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  • On regards to the IDC rating information make sure that you mention the following: More than 50% of our revenues come from non CEMEX accounts a couple years ago the same numbed only had one digit. Wile every one else is shrinking Neoris is growing and increasing market penetration. Neoris is Accenture Size-reputation in LATAM If the customer is a regional player mention our pan-regional presence and note that our arena is and will continue to Latin America. For Spain and US global firms you should mention the fact that we are designed to serve regional players and note that we have proven experience Do not disclaim revenue numbers we are not allowed to do so, and is needed Marketing could provide official data.
  • The ecosystem of a modern hospital environment is made up of three main areas while keeping focus on patient care: Financial Management (Tracking expenses & Billing) Materials & Supply Chain Management (GPO & Vendor Contract compliance) Materials Workflow & Process Management (Inventory Control) While the above have to keep checks and balances the Quality of Care has to be high while the cost of delivery needs to decrease. Neoris’ vision is to establish a digital and transparent enterprise where all vital information needed for the operation of the hospital is visible/traceable and predictive/real-time decisions/actions can be made at the right place and at the right time.
  • Consistent with the hospital’s critical mission of providing quality health care to the communities they serve is the leading reason. Therefore, improving the clinicians response time to linking assets to patients is critical. Other operational factors include: - Financial pressures for profitability Compliance requirements for SOX & JCAHO Improve quality of patient care - Leverage existing infrastructure (from the IT perspective also)
  • Increase the Safety and Quality of Patient Care Enable clinicians to locate available assets. Enable equipment distribution to dispatch assets rapidly. Increase responsiveness to linking moveable assets to patients. Increase responsiveness to linking patients to non-movable assets. Reduce Asset Costs Increase asset utilization. Eliminate unnecessary assets. “ Right size” rental vs. owned assets. Reduce maintenance costs by decreasing unnecessary assets. Reduce shrinkage. Improve management of rented assets. Gains in Labor Productivity Search and find. Increase maintenance efficiencies. Eliminate manual processes.
  • There are many many other sources on each branch…
  • Be sure to explain why we may combine ACTIVE+PASSIVE+BARCODE If an asset moves from a WiFi zone to a NON WiFi zone, you should be able to keep tracking the asset through Passive RFID readers. Reasons why everything should be Bar-coded: Inventory In case the network goes down Physical scanning with simple devices Leverage existing barcode infrastructure and information To cover areas with no infrastructure at all (this means process enforcement)
  • Increase the Safety and Quality of Patient Care Enable clinicians to locate available assets. Enable equipment distribution to dispatch assets rapidly. Increase responsiveness to linking moveable assets to patients. Increase responsiveness to linking patients to non-movable assets. Reduce Asset Costs Increase asset utilization. Eliminate unnecessary assets. “ Right size” rental vs. owned assets. Reduce maintenance costs by decreasing unnecessary assets. Reduce shrinkage. Improve management of rented assets. Gains in Labor Productivity Search and find. Increase maintenance efficiencies. Eliminate manual processes.
  • Increase the Safety and Quality of Patient Care Enable clinicians to locate available assets. Enable equipment distribution to dispatch assets rapidly. Increase responsiveness to linking moveable assets to patients. Increase responsiveness to linking patients to non-movable assets. Reduce Asset Costs Increase asset utilization. Eliminate unnecessary assets. “ Right size” rental vs. owned assets. Reduce maintenance costs by decreasing unnecessary assets. Reduce shrinkage. Improve management of rented assets. Gains in Labor Productivity Search and find. Increase maintenance efficiencies. Eliminate manual processes.
  • Integration with legacy systems provides basic asset information. Receiving processes collects additional asset information and appropriate tracking tag(s) are attached. Once tagged asset status is updated to available and notification is sent to person/unit initiating request. Reusable tags can be reassigned, reducing costs associated with temporary assets.
  • The system allows simple and extended search using several options. Searches can be performed from fixed or mobile devices. Searches can cover a zone, floor, hospital or region. When an “available” item is taken from its last location the system can automatically set the status to “unavailable & in-use”.
