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Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
Pk Associates Intro March 2010
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Pk Associates Intro March 2010


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to PK ASSOCIATES (Including BIO’s of Project ‘Dream Team’ Members) MARCH 2010
    • 2. SUMMARY See website for details (
      • Overview
      • Growth Management consultancy
      • Senior management and corporate officer proven experience across consulting project or advisory/ of counsel services
      • Proven track record in blue chip companies and management consultancies on growth management and execution:
      • strategy, planning, new business opportunity identification, marketing strategy & execution, organizational design/motivation/
      • teaming, new product development, innovation, acquisition/divestitures… plus growth and new business development process
      • A strong client orientation, delivering improved results across business, financial and shareholder value
      • Philosophy of consulting: bring fact-based, analytic skills with seasoned experience and judgment
      • Full process leadership from insight to ideation to strategy to implementable action plan
      • Collaboratively partner with CEO's and senior leaders
      • Believe in assignments that are clearly important to the organization
      • Mission
      • PK Associates is an informed, insightful and results-driven management consultancy, providing advisory retainers/per diems as well as project 'dream teams' to CEO's and senior management…
      • and holds itself to higher standards of added-value and client satisfaction for delivering meaningful client results
      • The consumer and/or customer comes first in our demand-driven economy …
      • we help companies look externally, and internally, at their business relative to more predictable and profitable growth
      • PKA focuses on optimizing consumer, market, customer and competitor facts and insights, and how they contribute to building
      • brand and company value… recognizing a company's core skills and asset base plus capital and people resources
      • We believe in articulating clear, focused strategy and executional how to's to senior and middle level executives with ownership
      • and buy-in by the managers who must execute… we have developed several Best Practice growth processes for ensuring that
      • recommended strategies, growth solutions, and tactics are practical, make sense and have economic rationale
      • We deliver solutions, big ideas and implementable management processes if/when needed
      • Depending on a client’s need, Peter Klein provides per diem or retainer services for advisory/’of counsel’ work…
      • and on a formal project basis, with a customized Dream Team of proven senior consultants with significant client-based
      • experience (20-35+ years), grounded in left brain driven fact-based and need-to-do analytics  plus right brain-driven creativity,
      • experience and good business judgment… no juniors on any PKA project teams…
      • PKA’s Dream Teams are proven senior professionals customized to each client and their project need
    • 3. PKA focuses on Growth Management … including strategy, marketing, innovation, growth opportunity identification, internal NPD and acquisition Experienced Insightful Action-Oriented Collaborative Tailored Approach Objective Full-Picture Thinkers We combine strategic business management and marketing/sales/ business development expertise with rigorous fact-based analytics and disciplined consumer work when appropriate… generating proprietary insights to drive more consistent and predictable growth We turn insights into actionable implications and recommendations While we have proven tools and techniques that can be applied, we do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions or processes… each client is unique By working closely with clients, we are able to build support, avoid surprises, and gain momentum throughout the organization We are independent with no vested interest in downstream services… we are objective in all our recommendations and outputs We worked for a broad range of clients… we bring cross-industry insights & best practices to the table We average 25-35+ years experience in premier brand/marketing/sales and institutional management consultancies plus line experience in consumer products and other companies… and functional expertise across sales, marketing, operations, M&A, direct marketing, new product development, innovation, social media/networking, general management
    • 4. PKA is well qualified to help in many types of growth management projects, because of…
        • Results
        • PKA delivers actionable strategies, plans, processes and “how to’s” that clients own
        • PKA Core Competency
        • Growth management, including market-driven innovation and new products, is our core competency
        • Best Practices Leverage
        • We are able to leverage to a client’s advantage PKA Dream Team proven seniors who have been there and done it on the client side and in consulting… content + people chemistry
        • We know innovation and growth management
        • Ownership Approach/Process
        • PKA’s retainers and team approach on project work ensures that key senior managers champion and embrace project outputs at clients
          • We collaborate with and leverage key operating and staff managers to assure ownership and buy-in… and avoid wheel-spinning
          • We use relevant processes, not ones that may be relevant and proprietary to a consultancy but not to the client!
    • 5.
      • Vision-Based Growth Strategy… linking to a Strategic Action Plan
      • Strategic Plan and/pr Strategic Planning Process, including Development Plan
      • Total Innovation… what is it, why important; process for achieving across
      • big bang, incremental and continuous improvement ideas
      • Strategic Growth Opportunity Area (SGOA) Identification and Qualification
      • Internal New Product Development and/or Process
      • Acquisition and Divestiture… across strategic and financial value, manageability
      • and/or transition planning
      • Organizational Alignment and/or Structure
      • Peter Klein directs and is involved in all retainer and project work, and chooses the Dream Team of proven senior professionals customized to each client and their need…
      • all PKA Dream Team project members are proven seniors only, sign client confidentiality agreements, and have worked with Peter Klein for 10-30 years
      PKA provides retainer, per diem and project consulting services… including worksession facilitation, across the below growth management areas
    • 6. What makes PKA different Quality of senior, knowledgeable people from premier consulting & client firms Cost effective solutions
      • We worked many years for premier consulting firms
        • e.g. The Cambridge Group, Marketing Corp of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, McKinsey, others
      • Senior, experienced people work with you from start to finish
        • They scope out the project and are responsible for project delivery (directed by Peter Klein)
      • We leverage a large network of proven, results-driven external experts…
      • pulling them into project teams as required
      • We have lower overhead and infrastructure costs versus institutional consultancies
        • Resources (consultants, admin support) come together as needed for each project, which keeps PKA’s overhead low
        • Most of PKA’s work comes from clients who have known us in the past and who we want to work with… we have no sales and marketing expenses, and pay no bonuses
      • NET / NET
      • We offer clients cost-effective ways to
      • solve their strategic and executional growth
      • challenges
    • 7. 3 reasons why we believe PKA is a superior resource for many Growth Management projects
      • Client: “We Made the Best Choice ”
      • Relevant & Differentiated Team on Content + Chemistry
      • Proven seniors-only across consumer products, other industries and consulting
      • Client-based + consulting experience in executive/senior positions… Board-level profiles
      • Growth management and acquisition/integration across strategy, planning and implementation
      • Large and medium size company experience
      • Collaborative process and people to assure client buy-in, ownership of outputs
      • Relevant Industry, Channels & Functional Experience
      • Consumer Products and other industries plus multiple categories
      • Multiple channels
      • Corporate and general management, marketing, sales, finance, HR, new product development,
      • operations, external business development…and consulting experience
      • Principles, Processes and Tools for Time Saving and Value-Added
      • Content Delivery
      • Across growth management, including strategic planning, innovation, new product development, acquisition/integration, and social media/networking
    • 8. Important things you should know about our project Dream Team people
        • We’re successful, proven, senior consultants with diverse, practical line management and consulting backgrounds
        • We have a passion for helping clients build profitable business
      Good senior, proven PKA ‘dream team’ people, supported by a team working against an agreed-upon work plan, will over-deliver against client expectations Good People Results +
          • PK Associates
          • Experienced, proven, senior consultants
          • Line, staff & consulting industry experience
          • Team support… work collaboratively …
          • we ‘wear’ well (people chemistry-wise) with the clients
          • who have to approve and implement the deliverables
      Reverence for facts and discipline Diligent approach and work plan Ready to re-plan project if conditions warrant Unique implementable solutions Owned by senior and middle management Working a Plan with Management =
    • 9. We believe our relevant, proven and ‘seniors’ PKA dream teams provide the ideal combination of expertise and experience for many client growth needs
      • All are successful, proven veterans with diverse senior line and staff management
      • plus consulting experience…
      • who work collaboratively and have outstanding people chemistry skills
        • Extensive experience across:
          • Growth management (opportunity identification, planning and implementation)
          • Organic growth/internal new product development
          • External business development… acquisitions & divestitures, including assessing and developing strategic value, financial value, manageability and integration plans/implementation
          • Integrating multiple SBU businesses post-acquisition
          • Analytics, fact-based analysis… e.g., situation assessment, pricing, etc.
      • Our PKA dream teams have the right values and people chemistry for critically
      • important projects
        • Team players, focused on the client winning over time… mature, objective, with no political axes to grind
        • Hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves, collaborative, yet experienced leaders… attending (and leading when appropriate) informal and formal worksessions
        • Diligence, persistence, reverence for facts, analytics/analyses… balanced by sound business judgment
      • References provided on request
    • 10. Additional PKA Dream Teams’ qualifications
        • Because any project-related effort PKA works on is critical to your long-term success, you need a consulting firm that will commit a significant amount of senior resources as well as the active involvement of its senior consultants on a day-to-day basis (on-premise whenever needed for informal and formal meetings, discussions, fact gathering, etc.)
          • Our approach always includes such active senior involvement, not just to attend meetings and review work, but to be fully involved in the development and delivery of that work… no juniors allowed on your projects!
        • Because this effort must help you broaden your thinking about new ways to profitably grow, you need an external resource that specializes in understanding the marketplace and helping clients profitably grow
          • All of our work is focused on addressing growth strategy/implementation and assuring a client organization that supports the Plan… since they must implement it
        • Clients need a resource that is experienced and comfortable working with senior management in architecting a growth strategy and plan(s)… and working through the growth management planning issues and process if needed
          • We do this for a living … we focus on growth management… and we have senior management client-based and Board level experience
        • Tight project timing requires the quick understanding of external market forces and the experience to enable timely expertise and insights
          • PKA dream teams are recognized as consumer products industry experts, with significant experience across an array of relevant industries and business issues
        • Because project success demands the involvement and ownership of key senior managers, you need a resource experienced in working collaboratively with your teams and in being effective operating in the background
          • PKA’s dream team approach/philosophy is that a project is never “a PKA project” per se …
          • rather, we support our client team members in taking ownership of, and receiving recognition for, the effort
    • 11. Additional PKA Dream Teams’ qualifications
        • PKA also has a strategic alliance with Gary Vaynerchup and VaynerMedia, a leading social media/networking industry ‘guru’, author (Gary’s CRUSH IT book, focused on social media, was #2 on NY Times non-fiction best seller list)
          • See appendix for BIO on Gary Vaynerchuk and his websites and links to numerous TV and radio appearances
          • Gary and/or VaynerMedia participate as PKA project team members on projects that make sense (i.e., when social media / networking strategy and execution is an important element)
    • 12.
      • Retainers/Per Diems (Usually 1-3/Days Per Month) --- Peter Klein
      • $___k/day + direct travel expense, if any + __% administrative fee for phone/fax/courier/admin support/materials/secondary business research
      • Dream Team Projects (Usually 1-6 Months)
      • Consulting fees for a PKA seniors-only Dream Team project usually run $75-200k/month (+ __% administrative fee + out-of-pocket travel + primary research if needed), about 50-80% below an institutional consultancy monthly fee and with no juniors on PKA project teams…
      • project fees and expenses are detailed in a specific Project Proposal that includes:
              • Proposal’s Key Messages
              • Results Expected from Project
              • Company’s Current Situation and Key Questions/Issues to Address
              • Project Objectives and Benefits Company Will Receive
              • Overall Project Output / ‘Deliverables’
              • Overall Project Approach and Scope… Including Key Timing/Dates and Milestone Meetings/Presentations/Outputs
              • Methods to Achieve the Project Objectives
              • For Each Phase/Step: Major Objective(s), Key Activities/Timing, Output / ‘Deliverables’ for Each Phase & Step
              • Project Team: Including Individual Titles, Qualifications, Project Role and Each Team Member’s % of Time Allocated
              • to Project (Overall and By Phase)
              • PKA Qualifications and References
              • Project Costs & Invoicing
          • … PKA Consulting Fees, Expenses (i.e., estimated Travel + direct costs if needed for any primary market/consumer/customer
          • research + 7% administrative fee for phone/fax/courier/admin support/materials/secondary business research)
          • … Timing of invoicing of fees and expenses, and payment terms
      PKA Fees
    • 13. As you might expect, we sometimes struggle a bit initially with a consulting task/project…
      • We always want to be very clear and careful with how we phrase things, since we really don’t know upfront a client’s real ‘culture’ and real business issues/opportunities
      • … however, we ultimately always come up with a great thinking and need-to-do analysis plus solutions that work, are executable and manageable!
    • 14. Our deliverables, outputs work!
    • 15. Now the hard part: Ask us to rehearse for a role and write a Proposal for a key growth management issue you have
    • 16. PKA Project Dream Team Member Bio’s ( Not An All-Inclusive List)
    • 17.
      • PK Associates is an informed, insightful and results-driven firm to Executive Management
      • that holds itself to higher standards of added-value and client satisfaction for meaningfully
      • improved client results... because, at the end of the day, that's what it is all about, RESULTS
      • Peter Klein - Founder
      • I am a balanced brain and live at the intersection of fact-based, information-driven insights, disciplined
      • learning, and proven, experience-driven sound judgment… to deliver solutions, big ideas and implementable
      • management process(es), across: growth management strategy and planning, including new product
      • development and M&A (assessment, valuation and integration planning), strategic planning, including a
      • process that works, marketing strategy and solutions, and organizational structure and motivation
      • I work seamlessly providing direction, guidance and input from insight to ideation to strategy to Monday
      • morning action plans... with facts and good seasoned judgment guiding creativity at every step
      • I have a fierce client ROI orientation... I live by metrics and measurably improved results
      • I will not accept an engagement role unless I am certain I/we can add meaningful value
      • I will not accept an engagement unless it is clearly important to the client
      • If my counsel, advice and content (deliverables) don’t yield significant added-value and client satisfaction,
      • we have not done our job!
      • Humor is not an elective course!
