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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • New customer service offer under development PHILIPS’ distributors clients equipped with readers & application software Inbound shipment management
  • New customer service offer under development PHILIPS’ distributors clients equipped with readers & application software Inbound shipment management
  • New customer service offer under development PHILIPS’ distributors clients equipped with readers & application software Inbound shipment management
  • New customer service offer under development PHILIPS’ distributors clients equipped with readers & application software Inbound shipment management
  • Transcript

    • 1. European Adoption MIT Enterprise Forum, RFID SIG April 2, 2007                
    • 2. TAGSYS
        • Designs innovative RFID systems - tags (HF & UHF), readers, systems
        • Manufactures RFID tags. (HF and UHF)
        • Develops RFID Infrastructure Management Software - e-Connectware
        • Provides Integration services to deliver working RFID solutions.
      2 Enterprise Systems Data Networks Tag Assembly Chip Readers/ Antennas Middleware Tags RFID INFRASTRUCTURE e-connectware Infrastructure Management P3 – Integration Services TAGSYS
    • 3. TAGSYS Vision
      • VISION
      • Be the market leader for item-level tagging
      • by delivering end-to-end RFID Systems
    • 4.
      • Adoption factors
        • Technology development (RAS)
        • Tag price/volumes/ROI
        • Standardization & Regulatory
        • Mandates
      • Adoption pace / sector
        • Closed loop applications are at maturity state
        • Pharmaceuticals are engaging in RFID projects, driven by regulatory issues, strategic initiatives, and counterfeiting concerns
        • The key drivers for luxury sector are anti counterfeiting, brand value, and inventory management
        • Courier, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and Food Products are price-driven and require large tag volumes
      Selected Industries : Build-as-you-grow 9 2000 2004 2007 $ time RES F&S T&T Revenues
    • 5. EUROPE
    • 6. TAGSYS strong European Presence 22 •
        • TAGSYS France location
    • 7. Tagsys’ RFID systems are used in hundreds of applications worldwide… I   N   V   E   S   T   O   R     P   R   E   S   E   N   T   A   T   I   O   N Current applications provide innovation & the building blocks for future large-volume solutions 13 RFID is a promising technology for healthcare applications where reliable identification means are required. Tagsys RFID systems have been used for surgeon pack identification, blood bag authentication as well as other medical applications. RFID enables more efficient solutions to the management of waste collection by providing unique identification means for waste containers. Tagsys provides customized RFID readers and antennas, rugged enough to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of this application. RFID -enabled self-service kiosks offer new services at lower operating costs and enhanced asset security. Tagsys RFID technology is implemented in automated dispensers used in a variety of industries including the DVD rental market. RFID technology is used in libraries to automate the book handling process. Tagsys offer enables multiple-item check-ins and check-outs, rapid shelf inventories and automated book returns. Tagsys works with software and automation equipment providers that integrate its offer into cost-effective customizable RFID components. Libraries RFID implementa- tions have shown a 3% to 5% reduction in supply chain costs, and 2% to 7% increases in revenue from inventory visibility.* Tagsys has designed customized RFID solutions to enhance supply chain visibility, accuracy and effectiveness in the areas of smart shelving, warehouse management and automated distribution. Supply chain management * Source: AMR Research Environmental management Self-service kiosks RFID has been applied to numerous vehicle applications such as toll collection, secure identification, tire traceability, insurance authentication and maintenance management. Tagsys has RFID experience and solutions to address each one of these applications. Vehicle RFID offers courier companies the opportunity for improved automation of their sorting and distribution processes, in addition to increased item visibility and traceability. Tagsys has designed a paper-thin and flexible RFID tag ideally suited to this application. RFID is used by companies worldwide to improve food processing, traceability and quality controls. Tagsys has implemented RFID solutions for the processing of cheese and meat products and continues to develop food supply chain solutions. Courier Food RFID systems in textile rental improve asset usage and eliminate significant manual labor. Tagsys is focused on automating the garment and linen handling process. Tagsys RFID systems can be integrated with most industrial textile handling equipment and software. Textile rental RFID tags are the only reliable traceability solution for returnable containers. Tagsys addresses the needs for the traceability of gas cylinders and plastic crates. Returnable containers Healthcare
    • 8. EUROPE Case Studies
    • 9. Pharmaceuticals INSERT REVISED IMAGE OF RFID BOTTLE LABEL WITH HF TAG ILLUSTRATION Although one thinks Pharma is a US opportunity…. Manufactured in Europe
    • 10. Management of High-end Jewelry Inventory
        • Headquartered in Geneva, de Grisogono is famous for returning the black diamond to the center of the jewelry industry by incorporating it into its innovative designs
        • About 15 stores around the world, 2 of which (Geneva and Paris) already equipped with TAGSYS RFID systems
      • Each jewelry is a unique piece,
      • and has a unique ID number
      • Several jewels are placed on trays
      • Inventory control is taken upon
      • entering/exiting safes and glass
      • displays
    • 11. Client benefits: Fast and accurate inventory
      • A fast, secure and reliable identification of all jewels at all stores
      • Timely data management of jewels:
        • Faster & more accurate reading
        • Reliable and secure identification
        • Photos of jewels on tray appear on screen for an additional visual control
        • Less human errors
        • Less time consuming work
        • More time spent servicing clients
      • Future developments:
        • Install the RFID inventory system at all 15 stores within year-end
    • 12. Management of a Biobank
      • Paoli Calmettes Institute’s Cell Therapy Facility and Tumor Cell Bank
        • Highly valuable facilities shared by patients, physicians and scientists alike
        • One of France’s most prestigious hospital research laboratory
        • Europe’s largest research institute for cancer
        • Researches conducted there require the most timely, precise and efficient management of human pathology samples that are processed and stored in an extreme environment
      • Vials containing stem cell and cancer research samples
      • 1300 new samples registered each month
      • Vials are stored in refrigerators and tanks filled with liquid nitrogen
    • 13. Client benefits: accuracy and security
      • A secure and reliable identification of biological samples despite harsh storage conditions
      • Fast data management of samples:
        • Faster & more accurate reading
        • Less human errors
        • Less time consuming work
        • More time spent doing medical researches
      • Future developments:
        • Using TAGSYS’ RFID systems for the traceability of bags containing liquids (i.e. IV, blood).