  • The nurse requests support from staff to physically locate asset and investigate status. Field staff receives notification of request, identifying asset ID, description and last know location. Asset is located and status is updated based upon physical inspection. Using the VOIP phone system the helper will receive a voice notification that an urgent request has been issued. Using his PDA the helper will be able to review the task details in the to do list, perform a search and finally locate and delivery the asset. Once the asset is delivered, the helper sill be able to manually update the asset status.
  • Rondas eficientes. When an asset is left somewhere in the facility after its use typically is an operations helper who has the responsibility to perform recovery. The system knowing the asset “typical utilization period” will be able to detect the absence of movement and them set the status to “unknown” and add to the helper to do list an task to go and recover the asset. Asset is delivered for cleaning, system updates asset location and status. Technician identifies need for repair and sends notification to appropriate Contract Maintenance Company. Transfer of asset is documented, capturing signature and scheduled return date. Data maintained for SLA monitoring. Once the asset is returned, status and location is updated and the asset is available for usage.
  • Any one on the system will be able to request a repair for a damaged equipment. The system will automatically set the status to “unavailable for repair”. An Operational helper will receive a task and generate a report using a PDA and deliver the asset for pickup. The system will send a notification to the 3 rd party.
  • As far as tracking and visibility to the operations of any corporation the use of RFID has been looked at for sometime. As the first and early adapters Wal-Mart and DOD is enforcing it on their suppliers/vendors and eventually the whole retail industry will follow. If you look at the retail industry it is a broken up divided loop. The retailer will have several vendors, however each vendor might have only one Wal-Mart – only 10% of its business. Now in the healthcare the hospital is a closed loop environment, much easier to control. By looking at the healthcare industry now we have several entities looking at how to achieve efficiency through better utilization and control of their operation via better visibility and traceability. As indicated we have been talking to all sizes and shapes healthcare providers (i.e. GPO, Systems, big & small hospitals) also we have seen several niche solution providers coming up with all variety of technology solutions to solve the same problem. Many entities in the healthcare industry are implementing RFID pilot programs. Mainly, their approach is to evaluate only a group of valuable items of each component in the supply chain separately. The current projects don’t address the overall outcome due to their limited scope and concentration on only high-valued assets. We believe that tagging items with lower value level will help improve the actual individual caregiver’s efficiency, regulatory compliance, organizational confidence and patient safety.
  • RFID and Wi-Fi: Improving Asset Management, Utilization and ...

    1. 2. RFID and Wi-Fi: Improving Asset Management, Utilization and Control <ul><li>Lionel Carrasco, </li></ul><ul><li>CTO </li></ul><ul><li>Neoris </li></ul><ul><li>Miami, Florida </li></ul>
    2. 3. Who is on the Neoris Team Jackson Memorial Health System, Veterans Administration, Lockheed Martin, Grainger, OfficeMax, Verizon, Fort Worth School District, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, BellSouth, Xerox, Ryder, Michelin, Aventis, Roche, Bimbo, Danone, Ericsson, Novartis, Pharmacia, Suzuki, Vitro, British Petroleum, Petrobras, Petrozuata, Repsol, YPF, Shell, CEMEX, PEMEX, Tenaris, Ford Credit, Citibank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubish, New York Life, Varese Hospital, AZG (hospital in the Netherlands), Boeing, General Electric, American Port Services. Vital Statistics Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Hungary Mexico Spain USA Venezuela <ul><li>U.S. based, headquartered in Miami with local presence in Fort Worth. </li></ul><ul><li>Privately owned by CEMEX (NYSE: CX); market cap: $22B </li></ul><ul><li>14 Offices Worldwide, +1500 professionals </li></ul><ul><li>~$150M USD in sales 2005, +180 clients </li></ul><ul><li>Focus on Value Driven Consulting, Emerging Technology Solutions and Managed Applications & Outsourcing </li></ul><ul><li>Industry Focus: Government, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Ranked by IDC as the 4th largest IT consulting firm in Latin America </li></ul>Some of our Clients &quot;What makes Neoris’ story most compelling is a consulting service model that stretches from design, to implementation, to after-project completion. Sticking around to ensure value realization and Return on Investment (ROI) is a message that rings loud and clear for executives seeking  alternative consulting solutions for complex and inter-enterprise business problems.&quot; — AMR Research A Regional IT Services Leader. Partners for Asset Utilization and Control Relevant Partners for our Asset Utilization and Control Solution
    3. 4. ActiveSuite™ Healthcare Vision Mobile Asset Utilization and Control on the Health Care Community It’s a seamlessly interconnected moment for all: Patients, Hospital and Suppliers. Assets Clinicians Patients Compliance Risk Financial Impact Quality of Care People Processes Technology Inefficient asset utilization and control has negative financial impact, increase risk and affect quality of care. Any solution to the problem will demand the right technology seamless processes and people acceptance. Properly maintained assets are needed by clinicians in a timely manner to provide care to patients.