      Peter Klein (NY & FL-Based) Strategy/ Sales/ Compet . Planning Mktg/New Prdts Retail M&A HR Assm’t X X X X X X
    • 18. From March, 2001 through September, 2005, Peter Klein was Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer of The Gillette Company, responsible for Strategy and Business Development and reporting to the Chairman/CEO. Mr. Klein was asked to stay for up to a one year transition period, but decided to leave Gillette following change-in-control to P&G on October 1, 2005; and returned to operate from his Rye, NY and Naples, FL offices. Previously he was Executive Vice President and Corporate Officer of Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Marketing Services and Global e-Business at Nabisco Holdings Corp. from January 1998 through December, 2000, departing Nabisco along with other senior executives following Nabisco’s acquisition by Phillip Morris/Kraft Foods in late December, 2000 Mr. Klein directed Nabisco’s long-term strategy, assured the alignment of corporate strategies with operating unit and functional group plans, developed and implemented cross-company internal and external business development (acquisitions, divestitures, licensing, JV’s), and directed integrated marketing intelligence, marketing services (i.e. market research, consumer promotions, media buying) and global e-Business. He also directed the Nabisco acquisition of United Biscuit (voted 'European deal of the year' in 2000) and the auction of Nabisco (largest auction of a U.S.-based public company and voted 'U.S. deal of the year' in 2000) Mr. Klein joined Nabisco from The Cambridge Group, where he was a Partner / Managing Director of its east coast office, which he opened in 1991. Mr. Klein came to Nabisco with 17 years of management consulting experience. Prior to joining The Cambridge Group, he was a senior partner at Marketing Corporation of America, where he led the Consumer Products management consulting practice Before consulting, Peter worked in line sales, marketing and business development at Sterling Drug (Vice President, Business Development), The Gillette Company (Director of Marketing & Sales for Braun North America and Group Marketing Manager in Personal Care), Johnson & Johnson (Consumer Trade Promotion and Marketing), and Richardson-Merrell (Field & Headquarter Sales) Peter was educated at Syracuse University (B.S. in Marketing & Finance, '68) and Harvard Business School (MBA '71), holds two U.S. patents, and has published articles and given speeches on: growth, innovation, cross-functional business teams, acquisition, new product development, private label, business success factors, etc. He is on Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management academic advisory board, was an outside Director on North Carolina A&T’s Business School advisory board and was a Director on the Braun Board, and is a private investor in start-up new ventures He currently provides ‘of counsel, advisory’ consultative services to CEO’s and senior executives, and speaks/presents across a number of business management and process topics based on his strategic and hands-on experience working for blue chip public companies as well as management consultancies. Advertising Age in their October 3, 2005 edition recognized Peter as one of 10 Innovators (2 page article) and THE DEAL.COM did a 4 page article on Peter in their May and June 2007 online website and their magazine (both articles available on the website under Biography: PK ASSOCIATES has offices in Rye, NY and Naples, Florida Peter Klein - cont’d
    • 19. Companies/Divisions InBev / Anheuser-Busch **** Gillette Company* (Sale to Procter & Gamble) Nabisco** (2000 Auction/Sale to Phillip Morris/Kraft Foods) Rembrandt Nanfu (Battery Company in China) Zooth (Children’s Toothbrush Company Spectrum Brands Favorite Brands (Nabisco Acquisition from Bankruptcy Canale (Argentina; Nabisco Acquisition) United Biscuits*** (2000 Acquisition by Nabisco) Nabisco Canada Grocery Products (Divestiture) Richardson-Vicks (Acquisition Life Savers Company (Squibb Divestiture to Nabisco Brands Kraft Foods (Phillip Morris Acquisition) Kraft Foods + General Foods (Merger within Phillip Morris) Tropicana (Acquisition) Ocean Spray (Acquisition; JV) Tree Top (Acquisition) Austin Foods (Acquisition Hunt-Wesson (Acquisition) Mennen (Acquisition) Neutrogena (Acquisition Spice Island (Acquisition) Stokley-Van Camp (Acquisition; Gatorade, etc.) Progresso (Ogden Corp Divestiture to Pet Foods) Lender’s Bagels (Kraft Foods Divestiture) Delimex Frozen Foods (Acquisition by Fenway Partners) Brands/Lines Breath Savers/Ice Breakers Mints + Ice Breakers/Carefree/Bubble Yum Gums + Royal Gelatin (Nabisco Divestitures to Hershey & other firm) Fleischmanns/Parkay Margarine (Nabisco Divestiture) College Inn (Regional Broth; Nabisco Divestiture) Best Foods’ Bakery Business (Entenmanns, etc.; Divestiture) Mitchum (Anti-Perspirant; Acquisition) Choco-Milk (Milk Additive/Mexico; Acquisition) Chun King (Chinese Foods; Acquisition) Pine Sol & Combat (Household Products; Acquisitions) Gatorade & Snapple (Quaker Oats Divestiture) Black Diamond (Cheese/Canada; Acquisition) Ortega (Mexican Foods; Acquisition) Saffola (Margarine, Oils; Acquisition) Sunny Delight (Doric Foods) Maalox (Antacid; Acquisition) OTC Drugs + HH Products + Rx-To-OTC Switch (Miles Labs) OTC Drugs + Rx-To-OTC Switch (Marion-Dow) * Largest global CP Industry deal in 2005; voted deal of the Year in the U.S. and Europe ** Voted Deal of the Year in U.S. in 2000; largest auction ever at that time of a U.S.-based public company *** Voted Deal of the Year in Europe in 2000 **** Largest global CP Industry Deal of 2008 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Acquisitions & Divestitures Experience Not All-Inclusive List Peter Klein - cont’d Strategic Value Financial Value Transition Plan Organization Dev.
    • 20. Example references for Peter Klein follow… kindly inform Peter in advance of contacting anyone so he can call and assure folks respond quickly References
        • Jim Kilts (Sr Partner, Centerview Partners; ex-Chairman/CEO, Gillette & Nabisco; ex-CEO, Kraft Foods)
        • David Rickard (ex-CFO, CVS; ex-CFO, RJR-Nabisco; ex-SVP Finance at GrandMet and Pillsbury)
        • Sandra Peterson (President, Bayer Diabetes Care GBU & Devices GBU)
        • Gary Rodkin (CEO, ConAgra; ex-PepsiCo Beverages President)
        • Chuck Cramb (CFO, Avon; ex-Gillette CFO)
        • Robert Sharpe (General Counsel, ConAgra Foods; ex-Gen Counsel at PepsiCo & RJR-Nabisco)
        • Irene Rosenfeld (CEO, Kraft Foods; ex-CEO, Frito-Lay)
        • Ian Cook (CEO, Colgate-Palmolive)
        • Roger Deromedi (Chairman, Pinnacle Foods; ex-Kraft Foods CEO)
        • Carlos Brito (CEO, Anheuser-Busch InBev)
        • David Peacock (President, Anheuser-Busch InBev – U.S.)
        • David West (CEO, Hershey; ex-Nabisco Biscuit Division Finance Head)
        • Ed Lonergan (CEO, JohnsonDiversey; ex-President of Gillette Europe; ex-P&G)
        • Rick Lenny (Ex-CEO, Hershey; ex-Nabisco Biscuit Division President; ex-Kraft Foods)
        • Doug Conant (CEO, Campbell Soup Company; ex-President of Nabisco’s US Foods Group; ex-Kraft Foods)
        • Ed Shirley (President, P&G Personal Care Global Business Unit; ex-Gillette International President)
        • John Bowlin (ex-Chairman, Spectrum Brands; ex-President, Miller Beer and Kraft NA)
        • Neil DeFeo (CEO, Sun Products Corp; ex-CEO, Playtex Products and Remington Products)
        • James White (CEO, Jamba Juice; ex-President, Safeway’s Consumer Products Division)
        • Carl Johnson (SVP Strategy/Planning, Business Development and R&D, Campbell Soup Company; ex-EVP of Kraft Fioods U.S. Meals & Enhancers division)
        • Cavan Redmond (President, Pfizer/Wyeth Global Consumer Health Care and Nutritionals business units)
        • Paul Sturman (President, Pfizer/Wyeth Global Consumer Health Care)
        • Jeff Ansell (ex-President, P&G’s Iams SBU; ex-CEO, Pinnacle Foods)
      ADDITIONAL References Available for Peter Klein and Other PKA Dream Team Members; see end of this material for a copy of an article on Peter Klein
    • 21. Dave Moran (CT-Based)
      • Dave spent the first 8 years of his career advancing rapidly through brand management responsibilities with General Foods and International Playtex. Subsequently, Dave transitioned from corporate line marketing management to strategy consulting where he addressed a wide array of growth issues across a variety of industries, Fortune 500 companies and global brands
      • Prior to founding Marketing Driven Solutions, Dave was a leader of three successful consulting organizations: Marketing Corporation of America, The Cambridge Group and Fusion 5. He is a recognized expert in generating growth through innovation, brand building and portfolio strategy. Dave is a Synectics trained and experienced facilitator of group brainstorming, collaborative team strategy development and problem solving sessions. Examples of consulting engagements:
        • Lunchables growth & development platform and products for Oscar Mayer ($750+mm sales); part of Peter Klein led-team
        • Developed a Growth Strategy and Plan for Kraft Kitchens; part of Peter Klein team
        • Developed Kraft "Simple Answers' meal solution program for Kraft Foods; part of Peter Klein team
        • Created a holistic teen snacking strategy and development for Nabisco Biscuit (part of Peter Klein team)
        • Developed multi-channel brand strategy and positioning for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
        • Architected beverage innovation foundation for Pepsi-Cola North America
        • Developed a process for “Unlocking Innovation” for a global food leader
        • Created Baked Snacks platform concept for Frito-Lay
        • Led diverse team of internal/external packaging experts to develop consumer insights and packaging innovations for Pepsi-Cola
        • Developed meal preparation segmentation for Reynolds Metals including implications for kitchens/recipe strategies
        • Built integrated Marketing / Sales Growth Strategy for Walt Disney World; part of Peter Klein team
        • Identified new vehicle platforms (6) and concepts (30) for Ford
        • Created brand knowledge strategy for Dell
        • Built a multi-channel shopper segmentation for Gillette
        • Invented breakthrough college student acquisition programs for Bank of America
      • Dave received a B.A. in Management and an MBA from Texas Christian University. He was awarded the Tandy Marketing Fellowship and Beta Gamma Sigma, National MBA Honor Society recognition.
      • He is member of the Board of Directors of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
      Strategy/ Planning Mktg/New Prdts X X
    • 22. Across a wide range of organic growth related strategic and executional issues 25 Years Experience With World Class Brands Dave Moran - cont’d
    • 23. Innovation Foundations New Beverage Categories for Pepsi-Cola Packaging Innovations for Pepsi-Cola Leveraging Social Responsibility to Drive Growth Ford Trucks for Young Adults Consumer Platform Identification and Development Frito-Lay Baked Snacks P&G Teen Girls Personal Care Oscar Mayer Lunchables Kraft Meal Replacement Progresso RTE Soups Kraft Kitchens “Simple Answers” Meal Solutions Program Oscar Meyer Kiosk Program for 7-Eleven Russell Athletic Casual Wear Healthy Orange Based Foods for Florida Dept. of Citrus Chocolate Based Beverages for Hershey Category Innovation Pipelines/ Development Plans Progresso Foods Corporate Development Plan Oscar Mayer Corporate Development Plan Opportunity Areas and Vehicle Concepts for Ford General Foods International Coffees New Beverages for YUM! China Molson Canada Beer Portfolio Playtex Infant Feeding Next Generation System Duracell Equity Extension Plan Jhirmack Haircare Portfolio Expansion Wawa Fresh Foods Mini-Meal Snacks for Kraft News Marketing Concepts for Myron Manufacturing ACTIONABLE INNOVATION EXPERIENCE Dave Moran - cont’d
    • 24. Dave Moran - cont’d Plans & Strategy Kraft Marketing Services Strategic Plan Kraft Category Business Team Strategy and Structure Development Kraft Kitchens Strategic Plan Led Green Mountain Coffee Advertising Agency Search Process Led Integration Planning And Execution of Kraft And General Foods Canada Sales Organizations Ford Engineering Vision and Innovation Portfolio Safeway Consumer Brands Innovation Strategic Plan and Roadmap Training Walt Disney World Marketing Organization Strategy Training Developed Several Modules for Ford Global Marketing Training Developed/Implemented “Buzz” Marketing Training for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Led Kraft Foods Training on How To Grow “Small” Brands Kraft Foods Innovation Training Innovation Process/Best Practices Innovation Best Practices for VF Corporation “ Unlocking Innovation” Corporate Initiative for Kraft Foods Walt Disney World New Attraction Process Innovation Training for Walt Disney World Marketing Organization Invented Innovation Foundation Process New Innovation Process for Miller Brewing INNOVATION ENABLEMENT EXPERIENCE
    • 25. Kate Newlin (NY-Based)
      • 25 years of broad-ranging client consulting experience, including consumer, retail,
      • healthcare, and business-to-business
      • 5 years as President of Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve
      • 10 years as President of her own marketing communications consultancy, The Newlin Company
      • 10 years as a senior executive of several agencies, including youngest executive vice
      • president and global creative director of Top 10 firm
      • A few quotes
      • “ Kate is quite simply one of the smartest individuals I've met in business. Her raw creativity,
      • coupled with a profound understanding of our culture, marketspace and consumers make
      • for remarkably actionable thinking”
      • (Jim Bechtold, Director, North American Customer Marketing, P&G)
      • “ Kate knows how to use "tough love" to help members of management understand their
      • potential for success. Her practical approach to defining the big picture with existing
      • company knowledge is remarkable…
      • She has a unique capability for creating a vision with wisdom borrowed from other
      • marketspaces.”
      • (Claire Babrowski, EVP, McDonald’s)
      Mktg/New Prdts X
    • 26.
      • Example project work
      • Consumer Brands
      • Numerous introductions and repositionings of products from The Procter & Gamble Company, including Ivory Soap, Abound Hair Conditioner, Rely
      • Tampon recall, UltraPampers, Attends, Tartar Control Formula Crest Toothpaste, and Orange Crush
      • Hershey new products
      • Multiple brand repositionings and new channel entrance strategies for The Campbell’s Soup Company, including Pepperidge Farm, Godiva Chocolatier and Kambly Cookies
      • Multiple General Foods brands, including Yuban Coffee and Entenmann’s Baked Goods
      • Nabisco, including repositionings for multiple brands: SnackWell’s, A.1, Milk-Bone, Knox Gelatin, Fig Newtons, Lifesavers, Care*Free
      • Sugarless Gum and Fleischmann’s Margarine, Baked Shop Initiative, Warm ‘n’ Chewy and Newtons
      • Weight Watchers, Inc. creation, development and global launch of WeightWatcher of the Year annual event
      • Quaker Oats marketing communications evaluation strategies and repositioning of pet snacks division for sale to H.J. Heinz
      • Repositioning of Lysol Disinfectant to capitalize on inherent anti-bacterial benefit
      • Hasbro’s repositioning to unite multiple acquisitions under one core competency
      • Repositioning and line extension for Pringles
      • Relaunch of 3 consumer product brands, each with annual sales in excess of $500 million each
      • New consumer credit card for major (confidential) financial institution
      • KitchenAid’s new channel strategy and consumer proposition
      • Western Publishing’s Little Golden Books product anniversary celebration
      • German Wine Industry, French Wine Industry, Korbel Champagnes and Brandy
      • Specialized Bicycle Components entry into mid- and lower-priced general consumer equipment
      • Gibson Greetings launch of new diversified business strategy
      • Galoob Toys refinanced launch to showcase its strength for sale
      • Guideposts Magazine business strategy contingency development pending the demise of the founder, Dr. Normal Vincent Peale
      • Family Circle Magazine business outreach to auto industry
      • S.C. Johnson & Co. categories of products, including personal care (Edge, Enhance Shampoos and Conditioners) and pest control (Raid)
      Kate Newlin - Cont’d
    • 27.
      • Example project work – cont’d
      • Healthcare
      • Janssen Pharmaceutica (division of Johnson & Johnson) national direct to patient launch of Hismanal
      • Burroughs-Welcome global business launch strategy development
      • Schering-Plough development of global new product launch
      • Rorer Pharmaceutical repositioning analysis of major consumer brand, Maalox
      • R.A. Becker, R.S.C.G, consumer strategy consultant to medical agency assisting clients with innovation direct-to-consumer initiatives
      • Retail
      • Pennzoil/Quaker State’s repositioning of Jiffy-Lube and its 1500 franchised and owned and operated locations
      • Repositioning of top tier, global (confidential) fast food chain to recognize core adult female constituency
      • Development and launch of the Waldenbooks Preferred Reader consumer loyalty program, as well as continuing consumer and thought and opinion leader crisis communication during Salmon Rushdie era
      • Development and launch of the LensCrafters Give-the-Gift of Sight program, which became one of the leading marketing supported charitable giving programs on a global basis, winning numerous national, government and international awards
      • Strategic development and launch for two successful catalogue start-ups: Title 9 Sports and TravelSmith
      • Business-to-Business
      • CIGNA’s new corporate healthcare strategy
      • Verizon’s recasting of existing equities to new audiences
      • GE Capital’s creation of a new division
      • New positioning for major (confidential) technology manufacturer
      • Guthy-Renker Corporation positioning and strategy for country’s leading infomercial firm
      • Textron strategy development to move from military to consumer products manufacturer
      • Standard Register business development into consumer and small business products, decreasing reliance on major corporate accounts
      • Wunderman Cato Johnson’s strategy to position itself as unique in the world of direct marketing, and distinct from competition and parent agency (Y&R)
      Kate Newlin - Cont’d
    • 28.
