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Avery Dennison - RFID
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Avery Dennison - RFID


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. AAFA – Government Contracts Committee March 24, 2006 Palm Springs Mischa Reis Director of Marketing, RFID & Security Products [email_address] +1-818-735-6004 Avery Dennison - Retail Information Services
  • 2. Agenda
    • RFID – technology & market overview
    • Implementing DoD RFID requirements
    • AAFA – RFID Savings Program
    Presentation Overview
  • 3. RFID Label An RFID label contains several layers: Printable face-stock Adhesive RFID inlay (chip + antenna) Adhesive Liner
  • 4. RFID ”at work” Reader Antenna Reader RFID LABEL 1. Reader sends data and power to label 2. Label responds with data when interrogated
  • 5. How does RFID differ from bar codes? Bar Code RFID Line-of-sight required Non line-of-sight Proximity read only Read up to 4m Slow read (usually manual) Fast read (“100s” items/sec) Single read Multi-tag simultaneous read Limited data (EAN / UPC) 100+ characters Read only Read/Write RFID has significant advantages over barcodes
  • 6. Market Update
    • Wal-Mart roll-out according to plan, seeing significant out of stock reduction benefits
    • Target, Best Buy, Albertson’s, Metro …
    • DoD has started adding the ‘RFID clause’ to contracts on Nov 14, 2005
    • Several apparel and footwear retailers starting item-level tagging pilots
  • 7. Agenda
    • RFID – technology & market overview
    • Implementing DoD RFID requirements
    • AAFA – RFID Savings Program
    Presentation Overview
  • 8. DoD RFID Policy
    • RFID DFARS issued 11/14/05 for the first phase requirement
      • See
      • Provides for use of Class 1 and Class 0 EPC compliant tags for use on case and pallet level shipments to 2 DLA sites
        • San Joaquin – Tracy, CA and Susquehanna – New Cumberland, PA
      • Includes all items in material classifications
        • Class I, subclass Packaged Operational Rations
        • Class II, Clothing, Individual Equipment and Tools
        • Class IV, Personal Demand Items
        • Class IX, Weapon Systems repair parts and components
      • Tag specifications to comply to Mil Std. 129.
    • RFID DFARS for the second phase requirement are at OMB for review and approval is expected Q1 ’06
      • This would require additional material Classes IIIP, IV and VIII and additional DLA locations including all USDLA USTRANSCOM, and Direct to Services
    • RFID DFARS for the third phase would include all suppliers, all Classes and all DoD locations
  • 9.
    • How to fulfill the DoD RFID Labeling requirements?
      • Option 1: Print RFID MSL in-house via RFID printer and software
      • Option 2: Fully outsource RFID MSL label production to a Service Bureau / “Ticket Express”
      • Option 3: Obtain supplemental RFID label from a Service Bureau / “Ticket Express”
  • 10.
    • Ordering supplemental RFID labels from a Service Bureau
      • Only need to specify three things
        • Carton or pallet label
        • C.A.G.E. code
        • Quantity needed
      • Labels arrive with your unique number written to the RFID chip, printed as a traditional barcode and printed in a human readable format
      • Labels may be ordered in advance without specific order detail
      • Service Bureau / Ticket Express system will manage serial number usage on an ongoing basis by CAGE code to ensure that each label is unique
    Option 3 – Supplemental Label
  • 11.
    • Usage of supplemental RFID labels in existing DoD applications
      • DoD orders are processed and MSLs are produced in-plant using your existing process
      • As DoD orders are labeled, a supplemental RFID carton (or pallet) label is applied beside the MSL label
      • Adding unique number from the supplemental RFID labels (as MSLs are scanned or keyed into DoD DD250)
        • Scan NSN number on item to carton for carton content file.
        • Scan supplemental RFID carton label to build pallet content file.
        • Scan supplemental RFID pallet label
        • Upload scanned data to VIM-ASAP for use in WAWF to eliminate data entry errors
      • Alternatively, unique numbers from the supplemental RFID labels can be simply keyed in
    Option 3 – Supplemental Label
  • 12. Current DoD process flow: Supplemental RFID label: Data capture into DD250 Option 3 – Supplemental Label
    • Manual
    • Scanner
    Avery Dennison Ticket Center
  • 13. Agenda
    • RFID – technology & market overview
    • Implementing DoD RFID requirements
    • AAFA – RFID Savings Program
    Presentation Overview
  • 14. To help member companies implement RFID, AAFA has negotiated volume pricing for RFID labels from Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, a leading supplier of labels, tickets and tags to the apparel and footwear industry. These rates are available exclusively to AAFA members who are producers and providers of apparel and footwear products. The program was developed at the request of AAFA members and with the help of an industry task group represented by four leading companies. RFID Savings Program
  • 15.
    • R$P Benefits
      • Gen 1 and Gen 2 labels
      • Exclusive to AAFA members
      • Volume pricing even for small orders – minimum of 5,000 labels
      • Free sample labels for testing
      • No cost to participate
    RFID Savings Program
  • 16.
    • Getting started – as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
      • Complete a registration form (available here or at /
      • Send / fax to AAFA (Mary Howell) at (703) 522-6741
      • Avery Dennison RIS will contact you with details
    RFID Savings Program
  • 17. RFID Savings Program
  • 18.