    4. 5. Context and Players Patient & Financial Health Caregivers Locating Assets Highly Movable Elusive Expensive Assets Patients Using Operational Excellence and patient care is derived from people, processes, management controls and technology Asset Management is critical to the health of the patient and financial health of the hospital. Clinical Staff Inventory Finance Maintenance Procurement Purchase Rental Forecast SLA Negotiations Corrective Preventive Maintenance Central Supply Inventory Delivery Monitor and Control Ensure Profitability Risk Management Deliver Organize Control Operations
    5. 6. Asset Utilization and Life Cycle Control Asset hoarded in a storage room Paying late rental fees Shrinkage by theft or during transfer Clinicians wasting time looking for available asset Unnecessary purchases Asset requires maintenance Unsatisfied patient Visualizing the day-to-day problems Knowing where the assets are to increase utilization, ROI, control and compliance. Asset’s ROI Usage (+) (+) (+) (-) Usage (-) Usage (-) Utilization Impacts Financial Results Purchase Receive Use Store Maintain Plan Dispose Refurbish Inventory Asset Control Life Cycle
    6. 7. The Roots of the Problem Solving the causes of poor Asset Utilization and Control positively impacts other core processes Our understanding of your operations enables us to identify the causes at its source. Asset Utilization & Control Proper Compliance Tight Financial Control Efficient Operations Accurate Planning & Forecast High Quality Clinical Services Timely Maintenance Asset Visibility Asset Status Asset location Unknown last location Asset availability Unknown actual status etc… etc… Asset Accountability Process Enforcement No event recording Paper based & no time No responsibility No event recording etc… etc…
    7. 8. Neoris’ Approach Provides a Unique & Cost Effective Solution We integrate open standard technology and cover all available methods without relying solely on process enforcement Let your current operation and infrastructure maximize the return of your assets. Accurate location and tracking by triangulation Presence location by zone Mobile scan to report last known location and status Browser based update of information Exit and entrance control Outdoor control Notifications via VOIP Phone (WiFi)  Leveraging existing WiFi infrastructure  Wireless data access  Automatic status changes, no human intervention  Messaging through the same Voice Over IP network Tagging is determined by the cost, elusiveness and portability of your assets Active RFID for highly movable expensive or elusive assets. I.e. Defibrillators, SCD (sequential compression device), Feeding pumps, IV pumps, Suction machines… Barcode support for low cost and/or fixed assets Passive RFID tags for mid-cost portable assets I.e. Oxygen cylinders, Stretchers, Hypothermia pads, C-PAP I.e. Waiting room TV’s, Computers Printers, Furnishing – tables, side chairs, Slide tables
    8. 9. Asset Visibility and Status Control is the Key Controlling assets lifecycle to increase utilization, control, compliance, etc. Asset Lifecycle Downtimes in Utilization Allocate The Acid Test for ROI on Utilization Discharge Soil Locate Idle Unavailable Maintenance Release Available Visibility Status SLAs SLAs Demand Setting Theoretical Capacity <ul><li>More capital expenses (new purchases) </li></ul><ul><li>More demand from the nurses and operations staff </li></ul><ul><li>More rental expenses </li></ul><ul><li>More maintenance down time </li></ul><ul><li>More capital expenses (consumable purchases ) </li></ul>Select & Tag Record Retool Evaluate Based on cost and demand Business as usual Introduce visibility and control Evaluate results on operations Usage Idle Unknown Idle Available Unavailable 150,000 Number of Discharges 77% Maximum Expected Utilization Rate for Assets 85% Occupancy Rate 123,458 Real Inpatient Days 146,000 Theoretical Capacity of Occupancy 365 Days the hospital was opened 400 Set Up & Staffed Beds   By Occupancy 70% Capacity Rate 1,200,000 Real Number of Encounters 1,722,000 Total Theoretical Capacity of Encounters 2,100 Productivity Measure Mid-level Providers 200 Number of Mid-level Providers 4,200 Productivity Measure Physicians 400 Number of Physicians   By Encounters