      • S enior marketing strategist with over a twenty-five year record of delivering growth for a variety
      • of consumer and customer-driven businesses, in the US and abroad
      • She excels at asset creation, specifically:
      • Growth Strategy Development/Planning; Marketing Plan Development, the Identification & Evaluation of New Opportunities, “Best Practice” Modeling & Implementation, Capability & Asset Leveraging, Brand Equity Extension, External Commercialization/“Strategic Licensing”, and Consumer & Customer Brand Positioning
      • Cathy has strong writing and presenting skills and is comfortable with high-level executives or as a
      • leader of multi-functional teams
      • Cathy has a strong background in client-side category/product management and has held line
      • marketing positions at a number of leading companies:
      • Citicorp (Vice President), Gaines Foods (Category Manager), Airwick Industries (Senior Product Manager),
      • Johnson & Johnson (Product Director) and Avon Products (Assistant Category Advisor)
      • Since 1989, she has worked with blue-chip clients such as Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive, Campbell
      • Soup, JohnsonDiversey, Playtex, Kraft Foods, IBM, and Land O’ Lakes and others
      • Professional awards include:
      • Advertising Age’s “Top 100 Clients of 1986” and a POPAI AWARD for “Pick of the Pros”
      • Cathy earned her MBA in Marketing from Columbia University and received a Bachelor of Arts
      • degree cum laude from Colgate University (where she was a member of the first class of freshmen
      • women)
      Cathy Thomas (NY-Based) Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t Res X X X X
    • 29. Gary Vaynerchuk (NY-Based) Internet Mktg/Branding Retail X X
      • Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia and of WineLibrary has a role on select PKA dream teams (and/or VaynerMedia does) for specific insights and growth development specific to the importance of reaching targeted consumers ‘on their own terms’ with relevant and differentiated messaging… as well as bringing
      • insights from a retailer’s perspective
      • He is a well-recognized thought leader, consultant and well known ‘icon’ speaker in the social media/networking world… Gary’s latest book, CRUSH IT , introduced in October ‘09, reached #2 on the NY Times non-fiction best seller list as well as on Amazon’s books sold list…
      • Gary also owns the largest wine retailer in NJ (WineLibrary)… his is the #1 internet wine retailer in the U.S. … he has over 800 daily live TV shows on:… Gary has about 850k followers on Twitter, owns equity in Twitter, and is very close with Facebooks’ founder
      • Gary is the featured speaker globally frequently on the topic of branding and marketing using the internet,
      • and connecting with that audience… VaynerMedia is a branding ‘agency’ that works with personal brands, consumer brands, and startups and has worked with FORTUNE 500 companies, celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs and has a constant finger on the pulse of the industry (see:
      • Beyond VaynerMedia and WineLibraryTV, Gary owns and operates other websites, including:
      • For his NJ 39k square foot online store (won best website in Liquor/Wine Industry for 2 straight years;
      • broadcasts the only daily live TV blog in the wine industry with about 800 15-25 minute shows; an
      • example of his daily wine tv blog go to:
      • Gary’s personal website that links to many of his speeches on social networking and to TV/Radio shows
      • he has appeared on, including Ellen DeGeneress, Conan O’Brien (twice), Nightline, Donny Deutsch’s
      • Big Idea, Jim Cramer's Mad Money, The TODAY Show, CNN, Spike TV, CBS Early Show,
      • The Jimmy Fallon Show, Fox TV, Fox Business, others
    • 30. Clark Murray (CT-Based)
      • Consulting career includes leading Marketing/Growth Strategy practices at three major consultancies: CSC, Kurt Salmon Associates and Digitas
      • Kraft General Foods (Director of Strategy/New Products, Oscar Mayer Foods) and Account
      • Management at J. Walter Thompson, Chicago
      • Health Care-related consulting experience for example (many other areas available too):
        • For the US division of an international pharmaceutical company, developed strategy and plan (including market and competitor analysis, positioning development, testing and validation, partnering strategy, new product portfolio development and launch execution plan) for entering the OTC smoking cessation market
        • For a US medical devices company, led a Customer Relationship Management Business Requirements analysis that defined key processes and needs for the professional sales force, customer support and patient information functions
        • For a global medical devices company, led an assessment of internal customer needs (including domestic and international marketing, R&D, business development and customer support) leading to a total overhaul of the company’s global marketing research priorities, processes and organization
        • Education: BA and MA summa cum laude, The Ohio State University
      Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t Res X X X X
    • 31. Bob Urbain (CT-Based)
      • Bob has extensive client-based marketing, business development and general management experience in the US and globally
      • He was Divisional CEO of Boots Healthcare International (BHI), OTC Pharmaceutical Division of the Boots Company PLC, a major UK company, and was VP of International for the Block Drug Company (responsible for Latin America and Canada)… Bob was also VP/General Manager, N.A. for Campbell Soup’s Pepperidge Farm Biscuit Division, SVP Marketing for Tropicana Products, in various Marketing/General Management positions at the Dole Food Company, and began his career at General Foods (12 years holding increasingly responsible marketing positions in the U.S. and Europe in food and beverage products, including the development and introduction of Crystal Light low calorie drink mix)
      • Bob has high energy, and is a charismatic global leader with a consistent and proven track record of superior performance across top-tier US and European multinational companies… a ‘quick study’ with a strong bias for action , providing decisive leadership and sound strategic vision across all functional disciplines, developing exceptional organizational capabilities, achieving sales volume, market share, and profit goals. .. Bob brings strong skills in General Management and Consumer Products Marketing in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Canada… and his specific expertise is in leading start-ups, turnarounds, new business development and marketing, negotiating agreements, and acquisitions
      • Bob has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Southern California and a BA in Political Science from De Pauw University
      • Bob was a consultant to United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria (1981 – 1993); is the author of “Worldwide Food Irradiation Marketing Plan” ( published by IAEA); and is cross culturally astute and multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French)
      Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t Res X X X X
    • 32. Ellen Howse (NY-Based)
      • Ellen specializes in strategic business planning and new product development. She has also worked on many retail-oriented assignments, driven by a combination of her branding skills and extensive customer marketing experience
      • Ellen has been a senior consultant since 2001, helping businesses transform ideas into strategies and actions that create enduring brand value. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, not-for-profits and creative boutiques. She has more than 20 years of marketing and management experience across multiple product categories and multiple disciplines. Prior to consulting, Ellen held senior-level positions at Nabisco, Cadbury-Schweppes and CNBC. She has worked extensively in packaged goods (food, HBA/Rx-to-OTC drugs) and beverages, with added experience in retail, new media, luxury goods and nutraceuticals
      • In addition to extensive brand management, new product innovation and customer marketing expertise, Ellen also has strong strategy and planning skills. Her consulting experience includes (not all-inclusive):
      • Retained by a well-known luxury chocolatier to translate a high-level management consulting analysis into a breakthrough,
      • 5-year operational growth plan. Also re-invented its innovation and new channels department and managed it on a long-
      • term, interim basis; created three new multi-million dollar product lines, including a new platform of ‘self treat’ products that
      • achieved $50 million retail in its first six months and a breakthrough ‘Collection’ of ultra-premium handmade chocolates
      • Re-engineered the national accounts operating model of a prominent weight management company, resulting in a strategy
      • that has the potential to more than double the business; also guided the company through the identification of seven new
      • growth platforms
      • Assisted a well-known trends consultancy in extending its capabilities into new product development
      • Developed a strategy and go-to-market plan to help a high-end lighting manufacturer expand its presence among upscale
      • lighting retailers, resulting in double-digit revenue growth in 2005 and 2006
      • Directed a struggling footwear manufacturer in transforming its core retail entity into a consumer brand
      • Worked with an influential, not-for-profit NYC organization to establish a mentoring program that provided strategic support
      • for more than eighty small business victims of ‘9/11’
      • Ellen graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois with a BS in Advertising and has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She volunteers her time as a committee chairperson for Friends of P.S. 166 in Manhattan and is a board member of the NYC chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
      Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t Res X X X X
    • 33. SENIOR LEVEL MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Proactive, performance driven leader, with proven results. Extensive experience in building brands, driving results and training marketers for several Fortune 50 companies. Areas of expertise include: Product Marketing Training Team Building, Management and Facilitation Knowledge Management Consulting Strategic Giving • Successfully managed development and launch of over 20 new products across multiple consumer product categories from concept through roll-out into global markets. • Formed and led senior management marketing councils which identified and executed strategies to improve global marketing departments and integrate Gillette into P&G’s marketing organization. • Developed marketing processes, training curriculum and training seminars which built world class marketing capabilities globally and improved efficiency and effectiveness within Gillette and P&G. • Facilitated global marketing training and orientation sessions. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE MARKETING EXCELLENCE, INC., Newton, MA 2008 - Present Principal • Conducted Marketing training for Samsung in Indonesia, France, Italy, Spain, Australia and Korea • Consulted to the Institute of Heath Metrics (IHM) to develop corporate messaging, sales presentations and positioning, and launch material for “Infection Alert”, a product used by hospitals to identify and track imminent infection trends. • Developed new product portfolio for Carl Zeiss Vision to build leadership in the lens category. Managed all aspects of project from SKU identification through development of pilot market test. • Lectured at the Hult International Business School to provide marketing training for MBA class. PROCTER & GAMBLE (formerly THE GILLETTE COMPANY), Boston, MA THE GILLETTE COMPANY, Boston, MA VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING EXCELLENCE 2004-2007 Led start-up of a corporate group charged with making Gillette a world class marketing organization. Managed a department which provided overall marketing support for 900 marketers around the world. After P&G acquisition, helped integrate Gillette into the newly formed Gillette Global Business Unit. • Enhanced performance and business results for marketers through development of training courses and Global Marketing Forums. Raised capabilities in areas such as advertising, media, consumer insights, brand building (including brand equity development and consumer target definition), leadership, and meeting management. • Increased thousands of global marketers’ performance and efficiency an estimated 30% by developing and launching the Global Marketing Resource Center intranet site which provided information, insights and best practices to facilitate sharing and re-application of business knowledge, programs and results. Received industry recognition as a best-in-class initiative. • Changed corporate marketing practices by developing innovative business processes used worldwide to build brand equity and develop marketing plans, promotions, advertising and insights. • Developed and managed highly successful Global Excellence in Marketing Recognition Program, which rewarded excellence for: Brand Building, Innovation, Sharing Knowledge and Management. • Helped design, build and staff the new Gillette business unit within P&G as part of a small, senior team. Defined roles and responsibilities for newly established positions, helped fill those positions, combined marketing business practices, and trained hundreds of marketers. DIRECTOR OF STRATEGIC PLANNING, Civic Affairs and Corporate Giving 2004 Set strategy and guidelines for over $20MM in philanthropic efforts by developing the first Gillette Corporate Strategic Giving Plan. • Created and launched web enabled programs for corporate giving, matching gifts, employee volunteer programs and a minority scholarship program. • Developed a corporate supplier diversity program which increased support for minority and women suppliers by 300%. Selected as the "Corporation of the Year" by the NEMSDC. BUSINESS DIRECTOR: Blades & Razors, Personal Care, Oral Care, Stationery Products 1999-2003 Managed five marketing and sales departments across four consumer products categories. Consistently met or exceeded marketing and business growth objectives and received Outstanding Performance evaluations 75% of the time. Grew businesses an average of 7% per year within flat categories. BLADES & RAZORS and PERSONAL CARE COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS UNIT • Led all aspects of new product and line extension development resulting in millions of dollars in incremental sales. Included product development, positioning, packaging graphics and ad development for over twenty initiatives. • Developed Right Guard ads with Charles Barkley and Chuck Norris. Shot two ads for White Rain. • Wrote and delivered on-campus recruitment presentations. Obtained the highest acceptance rates, over 80%, while leading college recruiting during a four year period. ORAL B - GLOBAL MARKETING BUSINESS UNIT • Saved company $200k by developing the Oral Care Internet strategy and re-launching the and web sites with additional focus on dental professionals. STATIONERY PRODUCTS - GLOBAL MARKETING BUSINESS UNIT • Identified and brought an unprecedented nine new products to market in one year to generate over $60 million in incremental sales as the leader of the FAST (Fast Action Sourcing Team). • Developed the strategy and led the team which built the Gillette stationery and correction product business which led to the sale of the PaperMate, Parker and Waterman to Newell Rubbermaid. • Managed the new product portfolio plan, branding strategy, product claims and positioning, sourcing strategy, geographic priorities and launches for the PaperMate and Waterman brands. NATIONAL TRADE MARKETING MANAGER, North America 1998-1999 Revamped Gillette’s trade marketing approach to provide account specific marketing at major retailers. Improved efficiency and reduced costs over 30% by providing more, bigger streamlined promotions. Professional and Civic Associations Facing History and Ourselves Educational Non-Profit Organization: 1990 - present, NE Board 2001-2008 • Organized outreach programs for young adults and several large corporate philanthropic grants Boston Day School Advocacy Team Leader: CJP, 2006 - present Understanding Our Differences educational program: Memorial Spaulding elementary school leader City Year: Coordinated Gillette outreach efforts and volunteered during start up years Loon Mountain Ski Race Team: 2003 – present. Volunteer and head timer Young Entrepreneur Organization: Participant 1999-2002, Boston Board Member 2001 The Wharton School of Business: 1987-1988, Marketing Research Associate Kraft Foods: Financial Planner: 1984-1986 EDUCATION MBA, Marketing, The Wharton School of Business, Philadelphia PA BA, Economics, Duke University, Durham, NC AFS (American Field Service) student study abroad program in Indonesia Marci Sapers (Massachusetts-Based) Strategy/ Planning Mktg/New Prdts X X
      • Marci is a seasoned senior marketing professional; with extensive experience in building brands, driving results and training marketers for several Fortune 50 companies…
      • including Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and Samsung
      • Her expertise includes:
      • Product Marketing
      • Training & Team Building
      • Management and Facilitation
      • Knowledge Management
      • Strategic Giving
      • Managing transition of products and personnel during divestitures and integration of acquisitions
      • Marci successfully managed the development and launch of over twenty global new products across multiple consumer product categories from concept through roll-out. She formed and led senior management marketing councils which identified and executed strategies to improve global marketing capabilities. Marci was an active member on the integration planning team at Gillette during the pre-control change period for integration of marketing into P&G. She has developed marketing processes, training curriculum and training seminars which built worldclass marketing capabilities globally and improved efficiency and effectiveness at Gillette and P&G. Marci has extensive experience leading global marketing training and orientations, recruiting and new department development
      • Marci was VP of Marketing Excellence at Gillette and P&G before moving into consulting. She has extensive line and staff marketing experience across many consumer products categories, such as Blades & Razors, Oral Care, and Stationery Products; and has worked in departments such as Global Business Management, Commercial Operations, Sales and Civic Affairs… and in Finance at Kraft Foods before joining Gillette
      • Marci has an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Duke University; and held board and leadership positions in Facing History Ourselves Educational Non-Profit Organization, Boston Day School and Camping scholarship funds, Loon Mountain Ski Race Team and The Young Entrepreneur Organization
