Fast, affordable RFID solutions for small and
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     IBM Express RFID Services –
     slap and ship manag...
Until now, RFID adoption has been              IBM Express RFID Services – slap and         • Rapid implementation of a lo...
Your operators can scan the barcodes        Help Desk support is available 12 hours     Expanding your RFID capability
Boosting your RFID return                   expertise necessary to help guide
Integrating your RFID solution with         ...
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IBM Express RFID Services – slap and ship managed services


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IBM Express RFID Services – slap and ship managed services

  1. 1. Fast, affordable RFID solutions for small and medium business IBM Express RFID Services – slap and ship managed services Pushing RFID into the supply chain Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is revolutionizing the supply chain. Backed by the U.S. Department of Defense and retail giants like Wal-Mart and Target, the microchip technology designed to track objects via radio waves is gaining momentum and steadily emerging as the key to supply chain efficiency. The decision of these organizations to require RFID tagging on all case and pallet loads as a condition of doing business is just the starting point. In the future, RFID will enable manufacturers, distributors and retailers to identify the Highlights exact location of their goods at any point in time. And better product visibility will enable the entire supply  Enables a proactive response to  Facilitates migration to more current RFID tagging mandates full-function RFID solutions chain to be more focused on the end customer, producing and shipping  Helps simplify deployment  Helps integrate RFID into your goods based on demand and and daily operation with a business for the greatest gain replenishing store shelves with managed solution products customers want to buy.  Leverages leading resources  Provides the capability to within IBM and across generate advanced shipping the industry notices to strengthen trading partner awareness
  2. 2. Until now, RFID adoption has been IBM Express RFID Services – slap and • Rapid implementation of a low-cost, limited to companies who could afford it ship managed services is designed to low-risk managed RFID tagging organizationally as well as financially. lift the technical and cost burden of solution With most companies’ in-house RFID for small and medium business. • Financing options to lower your resources already strained, the complex- Aimed at helping you respond proac- up-front investment ity of RFID technology has been an tively to the RFID compliance deadlines, • Standardized services to facilitate issue. Cost has also been a concern, it does away with the need for extensive deployment and fit with midmarket inhibiting RFID adoption for many planning and in-house training and business needs businesses. The cost to develop needed provides you with a low-cost, managed • Low technical skill requirement for skill sets and incorporate the requisite solution for RFID. The solution is highly in-house personnel scanning and printing devices into a standardized and modular, so you can • Fully upgradeable platform, without company’s existing infrastructure can implement just the tagging capabilities requiring an application change make the technology especially prohibi- you need and avoid the additional • More rapid return on investment tive for the midmarket. Many of these hardware and consulting services that due to speed of deployment and businesses are unprepared or unable to drive up costs. Because the solution is exceptionally low startup and incur such a major expense, even with implemented by IBM or an approved steady-state costs the RFID compliance deadlines looming. IBM Business Partner and managed • Better collaboration with trading remotely by IBM, you needn’t be partners by helping them Easing the decision for small and concerned about training or staffing. benefit from warehouse and medium business Only a nominal resource commitment is transportation efficiencies Finding a fast, affordable way to comply required internally. with the RFID tagging mandates is Helping you get the job done critical for midmarket suppliers. With Part of the IBM Express Portfolio , IBM ™ IBM Express RFID Services – slap and fewer trading partners, you are at Express RFID Services are designed, ship managed services is designed greater risk than your larger counter- developed and priced specifically to to leverage your existing barcodes, parts. Your financial stability depends on meet the needs of small and medium converting them to RFID tags capable the ability to retain existing relationships businesses like yours. In short, they help of communicating product information by willingly meeting partners’ RFID simplify RFID for the midmarket. The when they approach an RFID reader. compliance deadlines as they arise. slap and ship managed services offering provides: 2