    9. 10. From Physical Events to Business Events Converting coordinates into logical events and deriving business process impute From earth to business heaven Visibility = ID + (X,Y,Z) + Map Status Control = ID exiting soil room Status Control = ID maintenance due ActiveSuite ™ Shared Platform Forms Manager Asset Utilization Infant Abduction Active RFID Active Gateway OR Cart Tracking. Staff & Patient Tracking Process Enforcement Location Engine Passive RFID Xxx LE Port Xxx Port Event Processor Server Security Mg Location Mg. Entity Mg. Events Mg. Category Mg Entity Locator Report Mg. PDA Locator Alarms & Msg. Etc. Physical Event Logical Event Business Event
    10. 11. Functional Demos High user acceptance based on usability Device Independence 6 Corrective maintenance order processing. Functionality provided by the system during several events involving assets utilization and control A day in the life of an HCA hospital … PC Stations Tablet PC PDA VOIP Phone 1 New item arrives to inventory and gets delivered to operations. 2 Asset Search and location and status update. 3 Request for and asset and field lookup with a PDA. ` 4 Automatic asset idle detection & cleaning process. 5 Lease expiration detection and return.
    11. 12. In-Service Processing 1 2 3 4 New purchased or leased item arrives in inventory. Item gets registered within the system. Tag is assigned to the asset. The system automatically identifies the asset as available. An asset is received into inventory Scenario: Central Supply / Receiving Docks Thumbnail Central Supply / Tablet PC or Desktop PC
    12. 13. Asset Search 2 Need for asset is identified Scenario: Nurse Station Thumbnail Nurse or Physician / Tablet PC or Desktop PC 1 3 4 Search utilizing the defined criteria. Results are displayed including location and status. Selected assets can be graphically displayed on floor plans. Asset status is automatically changed to unavailable when asset is taken.
    13. 14. Request an Asset 2 Unsuccessful search Scenario: Anywhere within the Hospital Campus Thumbnail Clinician’s Assistant / VoIP Phone or PDA 1 3 4 Nurse sends a locate and deliver task to the Assistant. Assistant receives phone call with a request. Assistant checks To Do List and locates asset using the PDA. Upon delivery, the Assistant updates the status.
    14. 15. Automatic Idle Detection 2 Automatic status change to “unknown” Scenario: Anywhere within the Hospital Campus Thumbnail Clinician’s Assistant / PDA 1 3 4 System detects an idle asset based on pre-determined events. The system initiates a task on the Assistant’s To Do List. The Assistant locates the asset and notices it is soiled. Assistant transports asset to cleaning area. When asset enters cleaning area, status changes automatically to unavailable.
    15. 16. Asset Lease Expiration 2 Managing leased assets Scenario: Anywhere within the Hospital Campus Thumbnail Clinician’s Assistant / PDA 1 3 4 System identifies asset leases approaching expiration. Instructions are sent to Assistant to retrieve asset. Once the asset is located, status is changed to unavailable and transported to pickup area. Upon arrival at the pickup area, a notification is issued automatically via email.
    16. 17. Corrective Maintenance 2 Managing the maintenance life cycle Scenario: Anywhere within the Hospital Campus Thumbnail Assistant and Maintenance / PDA 1 3 4 Nurse sends a repair order request. Upon asset location repair information is collected on mobile device. The asset will be transported to a pickup area. When asset is ready to pickup a notification is automatically issued.