    • 34. Avery has 30 years of diversified general management experience in professional marketing services, consumer packaged goods, specialty retailing, international marketing and management consulting. He works with clients on issues such as strategy, customer profiling and targeting, brand positioning, new product strategy, segmentation, marketing planning and development, channel management, global marketing, and organizational development and alignment. Avery’s experience includes working with: consumer goods companies such as Coors, Frito-Lay, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, LVMH and Xbox; electronics and technology companies such as Agilent, HP, Intel, LG and Microsoft; airlines and transportation companies including FedEx, Korean Air and United Airlines; auto companies such as Ford and Lincoln-Mercury; financial institutions such as Charles Schwab and Kookmin Bank; entertainment establishments including NCAA and the San Francisco Opera; and retailers such as DFS Group Limited and Sephora Avery led Landor Associates, the world’s premier branding and design consultancy, as Managing Director. Before running Landor, he was CEO of Essentiel Elements, a manufacturer and marketer of professional body care products. In addition, he has held management positions with LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Procter and Gamble and Tambrands, and he is also a former Partner with Marketing Corporation of America (Westport, CT) Avery is a graduate of Fairfield University and the Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School Avery Gavigan (California-Based) Strategy/ Sales/ Compet . Planning Mktg/New Prdts Retail M&A Assm’t X X X X X
    • 35. Tom Hernquist (PA-Based) Tom is an accomplished, results-driven business executive and senior consultant with special expertise in top and bottom line growth through innovation and marketing, including NBD and adjacencies 25+ years of General Management and Marketing experience with leading consumer companies, including The Hershey Company (Senior Growth Officer, including significant work in adjacency development and execution), Fortune Brands, Nabisco, Kraft and PepsiCo) Tom has highly developed people skills, and is noted for motivating others to achieve and/or exceed business goals; and has demonstrated strengths in the areas of new business development/ innovation, marketing (advertising, promotion, etc.), strategic planning, organizational development & effectiveness and P&L delivery In Tom’s last 3 positions on the clientside he more than tripled revenue from innovation relative to prior years Tom has a collaborative style and works hand-in-hand with CEO’s, functional department heads and others to achieve strategic direction and alignment Tom received an MBA from Dartmouth College, The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration, received a BA from the University of Virginia in French and Economics, Magna cum Laude; and is a member of M50 (representing top 50 global marketers), a Board member of the American Marketing Association (Chairperson of its Finance Committee), a Board member of The Bon Ton Stores (member of its Governance Committee), and a member of the Global Food & Health Strategy Council Strategy/ Planning Mktg/New Prdts X X
    • 36. Amy Blumkin (NJ-Based) Amy is a marketing and growth management consultant Amy’s marketing and strategic planning career spans over 20 years working for some of the top tier marketing and sales organizations in the world… sales and marketing positions within AT&T, Salomon Brothers, American Express and the Walt Disney Company Known for her ability to lead, inspire and organize, Amy has developed marketing and sales plans for some of Walt Disney World’s biggest and newest efforts, including the Animal Kingdom and annual press events. Throughout her years at Disney, Amy led the marketing division’s annual operating plan. Amy also developed the first marketing and sales integrated 5-year planning process. Additionally, she developed training programs to improve the strategic thinking for advertising input; redesigned marketing operational flows and processes, and created programs for mentoring junior ‘cast members’. Since leaving Disney, Amy has developed marketing and sales plans for businesses ranging from non-profit organizations to internet start-ups and private equity firms Amy earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont, and her MBA from the Harvard Business School Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Assm’t Res X X X
    • 37. Lori Halivopoulos (NJ-Based)
      • Lori is a senior marketing and strategy executive with 24+ years of business experience
      • During the past seven years she has worked as consultant, including two years with Frank N. Magid Associates, a research and consulting firm specializing in media and entertainment, where she led their global branding and strategy practice
      • Lori’s clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Playtex, Hartz, Televisa, ABC Family and AARP; and she has extensive experience in the healthcare industry (e.g., led a global corporate positioning study for J&J’s Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics and a brand positioning project for Veridex, a newly formed J&J company specializing in cancer diagnostics
      • Prior to becoming a consultant, Lori held various marketing and strategy positions at Nabisco and Kraft. She managed the marketing and branding efforts of some familiar household names: Cool Whip, Light n’ Lively, Cream of Wheat and SnackWells; additionally, Lori led the Corporate Development Group of Nabisco, where she identified and developed long-term business building opportunities for the company and spearheaded the strategic business alliance with Nabisco/Coca Cola Company
      • Lori began her career at Macy’s, where she held various buying and merchandising positions
      • Lori holds an MBA in Marketing from The Stern School at New York University and a BA in Economics and French from Tufts University; and she is Vice President of the Pingry Alumni Association, a secondary school based in Martinsville, NJ
      Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t Res X X X X
    • 38. Tom Evangelista (CT-Based) Tom specializes in restructuring and building company and category portfolios, and throughout his career, as a line operating executive and senior consultant, he has grown businesses profitably, creating significant stakeholder value in the process… Tom is recognized as a strategist and solutions-focused leader who motivates peers and subordinates… working with CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, marketers, etc. he is capable of bridging the communication gaps that sometimes exist and he has demonstrated repeated success building brand equity, market share, profit, and cash flow Tom held marketing, finance, and strategy/corporate development (M&A) positions at global companies: General Foods, Richardson-Vicks (P&G), PepsiCo, AMF, Stanhome and Philips Electronics. He also was a marketing and strategy consultant for Marketing Corporation of America (MCA) and Managing Director of Management Resources of America (MRA), a professional services firm whose specialty is launching and building businesses, predominantly for European-based clients As a Corporate Officer of Stanhome, Inc., he was instrumental in building the company organically and via a series of acquisitions from $400 to $850 million in revenue, making it a member of the Fortune 500… he subsequently divested $350 million in marginally profitable businesses and repositioned the company with a singular market focus, which resulted in a $100 million increase in market capitalization Representative Assignments:   Strategy Validation Organizational Evaluation:  Validated strategic plan and ability of organization to implement for New World Pasta, $400 million division, and Ebro Puleva, $4 billion European food conglomerate parent company   Strategy Execution Process, Metrics and Timetables: Implemented strategy execution process, including metrics and timetables for a major U.S. Chocolate and Confectionary company (Masterfoods USA/Mars, Inc.)   Market Analysis/Entry Strategy:  Generated $140 million in profitable revenue for Stanhome Inc. by developing strategic rationale for direct response distribution channel. Completed and integrated Hamilton Collection acquisition; d eveloped and implemented Stanhome Inc. European giftware strategy, increasing global footprint with $65 million in profitable revenue; profiled U.S market and negotiated acquisition of a U.S. company, as part of market entry strategy for high-tech European manufacturing company (B.E.A.); analyzed U.S. market, competition and best practices for an Italian apparel company (Elena Miro) and recommended a series of market introduction strategies and negotiated strategic partnership agreement Strategy/ Compet. Planning Assm’t M&A HR X X X X
    • 39. Diane Dubovy Benke (CT-Based) Diane specializes in strategic planning, brand strategy and marketing research… her consulting experience has focused on developing consumer-focused strategies, including: brand value propositions, brand positioning, market entry assessments, consumer segmentation and new product development/innovation Diane was Director of Consumer Solutions at MasterCard International where she managed a series of new product development efforts for the youth market… and before MasterCard, Diane was a Project Manager at The Cambridge Group, where she led assignments in a variety of industries such as consumer packaged goods, food, apparel, hospitality and financial services… her ecent industry experience also includes biotech, supermarkets and telecommunications Diane was also a consultant with Greenwich Associates, an international strategy consulting and marketing research firm to the financial services industry; where she advised banking executives on strategic planning and marketing issues As both a line marketer and consultant, Diane has had responsibility for research design, analysis and insights using a wide variety of techniques; and she understands the challenges of getting actionable insights Diane received her MBA from Columbia Business School with a concentration in marketing… and her BS in international strategy and finance from Cornell University, where she was a teaching assistant for courses in international marketing, international finance and organizational behavior… Diane is a trained facilitator in Synectics-type ideation sessions, is a trained focus group moderator, and a member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) Strategy/ Compet . Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t Res X X X X
    • 40. Norma Collier (CT-Based)
      • Norma Collier has been active in many facets of business over the last twenty-five years. She has moved from food preparation, teaching and catering to consulting in order to identify new growth opportunities. Earlier in her career, Norma was co-founder of the “Uncatered Affair” cooking school and catering business with Martha Stewart (Norma ‘was’ the original and only Partner with Martha Stewart)
      • She has extensive experience in consumer packaged goods competitive assessment, market segmentation, new business/product development and financial evaluation. Norma spent nine years at Marketing Corporation of America working on growth strategies and business development for clients such as Sarah Lee, Frito Lay and Kraft General Foods. She participated in the development of new products that were proactive responses to changing demographics and lifestyles. Croissant sandwiches and healthier snack foods were two new categories which grew out of this work. For the following eight years, Norma was part of the team at the Cambridge Group which organized major projects around idea generation and focus groups, leading to segmentation studies and new product development. These new products were based on evolving attitudes about food and health and on an increasing need for convenience. Clients included Borden, Grand Met (Diagio), Kraft, Warner Lambert, Nabisco and Reynolds Metals
      • Miss Collier’s initial introduction to the culinary arts was in Paris where she learned to cook from professional cooks and cookbook writers. Returning to the United States after three years, she launched her partnership with Martha Stewart. After two very successful years, Norma returned to school to earn a Master’s degree in business administration
      • More recently, while still consulting to food manufacturers, Norma has developed a practice in personal nutritional counseling. She has addressed various women’s groups on the nutritional basis of maintaining health through midlife, with emphasis on specific foods and food preparation. Drawing on her earlier studies in chemistry, she combines the chemistry of cooking and nutrition with good taste and eye appeal in her recipe development. She works in conjunction with a naturopathic physician and a clinical nutritionist
      • Norma has an MBA from the University of Connecticut (Beta Gamma Sigma) and a BA from Wilson College in Pennsylvania (Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship); and continuing education at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City
      Strategy/ Compet Planning Mktg/New Prdts Assm’t X X X
    • 41. Mohan Mehre (NY-Based)
      • Over 25 years of management experience in business strategy, brand marketing, sales planning and new business development at General Foods and Kraft Foods plus consulting experience (e.g., Johnson & Johnson, Cadbury-Adams and others). Strong background in food and beverage (coffee, cold beverages, cereals, baked goods and prepared foods)
      • Ten years of experience with human service organizations both as a national and state board of directors member and a consultant on strategy and board development
      • Strong writing and presentation skills
      • Areas of consulting expertise include:
      • Strategy and strategic planning (strategic thinking, planning process/approach, templates, business assessment, vision and
      • mission development)
      • Marketing/brand strategies and programs to drive growth (including product, packaging, distribution, marketing, brand
      • promise development and selling)
      • Industry and competitive assessment
      • New business development (internal: growing “mature” businesses; new product development approach and process;
      • concept development and business proposition; external: identifying opportunities for acquisitions and execution how to’s)
      • Multi-channel and customer marketing strategy and execution (including understanding channels of distribution, economics,
      • success requirements and key customers; consumer research in identifying channel opportunities; channel specific growth
      • programming for grocery/mass/warehouse clubs/drug/c-store chains; how to leverage unique channel characteristics; and
      • customer planning including specific marketing/merchandising programs and partnering opportunities)
      • Integrated marketing intelligence (business intelligence; market research web surveys; shopper insights; consumer attitudes
      • and usage analysis)
      • Mohan has his MS from Cornell University and completed the Multinational Marketing Program at the Harvard Business School
      Strategy/ Sales/ Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Retail Res X X X X
    • 42. Frank Blod (CT-Based)
      • Frank has 23+ years of management consulting experience in the Consumer Products Industry (on his own as well as a Partner in the CPG Marketing & Sales Strategy Practices at PricewaterhouseCoopers and at New England Consulting)… including unique, research-based industry knowledge plus in-depth knowledge of retailer operations (including customer research & retailer training relationships)
      • Prior to consulting, Frank was VP Marketing at Coca Cola Foods (now called Minute Maid Foods), and earlier he was in marketing at Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Products Division and P&G’s Folgers Coffee Division
      • Frank’s expertise is especially focused on Sales Management and Execution; e.g., Retail and Sales Management, Sales Organization Design… and he also works across Visioning and Transformation Road Maps, Benchmark and Research Solutions, Facilitation of Share Grouping, Comprehensive Training Seminars, and Process Mapping & Improvement
      • Frank has significant Consumer Products experience and has consulted with firms such as:
      • Frank has a B.S. in Government from Dartmouth College and an MBA in Marketing from NYU’s Sloan School of Management… and his military service in the U.S. Navy included graduating as an Officer from the Navy’s OCS and being the Damage Control Officer of the USS Brinkley Bass and the Officer-In-Charge for transferring the USS Argo to the Greek Navy
      Bristol-Myers Squibb Castrol North America Clorox Community Coffee Dannon Everfresh Beverages Gillette HJ Heinz Johnson & Johnson Kimberly-Clark Kraft Foods Beverages Merrill Lynch Mott’s Miller Brewing Nestlé U.S.A. Nestle Water Ocean Spray Novartis PepsiCo Pfizer Philip Morris USA Playtex Pharmacia Rich Products Sara Lee Schering-Plough Shaw Carpets J.M. Smucker Solo Cup Unilever Bestfoods Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Strategy/ Planning Mktg/New Prdts Retail X X X
    • 43.
      • Kevin’s background includes ten years of line management experience in marketing, sales, and general management positions at General Mills and the Campbell Soup Company plus an seven years of consulting experience with Marketing Corporation of America in Westport, CT (where he led the sales and customer marketing practice) prior to becoming an independent Senior Consultant for the past 15+ years focusing on: Selling, Category Management, and Customer Management & Development… including Channels.
      • Kevin has worked with many blue chip market-driven manufacturers and retailers, including: Heinz, PepsiCo, Hallmark, Kraft, Gillette, H. E. Butt, Albertsons, Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and others. Projects completed have included sales organization restructuring, facilitating joint Supplier/Customer business planning, DSD distribution and strategy, evaluating the effectiveness of trade promotion/merchandising programs…
      • and business strategy development, brand positioning and brand equity extension, and numerous other sales and strategy projects related to achieving superior performance in the marketplace.
      • Kevin has published a number of articles relating to his sales and strategy expertise, and is frequently quoted on general sales and business trends in leading trade press and general publications (e.g., Sales & Marketing Management, Drug Store News, Convenience Store News, Supermarket News, Food & Beverage Marketing, Advertising Age, Brandweek, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Fortune).
      • Example experience for instance in Beverages alone include ( non -beverage examples also available) includes:
      • VP Marketing-Beverage Division at Campbell Soup
      • Pepsi-Cola: Numerous projects… e.g., joint Customer/Pepsi business planning, packaging/sales-related initiatives,
      • merchandising strategies, etc.
