Why should I be thinking of BIM - BIM for LA's


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Why should I be thinking of BIM - BIM for LA's

  1. 1. Why should I be thinking of BIM? 25/03/2014
  2. 2. CONTENTS • About the Speaker • Virtual City Models (VCMs) • BIM Campus • My BIM Myth • Questions
  3. 3. Peter James Morton Education Leader Architectural BIM Technologist / BIM Coordinator Autodesk Education Expert Autodesk Elite Expert Autodesk ADN Member Autodesk Certified Professional NVQ Level 2 in Technical Services NVQ Level 3 in Technical Design Advanced Apprenticeship in Construction BTec National Cert in Construction BSc(Hons) Architectural Technology About the speaker
  4. 4. Virtual City Models (VCMs)
  5. 5. Virtual City Models (VCMs) in their purest form can be simply described as; ‘Computer generated three-dimensional (3D) geometric model with sufficient and consistent detail and accuracy as to portray both terrain and urban structures of a city’.
  6. 6. Newcastle and Gateshead, UK © Virtual NewcastleGateshead Los Angeles, USA © Urban Simulation Team, UCLA London, UK © Vertex Modelling Adelaide, Australia © Aerometrex Glasgow, UK © Glasgow City Council and Glasgow School of Art Oxford, UK © ComputaMaps
  7. 7. For more information on VCMs, please visit www.virtualcitymodels.co.uk
  8. 8. Forgotten Spaces in Newcastle
  9. 9. Virtual NewcastleGateshead Image courtesy of Virtual NewcastleGateshead
  10. 10. Ordnance Survey – Metres 3D Virtual City Model – Centimetres Point Cloud laser scanning - Millimetres DATA ACCURACY
  12. 12. 57 QUAYSIDE
  13. 13. 57 QUAYSIDE
  14. 14. Akenside Hill
  15. 15. BIM Campus
  16. 16. A collaboration between BIM. Technologies and Northern Construction Training. WHAT IS CAMPUS
  17. 17. A purpose made Building Information Modelling (BIM) training suite utilising state-of-the-art hardware and software. WHAT IS CAMPUS
  18. 18. A City and Guilds Accredited training course. Funded through the Adult Skills Budget, which is a funding pot within the Skills Funding Agency. An agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Supported by BIM. Technologies, who are the UK's leading BIM consultancy, working behind the scenes with some of the UK's biggest clients, contractors and consultants. WHAT IS CAMPUS
  19. 19. We offer a 12 Week BIM training course ‘Foundation course in Building Information Modelling‘ • Learn new software • Learn new workflows and processes • If you are aged between 19-24 and not in education, employment and training (NEET), the course is absolutely FREE WHAT WE DO We aim to teach useable, relevant skills that are instantly transferable into the workplace and which will enable young people within the construction industry to make a valued contribution to their employer at a very early stage.
  20. 20. THE PROCESS – Design orientated, simulated project work
  21. 21. Campus utilises the most up-to-date hardware and software within a purpose made teaching suite, specifically designed to cater for BIM learning. We are actively seeking innovative collaborative software. HOW WE DO IT
  22. 22. We are excited by the future of construction. In conjunction with industry, the government published a shared 2025 vision. The vision sets out stretching targets which will only be delivered by thinking differently. We want to build useable and relevant BIM skills of young people within the construction industry. The North East is a hub of BIM expertise – We want this to continue. WHY WE DO IT
  23. 23. We want to bridge the gap between academic BIM and industry BIM WHY WE DO IT
  24. 24. We want to increase the employment prospects of young people within the construction industry. Our aim is to get 100% employment following successful completion of the course. WHY WE DO IT
  25. 25. LEARN THE SOFTWARE – Tutorials and project work DEVELOP SKILLS – Modelling university projects
  26. 26. WHY BIM – Key standards, protocols and guidance
  27. 27. INDUSTRY INPUT – Fully coordinated multidisciplinary design models
  28. 28. AFTER 12 WEEKS – A design that is buildable
  29. 29. Our Alumni.
  30. 30. Where are they now?
  31. 31. Learner spotlight – Jurijs (Yuri) Pavlovics BSc in Construction Management Member of Team Niven (Assisting Cundall MEP) during the 48 hour Build Sydney Live competition Now MEP Revit Technician at Cundall. BIM – Transferable Skills
  32. 32. My BIM Myth
  33. 33. Young professionals can provide value to organisations delivering within a BIM workflow, or seeking to make the transition. LA’s can make the transition to BIM with the support the BIM community.
  34. 34. QUESTIONS?
  35. 35. WHERE CAN YOU FIND US? Website: www.BIMcampus.co.uk Twitter: @campusBIM https://twitter.com/campusBIM LinkedIn: BIMcampus http://www.linkedin.com/company/3201332?trk=tyah Facebook: Campus https://www.facebook.com/campusBIM