    17. 18. Reporting Demos Collecting all the relevant information of the assets’ life cycle Information is stored, processed and integrated with core processes and legacy systems ... Corrective Maintenance SLA Preventive Maintenance SLA Asset Inventory Reconciliation Others … Reports Day 1 Day 5 In Use Available Cleaning Repair Inventory Out Inventory in 8:00 AM 4:00 PM Utilization Report Lease Invoice Verification Maintenance Compliance Demand Forecasting Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 7:00 AM 1:00 PM 10:00 AM 4:00 PM 7:00 PM 6:00 PM When? Visibility Accountability Who? Why? Control Traceability What? How? Details Tracking Where? Legacy Info DB Events Log DB Meditech SCM ERP Etc. Etc. CRM Maint. Inventory Data IN Data OUT
    18. 19. Derived Benefits from Maximizing Asset Utilization & Control * Typically clinical employees use 30 minutes per day By resolving the root of the problem, tangible and traceable benefits can be derived Direct impact on profitability and better service to patients Asset Utilization & Control      n/a Reduction on biomedical expenses 10-15% Reduction on maintenance fees Timely Maintenance (Operative Expenses) Ratio Maintenance Costs * Typically annual maintenance cost is 7% Proper Compliance (Risk Management) License JCAHO compliance Depreciation SOX cost on asset reconciliation Impact Regulatory Compliance Ratio Increased Patient Services 2% More medical procedures (efficiency) * Typically employees spend 30 minutes a day 5% Clinical staff less time on searching* 25% Operation staff less time on searching Efficient Operations (Labor and Productivity) Ratio Labor Savings High Quality Clinical Services n/a Increase the Safety and Quality of Patient Care n/a Increased staff responsiveness Factor Satisfaction Tight Financial Control (Operative Expenses) 20-25% Decrease of rental periods 10-15% Reduction in rentals Ratio Short Term Rentals Asset Visibility Asset Status Asset Accountability Process Enforcement Accurate Planning & Forecast (Capital Expenses) 40-50% Shrinkage reduction* * Typically annual shrinkage is 10% Ratio Asset Shrinkage 10-15% Reduction in equipment purchase Ratio New Assets Purchase
    19. 20. Value Proposition ActiveSuite ™ Shared Platform Large Legacy Integration Messaging & Alerts Supply Chain Mg Small Medium Healthy Team True Business Scalability Existing Cisco Wireless Network Etc. Staff & Patient Tracking Wireless Medical Records Neoris and its partners deliver true value Capitalize Neoris’ packaged knowledge, services and components for faster ROI Smart Investment Risk Mitigation Robust Architecture Right Team Leverages Cisco Network Shared Foundation Platform Tangible Financial Benefits CEMEX Financial Backing 7 years of R&D Investment Non Process Intensive Built on Industry Standards Pervasive Tracking System Scalable Technology Guaranteed Low Cost x Bed Experience & Expertise Legacy Integration
    20. 21. Neoris Suggested Path and Commitment Iterative approach to develop, test and deploy Develop and test within one campus and then deploy to others … Inception Elaboration Construction Transition Evaluation XXX Phase 1 XXX Phase 2 Recording Rollout Network Setup Elaboration Construction Transition Rollout Network Setup M 05 M 04 M 03 M 02 M 01 M 10 M 09 M 08 M 07 M 06
    21. 22. Q&A Appendix
    22. 23. Positioning Requirements & Available Technologies Heterogeneous environments create several positioning techniques … Entrance & Exit Zones (Present Location) Near Real Time Location Outdoors Location <ul><li>Detect and report last passage trough a chock point </li></ul><ul><li>Detect and report presence in a zone identifying last known location </li></ul><ul><li>Detect and report triangulation coordinates as well as presence in zone </li></ul><ul><li>Detect and report triangulation coordinates within 5 -10 meters accuracy based on density </li></ul>Available technologies RFID gateways WiFi Exciters Available technologies RFID readers WiFi location readers Barcode readers Available technologies WiFi location readers Available technologies WiFi location readers GPS Cellular A C B 1 Maintenance 2 3
    23. 24. How to Choose the Right Technology? Positioning technologies implications: Different technologies resolve different issues … Labor Intensiveness Interactivity / telemetry Range Environment sensitive Lifetime Cost Barcode Passive RFID Active RFID Labor Intensiveness Interactivity / telemetry Range Environment sensitive Lifetime Cost Labor Intensiveness Interactivity / telemetry Range Environment sensitive Lifetime Cost Labor Intensiveness Interactivity / telemetry Range Environment sensitive Lifetime Cost WiFi tracking (indoor – outdoor) GPS / dGPS (outdoor) Cellular phones (outdoor) Labor Intensiveness Interactivity / telemetry Range Environment sensitive Lifetime Cost Labor Intensiveness Interactivity / telemetry Range Environment sensitive Lifetime Cost