      • Gatorade: Extensive number of projects, including new Channels, conducting C-Store seminars, food service and
      • physical distribution
      • Fiji Water: Develop a compelling ‘story’ for their successful U.S> introduction across multiple Channels
      • Coke Foods: Trade relations project
      • Starbucks: Kiosk assessment project
      Kevin Price (CT-Based) Strategy/ Sales/ Planning Mktg/New Prdts Retail X X X
    • 44. Strategy Consulting Experience – Topics
      • Selling
      • Channels & Alliances
      • Physical Distribution
      • Customer Service
      • Corporate Portfolio
      • Brand Equity
      • Marketing
      • Promotion (Consumer & Customer)
      • Pricing
      • Competitive
      • New Business and New Product Development
      • Packaging
      • M & A Channels & Alliances
      Kevin’s DSD and Strategy work has been extensive and is inclusive of the topics listed below… his pragmatic, real-world experience with and exposure to DSD systems is extensive and not limited to the clients shown below DSD-Related Experience – Selected Clients
      • Pepsi
      • ConAgra Refrigerated
      • Pepperidge Farm
      • Snapple
      • Tropicana
      • Beverage Marketing
      • Others
      Kevin Price - cont’d
    • 45. Kevin’s consulting experience: many of the best marketers and retailers in the world Kevin Price - cont’d
    • 46. Jack Egan (NY-Based)
      • A results focused executive with a proven record of developing and delivering organic sales growth for Fortune 200 companies. Jack has consistently developed strategic and tactical solutions to complex sales challenges focusing on senior level relationship development, major account and market penetration, customer service, and customer loyalty
      • Throughout his 30-year career, Jack has developed and managed efficient, cost effective, national sales forces and sales management teams that delivered consistent growth in new and under developed markets. Market understanding, tactical direction and flexibility, measurement and accountability are cornerstones of his proven formula
      • Jack is a developer and implementer of bottom line improvement strategies with a focus on asset consolidation and efficiency, cost controls, productivity measurement and improvement, strategic capital investment and supply chain management
      • A few examples of significant achievements include:
      • Designed and implemented a strategic cross-selling new product initiative across 9 business units at
      • Quebecor World
      • Led a diverse team of multi-division sales executives and over 140 buyers in a program to maximize the
      • volume opportunities for Time
      • Restructured and refocused a national sales force and sales management team in excess of 170
      • professionals at Cenveo
      • Developed and implemented a sales and marketing strategy resulting in a dramatic top and bottom line
      • improvement at Applied Printing Technologies
      • Developed measurement systems and ground breaking costumer volume tracking and incentive
      • programs at World Color Press
      • Jack has been an EVP/SVP and Corporate Officer at Applied Printing Technologies, Cenveo, World Color
      • Press and Quebecor World; and received a B.A. in Economics from Bucknell University
      Sales/ Retail X
    • 47. Ned Guillet (CA & Massachusetts-Based)
      • 27+ years in Human Resources at The Gillette Company (Corporate Officer and SVP) and Procter and Gamble, following Gillette’s acquisition in October 2005 by P&G
      • Ned is a proven senior who knows organization strategy, structure/design, executive compensation, behavior/culture, personnel/HR business process, corporate governance and people management…
      • including developing an Employee Value Proposition, executive compensation and incentives programs, and recruiting/retaining superior talent (including managing/directing executive recruiters)
      • Ned was active on the Gillette sale (to P&G) negotiation team, consisting of Gillette’s CEO, CFO, General Counsel, and SVP of Strategy/Planning/Business Development/Global Marketing Resources (Peter Klein), and Ned was instrumental during the first 1.5 years of Gillette’s integration into P&G
      Strategy/ Planning M&A HR X X X
    • 48. Jim Lamie (Massachusetts-Based)
      • 25+ years of achievement in Marketing/Sales (21 years in Marketing Management roles)… especially in the Sports Marketing leadership role at The Gillette Company (e.g., built Gillette’s Global Corporate and Sports Marketing Department, was the driving force behind Gillette’s landmark sports marketing) and Procter & Gamble
      • Innovative sports marketing leader (highly respected in the Industry), with a broad set of marketing and sports-related skills, capabilities
      • Jim’s has specialized expertise across:
      • North America and Global and Sports Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Implementation…
      • Exceptional Sports Industry Contacts and Market Knowledge
      • Global Business/Brand Marketing Management and Strategic Planning
      • Competitive Intelligence
      • Trade Marketing
      • Multicultural Marketing
      • Public Relations
      • Strategic Licensing
      • e-Marketing
      • Effective Negotiation Abilities
      • Strong History of Commercial Innovation
      • Jim has his MBA in Marketing & Finance from Babson College, and his B.S. in business administration from the University of New Hampshire
      Sports & Entertainment Marketing X
    • 49. David Owens (FL-Based)
      • David was formerly the Executive Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development for Kraft Foods, the largest branded food and beverage company in North America, and was formerly Vice President and on the Board of Directors of The Boston Consulting Group, a leading global management consulting firm
      • While at Kraft, Dave was instrumental in executing the $19 billion acquisition of Nabisco Foods, which was named Strategic Deal of the Year (2000) by M&A Magazine… and he also helped to lead the acquisitions of Boca Foods, Balance Bar, Back to Nature and Veryfine/Fruit2O, as well as the Starbucks, Tazo and South Beach Diet trademark license deals
      • Dave played a key role in preparing and selling the 2001 Initial Public Offering of more than $8 billion of Kraft stock, where he led a road show team that presented to investors, bankers and brokers in the U.S., Europe and Asia
      • Dave has more than 20 years experience consulting on strategy and business development projects for Fortune 500 clients including: ACH Food Companies, Accenture, Avery Dennison, Deloitte & Touche, Ethyl Corporation, FMC Corporation, General Electric, Hartmarx Corporation, International Paper, Johnson Controls, KPMG International, Kraft Foods, The Marmon Group, Noranda Aluminum, Siemens AG, Stop & Shop and US Foodservice
      • Dave holds a JD from Harvard Law School, an MBA with High Distinction from The University of Michigan, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University
      Strategy/ Compet Planning M&A Assm’t X X X
    • 50. Elyse Greenbaum (NJ-Based)
          • Elyse is a highly analytical and resourceful consultant with 20+ years of experience solving complex analytic, strategic and
          • business growth issues, and will be actively involved in the analyses/analytics required to develop and support appropriate
          • growth strategies and growth opportunity areas on this Project as well as to provide on-going analysis to support the PKA
          • Team… her areas of expertise include business development, finance, M&A and project management… Elyse is recognized
          • for her ability to analyze, develop and help implement creative solutions by using strong quantitative and communication skills
          • Since 2002 Elyse has been applying her analytic, hands-on skills to projects such as:
          • Analyzed areas of current revenue expansion and new products through competitive analytics for a beverage data company
          • Analyzed vendor leasing program for American Express Business Finance to expand into Canada, targeting strategic alliances and JV partners
          • Performed the analytics and evaluation for an employee purchasing card program for a Novartis division by identifying and analyzing program needs, financial and business operating plan needs, and a vendor bid process
          • For a privately held warehouse finance company she analyzed strategic alternatives, including sale of the company, based on completing rigorous business and financial analytics
          • Created operating business plan and financial projections for healthcare company looking to enter retail healthcare business; researched and analyzed the applicable industry and competitor statistics; advised on valuation + suitable investors
      • For 3 years through 2002 Elyse was Director of Customer Finance at Lucent Technologies, where she managed, analyzed
      • and developed vendor finance programs with leading financial institutions to facilitate sales of Lucent equipment, resulting in
      • over $1 bn in financings. For 4 years through 1997 Elyse was VP of Structured Finance /Corporate Development at The
      • Money Store, where among other things she analyzed and implemented securitization strategies, selected underwriters, and
      • analyzed complex financial models… her analytic skill set also supported her managing a $500 million SBA portfolio by
      • identifying assets for sale securitization, supervising reporting of delinquencies and repurchases, and monitoring secondary
      • market activity to maximize profitability, and she also streamlined the process of selling small loan production into secondary
      • markets and consistently achieving premium pricing
      • Elyse’s career included Chase Home Mortgage Corporation (VP– Portfolio/Risk Management and VP Corporate Development,
      • where she analyzed acquisition candidates and portfolio purchases and coordinated the due diligence process plus integrated
      • acquisitions into the organization… and American Express and Revlon, where Elyse was a financial and planning analyst
      • Elyse has an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (1980); a BA in Economics from Cornell
      • University (1978); and she also has a Series 7 license
      Strategy/ Compet. Planning Mktg/New Prdts M&A Assm’t X X X X
    • 51.
      • 30 years of experience consulting and client-based marketing and planning; specializing in domestic and international competitive assessment/analysis
      • Has served an instrumental role in assessing competitive intelligence and company performance.  Fluent in French and Russian, with a working knowledge of Spanish, Italian, and Romanian. Areas of expertise: Competitive intelligence… also: Products/markets, Project Management, Marketing analysis  
      • Example Corporate Contributions:  Eliminated $3 million in costs for a major apparel manufacturer by identifying an Eastern European sub-contractor; facilitated $10 million in sales within two years for an American client located in Russia by creating a distribution system; achieved a baby care product manufacturer's successful entry into the Chinese market by performing market analysis and developing a unique distribution strategy; created acquisition opportunities for clients in industrial equipment and aerospace industries; developed a unique program for the world's third-ranking consumer goods/food manufacturer, increasing visibility and market share
      • Consulting profile
      • Served 30+ clients in 10 countries
      • Developed and implemented tactics domestically and internationally based on competitive intelligence and benchmarking
      • Created multi-functional teams, based on major customers
      • Identified new product and market opportunities, including acquisitions, mergers, and partnerships
      • Interturbine/Indivers, Vice President of Marketing/1990-1992: Created marketing strategies and account relationships for this global aerospace company; identified new target customers and assisted in obtaining contracts; built joint ventures with companies worldwide; developed an acquisition strategy that led to the company's diversification into additional fields
      • McKinsey & Company, Associate Consultant, 1983-1986: Participated on a variety of consulting projects; resolved issues for a client regarding European sales, saving the client from canceling selective contracts and turning around the decline in sales; gained market share for another client by identifying key success criteria
      • Procter & Gamble, Brand Manager: Developed an introductory promotional campaign for the new laundry detergent, Solo; analyzed business results, competitive activities, and promotional events for Dawn dishwashing liquid brand; pioneered multi-cultural promotional campaigns in contrast to using a mass-marketing approach
      • Education: University of Pittsburgh, MBA in Marketing University of St. Petersburg, MS in Mathematics
      Eleanor Eaton (Texas-Based) Compet. Assm’t X
    • 52.
      • Eleanor and PKA work with the below individual on projects in Asia:
      • Dr. Shlomo Weber, a professor of economics at SMU, is bringing his strong expertise and a vast array of
      • contacts in business and political circles in the following geographic regions/countries…
      • ASIA
      • South Korea – This country has experienced remarkable success in combining rapid economic growth with significant reductions in poverty and a burgeoning middle class. The Korean economy was the first to rapidly recover from the 1997 financial crisis that hit Southeast Asia. This is a country with population of 50 million with a GNI of $15,830 per capita which makes it a truly lucrative market
      • Vietnam – in the last year Vietnam stood as an example of a controlled economy development model that permitted creation of a substantial number of private sector jobs. Its 80 million people represent a vibrant and growing market that also enjoys government support in business development
      • Japan and China – These are already well-known entities:
      • Japan is one of the most stable markets with an abundance of new technologies/products that could be of interest to the
      • US manufacturers and investors
      • China – the fastest growing economy with largely untapped markets beyond the already developed southeastern region
      • These markets represent 80% of the over 1 billion Chinese population and with improving transportation and logistics infrastructure they are becoming more accessible to the outside world
      • We already have a proven record of developing and implementing entry strategy in China and searching for new products in Japan… PK ASSOCIATES added another dimension to our activities in these countries through a network of extremely high level contacts both in government and business circles
      • Kazakhstan – This oil-rich country with a total GDP of $56 billion and a 9+% growth is attractive not just as another market but as a gateway to other countries in Central Asia, Siberia, China, Mongolia and Russia. Our strength there is substantially enhanced through prominent presence and influence of the ethnic Korean community with its special links to South Korea
      • Uzbekistan – a country smaller than Kazakhstan but with rich natural resources, strong ties with the US and attractive business climate. Uzbekistan’s economy is strongly supported by Japan who treats it as a sort of a “younger brother”. We have strong connections with Japanese banks operating in Uzbekistan
      Eleanor Eaton – cont’d
    • 53.
      • Ukraine – This is the second largest country in Europe with almost 50 million people. While the country is still poor, it represents one of the most promising developing markets due to its geographic position, abundance of natural resources and friendly-to-business government
      • Russia – This is a lucrative market, especially, its regions such as Volga (Saratov, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, and Volgograd), Ural (Yekaterinburg), Siberia (Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk) and Far East (Vladivostok). Wealth and business attractiveness in these regions have risen dramatically over the last few years, partly because of their distance and subsequent relative independence from Moscow, and partly due to their geographic proximity and growing business ties with Japan, South Korea and China
      • However, this barely developed market is difficult to navigate without strong contacts and inside knowledge. Eaton & Co has specialized in Russia and successfully helped a number of top US companies in establishing a strong position in this important rapidly developing market. The addition of Dr. Weber to our firm enhances these capabilities.
      • Latvia – While a small country in itself, it enjoys stability, Western orientation and a high level of education. Latvia has access to the Baltic Sea and essentially serves as a bridge between Western Europe and the Russian-speaking countries in the East that were a part of the Soviet Union. Indeed, Latvia is the only member of the European Union where practically everybody speaks Russian
      • All of this makes the country a great candidate for subcontract manufacturing, outsourcing and/or a base for an Eastern European/Russian operation
      • Dr. Weber’s contacts stem from his professional experience as a Chairman of the Department of Economics at SMU, and a
      • visiting professor at the top European and Asian Universities…
      • he is a recipient of a number of awards in the Economics Research and an advisor to the US business and government
      • Many of the current political and business leaders in the countries listed above studied under his tutelage and maintain
      • close contacts with Dr. Weber both professionally and personally
      Eleanor Eaton – cont’d
    • 54.
      • Dave Hull brings 40+ years of cross-functional expertise in general/supply chain management to include small company experience and overseeing multi-plant operations, quality assurance, logistics and outsourcing for Fortune 50 consumer products manufacturers… he spent 32 years at General Foods/Kraft where Dave had a range of plant management experiences and was an operations and co-manufacturing business manager for multiple divisions… after Dave left Kraft, he took a 3-year assignment as Director of Sourcing for Acira/Walnut Acres, a start-up organic food company; where his responsibilities included management of all contract manufacturers; direct procurement of raw and packaging materials; developing cost estimating and analysis for new product development; due diligence for potential acquisitions including European companies; and operations acquisition integration for three major product categories
      • For two years, Dave was Senior Operations Consultant to the VP Operations for The Hain Celestial Group; where his focus was on acquisition transition methodology, strategy development and execution, productivity, contract manufacturing assessment (planning and consolidation), process mapping and benchmarking/metrics development. Dave then became the Supply Chain Manager for Seeds of Change , an organic seed to plate strategic business unit of Mars, Inc.; where his major responsibilities included:
      • Ensuring optimum planning and execution across the US Food SOC Supply Chain in managing available resources to include commercial
      • procurement, contracting and management of co-manufacturing and co-packing facilities, raw and packaging material supplies, warehousing, outbound
      • and inbound transportation, facility operations, financial management, associate leadership, and new product commercialization
      • Senior Operations Consultant on a variety of new products and idea ventures for the Snack, Food and Growth Platform initiatives at Seeds of Change
      • Plum Organics, Dave was the Senior Operations Consultant to the President and Founder
      • PKA and Dave can facilitate a comprehensive Operations Management capability by offering a menu of services including:
      • Supply Chain Solutions
      • Co-Pack Search, Qualification, Contracting and Management
      • Quality Assurance Support & Customized Programs
      • Ingredient and Packaging Sourcing
      • Pro Forma Cost of Goods Analysis
      • Materials Planning and Management + Logistics/Transportation/Distribution Planning and Management
      • Dave has developed a model to serve clients as an Outsourced Total Operations Group for small and rapidly growing companies - particularly Food and Nutraceutical companies (e.g., they excel with Organic and All-Natural projects)… the execution is in providing experience and capacity to companies; thus enabling them to avoid spending Sr. Management/CEO/Founder time managing the Operations Supply Chain… and importantly, so that they do not have to hire FTEs until it is financially feasible… Dave and others use a secure SharePoint web portal to access and work on project documents, and they use this technology to connect MANAGEMENT TEAMS working from different parts of the country or with associates working anywhere in the world… even larger companies can use PKA and Dave for new, smaller projects that their team may not have capacity to handle… our work is completely transparent and clients can integrate our work into their internal system or let PKA keep carrying it… our experience shows that we can provide a 7 - 20 % reduction in COGS, and we usually commit to our clients a minimum 5% reduction after the first year (we operate on a budget of 3% COGS, and that 3% becomes a variable expense to the client as opposed to adding Fixed Overhead...  so the value proposition is a minimum net 2% COGS improvement and the capacity to undertake new projects that the client organization may be having difficulty initiating or managing)
      David Hull (CT-Based) Operations X
    • 55. Tiffany Mura (NJ-Based)
      • Tiffany is a results-focused operations executive with 15 years experience and a proven record of highly-profitable, high-quality service delivery and effective general business management for tech and service companies primarily focused on the Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device industries. An exceptionally strong COO, she has helped companies set-up new business operations and expand existing operations to accommodate growth, all with a focus on measurable goals oriented around profitability and market share. The cornerstones of her formula for success are: strategic and operational planning that aligns with business objectives; process implementation that supports operational goals; selection of the highest-caliber team members, and measurement and accountability
      • A specialist in building and managing process-oriented, integrated and highly effective teams and the infrastructure to support them, Tiffany has helped companies improve their service delivery, become more profitable, and deepen their client relationships through quality deliverables and exceptional client service. Skilled at all aspects of general business management, with a focus on new business set-up, including: office and IT infrastructure build-outs; employee benefit program design; HR policy creation; selection and implementation of business management tools (e.g. accounting, project management, business management, and CRM software)
      • Experienced at business plan and strategy development; selecting VC partners and obtaining VC funding; MBOs; and new business start-up. She has developed multiple business and operational plans for a variety of clients in the services business (Pharma, interactive, entertainment, and health/ wellness), and successfully raised venture capital
      • Skilled in managing offshore development, integrating offshore/offsite teams, and developing processes to support multi-location teams.
