High-tech customer specifications

Important hybrid installation
at the new Grimm Center in Berlin
With the new »Jaco...
New municipal library in Salzburg

The BiblioChip-RFID system is first choice
for brand-new high-tech facility
BiblioChip in Italy

Popular small town library
prefers state-of-the-art technologies

Bibliotheca’s product family grows
New addition to...
Pay functions – an overview
Convenient payment at automatic check-out devices
The BiblioChip system offers many      ...
The ultimate software development                        new
Bibliotheca’s Next Generation Software offers
New strategic alliance

Unparalleled options for integrated PC and
print management payment options
On April 1, 2009,...
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  1. 1. news April 2009 The Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems Newsletter Our innovations set the benchmark Inside: BiblioChip – heading for success in Italy. » Hybrid installation at the Berlin Grimm Center page 2 » BiblioChip is first choice for high-tech library in Salzburg There will be a hybrid check-out and security system at the new Grimm Center in Berlin as of October: this is the planned foyer. page 3 » Small town library prefers state-of-the-art technologies Dear readers, page 4 The year moves forward apace – and the - every installation has that special » New addition to the time is ripe for new designs and a »extra«. This requires extremely adapt- Biblio SelfCheck world software second to none. Our new Next able high-tech products and the page 5 Generation Software with the innova- relevant technological expertise, tive Biblio Cockpit not only provides combined with empathy throughout the countless new configuration options, it entire team. All your requests and » Pay functions – an overview page 6 also offers a central monitoring function specific demands are important to us which is entirely unique to date. This and have ultimately made our RFID state-of-the-art development will system what it is today. Let us continue » Bibliotheca’s Next Generation premiere in July. In June, we will be to maintain this intensive, personal Software page 7 presenting our new BiblioSelfCheck Orion exchange. to the public at the 98th German Library » New strategic alliance with Conference. A new flexible design, Will we see you at this year’s Innovative iTeam numerous optional functions, diverse Users Group in the Anaheim/USA or at » IFLA: models adjustable in height – you will the ALA in Chicago? The Biblio Dispenser in use be amazed at the new variety. Or are you interested in our activities page 8 during the IFLA this August in Milan? As you browse through the current BiblioNews, you will gain an initial We would be very happy to see you! impression of our production innova- For now, all the best to you tions and key projects. This time we have picked out four current highlights for you on our reference list. The range of varying customer specifications is vast Bob Dougan 1 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  2. 2. news High-tech customer specifications Important hybrid installation at the new Grimm Center in Berlin With the new »Jacob-und-Wilhelm- RFID components only. In the course of Grimm-Zentrum«, the library and the 2009, the science branch in Adlershof, the computer and media service of the Campus Nord branch in Mitte and the law Humboldt University in Berlin have branch will switch over. All other branches collaborated to create a modern will follow by 2012. All in all, RFID labels will information and communication be applied to some five million media units center for its location in the city’s at all of the library’s sites. The plan is to central district Mitte. As of October integrate the entire network into the library 2009, up to 2 million media will be system Aleph 500. available, making the center one of the biggest Even the entrance open-access »The use of RFID is an essential to the new Grimm collections in Center is an Germany. In the element of the planned exciting challenge course of this modernization alongside a in terms of media year the collec- contemporary service structure, so security, with a tions of 12 width of 7.40 as to ensure information provision The new building for one of Germany‘s largest branches and meters. A specially open-access collections. sub-sections in for an outstanding university created hybrid the fields of in the 21st century. « BiblioGate with enrollment certificates which serve as humanities, eight antennae will identification for university library users. cultural sciences, be able to identify social sciences and economics will be RFID and EM media at the same time. The »The use of RFID is an essential element of brought together at this new site. six automatic check-out stations are also the planned modernization alongside a entirely new in terms of design and contemporary service structure, so as to At the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm- functional features. EM and RFID labels will ensure information provision for an Zentrum, Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems be booked and released at the hybrid outstanding university in the 21st century. Reutlingen will be installing an RFID hybrid devices in a single operation. What is more, With RFID we are primarily aiming to system which is unique in terms of size and the barcode reader will be applied to the achieve daily opening of the Grimm Center customer specifications. All other sites will stations as movable arms, allowing until midnight, as well as improved media not have hybrid systems but be fitted with convenient scanning of the barcodes on the security,« comments Anke Berghaus- Sprengel, Head of the Branch Library Department and project coordinator. For more information see Thanks to RFID, users can work on the reading terraces until midnight. 