    24. 25. Who else is into this? “ Will your company make new investments next year in any of the following application categories?” Innovators and Early Adopters to Capture More Differential Value 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Enterprise portals Business intelligence Procurement software RFID Content mgmt software CRM software ERP software Hospitals Others It is a consistent trend in the industry although it is a new technology … Majority Followers Late Followers Laggards Early Followers Innovators Early Adopters Immature – High Risk Tested – Low Risk Mature & Stable – Very Low Risk Marginal Value Residual Value High Value Time Adoption Cycle Differential Captured Value Differential Value / Adoption <ul><li>HCA | Ascension | JMH </li></ul><ul><li>Bon Secours Health System </li></ul><ul><li>Barnes-Jewish Hospital </li></ul><ul><li>White Memorial Medical Ctr. </li></ul><ul><li>VHA | MedAssets | Etc… </li></ul><ul><li>Wal-Mart </li></ul><ul><li>DOD </li></ul><ul><li>More than 20% of hospitals are going to be doing new investments in RFID. </li></ul><ul><li>Vs only 8% in other industries. </li></ul><ul><li>The majority of providers plans for RFID are related to asset utilization. </li></ul>Value Risk
    25. 26. Why Now? There is severe financial and operative derived risks by not assuring compliance <ul><li>SOX presents a high risk on asset reconciliation deriving on write-offs and high cost on inventory checks. </li></ul><ul><li>A new mandate has been issued by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). </li></ul><ul><li>To remain accredited as a healthcare facility, it is required to demonstrate that life support equipment receive a high priority in their equipment maintenance programs. </li></ul>Bringing more patients may increase revenue but not necessarily profits <ul><li>In an industry where patient service comes first, the lack of profitability in many healthcare providers has been reluctantly tolerated. Not Anymore. Profitability is not driven solely by more patient acquisitions but through efficiency as the key for operational excellence. </li></ul>Lack of profitability and risk management drives adoption … efficiency efficiency efficiency Patients Capital Profit + _ Opportunity Threat SOX JCAHO Deadline Risk
    26. 27. ActiveSuite ™ Platform Architecture Field Event Management Platform – for all information processing away from a desktop computer A platform designed to interact with the ecosystem based on open standards … Events Data EAI BI Track Forms AMS Gateways GSM – GPRS – EDGE - HTTP Consoles Messages Infrastructure Voice – IDEM – REFLEX - SMS The capability to access and collect data in the field, and be able to process changes and integrate the results with business processes The capability of processing field business events and trigger processes in the back office, in a synchronous or asynchronous manner The capability of communicating, confirming and processing business events triggered and affect field business processes Integration Platform ActiveSuite ™ is a J2EE standard based platform designed to process field targeted and originated information to be integrated with business processes using standard infrastructure. Data Access & Collection Event Management Alarms & Notifications
    27. 28. Neoris Credentials on Active Suite ™ <ul><li>Electronic Proof of Delivery and Reverse Logistics of managed freight enabled by the specific identification of their location, time and status, regardless of the number of intermediary points it passed through without losing track of a single item. </li></ul><ul><li>150 scanners used by 450 users at 21 cross docks and DC’s delivering to 2,300 customer locations across 9 states in the Southeastern US. </li></ul>Track & Trace <ul><li>Field event management technology used to enhance existing back office solutions by extending its data collection capabilities to mobile field workers. </li></ul><ul><li>6,000 users using various mobile devices managing 50,000 cases across 15 districts spanning all counties in the state of Florida. </li></ul>Inspection & Supervising Neoris can capitalize on its proven experience thus, minimizing risk & maximizing value … <ul><li>Web-based visibility of inventory movement and operational events across the entire hospital campus, ensuring end-to-end accountability and complete operational control. </li></ul><ul><li>10 scanners used by 150 users across 18 divisions locating over 50,000 