Avoiding Pitfalls in Product Mobility Apps / Teleca @ Droidcon NL


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Smartphones and Tablets are the key stimulator for innovations in the area of Product Mobility. But how to bridge between the innovation cycles of mobile apps and product development. How can you manage the complexity without losing the users and running into exploding project efforts?Please find linked to my profile a presentation held at Droidcon NL last week with examples that demonstrate the key challenges to cope with when integrating Apps to a Product Development environment.

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Avoiding Pitfalls in Product Mobility Apps / Teleca @ Droidcon NL

  1. 1. Avoiding Pitfalls when developing on Android forPublic the Home, Automotive and Enterprise Environment Dr. Peter Decker 23. October 2011 V 1.0 © 2011 Teleca AB
  2. 2. Teleca in 60 SecondsPublic  Global leader in software engineering solutions for the embedded software industry  Serving customers in the Automotive, Mobile Device Industry, Medical, Consumer Electronics, Internet, Operators, Silicon Industry, Broadcast Industries  All leading technologies: Embedded End to End solutions  User Experience, HMI, Applications, Mobile Internet, OS & Middleware, Chip level  Mobile Linux (Android, MeeGo, Tizen, Limo), Symbian, Microsoft, QNX, RIM, Apple, Proprietary  2,000 employees in 11 countries and growing  Blend of large-scale offshore services from Russia, India, China, & Poland with local engineering in Europe, North America, and Asia © 2011 Teleca AB
  3. 3. © 2011 Teleca AB Public Teleca - What we do3
  4. 4. Teleca around the worldPublic 2000 employees in 12 countries and growing Large-scale offshore services from Russia, Local engineering in Asia, NA India, China & Poland and Europe Sweden Finland Russia Poland UK USA Germany China Korea India Japan Australia Scalable Project Setup Teleca Offshore Team Local © 2011 Teleca AB Teleca Team Customer 4
  5. 5. Teleca is constantly expanding its portfolioPublic of leading customers inTelcosMobile internetservices Media industryEnablingplatforms AutomotiveMobile- and EnterpriseconsumerDevices © 2011 Teleca AB 5
  6. 6. How to make Money with Enterprise Apps ?Public Consumer Apps Revenue Apps $US 200 million Merchandize IPO Value (2012) $US 1 billion Individual Service Apps Revenue (2011) Mobile Cloud Service $US 240 million Product Extensions Apps Increased e.g. € 50 k * 1% * 10 000 = Product Sales € 5 Mio / year Increased e.g. © 2011 Teleca AB Product Sales € 20 billion / year 6
  7. 7. Mobile Apps extend conventional productsPublic Consumer Product Product Marketing Extension Mobile App Enterprise © 2011 Teleca AB 7
  8. 8. Mobile products extensions in AutomotivePublic  Connected Automotive Infotainment  Music  Contacts Nokia Mercedes Valeo E-mobility  Mirror Link Mirror Link mbrace park4u  Remote Control © 2011 Teleca AB  E-Mobility Management 8
  9. 9. Public Mobile products extensions at Home  Entertainment  Convenience  Door Opener  Energy Management © 2011 Teleca AB  Safety and Security Google TV AVM Fritz LevelOne Verizon Hub App Video Control 9
  10. 10. Confidential Mobile Apps Enable new business models Automotive Create new service offerings Create new points of Home Mobile Apps are delivery changing many Consumer industries due to Penetrate new geographies their potential to enable new Media business models Address new price points Transport & Logistics Decrease cycle time © 2011 Teleca AB 10 Industrial
  11. 11. Public Pitfalls behind Mobile Application Development Product Legal Pitfalls Development Marketing Customer Business Pitfalls Technical Pitfalls IS / IT © 2011 Teleca AB 11
  12. 12. Technical PitfallsPublic -> Mobile SW Development looks easy, but Pitfall Counteraction Pending network Perceived Performance counts: reply Cache and wait signalling Poor GPS Multiple Location providers Processing power Split Algorithms between client and server (e.g. SIRI, Shazam) Memory Leak Extensive debugging Multiple Devices Design for Testability Design for porting Battery Life Optimized Software Architecture OS updates Early testing on new releases -> © 2011 Teleca AB videos and material 12