2 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  3. 3. news New municipal library in Salzburg The BiblioChip-RFID system is first choice for brand-new high-tech facility area will provide precise information on the development of user figures. With its 150,000 media, the new facility has the largest public collection in all of Western Austria. For more information see The attractive collection and modern technologies attract up to 1,700 visitors per day. Bibliotheca’s RFID installation in the new Salzburg Municipal Library went into operation at the opening of this impressive new facility in January 2009. The high-tech building – already regarded as one of the most state- of-the-art public libraries in Austria - is also seen as a city landmark in the »Neue Mitte Lehen« district. The model »Jupiter« perfectly matches the new interior design. Check-out is fully automatic for all media, the BiblioSelfCheck Jupiter was used as a using RFID. »We have successfully imple- basis for all OPAC devices in the foyer: the mented our goal of extending opening base and the glass worktop are uniformly hours and offering a Saturday opening, designed for all RFID and OPAC devices. too,« explains library director Dr. Helmut Media check-in is taken care of by staff at Windinger. new BiblioStaff »We are glad to »We could quickly implement a customer- stations with see that after an specific integration of Bond in the library shielded anten- extensive test system as well as several further library- nae. Due to phase Bibliotheca specific adaptions.« powerful, has shown itself to integrated Library director Dr. Helmut Windinger and be the ideal antennae, these mayor Heinz Schaden. supplier for this progressive project. We stations enable media to be returned could quickly implement a customer-specific swiftly and reliable at the desk. integration into Bond‘s library management software as well as several further library- The new library is two and a half times as specific adaptions,« says Hartmut Marder, large as the previous building with an Managing Director of Bibliotheca Germany/ overall surface area of 5,000 m2. The area Austria. served by the municipal library includes around 16,000 inhabitants and 15 schools The entire interior design impresses with with approx. 6,500 school students. Up to stylistic competence, ambience and 1,700 users are counted per day. In future, a functionality. Consequently, the design of Biblio PeopleCounterWeb in the entrance High priority is attached to teamwork here. 3 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  4. 4. news BiblioChip in Italy Popular small town library prefers state-of-the-art technologies Multifunctionial smart cards are used for check-out. relieve staff so as to be able to provide more intensive consultation. Once again this shows that RFID is by no means only something for city and In Adro, self-service increases borrowing figures by 20 per cent. university libraries. In Adro, a town in Brescia/northern with tax reference number. The Biblio Italy with a population of some 7,000, SelfCheck also accepts this card for all the library is definitely regarded as media and account administration the focal point of cultural life. Since transactions. October 2008 this facility has been making successful use of a BiblioGate The incredible check-out figures reflect the IV, a web-based visitor counter and a success of the investment: the library has BiblioWand Light, as well as an stocks of 30,000 books and 500 CDs/DVDs automatic check-out device. which are borrowed 12,000 times a year. There are 1,100 active users registered. Even What is special about this RFID installation within the first four months after auto- is that service cards are used which are matic check-out was installed, the loan rate specific to the region: these are multifunc- increased by 20 per cent. The library is run tional smart cards which act as a pass for single-handedly by Dott. ssa. Michela the library, the national health system, a Zanardelli. For this reason, RFID serves European health insurance and an ID card primarily to promote users’ autonomy and BiblioNews Edition April 2009 Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems Inc. Published every three months 450 Westforest Trail, Unit 14 Kitchener, Ontario N2N 3M2, Canada Please subscribe/unsubscribe online Phone +1 (519) 570 3433 Fax +1 (519) 570 1399 Editor Birgit Lindl, Public Relations Headquarters: Design Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems AG Bittner Design Hinterbergstraße 17, 6330 Cham, Switzerland Phone +41 (0) 41 726 99 55 Fax +41 (0) 41 726 99 56 BiblioChip – a sound investment for 30,000 media. 