medical device” under the act can be sold in canada without the approval of the tpd and a corresponding license.
    anonequity.org regulation in canada
  • 20.
        • “ device” means any article, instrument, apparatus or contrivance, including any component, part or accessory thereof, manufactured, sold or represented for use in:
        • (a) the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation or prevention of a disease, disorder or abnormal physical state, or its symptoms, in human beings or animals,
        • (b) restoring, correcting or modifying a body function or the body structure of human beings or animals,
        • (c) the diagnosis of pregnancy in human beings or animals, or
        • (d) the care of human beings or animals during pregnancy and at and after birth of the offspring, including the care of the offspring, and includes a contraceptive device but does not include a drug
    anonequity.org what is a ‘medical device?’
  • 21.
      • verichip ≠ health device
  • 22.
      • verichip = erh ?!
  • 23.
      • appropriate reg ulatory policy?
    anonequity.org Q ?
  • 24. anonequity.org
  • 25. veri chip
    • read only (unencrypted)
    • read/write
    • gps enabled
    • bluetooth enabled
    • etc.
  • 26. anonequity.org
  • 27. wi fi (ad hoc senso r networks) anonequity.org
  • 28. from LANs to PANs
    • LANs
    • (local area networks)
    • WANs
    • (wide area networks)
    • PANs
    • (personal area networks)
  • 29. kev in warwick
    • kevin warwick wants to make PANs
    • really personal
    • neural transducer implant
    • surgical implant allows recording
    • and transmission
    • allows reception of signals
  • 30. implanta ble devices (i)
    • insulin pumps and sensor systems
    • insulin is delivered on demand
    • wireless link betwe en pump, sensor, and controller
    anonequity.org I got this pump from the minimed website…I think it looks better….only available in Europe
  • 31. implantab le devices (ii)
    • cochlear implants
    • phones, MP3 players, etc. can be linked
    • wireless communicatio n
    • current research includ es a bluetooth cell phone link
  • 32. adding implant able devices to the PAN anonequity.org
  • 33. nature of the info exchange anonequity.org
        • contact lists
        • emails
        • credit card info
        • real-time physiology (blood sugar/type/alcohol)
        • sights and sounds
        • neural signals (sensations, feelings, thoughts?)
    from to include *security and privacy needs are heightened*
  • 34. data flow in/ out of the PAN
    • PAN routers will most likely be used to optimize data flow within the PAN
    • Vendors will want to push data to PANs in exchange for $ or services
    • Other service providers will want to push/pull data
    • from the PAN
    Advertisement Coupon email sensation sound anonequity.org Heart Status? Heart Status Info Heart Medication Prescription Heart Medication Prescription Coverage Accepted fMRI Mens Rea Itunes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • 35. netvol ution
    • the network of ideas
    • the network of things
    • the network of people
  • 36. anonequity.org ip v6
  • 37. mer ger anonequity.org human ↔ machine
  • 38. mer ger anonequity.org healthlaw ↔ techlaw
  • 39. anonequity.org
  • 40. id trail .org anonequity.org
  • 41. blog *on* nymity anonequity.org
  • 42. rfid for people? ian kerr canada research chair in ethics, law & technology university of ottawa anonequity.org