    • 14. RFID-Based Cash-in-Transit Management Solution
        • One of world’s largest bank
        • Europe’s largest internet bank
        • Netherlands’ largest retail bank
        • 1300 branches
      • 200 national branches moving to RFID
      • An average of 10,000 sealed envelopes issued per week
    • 15. Client benefits: security, efficiency and accuracy
        • Automated real-time inventory of money bags in the safe
        • Check-in/check-out of bags is automatically recorded and monitored
        • Bank staff does not need to attend to cash deliveries, increasing their security and freeing up customer facing time
        • Cash-in-transit companies enjoy more flexibility in planning deliveries to the branches
        • Permanent knowledge of cash inventories allows for improved cash-in-transit forecasting
    • 16. EUROPE Issues re adoption
    • 17. Three Recent European Customer Questions/Concerns
        • Economical life time. - What is the chance that he will invest today in today’s technology and that (e.g. in three years time) an other technology (e.g. polymer tags) will make a cheaper/better solution possible.
        • UHF/HF - Which to use?
        • Patent licensing. - Confusion. Who needs to license what? What risks do I have as an end user/ early adopter?
    • 18. UHF regulations are still an issue 950-956 Mhz Japan 865.6-867.6 Mhz (2 watts) 865-867,5 Mhz (0.1 watts) 867.6-868 Mhz (0.5 watts) Europe 918-926 Mhz Australia 125-134 kHz 13.56 Mhz 902-928 Mhz North America LF HF UHF Frequency Countries
    • 19. EUROPE Trends
    • 20. TREND 1 : Growth of Counterfeit/ Grey Market Source: The Centre for Medicines in the Public Interest, 9/14/2005 13% $39 billion (11% of total) Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Sales 7.5% $355 billion Global Pharmaceutical Commerce Annual Growth Rate thru 2010 2005
    • 21. TREND 2 : Diversity
        • general barcodes –
        • Codabar - both USS and Traditional format supported Code 128 - full ASCII character set supported Code 25 - also known as Interleaved 2 or 5, supported with and without check digit Code 39 - supported with and without check code Code 93 - full ASCII character set supported EAN 128 - all application identifiers supported, plus composite component EAN 13 - including addon and composite component EAN 8 - including composite component MSI - including option to display data JAN 13 - variation of EAN 13 used in Japan JAN 8 - variation of EAN 8 used in Japan Plessey - hexadecimal character set Telepen - including compressed numeric mode UPC A - including addon and composite component UPC E - including addon and composite component
        • reduced space symbologies (RSS )
        • Data Matrix - two dimensional barcode; you can specify size and shape PDF 417 - two dimensional barcode; you can specify rows and columns Micro PDF 417 - two dimensional barcode; more space efficient than PDF 417, but smaller data set Samsung PDF 417 - two dimensional barcode; you can specify rows and columns, data can be input in hexadecimal RSS 14 - including Stacked and Omni-Directional variations, plus composite component RSS Expanded - all application identifiers supported, plus composite component RSS Limited - including composite component
        • publishing barcode types
        • ISBN - including EAN Bookland, UPC Price Point, Item Specific and the new ISBN 13 barcode ISMN - for sheet music ISSN - for newspapers and magazines
        • pharmaceutical barcode types
        • 2D Pharma Code - based on Data Matrix with colour fields GlaxoSmithKline - variations of Pharma Code, EAN 13, EAN 8, Code 39 and MSI used by GSK HIBC - specific applications using Code 39, Code 128 and EAN 128 IKS - variation of EAN 13 used in Switzerland IMH - variation of Code 39 used in Italy Kurandt - you can specify number of bars Novartis Pharma - variation of Pharma Code used by Novartis Pharma Code - can colour bars individually PZN - variation of Code 39 used in Germany
        • postal barcode types
        • Four State - used in UK and some other countries PostNet + Zip - used in USA; includes FIM code
        • proprietary retail barcodes
      Posinet (USpost) Maxicode Datamatrix EAN13 Stacked Barcodes PDF417 30
    • 22. What the RFID future will look like?
      • Network
      • Multiplying tag, readers and sensors types create a grid or mesh
      • Business logic and value added services come via the network
      • Mobility and subscription services move RFID to ubiquity
      WiFi enabled Single Console View DB E-CONNECTWARE SERVER Headquarters
        • LF, HF, UHF
        • Microwave – antenna on chip
        • Active, Battery Assisted passive
        • Sensor Tags, NFC, Printed ICs
        • Rubee, Zigbee
    • 23. Network of Devices All frequencies Different data sizes Added features Sensors Different tags for different parts of your business Evolving technology CHALLENGE : Is to manage the infrastructure 32
    • 24. S/ware layer to manage infrastructure diversity Data Integration Layer DB Middleware EAI Not just data management 34 Network Layer Monitoring &mgmt Edge Server Integration Layer Network & application monitoring Application Layer WH Mgmt ERP Sup Chain
    • 25. Thank You! Alastair McArthur, CTO, TAGSYS [email_address]