4 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  5. 5. news Bibliotheca’s product family grows new New addition to the Biblio SelfCheck world There’s no doubt about it: the modern design of the new Biblio SelfCheck Orion is very striking. The device is on offer from May 2009 in three versions: as a stand-alone, tabletop or wall model. There are two colors to choose from: black or white, in high-gloss finish. In addition to the familiar standard features to children and the handicapped. The such as touchscreen, integrated barcode hardware technology inside has also been reader and receipt printer, the SelfCheck developed further: if required, the small can of course also be upgraded to include all integrated PC can easily be replaced or the optional functions such as integrated serviced by support staff. pay function (in the wall and stand-alone The compact inner workings make for a model). slim outer casing. The new automatic check-out device – fitted with the very There are a number of new practical latest hardware and software – has an aspects which make this design piece impressive, sleek design, curved contours especially user-friendly, too. The stand- and human proportions. This trendy outfit alone and wall model offers flexible makes Orion an appealing eye-catcher for adaptation enabling users to adjust it every library. The new SelfCheck is expected independently to their own height. This to be deliverable from August 2009. is an important benefit The device seems to levitate at the wall. The convenient tabletop model with a shortened design. The »Orion« stand-alone model is adjustable in height. 5 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  6. 6. news Pay functions – an overview Convenient payment at automatic check-out devices The BiblioChip system offers many integrated below the touchscreen of the entry. The relevant modules specific to the different ways of making it easier automatic check-out device: this allows country in question are integrated in the for users to pay check-out or users to insert coins. By touching the ‘pay BiblioPayment Station and controlled using penalty fees. Instead of having to function’ button, the user can immediately the BiblioChip software. provide a manned counter cash pay any fees due. The coin validator is in point, various modes of payment keeping with the very latest safety There are also plans to fit RFID user cards can be offered directly at the standards and accepts up to 16 different with a rechargeable money chip. The user Biblio SelfCheck. coins in two currencies. Automatic currency conversion and a range of credit functions The classic solution is the narrow slot – even allowing overpayment of the outstanding fee and crediting of the user’s account with the remaining amount – make this popular solution especially user-friendly. As an alternative, Bibliotheca offers the BiblioPayment Station, a separate, free-standing pay station which can be con-nected directly to the SelfCheck unit. The benefit here: as with small pay machines, the station accepts both coins and notes. Overpaid amounts are auto- matically returned by means of a change storage function. With this solution, even credit cards and cash cards (e.g. EC cards) can be used, either with or without PIN The BiblioPayment Station can handle all Perfectly concerted: Biblio SelfCheck and forms of payment. BiblioPayment Station. card can thus be used rather like a money card. In all cases, account information and transactions are recorded via SIP protocol in the library software. The aim is clear: the variety of pay functions allows for individualized solutions in practice. What is more, detailed customer specifications can be implemented at any time by agreement. The pay function integrated in the SelfCheck can be used for coins only. 6 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  7. 7. news The ultimate software development new Bibliotheca’s Next Generation Software offers cross-system monitoring The name says it all: Bibliotheca’s new software is a unique, integrated ways in which users can pay fees is growing, solution with cross-system monitoring. It provides a surprising range of too: it is possible to use cash cards, credit modern functions to update the operation of the entire RFID system for cards without PIN or also cards from local both users and librarians. A new SelfCheck and BiblioReturn software will systems such as campus cards. be launched mid of July 2009. The integration of BiblioGates in this The complete list of features is lengthy. For complex software solution will be follow shortly afterwards. this reason, just a few key aspects will be mentioned here, such as automatic media conversion, securing of media by means of The innovative core of the Next Generation system can be made accessible via internet AFI byte, and mixed operation of various Software is the so-called Biblio Cockpit: so as to be able to eliminate faults data models etc. »The Next Generation from a central computer, it coordinates and externally. What is more, all RFID compo- Software is a progressive product which monitors all RFID components with their fa- nents can be centrally activated and addresses the current desires