      • Currently running a consulting business focused on assisting a variety of tech and services business clients in developing and implementing strategic and operational plans and initiatives that tightly align with and support strategic business goals…. her past experience includes: COO for a consulting services company focused on helping Pharma, biotech, and device companies manage the entire data lifecycle and accelerate the time to database lock; Managing Partner (COO) and one of four original founders of Cadient Group, a leading provider of interactive and platform marketing solutions for the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry; and Director of Operations, Qwest Interactive Pharmaceutical Practice, a professional services company supporting the Pharma/Biotech industries
      • A few examples of her significant achievements include:
      • Expanded core business operational processes to assist in achieving a 30% growth in revenue year one at one client
      • One of four key participants in developing a business plan and pitching it to investors to raise multiple $MM in 2002 – the worst year on record for VC fundraising
      • Managed selection, configuration, and implementation of Deltek, an integrated financial, project management and CRM system, and Great Plains, a project-based accounting system
      • Developed all supporting processes and procedures
      • Built an in-house Data Management team to eliminate the need for an outsourced team and reduce annual costs by 15% at one key client
      • Ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of services for an average of 20 - 60 active projects per month. Projects ranged in duration from several months through multiple years, team sizes
      • from 5 to 10 people, budgets up to $3,500,000, and gross profit margins in the high double-digits
      • Developed and implemented billable Account Management services team. Generated over $1M in retainer-based revenue in year one
      • Integrated offshore development into the technical delivery process, including process modifications, staff training, and team management
      • Tiffany has a BS in Sociology with a German Minor from the State University of New York and an MBA from Penn State
      Operations X
    • 56. Tara Whitney (New Hampshire-Based)
      • Tara is an ex-client based Finance executive with significant experience in technical accounting issues, financial reporting, business driver analysis and planning in evolving business environments… and has proven leadership and management capabilities driving high performing diversified teams
      • She was Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at the Palladium Group, an $80 million global strategy and technology services firm providing consulting, executive education, publishing, research and advisory services to assist organizations to measure, manage and optimize performance; where Tara led and managed all aspects of budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and reporting and reported to the CFO… Tara was also Director of Finance at Painted Word , a $15 million strategy and technology services firm focused on helping Fortune 500 companies manage enterprise performance and deliver insight to enable improved decision making and she was a member of the executive management team there that oversaw accounting, finance, office support, legal, and IT functions… at UMass Memorial Healthcare Tara was Manager of Financial Planning and created new business plans by compiling critical market data, calculating key financial projections, working closely with clinicians and members of hospital senior administration for the largest healthcare system in Western and Central Massachusetts…
      • and earlier in her career Tara was an audit manager at Deloitte & Touche
      • Tara attended the University of Massachusetts and received Bachelor of Science in accounting, and also attended Babson College for courses toward an MBA
      Strategy/ Planning M&A X X
    • 57. Shelley Forrester (CT-Based)
      • Shelley is a market-driven consultant specializing in secondary business research, insights from interviewing, and competitive assessments
      • Shelley helps companies get closer to their markets and customers, and uses a unique consumer, customer and expert market and business research approach to identifying opportunities and developing win/win solutions
      • She is active in a number of consumer-driven and business-to-business categories
      • Shelley was a consultant at Weston Group and in business research at Marketing Corporation of America, focusing on the consumer products industry as well as business-to-business
      • She started her career at Colgate Palmolive, in market research and marketing in New York and Germany; building the Curity/Curad consumer and hospital business and revitalizing major household product brands
      • She has her BS degree, with a marketing focus, from Syracuse University’s Whitman Business School and her MBA from New York University
      • Shelley maintains an active and professional interest in women’s issues and corporate social responsibility
      Compet. Business Assm’t Res X X
    • 58.
      • Carrie Friend is a constantly curious consumer behavior and motivation observer with 20 years of client side and consulting
      • experience.  Carrie worked the past 10 years in consulting, including 6 years at Fusion 5, an Innovation Marketing consultancy
      • acquired by WPP… she built and led F5’s insight practice, pioneering innovative and non-traditional tools and methodologies
      • Her belief in getting inside the heads, hearts and souls of consumers/customers and clients has allowed her to discover and
      • develop proprietary and actionable insights that strongly influence growth management and marketing plus business decisions
      • Carrie spent 10 years on the client side in consumer and product research management at Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut and
      • M&M/Mars… and was responsible for managing research on many high profile brands including Minute Maid Orange Juice,
      • Minute Maid Lemonades and Punches, Stuffed Crust Pizza, Starburst, Skittles and M&M Chocolate Candies
      • Carrie’s skills include:
      • Moderation - Focus groups, IDIs (individual depth interviews),
      • shopping shadows, In-home interviews/observations
      • Facilitation – Ideation, and work sessions
      • Online qualitative (Discussion Boards, Group Discussions)
      • Online quantitative research
      • In-Store intercepts
      • Her consulting expertise include:
      • Opportunity Assessment
      • Positioning Development
      • New Product/Concept/Packaging Development and Optimization,
      • including Naming
      • Communication (advertising, promotion, etc.) Development
      • and Evaluation
      • Consumer Segmentation
      • Target Dimensionalization
      • Shopper Research
      • Website Development/Usability
      • Research Mining
      • Training (developing insights and creating presentations)
      • Global/U.S. Trends
      Carrie Friend (CT-Based) Strategy/ Mkt Planning Mktg/New Prdts Res X X X
      • Target expertise includes:
      • Women/Moms
      • Affluent
      • Small Business Owners
      • Opinion leaders
      • Category and Content experts
      • Example clients of Carrie’s:
      • Automotive Ford, Daimler Chrysler
      • Apparel/Accessories Hanes Brands, Jones NY, Coach
      • Entertainment Disney
      • Financial JP Morgan Chase,
      • Food & Beverage Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola
      • Frito-Lay, Nabisco
      • Health & Beauty Gillette, Braun, P&G, Unilever, J&J
      • Materials Dupont
      • Media Hartford Courant
      • Pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer
      • Retail Bath & Body Works, DSW Shoe Warehouse
      • Spirits Diageo, Remy Amerique
      • Telecommunications AT&T
    • 59. Chris Barr (CT-Based) In his 30+ year career, Chris has worked across numerous product and service categories in the world of Consumer Promotion, developing many award-winning promotional campaigns and leading major Promotion organizations Chris spent eight years as a Co-President of The Interpublic Group of Companies agencies (BBG and Marketing Drive Worldwide’s Wilton, CT and Bentonville offices and the Promotion Services Group) As the former President of The Marketing Agency of Marketing Corporation of America (Westport, CT), he led the renowned firm for seventeen years, servicing clients in packaged goods, retail, foodservice, durable goods, liquor, financial services among many other industries Chris started his promotional adventures with Glendinning Associates in London and Westport, CT Chris’ roots are in the service business as he began his career in account management at J. Walter Thompson's New York, London and Milan offices Consumer Promo X
    • 60. Kathryn Benedett (CT-Based)
      • Kathryn spent eight years as a Co-President of The Interpublic Group of Companies agencies (BBG and Marketing Drive Worldwide’s Wilton, CT and Bentonville offices and the Promotion Services Group)
      • As the former Executive Vice President of The Marketing Agency of Marketing Corporation of America, Kathryn specialized in the retail, restaurant, packaged goods, and financial services practice areas for eleven years
      • Before joining MCA, Kathryn founded Target, a promotional arm of the advertising unit of Mojo MDA-Allen & Dorward in San Francisco, to service retail, technology and packaged goods accounts
      • In addition to Consumer Promotion and Agency experience, she spent five years with General Foods Corporation (Kraft Foods) working in the Corporate/New Products Division and the Maxwell House Division, where she earned a President’s Award
      • Retail experience includes merchandising and advertising positions with Jordan Marsh/Boston (Allied/Federated Stores) and account positions with AGA Catalog Marketing… and Kathryn plus Chris Barr also specialize in Consumer Promotion strategic sourcing assessments, working closely with clients stakeholders
      Consumer Promo X
    • 61. John Curtis (NY-Based) John is a strategic and tactical marketer, focusing his decades of hands-on experience mostly in multi-cultural/ethnic marketing… a real seasoned veteran who is results-driven and knows how to navigate (and help clients do so) within highly matrixed large companies John honed his capabilities while at The Cambridge Group and focused his interest there in in-market development and the potential of under-served US markets … after The Cambridge Group, John formed J. Curtis & Company in 1985, which quickly became the antithesis to ‘race-based marketing’ and John became a recognized leader in fact-based segment marketing… his firm was an advertising agency which, for over two decades, provided insight and marketing services to companies and brands seeking business growth among urban and largely multicultural audiences He has worked with blue chip clients, such as: Gillette, Citibank, United Airlines, Kraft Foods, Hillenbrand, Kentucky Fried Chicken, State Farm, Epiphany Media, Vlisco, Miller Beer, Saturn Motors, Econocall, agencies like Y&R, Ogilvy, BBDO, FCB and Fallon to deliver urban and multicultural insight and bring actionable solutions to client business needs John is credited with the development of marketing that suffuses classical marketing methodologies into a disciplined approach to aid demand capture in urban and largely multicultural markets… he is widely regarded for having developed the concept called “cultural script” … a marketing concept that is essentially a “psychic shift” for marketers which made “differences’ (ethnicity, race, language) approachable… in 2003 Mr. Curtis launched JCC Marketing, a consultancy that continues a focus in urban and multicultural market and supports brand leaders as well as the investment community Mr. Curtis is the go-to-guy in solving channel and business process problems (analysis, positioning, strategy etc.) related to urban market development; and he is often called upon to uncover unmet demand opportunity… “Is there business we’re leaving on the table in these markets?” is often the unanswered question e addresses with proven results Mr. Curtis offers an “insiders” advantage built on market knowledge accumulated through work across categories and consumer insights drawn from his career expertise… the range of his assignments include mentoring/coaching leaders in multi-cultural marketing departments to reviewing research findings and conclusions and providing strategic and tactical direction, to helping jumpstart a team of marketing professionals in a new initiative in urban and underserved markets He earned multiple degrees from the City University of New York and conducted graduate work in marketing management at Long Island University; and he divides his free time advising charitable organizations, including the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and Yes Inc. …John also serves as an adjunct professor in marketing management at the City University of New York, has spoken at advertising trade, automotive, energy, social and business forums, received two Best Practices awards from PSE&G, the 4th largest utility in the US, and was also named Minority Supplier of the Year Multi-Cultural Mktg X
    • 62. Jay Weinberg (Chicago-Based)
      • Jay specializes in loyalty and data base marketing, helping some of the world’s best companies reach their goals by establishing strategies, managing data, and developing profitable programs…his specialty is building customer loyalty and helping get the answers needed, quickly and effectively to do so
      • Jay combined his experience in computer programming and direct marketing into a successful career in database marketing. Upon founding the company, Jay began work on developing and managing loyalty programs
      • His work is focused on clients who:
      • Have a large number of customers and data on these customers, but are not using that data effectively to
      • increase sales, profits, or loyalty
      • Are not collecting or integrating enough data on each customer transaction
      • Have found that the loyalty solutions they have found cost more than they’re worth, or more than their
      • budget allows
      • Have a marketing department or agency, and want to ensure they are getting the best value
      • Have a marketing program that is “tired” and are looking for smart ideas that work and make money
      • Jay also worked on strategy and acquisition projects with PE firms (Wm Blair Capital Management; Chicago Growth Partners) and clients looking to acquire in the direct marketing and catalog industry
      • A few client testimonials on Jay (others available):
      • “ Jay has exceeded my expectations on a number of high level and business building CRM projects on blue
      • chip brands like The Walt Disney Company. Bath and Body Works, and Yankee Candle Company; Jay is
      • highly skilled, knows what works so you don’t waste time, and delivers results that drive business…
      • I highly recommend him”
      • Tom Woodside, SVP Marketing/NAMCO; Ex-Senior Marketing Executive/Kraft Foods (Kraft Foods Direct Marketing,
      • where he was a client of Peter Klein)
      • “ Jay brings forward a unique combination of both strong strategic marketing planning skills as well as the
      • ability to put together strong tactical marketing plans that deliver results”
      • Greg Lechner, VP Business Development, Luxottica Retail
      Direct Internet Mktg X X
    • 63. Roy Wollen (Chicago-Based)
      • Roy has 20 years of experience in direct marketing; for 13 years he had been on the vendor side with Experian and Direct Marketing Technology
      • Experian is the largest database company in the world, offering compiled information plus derived insight on consumers and
      • businesses; and hosts client marketing databases plus provides CRM services (i.e., list processing and data management
      • Direct Marketing Technology was a pioneer in deploying customer databases and list processing innovations for catalog
      • marketers in the 1990s; Direct Tech's methods changed the landscape of database marketing with innovations such as
      • cooperative databases, private prospecting databases, PC-based business intelligence tools and merge/purge optimization…
      • they were acquired by Experian in 1997
      • Roy has led some of the top direct marketers in country across industries such as e-commerce, retail/catalog, financial services and publishing… the common theme: any database project isn't finished until it solves business problems and the client understands how to apply it; e.g.,
      • Worked on acquiring Popcorn Factory, where Roy looked at their database to assess the value of that asset
      • Worked on a proposed merger between two of the largest office supply retail/DM companies, Roy looked at the databases
      • to assess the overlap and added value across bringing these two together
      • He authored a book on database marketing, and is active in several direct marketing trade associations like Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and The Chicago Association of Direct Marketing (CADM); and he sponsored several events supporting direct marketing education via the Direct Marketing Education Foundation (DMEF)
      • Roy is a regular speaker at National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) conferences as well as at business schools such as Northwestern University, Columbia College and DePaul University's Pennebaker program… he is also on the faculty of Data University, the training and continuing on-line education service… and Roy also worked on the client side, for database marketers such as Bloomingdale's Direct and Hewlett-Packard and for Ogilvy & Mather, the global advertising agency
      • Roy has a Master of Science degree from Medill IMC, Northwestern University's Integrated Marketing Communications program (a world-class direct marketing program founded in 1988 as the first graduate degree education in direct marketing); at Northwestern Roy was founder and editor of the alumni newsletter (as part of the program, students do a summer residency at a leading direct marketing company and Roy's residency was at IBM Corporation, in their Prodigy online division)… Roy earned a BA from Rutgers University, and a certificate in continuing education from Columbia University through their Computer Technology and Applications (CTA) program
      Direct Internet Mktg X X
    • 64. David Cundy (CT-Based)