capital assets in a hospital campus of over 11,000 employees. </li></ul>Assets Utilization & Control A Portlet may serve multiple portals and audiences <ul><li>Identification system using RFID transmitters that allows ranchers to drastically reduce livestock handling and penning, minimizing fraud and the time allotted for handling and controlling of animals. </li></ul><ul><li>2,000 cattle ranchers with approximately 300,000 head of cattle. </li></ul>RFID Tracking <ul><li>Route planning and GPS for ready mix distribution fully connected with the back office system in real time that allows the 3rd largest cement company to deliver cement with time guaranties and penalties. </li></ul><ul><li>Hundreds of trucks enabled over 4 countries to serve ready mix. </li></ul>Logistics <ul><li>The Fort Worth Independent School District is using high-tech alert system to notify parents and police whenever students play hooky. According to an NBC 5 report, research indicates that many students who skip school drop out of school, abuse drugs and alcohol, and commit crimes. </li></ul><ul><li>140 schools with 132 voice ports processes thousands of calls every day. </li></ul>Fort Worth ISD
    28. 29. Relations within the ecosystem (Application Integration) The adoption road map varies depending of the client conditions and needs What are the potential areas of opportunity for systems integration … Batch Process Integration ActiveSuite™ in addition to provide HTML based reports and export CVS data files, can periodically produce XML based filed for systems integration via FTP or mail. Web Services Integration ActiveSuite™ can also provide and receive information via web services via XML and interact with JMS based IEA platforms. *Web Services Integration requires special professional services Output <ul><li>Asset shrinkage </li></ul><ul><li>Asset location </li></ul>Inventory ActiveSuite™ requires to identify new assets and can notify status changes on assets Input <ul><li>Initial inventory </li></ul><ul><li>New assets </li></ul><ul><li>Assets disposal </li></ul>Output <ul><li>Asset counting </li></ul><ul><li>Item characteristics </li></ul>Input <ul><li>Item characteristics </li></ul>Output <ul><li>Asset location </li></ul><ul><li>Repair orders </li></ul><ul><li>Asset Status </li></ul>Input <ul><li>Service provider </li></ul><ul><li>Maintenance plan </li></ul>Output <ul><li>Asset utilization </li></ul><ul><li>Asset location </li></ul><ul><li>Asset status </li></ul>Input <ul><li>Cost Centers </li></ul>Books ActiveSuite™ knows asset counting and location an any given time Maintenance ActiveSuite™ knows asset location and status and can provide repair orders ERP - billing ActiveSuite™ knows asset utilization and could manage asset disposition for billing purposes Output <ul><li>Asset utilization </li></ul>Input <ul><li>Expected utilization </li></ul>Procurement ActiveSuite™ can provide information for forecasting
    29. 30. The Application Services Provided Sophisticated logic that provides visibility to all items no matter the level of indenture. By allowing for n-levels of containerization, item visibility and its “parent-child” associations are maintained no matter how many consolidation or deconsolidation points. Nesting Combines GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, cellular communications, street-level mapping, and an intuitive user interface enabling businesses or agencies to track the location and condition of vehicle fleets or mobile workers, using the Internet. Telemetric Our methodology has been proven and guarantee success… Patented technology allowing for real-time validation of item movement. This algorithm is based on an advanced understanding of the logistical distribution landscape and calculating the possible routing permutations based on probability and historical information. Route Execution A Portlet may serve multiple portals and audiences Biometric recognition system using mobile data collection peripherals. This system takes fingerprints and facial pictures that collaborates with 3rd-party data sources, providing validation and confirmation of an individuals identity. Authentication Alert notification system that controls customer-defined messages to be sent across many mediums to multiple recipients. Central administration tracks the proper delivery and proof of receipt of each message and coordinates escalations based on pre-determined rules. Alarms & Messaging The technology allows dispatchers to optimally plan and manage routes and leverage wireless communications for better stop sequencing and better fleet management.resulting in a higher asset utilization and improved customer service. Route Planning