Being Pharma Social by Sean Moffitt
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Being Pharma Social by Sean Moffitt



OPMA session March 6, 2014

OPMA session March 6, 2014



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Being Pharma Social by Sean Moffitt Being Pharma Social by Sean Moffitt Presentation Transcript

  • - Wikibrands OPMA - Being Pharma Social Sean Moffitt @seanmoffitt March 2014 Toronto @wikibrands @crowdweek
  • Look in the digital mirror… How many of you have 303 Facebook friends? How many of you use check your smartphone 150 times per day? How many of you would rather lose your sense of smell than technology? How many of you update their LinkedIn profile regularly? How many of you have been dumped via text message?
  • Canada #1 Connected Nation
  • Canadians Love Online, Mobile, Social and Video 87% of Canadians access the Internet Everyday Online PC Time – Ranks 1st globally - 45 hours per month Video - Ranks 2nd globally – 25 hours per month/291 videos Social Media – 82% of us are social networkers Facebook (19MM users) –#1 globally in daily returns and friends 74% of Facebook users come back daily Twitter (11MM) - #5 Globally, surf twice as much vs. average people Linkedin (7MM) - #3 Globally, 50% senior management/owners/executives Gaming - ranked top 10 in social gaming, 58% of us game/90% of youth Mobile – 91% of us have a mobile phone, 62% of them are now smartphones, #1 iPad nation
  • Mythbusting – There are Industries That are Immune to Technology and The Open Web
  • #1 EDUCATION #6 RETAIL #2 ENTERTAINMENT #3 MEDIA #4 ECOMMERCE #5 HEALTH CARE #9 #7 #10 NOT-FOR#8 TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSUMER/HOUSEH FINANCE/BANKING PROFITS OLD GOODS Digital is Reinventing Industries 2013 Proprietary and Confidential-Wikibrands 13
  • CEO’s Biggest Challenges
  • Authority ≠ Expertise Measurement Organizational Inertia
  • – At the highest meta level, What is Really going On Here To Drive Digital Ahead?
  • The Top 13 Trends That Are Changing Business at The Top 13 Trends That Are Changing Business at Breakneck Speed Breakneck Speed
  • The Role Of Pharma in Social Media? The Rich Cousin – Investor The Cool Nephew – Lifestyle Appeal The Well-Travelled Uncle – Wisdom The Supermodel Niece – Aesthetically Appealing The Friendly Aunt - The Social Ringleader The Family Consigliere- Helps Solve Things
  • Ideas trump Technology Great ideas that spread are rare and valuable #1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a Company #6 Method in which it interacts w/ its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools/technology platforms built Source: Wikibrands Buzz Report
  • Digital Sensai - Healthtap
  • Bridge the Distance with Professionals - Medeo
  • Host a Hangout – UN AIDS
  • Crowdsourcing Communities – Aviva Community Fund
  • Crowdsource Innovation - Sanofi
  • Crowdfunding Personal Health FundRazr
  • Generate Good Content – J&J
  • Become Visual Storytellers/Infographics – GSK/Pfizer
  • Incent/Gamify Adherence - Lifevest
  • Build Alliances – Novo Nordisk
  • Monitor Outbreaks
  • Patient Tracker - Airo
  • Patient Tracking - OMSignal
  • Curate Information - AMEX
  • Adopt Platforms Early - AMEX
  • Mash Up Technology - Novartis
  • Continuing Social Medical Education
  • Be the Thoughtleader/Helper – Mayo Clinic Social Media Helath Network
  • Become Responsive/Swipeable
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Telus Upopolis
  • Mythbusting – There is No Universal Code for Doing Well in Social
  • The Hammurabi Code of Digital Reciprocal Ethical Human Awesome Helpful Authentic Social
  • CONTENT QUALITY – Shoot it, Visualize It, Provoke It, List It, Link It, Friend It, Say It
  • CONTENT FREQUENCY – If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Activity per Month Great Good Minimum Blog Posts 30+ 12 5 Tweets 400 200 100 Facebook Posts Video 60 30 15 8 4 1 Email 8 4 1
  • IBM Guidelines – Simple, Reasonable, Visual and Public
  • The Biggest Wikibranding Sins - Social and Digital Deafness is Tops- Source: Agent Wildfire Buzz Report
  • Stay Connected… Email LinkedIn: Twitter: @seanmoffitt @wikibrands