CIRCULAR TO ALL GS1 Singapore, EPCglobal Singapore, ECR ...


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CIRCULAR TO ALL GS1 Singapore, EPCglobal Singapore, ECR ...

  1. 1. CIRCULAR TO ALL GS1 SINGAPORE, EPCglobal SINGAPORE, ECR SINGAPORE & SMa MEMBERS EPCglobal / RFID Singapore Forum 2007 Making a Vision a Reality 16 – 17 May 2007 Le Meridien Singapore Hotel 100 Orchard Road Introduction Since the inception of EPCglobal, the number of EPCglobal subscribers has rapidly surpassed the 1000 mark worldwide across 12 major industries. A total of 12 major industries and 51 industry segments are represented in EPCglobal. Though EPCglobal maintains strong ties to the consumer packaged goods, its subscriber companies represent a wide range of industries from healthcare and life sciences to transportation and logistics, footwear and apparel, and aerospace, automotive and high technology. In only three short years, the EPCglobal community has ratified seven global standards, which has accelerated the development of hardware and software products for EPC/RFID implementations. More than 45 hardware and software products have been certified by EPCglobal and are in the market. In Singapore, A*Star, the government RFID research centre together with a Singapore company have developed a new generation EPCglobal Gen 2 reader. The size of the reader is about the size of a mobile phone and it will be sold at about US$100 during the second quarter of 2007. The launch of this new generation EPCglobal Gen 2 reader will cut the cost of the EPCglobal Gen 2 reader available in the market currently by 90% and thereby further stimulate the adoption of EPCglobal system by industries. As part of our efforts to accelerate industry adoption, bringing together all key stakeholders along the global supply chain and across industries, into its 4th year, the EPCglobal/RFID Singapore Forum and Exhibition is an event where you can learn directly from the leading and trusted authority on EPC/RFID implementation, industry best practices and global standards. The conference will feature eminent speakers from all areas of the supply chain, including leading retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and many others from the region who will be sharing with the audience the latest standards and technology developments, their real world experiences of deploying new technology and standards, their ROI learnings and practical solutions to meet business challenges. The exhibition, running alongside the 2 days conference will showcase the latest EPC/RFID technologies, applications and proven implementation solutions. Whatever your industry sector, if you are involved in managing and developing your supply chain or logistics, you simply cannot afford to miss this essential event. Why you should attend Attending this forum provides you with a rare opportunity to hear the latest developments on EPC/RFID implementations, standards, return on investment, business cases from the industry leaders and international experts from around the world as they share their visionary thoughts and insights of EPC/RFID. The EPCglobal/RFID Singapore Forum is also a unique platform for you to network with the decision makers of leading industry players and learn more about solutions supporting the implementation of EPC/RFID technologies and standards. Who should attend This forum and exhibition is essential for anyone involved in the supply chain management, manufacturing, retail, logistics and packaging. It provides the ideal opportunity to listen to the world’s leading experts on the development and deployment of RFID and standards. Consultants and solution providers will also benefit from the forum and the unique information it will provide. We look forward to seeing you there! Organised by : Page 1 of 5
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  3. 3. Day 1 (16 May 2007) Draft Conference Programme 08.00 – 08.50 Registration 08.50 – 09.00 Welcome & Opening Address Mr Edwin Khew Chairman, GS1 Singapore Council & EPCglobal Singapore Council President, Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation 09.00 – 09.10 Keynote Address by Guest-of-Honour Mr Boon Swan Foo Executive Chairman, Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd 09.10 – 09.40 Keynote Address Mr Mike Meranda President, EPCglobal US 09.40 – 10.10 Keynote Address by Wal*Mart on EPCglobal implementation Mr Simon Langford Director of RFID & Logistics Systems, Wal*Mart 10.10 – 11.00 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition 11.00 – 11.45 