      • David has 25+ years of experience building integrated brand and marketing programs; and he founded Design Trust in 1982 and the online consulting firm Experegy in 2003… a private ISP, Design Trust hosts and maintains client sites, and provides search engine optimization, content management, tracking and e-marketing services
      • David has wide experience in the consumer and luxury consumer sectors… engagements have included website development for ConAgra Foods and Motts (and its family of companies, including Grandma's Molasses, Healthy Choice, Holland House and Mauna l'ai); opt-in consumer e-marketing programs for Butterball and Dannon; product launch and promotion sites for Golf Digest, Lexus, Land Rover, Schick, Vespa and Westcott; packaging for Bascom's and China Bowl Trading; online sales team collaboration tools for Dannon; in-store signage, catalogs and e-commerce for Fauchon; identity web-based growth opportunities and site development for Campbell's Seeds… additional sector clients include Bernardaud, Christofle and Unilever
      • David helps clients around the world build brand success by creating c onstituent-centric communications… for over two decades, he has worked with marketing executives to establish e-commerce sites and advertising campaigns, with sales executives to motivate and empower their sales teams, and with IT and agency executives to provide technology solutions for their clients… his groundbreaking Constituent-Centric Communications model is revolutionizing the way clients approach their target audiences… services that David and Design Trust provides in the consumer sector include:
      • Competitive branding and website assessments, using the firm's proprietary BrandArbiter ® methodology
      • Constituent-Centric positioning and messaging
      • Product naming and launch services, including microsites
      • Naming, visual identity development, implementation and management using BrandCanopy (TM), the firm's brand asset
      • management solution
      • Website development and management using ContentSpan ®, the firm's enterprise content management system
      • Online Sales Manager, the firm's consumer sales support extranet
      • A creative leader, David served on the boards of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA; New York Chapter), as President of Type Directors Club, and was a founding board member of the International Design by Electronics Association (IDEA), a worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement of technology in design, and the Northeast Software Association (Nsoft), a forum for software executives… he is also a member of the Luxury Marketing Council, Design Management Institute (DMI), and is a 500 Club member of the IABC… David holds an MFA from Yale University, and has taught or served as a critic at Yale, Manhattanville College, Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute
      Direct Internet Mktg X X
    • 65. Chris Smith (CT-Based) Chris has 30+ years of marketing research experience Receiving his technical research training, along with an MBA, from the University of Chicago, Chris started his career as a management consultant with Management Analysis Center, Chicago, which later merged with others to form Mercer Consulting In 1975 Chris moved to Marsteller Advertising’s research department, where he stayed for over ten years. After a series of promotions, Chris’s tenure with this division of Young & Rubicam was capped with a three year stint as Senior Vice President, Research Director of the firm’s New York office. Dannon Yogurt, United Technologies, and JVC were major clients For the next five years, Chris was a principal of Smith Blumer & Associates, which specialized in brand marketing research. Client brands included: Citibank, J&B Rare Scotch, IBM, Baileys Irish Cream, and Square D In 1990, Chris joined Marketing Corporation of America as a partner. He stayed at MCA until 2001, as Managing Partner, when the company was merged into Ross Cooper Lund, NFO WorldGroup. At MCA, Chris worked on a host of well-known consumer and BTB brands including: Citibank, Kraft Foods, The Walt Disney Company, Perdue, Sports Illustrated, AT&T, IBM, Izod, Polaroid, The Paddington Corporation, Smirnoff, and Westinghouse. Chris’ research practice spanned both qualitative and quantitative methodologies Chris left NFO in 2002, after working on Citibank, IBM, Kmart, and Campbell Soup, to join other ex-MCA colleagues in Robinson Smith Research Group, Inc. Mkt Res X
    • 66. Hal Goldberg has 44 years of experience in research , marketing and advertising… he started his career in the Research Department at Leo Burnett Advertising, and then went on to head up the research and media departments at Bozell Advertising in Minneapolis. .. he also was V.P. in charge of the research department at  Swift & Company (a division of ConAgra) in Chicago In addition to his corporate research and media career, he has held  senior marketing management and new products positions with Swift , The Dial Corp., Teleflora, Leisure Technology, Hain Natural Foods, and Indofood USA… and was also President of The Good Nature Company , a start-up natural cosmetics products  company In 1995 Hal started his own research company, specializing in Hypnosis Focus Groups and 1-on-1 interviews Hal  developed the hypnosis  technique  35 years ago after taking an extensive  course of study at one of the most well-known hypnosis schools at that time… and over the years he has conducted over 1,000 focus groups and one-on-ones using hypnosis. .. he received his hypnosis certification from The National Guild of Hypnotists (Merrimack , NH) and the American Board of Hypnotherapy (Irvine, CA), the two largest certifying organizations in the U.S. Hal has  also lectured at their national conventions and he has been a featured speaker  at the QRCA, American Marketing Association, the Advertising Research Foundation, the Account Planners Group, the Association of National Advertisers, and the Miami Ad School Hal holds an M.B.A. from New York University which he earned while on a Ford Foundation Fellowship…and he has had articles written about his use of hypnosis in focus groups  and one-on-ones in many newspapers and magazines, including The Harvard Business School Newsletter, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times,, the Los Angeles Times, American Demographics Magazine, New Scientist and The Financial Times… Hal has also appeared on television programs in the U.S., Canada, and England and has conducted Hypnosis Focus Groups for many Fortune 500 companies as well as major advertising agencies Hal Goldberg (CA-Based) Mkt Res X
    • 67. Joel Friedman (Chicago-Based)
      • Joel Friedman is an award winning copywriter and a senior concept writer for new products and brand repositioning work; he combines a talent for writing persuasively with a unique skill at single-mindedly communicating distinct ideas and their benefits
      • Joel has helped generate ideas, develop new products and define unique market positions across a wide range of businesses, including pharmaceuticals, vision care, financial services, package goods, restaurants, beverages, appliances, airlines, telecommunications, apparel, newspaper publishing, retailing and internet services, both in partnership with marketing and business consultants and directly for corporate clients.
      • Some of the companies he’s written for are: Allstate, Gillette, Abbott Labs, Mellon Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Polaroid, Guidant, Frito Lay, Nabisco, Kraft, Borden and S.C. Johnson Wax
      • Joel spent 20 years as a copywriter for advertising agencies including DDB Needham, J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett Company, where he created memorable television, radio and print advertising for clients, including: State Farm Insurance, General Mills, McDonald’s, Walt Disney Video, RCA, Kraft, H&R Block, Quaker Oats Co. and Sears
      • His extensive healthcare/pharma experience includes: Guidant (implant devices), Mannkind (inhaled insulin), Prevacid (for GERD), Lupron (prostrate cancer), and Zemplar (kidney disease)
      Mktg/ New Prdts (Copywriter) X
    • 68. Cavas Gobhai (Massachusetts-Based) (Professional Facilitator)
      • Cavas Gobhai is specializes in group process and frequently contributes to and facilitates sessions for PK Associates LLC
      • He is called in when senior management perceives the need for creative/collaborative, strategic thinking, tangible outcomes and a high commitment to implementation… over a 35+ year career, he has worked with large U.S. and international companies on a variety of assignments ranging from enterprise-wide strategy and growth planning to targeted, high-creativity tasks
      • In addition, he works with entrepreneurial teams in early high-potential ventures, and with a range of non-profit organizations, such as:
      • Towns and Educational Institutions
      • International NGO's (non-governmental organizations)
      • Cavas' background includes:
      • Formal education in technology and business: BS and MS from MIT; Jr. BSc. from Bombay University
      • and a management diploma from Delft in the Netherlands
      • Past President and key entrepreneur of Synectics, Inc. … instrumental in the development and
      • application of several of the creative problem-solving techniques known as ‘Synectics techniques’
      • Founder/President of a (hardware and instructional) product development company which undertook
      • assignments leading to new product prototypes for Fortune 500 companies
      • Participant in the start-up and growth of innovation-based business ventures, funded with several
      • million dollars of venture capital
      • Educator in the fields of creativity and collaboration; has trained and lectured to several thousand
      • members of middle- and upper-management from large U.S. and international companies
      • Awarded patents in a variety of fields
    • 69. From the CEO of a Company that has been called "the most creative and powerful player on Wall Street" "Cavas helped us to appreciate that bold thinking is not confined to a creatively gifted few. It is in fact a skill that can be acquired.” "Cavas had a definite impact on our culture - we turned around a laid-back, "white shoe" (gentlemanly, conservative) establishment into an aggressive and highly innovative one." "He often encouraged us to come up with what he calls Big Bad Ideas. On a regular basis, we derived/modified this rule-breaking thinking into breakthroughs in business acquisition strategies - ideas for new financial vehicles that turned the conventional hierarchy on its head.“ Member of top management of a European-based multinational electronics and big-ticket home goods company "We have steered the company and our Brand into significant new and powerful territory. Cavas and his techniques have helped us mobilize our Senior Management - 200 people at a time, in several continents, in assimilating this bold new Vision and making it their own."   Member of the top management team of a multi-billion dollar food company "Cavas has helped my teams creatively formulate a unified game plan for our geographic site while not compromising the culture of entrepreneurship and differentiation within each of the Divisions.  Cavas' insights for combining creativity, collaboration and strategy were key to success.”   Senior Vice President of a global Consumer Products company "For a company that was extremely insular and had historically focused its organic development on close-to-home businesses, Cavas helped to create an understanding of their core capabilities and helped to get senior management aligned around a re-direction to adjacent businesses where their capabilities traveled.“ President of a leading Publishing company whose products are used by millions of US schoolchildren "Cavas is a master of his trade; he helped us transform ourselves from a sleepy Division of a major Fortune company, into a leader in its field.  His experience and ability to gain consensus within a divergent group of people and ideas is pure genius." SVP of an active recreation company "Over the years, we have used Cavas with our senior executives, for his ability to stimulate creative thought on such issues as strategic planning, brand equity, new product development and marketing. In our estimation, Cavas has no peer in this area.“ EVP Strategy, Major US regional bank "Mr. Gobhai conducts a discussion like an orchestra leader, keeping the flow of conversation steady and eliciting contributions from those who might not otherwise be heard." Cavas Gobhai A Sampling of Client Endorsements See: for more background
    • 70. Bob Taraschi (Massachusetts-Based) ( Professional Facilitator)
      • A business creativity consultant and facilitator that acts as a catalyst to innovation…
      • including growth, strategy and competitive war gaming ideation/brainstorming sessions
      • Bob designs, develops and facilitates over 100 ideation and brainstorming sessions annually, and
      • has served over 40% of the Fortune1000
          • Bob frequently contributes to and facilitates sessions for PK Associates LLC
          • He has helped name: AT&T Interchange, an on-line information service… as well as Prodigy, Symphony, Sprite
          • He has conducted ideation sessions for Ford Motor Credit, Kitchen Aide, United Airlines, Guinness, Godiva, Borden, G.E. Capital, J.P. Morgan, MilkBone, Warner-Lambert and Progress Software
          • He helped create Customer Advisory Boards for Lotus Development, Unisys Corporation, IBM and AT&T
          • Bob facilitated strategic partnering and information exchanges between national and international consumer product companies
          • He facilitated core competency reviews for companies like Borden, Unilever, Keysoft, and Nabisco Foods
          • He worked with Black & Decker and Unilever on a new line of technology-centric household products
          • Bob contributed to Baxter Healthcare as they maintain and evolve their I.V. Solutions product lines in the US/Canada, and to Unisys in the creation of new technology solutions for their international customers
      • Bob’s professional background includes writing assignments for Saturday Nite Live (part of the original show’s writing team!), award-winning copywriting for the advertising firm of Hill, Holiday, Connors and Cosmopulos in Boston; he was Group Director, Strategic Marketing Consulting for Regis McKenna, Inc. in Palo Alto, CA… and he is credited with strategic roles in over 90 new product introductions, is a frequent Industry speaker, and often conducts industry roundtable discussions on “business creativity and innovation” to groups including:
        • The European Economic Commission, Harvard Business School, Fortune Magazine, The Institute for
        • International Research and The Product Development and Management Association
      • A graduate of Villanova University and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bob is the recipient of numerous awards including a Gold Lion from the Pan American Film Festival, The One Show and a Clio
    • 71. Jill Davies (VT-Based) (Professional Facilitator) Jill is a professional facilitator and trainer who as an ex-Senior Consultant has ‘been there and done that’ relative to Strategic Plans development and developing a strategic planning process that works and is customized to the client’s needs and abilities… she possesses a remarkable capacity for coaching clients, helping them overcome barriers to growth and realize their full potential and productivity. Her unique proficiency for facilitating and training comes from 20+ years of corporate and consulting experience in all areas of business and brand strategy . Jill’s strength as a facilitator is evident in her ability to draw out the best in a team to create focus, efficient dialog and reach a shared conclusion… in relieving the team from managing the process, she is able to give them the freedom to concentrate on and own the outcome together… this team consensus and ownership creates significant improvement in follow-through and commitment   As a trainer, Jill helps teams grow their skills so they are better equipped for success. For example, Jill shows marketing and research teams how to navigate beyond a world of sterile facts and figures to a greater understanding of how to bring the data alive, to discover new insights and in turn, communicate this information in a way that is both powerful and provoking. Team members are better able to take an active role in contributing to the success of the brand   Jill’s consulting experience with The Sage Network, PK Associates, The Cambridge Group and Booz, Allen & Hamilton includes projects in many industries such as apparel, airlines, hotels, beverages, confectionary, food, health & beauty care, publishing and market research … her projects spanned business and brand strategy, positioning, new product development, consumer segmentation, strategic planning, market analysis and training. Jill holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a BscHons from Manchester University (England) in Statistics and Operational Research. Her abilities plus her strategic and executional market research experience in manufacturing and retail, gives Jill a whole-picture perspective and an exceptional ability to help others see the same … her clients include Campbell Soup, ConAgra, Ford, Gillette, Kantar, Hanes/Sara Lee, Hilton International, McCain, Leslie Fay, Millward Brown, Nabisco, Pillsbury, Quaker Oats, Reynolds Metal, Russell Corporation, United Airlines and Warner Lambert
    • 72.
      • May 11, 2007 On-Line Article & July 2007 The Deal Magazine
      • The Tonto Files
      •   Peter Klein
      • "I began my career," says Peter Klein, "selling drugs on the corner of Haight and Ashbury in the 1960s." True enough: The drugs in question were over-the-counter medications like Vicks and Nyquil, and Klein was selling them to pharmacies (including one at that famous location) as a management trainee for Richardson-Merrell Inc. It was a good beginning for an ambitious young man with no flowers in his hair, though not for the reasons he thought. For just as the Age of Aquarius was dawning, the sun was setting on the last great period of growth for the consumer-products industry. Industry leaders would take time to react, but by the early 1980s, they were battling for market share — and Wall Street's approval — with countless turnaround plans, re-engineering schemes, adjacent expansion strategies and, above all, acquisitions. The wave of transactions, which continues to this day, involved many of the biggest and best-known companies in the world. Richardson-Merrell, for example, became Richardson-Vicks Inc. and then a part of Procter & Gamble Co., which won it in 1985 after Unilever put it in play with a hostile bid.