and practical miliar functions as well as new ones, deactivated on a time-triggered basis via requirements of libraries to the very highest allowing decentralized installation of the cockpit. This ensures stable and secure standards. There is no comparable solution applications. The RFID installation, originally operation of the entire system. on the market to date able to offer such a consisting of independently operation broad spectrum of functions and benefits,« components, is thus in future an efficient, This new development allows a broad says André Koitzsch, Bibliotheca’s interna- integrated system which is centrally margin of individualization, so project-spe- tional sales manager. controlled and configured. Status informa- cific tasks can be carried out swiftly and tion on all processes, statistics on the flexibly. Visitors also benefit: user guidance Feel free to ask us any time! workflow of the entire system as well as and the screen interface of the SelfChecks error messages are collected in one place can be adapted in detail to any specific Current BiblioChip users can receive the and clearly visualized. Support is informed library, in both design and process and if new software via an update program. All by e-mail or text message, making it necessary using animation. User guidance new projects will of course be implemented possible to respond swiftly and round-the- appropriate to children or seniors can be using the Next Generation Software from clock if necessary. If desired, the entire implemented at any time. The variety of the outset. Real Time Status • Real Time Circulation Status • Real Time Device Status • Statistics • Service (Monitoring and Logging) • Configuration (HW and SW) • Upgrade • E-connect for reports and features The Biblio Cockpit as the new control center for multiple RFID-devices (fig.: not a complete choice of products). 7 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009
  8. 8. news New strategic alliance Unparalleled options for integrated PC and print management payment options On April 1, 2009, Bibliotheca Inc. integrated capabilities will be available in About iTeam announced a strategic alliance with second half of 2009. iTeam Resources Inc., with headquarters in iTeam Resources Inc., a library indus- “We are very pleased to announce our Orlando, Fla., and operations throughout try leader in PC and print manage- alliance with iTeam,” said Lamar Jackson, the United States, Europe, South America, ment solutions. This alliance will president and CEO of Bibliotheca Inc. “Work- and Asia., offers the most comprehensive result in the seamless integration of ing with a great company like iTeam, which line of products on the market for print iTeam PC and print management has such an enviable client base is exciting cost recovery, computer reservation and software products with Bibliotheca’s enough. But to think about how our two time management, wireless printing, renowned BiblioChip self-service companies can collaborate to provide a e-commerce, self-service cost recovery software interface, which already range of new, powerful options for equipment, library/identification card integrates with a wide range of enhancing the library patron experience systems, library combo and smart cards. integrated library systems. makes our joint efforts every more iTeam Resources Inc. is focused on providing intriguing.” customers visionary solutions with a true As a result of this integration, library “We are excited to announce our alliance focus on customer service. patrons can use a single library self-check with Bibliotheca.” said Megan Newell, station interface to check out library president of iTeam Resources Inc. “Together, Visit for more materials, reserve time on library PCs and we are able to offer customers solutions details. pay for printing charges, library fines and that will improve staff workflow, bring other library charges via credit and debit savings to libraries and increase patron cards, cash, on-line and stored value cards. satisfaction,” said Newell. The BiblioChip-iTeam products featuring IFLA – insight into an RFID library The Biblio Dispenser in use At this year’s IFLA, Bibliotheca will be When: Friday, August 28, 2009 providing a tour of the municipal Destination: Biblioteca Comunale library of Vignola for all participants ‘Francesco Selmi’, Vignola (MO), Italy interested in RFID. The focus will be Duration of excursion: approx. 8 am on the use of the RFID system and a to 5 pm demonstration of the Biblio Dispenser. The innovative RFID device secures If you are interested, please contact CDs and DVDs in optimum fashion and Angela Landolt on enables automated check-out and return of media. or Tel. + 41 (41) 726 99 53 by May 31, 2009. A group bus trip is planned from Milan to During the IFLA you will find us from Vignola, with an interesting and informative August 23 to 27, 2009 at stand number program of events during the entire day. 206. We look forward to seeing you there! RFID enhances the popularity of Vignola mu- BiblioDispenser: the complete CD/DVD collec- Contemporary facilities for over 55,300 media. nicipal library. tion open to self-service. 8 © 2009 Bibliotheca Inc. RFID Library Systems | | | Newsletter April 2009