  3. 3. Your operators can scan the barcodes Help Desk support is available 12 hours Expanding your RFID capability using a handheld reader, manually key a day, 5 days a week and is part of the RFID technology is evolving quickly, and them into an Intel -based PC at your ® standard service. Your designated focal so is your business. The last thing you facility or select them from a preloaded point can contact the IBM Help Desk for want is to be locked in to a long-term file. The IBM RFID Operations Center assistance with setup and operation of solution. With its one-year contract and (ROC) generates the corresponding the RFID system. This service enables use of standard IBM software products, EPCglobal RFID tags, and an RFID you to assist operators at your site, the IBM managed slap and ship offering printer installed at your location prints answering inquiries on equipment use helps you avoid the technology risk. the tags. Both the barcode reader and and resolving any operational problems Plus it gives you the flexibility to migrate RFID printer are included in the that arise. to a more full-function RFID solution as IBM solution. your business needs expand, without Keeping trading partners informed requiring a change to your software A firewall-protected virtual private Advanced shipping notices (ASNs), environment. And IBM offers a compre- network (VPN) enables IBM to manage identifying shipment quantities and hensive RFID service portfolio to facilitate your operation remotely. The VPN expected arrival times, can be genera- your transition. Our midmarket consulting connects the RFID devices located on ted from the RFID tag data and sent to services can help you design, build and your premises to a server at the IBM your trading partners electronically via implement a customized roadmap based ROC. IBM WebSphere® RFID Premises e-mail, electronic data interchange (EDI) on your company’s RFID strategy. Server middleware, installed on the host or formatted report. You can notify server, and the IBM RFID workflow partners of incoming shipments and We can help you deploy your RFID application collect, analyze and manage avoid the vast majority of order-related solution incrementally, gradually the real-time data uploaded from the status calls. Since ASN data is automati- reengineering your business processes RFID devices. cally captured during the scanning to support RFID in order to lower the risk process, your operators do not need to of business disruption and keep your The IBM ROC and Help Desk monitor re-key this information manually to costs manageable. Our pilot projects the performance and availability of your create an ASN, reducing the number of and product testing services help you devices. The service includes problem errors. Fewer human errors means fewer select the right RFID devices and detection and resolution as well as alert product returns, claims and charge- validate your business plan and notification should technicians at the backs. What’s more, keeping trading technical requirements before extending ROC discover a serious malfunction or partners informed can help build loyalty your solution to a wider production outage. If a problem requires onsite and strengthen your relationships. environment. As you look beyond handling, local maintenance services will simple compliance, IBM services like be dispatched. these — and our scalable, standards- based technology platform — help to protect your RFID investment. 3
  4. 4. Boosting your RFID return expertise necessary to help guide Integrating your RFID solution with today’s most complex RFID imple- existing business systems can help mentations. Our RFID Testing & you derive the greatest benefit from Solution Centers, located worldwide, RFID. It can help you transform the enable clients to test their RFID © Copyright IBM Corporation 2005 way you and your trading partners solutions in real production environ- IBM Global Services forecast demand, manage inventory ments, helping them to reap the Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 and stock store shelves. Integrating benefits of the technology quickly U.S.A. RFID with legacy sales systems can and with low risk. Produced in the United States of America help you improve customer satisfaction 08-05 All Rights Reserved by providing real-time order status. Strategic alliances with leading RFID IBM, the IBM logo, the On Demand Business logo, Integrating it into warehouse systems hardware and software vendors Express Portfolio and WebSphere are trademarks can help you track lost shipments and ensure that IBM’s solutions leverage or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other prevent out-of-stock situations. the industry’s best tags and readers, countries or both. middleware and enterprise supply Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation IBM can help you integrate RFID chain management applications. in the United States and other countries. technology seamlessly into your These collaborative efforts enable us Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. manufacturing operation for improved to help you develop a cost-effective References in this publication to IBM products logistics, shipping, receiving and blueprint for implementing RFID, or services do not imply that IBM intends to procurement operations, as well as linking it to your supply chain initia- make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. tighter inventory controls. Our middle- tives and building an enterprise that is ware solutions are designed to facilitate truly demand-driven, where workflow the integration process, providing you is adjusted and inventory is replen- with the kind of intelligence that is key ished based on real-time events. to leveraging RFID data. The insight Whether your RFID objective is as you can gain into your production line basic as streamlined warehouse and the entire supply chain can lead to management or as expansive as real- substantial cost savings and opera- time visibility across the supply chain, tional efficiencies. IBM can help you achieve it. Putting the resources of IBM to work For more information for you To learn more about IBM solutions In the last decade, IBM has built for RFID, visit: strong credibility in RFID, with clients spanning both the public and private /solutions/rfid sector. With 1,000 dedicated RFID To learn more about IBM Express professionals covering R&D, consult- Portfolio offerings, visit: ing, software and hardware, we’ve accumulated the multifunctional expressportfolio G565-1430-00