      Peter Klein - Article Separate article on Peter Klein from Advertising Age available on request: 1 of Top 10 Innovators
    • 73. Klein had long since moved on by then, preferring to climb the ranks at Johnson & Johnson, Gillette and Sterling Drug Inc. before becoming a consultant in the early 1980s. But throughout his long career — and especially in the last decade, when he held the top strategy and business development jobs at Nabisco and then Gillette — he has been involved in one way or another in much of the action as this huge, mature sector has tried to reconfigure itself in a changing world. Klein's role has never been a highly public one; that's for CEOs. Instead he has stayed in the background, in that vital spot where strategy meets execution. "So," he says, beginning an interview with typical humor, "this is Tonto, coming out of the tent.“ If Klein is Tonto, the Lone Ranger would have to be Jim Kilts, the disciplined, analytical consumer-products executive credited with turning around dozens of brands over the years, from Kool-Aid to Post Cereal. The relationship dates back to 1982, when Kilts was at General Foods Corp. and hired Klein as a consultant. Kilts went on to work at Kraft Inc., ultimately becoming executive vice president of worldwide food operations at Kraft's then-parent, Philip Morris Co’s. But what he (and, by extension, Klein) is best known for are two consecutive home runs: fixing up Nabisco and selling it to Philip Morris for $14.9 billion in 2000, and then fixing up Gillette and selling it to P&G for $54 billion in 2005. Gillette's sale to P&G was the largest-ever consumer-products transaction, making P&G the world's biggest consumer-products company, with combined annual revenue of more than $63 billion. It's also a giant test case of the ability of an acquirer to combine seemingly complementary businesses, take advantage of diverse geographic strengths and make huge scale pay off. The Nabisco sale was a coda to the over-reaching $31 billion leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco Inc. by Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts & Co. in 1989. Because Nabisco was combined with Kraft, recently spun out of Altria Group Inc. (as Philip Morris is now known), it was also a big step in the unwinding of the 20-year strategic tie-up between food and tobacco. At both Gillette and Nabisco, Kilts was hired as the chief executive officer and quickly brought in Klein as one of his key recruits. Klein's job was nearly identical at both companies: He was in charge of drawing up the strategic plan, which defined the company's goals and documented how to achieve them. Dealmaking for him has always been part of a bigger picture. Now a consultant again (his Rye, N.Y., firm is called PK Associates LLC) he regularly tells his clients to be wary of the "zeal to deal." By that he means making key M&A decisions in the heat of the moment, instead of taking a longer-term approach and seeing deals as an extension of a plan. It's the kind of common sense that executives in an industry under pressure often manage to forget — and Klein's industry offers many a case in point. Take, for example, Kellogg’s acquisition of Lender's Bagels for $455 million in November 1996. Three years later, the attempt to move into the broader breakfast market was deemed a failure. Kellogg sold Lenders to Aurora Foods Inc. for $275 million, 60% of its original price, and the company took a $170 million hit to its earnings. Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d
    • 74. Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d The desperation to deal comes from the simple fact that the industry is not growing. For the past 25 years consumer-products companies have struggled to keep pace with the overall economy and have grown at less than 1%, simply tracking population growth in developed countries. As a consultant at Marketing Corp. of America in the early 1980s, Klein saw the transition unfold. Companies shifted attention away from product development and focused on grabbing market share, usually through more advertising and more acquisitions. Consolidation, Klein believes, exacerbated this shift and created a vicious circle. Senior managers departed as their companies were acquired, leaving fewer executives with experience in product development. Meanwhile, companies were having trouble recruiting young talent; many of the best and brightest went into the roaring financial services sector. And the best-known brands in the supermarket weren't getting any younger. Saltines date back to 1876, Coca-Cola to 1886, Juicy Fruit gum to 1893, Kellogg's Corn Flakes to 1906, Hellmann's mayonnaise to 1912, Land O'Lakes butter to 1921, Birds Eye frozen foods to 1930, Ragu pasta sauce to 1946, Häagen-Dazs ice cream to 1959 and Gatorade to 1965. To be sure, consumer-products companies in the 1980s were trying to innovate, just as they are today. In 1984 Klein was hired by Oscar Mayer Foods Corp., where Kilts had recently become a general manager, to evaluate one of its new products — stuffed frozen hamburgers. Klein suggested scrapping the frozen burger idea since Oscar Mayer was spending money to learn things about the frozen-food business that industry leaders had known for decades. Instead, he suggested extending Oscar Mayer's brands of deli meats and cheeses. The result was "Lunchables," packaged school lunches consisting of crackers, cheese, deli meats and desserts, which soon became a billion-dollar business. But Lunchables was an exception — the more so, since most innovations come from outside the big companies. "More than 80% of new products fail," says Klein, who studied marketing and finance at Syracuse University, earned an M.B.A. at Harvard and has no doubt that stuffed frozen burgers would have failed too. Klein continued his consulting career at the Cambridge Group, which he joined in 1991. And he continued to work on the buying and selling of several supermarket aisles' worth of brands, divisions and companies, including Pine Sol, Gatorade, Tropicana and Mennen. Jim Kilts was a big client, but not his only one. That changed in 1998, when Kilts was hired as the CEO of Nabisco. It was almost 10 years after the "Barbarians at the Gate" buyout. KKR had exited in 1994, but the separation of Nabisco from RJR, one of the original objectives of the deal, was still hung up in the world of tobacco litigation. Nabisco itself was struggling. A heavy debt load limited financial flexibility, its distribution system had been damaged by cost cuts and it lacked an international division, which KKR had divested to pay off debt. "This put the company at a major disadvantage because it was operating in a global market," says Klein.
    • 75. Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d Kilts hired Klein as vice president of strategy, corporate planning, e-business and marketing services. Klein drew up a strategic plan and then got to work on item No. 1: turning around the biscuit division, whose profits were falling fast, despite popular brands like Ritz crackers, Wheat Thins, Fig Newtons and Oreo cookies. Seeking to increase productivity, the previous executives had restructured the biscuit division sales force. Originally, one sales person drove the trucks, stocked the shelves, set up displays and maintained a relationship with the store manager. Under the new system, a different person was assigned each function. The system was rolled out nationally before it was tested on a much smaller scale. Many senior people in the sales force responded to the change by quitting. "They changed their distribution system and got it all wrong," says Klein. After studying what went wrong, Klein and Kilts brought back the original structure and rehired some of the senior sales people who had quit. The marketing plan also suffered from mismanagement and neglect. In the five years before Klein joined Nabisco, the unit's advertising budget had fallen to historical lows. Klein discovered that several viable brands, including Snackwells, Ritz crackers and Fig Newtons, had been all but ignored. Nabisco then decided to invest $50 million in marketing, increasing the advertising-to-sales ratio by 50%. Shrewd acquisitions played a big role in the turnaround plan. Klein's team identified gaps in the product line, and in September 1999, Nabisco bought Favorite Brands International Inc. out of bankruptcy for $475 million — a deal that was within the company's limited means. Favorite brands had been a hodgepodge of companies thrown together, but never fully integrated. Its brands included Jet-Puffed marshmallows, Trolli Gummi candies and the Sathers & Farley's candies. "We saw hidden value in Favorite Brands," says Klein, explaining that the brands, especially Trolli, complemented Nabisco's Life Savers unit. Previously undermarketed, the brands could be sold through the stronger Life Savers distribution system. The deal also made possible the introduction of Gummi Savers, now a significant product in the $700 million chewy-candy sector. Nabisco was also eyeing United Biscuits, but here it lacked the financial firepower to proceed alone. After initially competing against a team consisting of French food company Groupe Dannone and financial partners Paribas Affaires Industrielles, or PAI, Cinven Ltd. and DB Capital Partners, it teamed up with them and bought United Biscuits in a joint venture. Along with a stake in the JV, Nabisco was able to buy outright some of United Biscuits' holdings in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (Danone, meanwhile, bought its operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and Hungary.) The deal turned out to be a cost-effective way to restore some of Nabisco's international reach, since most of United Biscuits operations were in Europe.
    • 76. Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d The turnaround was progressing, but Nabisco's stock remained depressed because of its relationship to parent RJ Reynolds (still its majority owner), which was facing billions of dollars in potential tobacco liabilities. Raider Carl Icahn had already made several attempts to buy Nabisco before Kilts and Klein joined the company. In 2000 he made another, offering a hefty 40% premium to the company's stock price. The board of directors put Nabisco on the auction block. Klein became immersed in the process, facilitating the development of the prospectus, working closely with the investment bankers on the deal and working on the management presentations to prospective buyers. In June 2000, Nabisco was sold in a complex deal. Philip Morris bought Nabisco Holdings, the food unit, for $14.9 billion. Nabisco's parent company RJ Reynolds, meanwhile, assumed any tobacco liabilities associated with the deal along with $11.8 billion in cash that was on Nabisco's balance sheet. Philip Morris wanted Nabisco to combine with its Kraft unit, which it had captured in a hostile deal in 1988 as a bulwark against its tobacco liabilities. For Kilts and Klein, this was familiar territory. As senior vice president of strategy and development at Kraft in the late 1980s, Kilts was in charge of defending Kraft from Philip Morris' original tender offer, helping to get the price up from $90 a share to the $106 a share Kraft eventually fetched. After the deal was done Kilts was in charge of integrating Kraft with Philip Morris' existing food business — his former company, General Foods, which Philip Morris had captured in 1985. Klein worked on that integration as well, helping to combine the two North American sales forces. In 2000 the task would be to integrate Nabisco with Kraft. Klein stayed on to help, working with Irene Rosenfeld, then a rising star at Kraft and now chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Klein oversaw a Nabisco steering committee, which suggested ideas for integration, but Kraft was responsible for the ultimate plan. The hardest part for Klein was watching Life Savers, a unit he helped build, be dismantled. To get regulatory approval for the Nabisco deal, either Altoids or Life Savers' breath mints unit needed to be divested. Philip Morris decided to sell the Life Savers unit. "It was a difficult decision, hard to comprehend," says Klein, who recalls being told that Altoids was a global brand with significant growth opportunities. Klein disagreed. Less than 10% of its sales were outside the U.S., he says. And while Klein was unsure whether Altoids had any new products it its pipeline, he knew that Life Savers sure did. Also by selling almost half of the Life Savers unit, which had been bigger than Altoids to begin with, it would become smaller and lose some of the benefits of scale. After Nabisco, Klein planned to get back into consulting. But Kilts, who had been hired in 2001 as CEO of Gillette, once again knocked on his door.
    • 77. Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d Gillette, like Nabisco, was a major turnaround play. The company had missed analyst's forecasts for 14 straight quarters. The way Klein saw it, the biggest problem was that the company had become very insular and inefficient. It would pay bills in 15 days but take 120 days to collect debt. Sales meetings were held 10 to 15 days after the books closed each month, not daily. There were few staff meetings or quarterly reviews. Managers were not held accountable and didn't strive to meet performance objectives; few even knew what exactly was expected of them. The board of directors only paid out between 20% and 40% of its bonus pool each year. As vice president of strategy and business development, Klein once again developed a three-year strategic plan for the entire company. Gillette hadn't created such a plan since 1992. "No one was planning for more than one year in advance," says Klein. The problem, he says, "was more or less self-inflicted.“ Klein and Kilts began by redefining the company's organizational structure, laying out clearly defined rules and responsibilities. They didn't replace most executives, though there were some musical chairs. Weekly staff meetings created a venue where managers could be held accountable to each other, not just to Kilts and Klein. Reorganizing made a big difference. By 2005 the board of directors doled out about 95% of the bonus pool to employees. With the organization functioning, Kilts and Klein turned their attention to revamping the business. A major challenge was recovering from a badly bungled acquisition. Gillette had paid KKR close to $8 billion, including assumed debt, for battery maker Duracell International Inc. in September, 1996. But according to Klein, key people from Duracell were lost after the acquisition, and Gillette focused on selling its high-end Ultra brand to the exclusion of some of its better-known, more mid-market brands, like CopperTop and Duracell Plus. Under the new plan, Duracell would focus on all three brands and look to grow the business' margin faster than the battery business as a whole. To do this, executives were given quarterly and annual goals, which Klein and Kilts ensured were met. The other objectives outlined under Klein's three-year plan included: to expand the company's market share in the razor business, to grow Oral- B's manual toothbrush business and to improve its electric razor business. Across the board, Klein and Kilts found that Gillette executives had focused on high-end products to the exclusion of its bread-and-butter businesses. The three-year plan helped improve the company's business and its stock performance. Nevertheless, Gillette was still overly dependent on razors and blades. And with about $10.5 billion in 2004 sales, it was dwarfed by consumer-products giants such as Unilever and Procter and Gamble.
    • 78. Klein believes that larger companies have many competitive advantages. They have more power when it comes to procurement and research and development. They also can invest in areas that are out of reach for smaller competitors. Frito-Lay's extensive distribution system and Anheuser-Busch's advertising campaigns are examples. Larger companies can also exert more pressure against retailers, especially behemoths like Wal-Mart Stores Inc., for shelf space but can also work with them as a global partner. In one of the many presentations Klein uses in his consulting work, he puts the advantages of scale this way: "It's the ability to invest in building capabilities which are distinguishable from competitors, like: assessing and integrating acquisitions, managing investor relations and specific areas of technical expertise." Big firms can make investments, adds Klein, "while smaller firms go broke with one idea.“ When Gillette decided to look for a big merger, Klein's role once again was to advise the board of directors and work with management and investment bankers. This was not the first time the company had considered a merger. Two years earlier, Kilts approached his counterpart at Colgate-Palmolive Co., Reuben Mark, to discuss a possible "merger of equals," but the sides couldn't agree on a valuation and who would run the combined company. In 2004, Gillette approached Colgate again and the results were pretty much the same. But four months later, Gillette began talks with Procter & Gamble, which bought the company in February 2006 for $54 billion. For Gillette, selling to P&G would reward shareholders and solve the size problem. For P&G, committed by chairman A.G. Lafley to look outside the company for growth, the deal was an attempt to build out its portfolio. One area that P&G was particularly interested in was Gillette's toothbrush business. P&G's toothpaste brand, Crest, has been trying to gain market share from the industry leader, Colgate, for years, and P&G hoped the deal would help it gain a competitive edge in the dental isle. The idea is to pair Gillette's number one toothbrush, Oral-B, with Crest toothpaste, similar to the way shampoo and conditioner are packaged as an extension of a single product. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the idea has yet to pay off. One hurdle: getting Oral-B staff to move from Boston to P&G headquarters in Cincinnati, where a Gillette manager decided the operation needed to be. Another big driver for the deal was that the two companies could help each other expand internationally. Over the years, P&G has developed top-notch distribution systems in such fast-growing markets as China, Russia, Poland and the Philippines, and the chance to move Gillette's products through them was an important reason for the deal. Gillette has its own strengths in such countries as India and Brazil and could help P&G in those markets. Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d
    • 79. On the international fronts, things seem to be going well. P&G cited strong growth in developing markets when it announced earlier this month that net income was up 14% (to $2.51 billion) in its fiscal third quarter. Overall, P&G's businesses and stock have performed well since the deal, though in a bond prospectus filed in May, it noted that the integration of Gillette continues. While Klein believes that P&G's scale will help it compete in the years ahead, he sees three key challenges for all the consumer-products companies. The first is intensifying competition. Retailers are growing steadily more powerful, and their growing lineups of private-label products pose a serious threat to manufacturers. The next challenge for consumer-products companies will be figuring out how to become more efficient. "A lot of the low-hanging fruit has already been picked off," he says, adding that companies would be well advised to rethink what their core businesses are and what functions, beyond the back office, can be outsourced. The last challenge may be the toughest of all: It's the shortage of good people going into product development and marketing in this now-mature industry. Yes, Kilts has earned spectacular rewards for his work in the field: a total payout of $77 million after the sale of Nabisco and as much as $165 million from the sale of Gillette. Klein, too, has presumably done well in these deals, though he declines to say how well. But those prizes were years in the making, and they won't be easily duplicated. These days, the young Peter Kleins of the world are much less likely to go into consumer products. As they make their way, though, they'll still do well to consider the lessons Klein and his colleagues have learned over the years. Visit Peter Klein’s website for additional background and his consulting/counsel services offered: Peter Klein - Article, Cont’d Separate article on Peter Klein from Advertising Age available on request: 1 of Top 10 Innovators