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  • 2. Introduction Connecting to the Central Florida Region Overview of site as a whole Site details
  • 3. Connections: Rail SunRail
  • 4. Connections: Bus Existing Lynx BRT
  • 5. Connections: Bus
  • 6. Connections: Bike Shared Street Network Dedicated Cycle lanes Bicycle Sharing System
  • 7. Bicycle Parking
  • 8. Bike Parking• 50 bike racks can accommodate 100 bikes at 2 each.• 50 more bike will be distributed throughout the whole site.• Parking located within short walk from bike routes.• Bike racks located within 50 feet of entrances of buildings with extensive foot traffic.• Eventually opens the idea for the city to create a bike share program where pedestrians can rent a bike and return it when finished to bike parking.
  • 9. Bicycle Sharing4th Generation Bicycle Sharing System via
  • 10. Typical Section :17/92
  • 11. Typical Section: Maitland Ave
  • 12. Typical Section: On Street Parking Street
  • 13. The Site: The Vision
  • 14. Areas of Interest Station and Core:
  • 15. West End of TOD Edge Residential
  • 16. The Site: The Vision
  • 17. The Site: The Vision
  • 18. The Site: The Vision
  • 19. The Site: The Vision
  • 20. The Plan: On the Street
  • 21. The Plan: On the Street
  • 22. The Plan: On the Street
  • 23. The Site: The DataRequirements Gross Intensity/Density Station Area Employment and Residential Units 4,000-6,000 Station Area Total Residential Units 2,000-3,000 Gross Residential Density 9-12 Station Area Total Employment 2,000-3,000 Gross Employment Density 15-20 Jobs/Housing Ratio 1 to 1 Mix of Uses %Residential to %Non Residential 75%-25% Net Intensity/Density Net Commercial Floor Area Ratio 1.0-1.5 Net Residential Density 12 to 15 Street Network and Building Design Blocks per square mile >150 Building Height >2 Maximum Lot coverage 40%-50% Minimum Street Coverage 60%-70% Parking Maximum spaces per Residential Unit 2 Maximum Non-Residential Spaces per Thousand sq. ft. 3 Park & Ride Yes
  • 24. The Site: The DataThe Plan‟s Data
  • 25. Meeting the Parking Requirements ParkingDwelling Units 5,248 10496Office 886,343 886.343Retail 2,656,860 2656.86 14,039.2 14,126.0
  • 26.  Station will act as a Sunrail Social Hub, bringing together travelers andStation as a residents of the MaitlandCommunity Area Builder  Economic booster, highlighting Maitland‟s tourism and civic features, and local businesses  Farmer‟s market and bike parking surrounding the station will provide an even greater incentive to use Sun rail and access surrounding retail and
  • 27. Sunrail Station should act as an Economic Stimulus to Maitland Local art exhibit will showcase exhibitions at the Maitland Art Center. Informational kiosks located around station will provide highlights about important Civic Spaces located in Maitland, including JCC, Maitland Library, and the bike trail leading to the Maitland Park. Farmers market located outside of station will lure travelers from other locations interested in fresh food and craft vendors Amenities will serve to increase travel activity through Maitland and highlight major features.
  • 28. Train Stations in History• Historically hubs of vibrant activity and community life• A place of welcoming or goodbyes for loved ones, royalty, or celebrities• Local businesses depended on goods stations delivered• Location of celebration for local towns• Place of „incidental‟ interaction where different cultures mix
  • 29. Successful Train Stations Around the world: Work to engage the community in projects and events that beautify and activate the space in their station including: Gardening and agricultural projects Local music promotion Art Exhibits and Galleries Library stands Increase security and create safe environments for people travelling
  • 30. Overlook ParkStation, Portland Light towers modeled after roadside shrines in Poland feature portraits of community members overlaid with images of nature
  • 31. St. Kilda Station, Melbourne • Metlink states that they are committed to “making corporate social responsibility an essential part of its business strategy”. • Metlink creates community projects for young people in an effort to decrease illegal graffiti on public transport
  • 32. Sunrail Train Station Map Description Icon Maitland Mobile Library Local Art Exhibit Relaxation Environment Sunrail Ticket Booth Information Kiosk: JCC Community Center Parks and Trails General Area Map Cafe
  • 33. Maitland Station Architectural Influences• Modern Aztec design, modeled after Maitland Art Center
  • 34. Front depiction of Sunrailstation Depiction of MaitlandSunrail Station with Aztec InfluencesDepiction of tracks runningbetween the two sides ofthe Sunrail station
  • 35. Maitland Sunrail Depiction • Exit from Train leads immediately to Sunrail station entrances on both sides • Both sides of station boast ticket booth for easy access • Large communal spaces for relaxation both on platform and inside station
  • 36. Sunrail Farmer‟s MarketLake Lily Market Small Size of Lake Lily Disjointed from other Maitland Retail and usesMaitland Sunrail Market Across the road from Sunrail Station Faces linear park Within short walking distance to major retail stores and restaurants Larger, compact size Across the road from bike path and ample bike parking
  • 37. Location of Farmer’s Market and Bike Parking Linear Park Farmer’s Retail Market Site Sunrail Station Retail Bike Parking Retail
  • 38. Farmer’s Market Site SunRail FarmersClose walk Market withinactivates Station walkinguses distance fromlocated in both SunRaileach area Bike Station and Parking ample Bike Parking Train tracks Bike Parking