EPCglobal – The SATO Experience Mr Victor Barczyk Vice-President, RFID Business Development, SATO International Pte. Ltd 11.45 – 12.30 EPCglobal Implementation: The Hong Kong Experience Ms Anna Lin, CEO, GS1 Hong Kong & EPCglobal Hong Kong 12.30 – 13.30 Lunch Break & Visit Exhibition 13.30 – 14.00 Presentation by Hewlett-Packard Co Mr Didier Chenneveau, Vice-President, IPG-A Operations Hewlett-Packard Co 14.00 – 14.30 Presentation on RFID Application on Consumer Electronics by Mr Tatsuya Yoshimura Japan Consumer Electronics RFID Consortium 14.30 – 15.00 Mobile RFID/EPCglobal Implementation in Korea Mr Chan-Won Park Senior Engineer, Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea 15.00 – 15.30 The EPCglobal Solution by Intermec Technologies (S) Pte Ltd 15.30 – 16.00 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition 16.00 – 16.30 EPCglobal Update Mr Ian Robertson Global Industry Development Director & Asia Regional Director EPCglobal Inc 16.30 – 17.00 Question & Answer Day 2 (17 May 2007) Draft Conference Programme Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. 09.00 – 09.45 Keynote Speech Mr Michio Hamano COO & Executive Director, GS1 Japan 09.45 – 10.30 EPCglobal Implementation on Garment & Fashion : Boutique New City 2 ways to register : Mr Panitarn Pavarolavidva GS1 Thailand Executive 1. MailCommittee payment by local cheque or bank draft to Ms Board this form with Ivy Teng, GS1 Singapore, The Enterprise #02-02, 10.30 – 11.15 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition1 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609077. No. 2. Fax this form with credit card payment to Fax 11.15 – 12.00 EPCglobal Transportation & Logistics BAG Import & Export Updates : (65) 68228318 Mr Shin-ichii Ishii Consultant Nomura Research Institute Ltd, Japan 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break & Visit Exhibition 13.00 – 13.45 The IME Ultra-Low Cost EPCglobal Gen 2 Reader – US$100 each By Mr Rajan Walia Technical Manager, Integrated Circuits & Systems Laboratory Institute of Microelectronics, Singapore 13.45 – 14.05 EPCglobal Implementation : The China Experience Ms Valerie Liu Ying GS1 China & EPCglobal China 14.05 – 14.50 Presentation on RFID’s Trial Project for Trade Facilitation and logistics Efficiency for ASEAN and Japan By Dr Lim Poh Soon Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. 14.50 – 15.15 EPCglobal Implementation : The Taiwan Experience Mr Lin Hui CEO GS1 Taiwan 15.15 – 16.00 Coffee Break & Visit Exhibition 16.00 – 16.20 EPCglobal Implementation – The Indonesia Experience Mr Ardy Suharnoko CEO GS1 Indonesia 16.20 – 16.40 EPCglobal Implementation – The Malaysia Experience Mr Goh Chiang Fein, Senior Manager – Business Development GS1 Malaysia 16.40 – 17.00 Question & Answer Registration Form We, ________________________________________________________ (name of company) are interested to participate in the EPCglobal/RFID Singapore Forum 2007. Our company’s representative(s) attending the forum include(s) : Name Designation Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. Mr / Ms _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Mr / Ms _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Mr / Ms _________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Registration Fee: GS1 Singapore / SMa / Singapore National RFID Centre / IDA / SPRING Singapore / S$400.00 + 5% GST per member ITSC / EPCglobal/RFID Working Group member/TAFF/SRA Non member S$1,125.00 + 5% GST per member Overseas delegate US$705.00 per delegate GS1 Asia / Middle East / US / Europe member US$320.00 per delegate Method of Payment  Cheque We enclose our Cheque No. ___________________________ for S$ ___- _______________________ (payable to “SMA-GS1 Singapore Council”) in registration of ______________________ participant/(s).  Credit Card Payment Declaration I hereby authorize GS1 Singapore to debit my credit card account for the amount of S$ / US$ _____________________________ in registration of ___________________________ participant(s). Credit Card Type  Visa  Mastercard  Amex  Diners Credit Card No. : Expiry Date : Card Holder’s Name : Card Holder’s Signature : _________________________________________ ____________________________________ Signature with company stamp Name of Signatory Company’s Address : _____________________________________________________________________________ Email : _____________________________________ Tel : ____________________ Fax : ____________________ Contact Person : ____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 5 of 5