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Some of the features provided by the
Maximo-RFID solution include:

•	 Provides	current	asset	location	in	
   Maximo, with...
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Maximo-RFID: Tracking and Managing Assets Using Radio Frequency


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Maximo-RFID: Tracking and Managing Assets Using Radio Frequency

  1. 1. IBM Global Business Services Supply Chain Management Maximo-RFID: Tracking and Managing Assets Using Radio Frequency Enhancing Asset Management Maximo-RFID solution Highlights “Where are my assets?” is a common question Maximo provides comprehensive asset from companies and organizations that need to lifecycle and maintenance management  Integrates core strengths of monitor the location and condition of critical and capabilities. RFID provides unique asset Maximo and Radio Frequency expensive assets that may even include people. identification and location, with electronic Important assets are frequently moved from information capture that tracks items Identification (RFID) to provide place to place--sometimes on an unplanned, ad as they enter or leave areas, rooms, a unique asset tracking solution hoc basis--creating problems for finding, track- buildings, or even campuses. RFID passes that ties asset tracking and asset ing, managing and maintaining them. this information to enterprise applications management together. such as Maximo for use in managing  Determines whether assets are in IBM Maximo Professional Services offers you and maintaining assets and in generating the correct location. the Maximo-RFID solution to address this asset alerts and alarms if the assets move management challenge. We have paired the IBM where they shouldn’t.  Provides accurate location of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solution— moving assets, eliminating the an asset tagging, identification and tracking RFID, often called ‘the next generation bar need for devoting resources to system that transmits stored information wire- code’, assigns a unique identity to each finding assets. lessly—with IBM Maximo™, one of the world’s tagged asset. Tags are read in non-line-  Enables asset condition leading asset management systems. of-sight fashion by RFID readers, either monitoring; optimization of service stationary or handheld. These readers management, asset calibration/ The Maximo-RFID solution provides you with capture and transmit accurate asset asset tracking and management capabilities location information back to Maximo. certification and utilization. that identify (what you have), find (where it is, For misplaced assets, their location can  Permits chain of custody where it has been, and when it was there), and be updated, or Maximo can be used to identification, problem tracking manages (what you want to do with it). It’s a create work orders, or change orders, for and ongoing security. strong addition to traditional Maximo capabilities returning each asset to its correct location. that already provide information on asset condi- Having correct asset location information tion, asset maintenance history and work order not only permits staff to utilize critical processing. assets quickly but also allows Maximo to facilitate “opportunity preventative The Maximo-RFID solution can also be a key maintenance” using ‘location’ as a key , component of a ‘Smarter Planet’ initiative—as parameter for asset maintenance in a our world becomes increasingly instrumented selected area. and interconnected, and its elements become more ‘intelligent.’
  2. 2. Some of the features provided by the Maximo-RFID solution include: • Provides current asset location in Maximo, without manual intervention. • Determines whether tagged assets are in the correct location, displaying a list of scanned assets, their assigned Maximo-logged locations, and their actual locations. • Automatically updates asset location in Maximo for assets that move, with optional alert generation for critical assets passing from one location to another. • Allows work order initiation, to return an asset to its correct, assigned location. • Identifies assets with unassigned locations. Maximo-RFID solution benefits The Maximo-RFID solution helps provide accurate asset location, thus providing the following benefits: • No need to search for misplaced or IBM’s Maximo-RFID solution addresses brings goes beyond collecting this lost assets, allowing professionals/ the challenge of incorrect asset location data—the value is what you can DO staff to stay focused on task and not and allows you to utilize your assets with the asset or the data when you waste time searching for equipment/ more effectively. The value the solution have it. materials. Maximo-RFID Industry Examples • Need for extra ‘back-up’ or ‘safety’ stock is significantly reduced, and Tracks critical, high-value assets in hospitals and medical centers; identifies asset location and status expense for emergency rentals Healthcare (sterilized, inspected, out-of-service, etc.) supporting to replace critical lost assets is optimal patient care decreased. Identifies inventories of rooms, substations and facilities; • Helps insure that assets with Energy and Utilities/ allows scheduling of preventive maintenance by locale; unacceptable status (such as lack of Oil & Petroleum identifies emergency response equipment during calibration, testing or certification) are cleanup not used, thus facilitating compliance Detects tagged rail cars changing locations; schedules Rail Car Management to industry-mandated standards. preventive maintenance at predictable stops • Opportunistic, preventive Traces asset movement and chain-of-custody; recognizes assets and status (last maintenance, maintenance is easier to manage calibration, emergency status) because asset location can be Cross-Industry Tracks high-value IT assets (blade servers, laptops, ascertained. routers, etc.) in data centers, offices or building • Potential business and process environments; enacts greater inventory control transformation can reduce cost and management expand return on investment.
  3. 3. Why IBM? IBM Maximo Professional Services and Excellence (AMcoe). Via the AMcoe, Global Business Services (GBS) con- we manage our intellectual capital sultants will work with you to define your and provide AMcoe Delivery Packs requirements, and then to design and to all our consultants, assuring con- implement the best RFID system for sistent solution delivery anywhere in you. They will configure and integrate the world. The AMcoe provides a hub Maximo and RFID to work together. If through which our consultants continu- your solution requires an asset manage- ally contribute feedback on the tools ment system upgrade, they will assist and processes they use, thus par- you with that as well. ticipating in a process that enhances both the product and the method— IBM Global Business Services and and increases the benefits to you. Maximo Professional Services consul- tants are uniquely qualified to assist you IBM Maximo Professional Services is with the Maximo-RFID solution and any the Maximo consulting arm of the GBS other Maximo solution. They are com- Supply Chain Management Practice. As mitted to your success, bringing unpar- part of the world’s largest and most ex- alleled knowledge and proven skills and perienced asset management consult- tools to every solution. ing organization our consultants deliver the most comprehensive approach to Our consultants, our Maximo Indus- your solution. They will help you imple- try Accelerators and our Maximize ment the most transformative asset Methodology™ are all supported by management solution possible. our Asset Management Center of
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