  13. 13. Legal PitfallsPublic -> Pitfalls of Open Source Pitfall Counteraction Open does NOT mean FREE Build Architecture to protect own IP Select your license with care Invest in innovation Applications Different development model Community engagement strategy Media Home Browser Messaging Contacts Phone NFC Applications Customer Applications Player Application Libraries Underestimate upstream Develop a contribution policy System Services Location Notification Activity Resource View Media Service 1 New Sensors Framework Protect your reputation, New Services Framework Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr System Framework App Package Window Content Telephony do not contribute bad code NFC Service n Media Launcher Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr enhancements Maintenance is NOT free Libraries Surface Mgr WebKit SQLite Android Runtime Open Media Frwk SSL Customer Libs JNI GL | ES | VG Exten Device Virtual 3rd Party Core Libraries sions Machine NFC LibC SGL FreeType NFC Lib Hardware Abstraction Layer NFC Driver HAL Haptic Driver HAL HDMI Driver HAL Sensors HAL Linux Kernel FM Driver BlueTooth Driver Flash Memory Driver HDMI Driver USB HW Specific drivers © 2011 Teleca AB Audio Drivers Accelerometer Driver GPS Driver WiFi Driver TV Display Drivers WVGA (4 – 5 in) Compass Driver NFC Driver Sensor Drivers mDDR Driver Ethernet QVGA (2.4 in) WQVGA (4 – 5 in) OLED (256x64 mono) Touch Ctrl Driver Power Mgmt Compass IC Driver Haptic Driver uSD Card Conn 13
  14. 14. Business PitfallPublic -> your motivations for mobile is unclear Your CEO came with the idea Integral part of the Product Roadmap Keep your corporate identity Adopt to your customers device Do it yourself Want to go with a strong partner © 2011 Teleca AB 14
  15. 15. Business PitfallPublic -> Your Platform Decision is unclear Dentists: others US others younger 34: World 2011 Your Customer Segment 2015: © 2011 Teleca AB 15
  16. 16. Question…Public Is it better to be everywhere fast Or Deliver extremely well on one platform first © 2011 Teleca AB 16
  17. 17. Business Pitfall: -> Your effort / cost estimation $ 20.000 $ 40.000 $ 70.000© 2011 Teleca AB $ 10.000 $ 30.000 $ 50.000 $ 10.000 $ 20.000 $ 40.000 Platform Size of App Small Medium Big 17
  18. 18. What does App development cost ?Public APP Failure critical Impact to brand Impact to customer base impact to product revenue impact to product cost no impact Click Demo Standalone App Performance critical App Backend involved Backend extensions needed Backend security threats APP Complexity © 2011 Teleca AB 18
  19. 19. What does App development cost ?Public severe APP Failure critical impact Total Marketplace 1000 months Total invest > $ 9 bn 100 months Source: Visionmobile 2011 10 months 1 month no APP Complexity © 2011 Teleca AB impact Click Demo Complex System 19
  20. 20. How to reduce App development cost ?Public APP Failure critical Structured suitable offshore Quality and Assurance open source Structured strategy Configuration Management Structured Requirements Management Hybrid App Development Component Re-Use © 2011 Teleca AB APP Complexity 20
  21. 21. Public Mobile Apps - integral part of your productRequirements Quality Assurance Product Offering Mobile App Development Product and Service Development System © 2011 Teleca AB Testing 21
  22. 22. Confidential Teleca tips for success • Take a position, solve a problem • Focus on User Acquisition, Engagement AND Retention – Prove by measuring how new features (or removing features) drives these key metrics • Release early and often – Apps can see > 80% of active users upgrade to your latest version within 30 days of release. Updates also drive your users to re-engage with your app. Leverage this trend. • Integrate social engagement channels (FB, Twitter, SFDC chatter etc) – Mobile viral growth is still challenging. Integrate the available SDKs to spur social distribution • Build communication channels with your users to foster a community – App store ratings are very binary (love/hate). GetSatisfaction, twitter and other channels allow you to grow your voice and build app missionaries from your users • Show focus by Platform and Devices – Worry about multi-platform after you have a single platform working and growing user © 2011 Teleca AB base 22
  23. 23. Dr. PETER DECKER Senior Manager, Business DevelopmentConfidential Teleca Germany GmbH Massenbergstrasse 9a DE-44787 Bochum Germany Peter.Decker@Teleca.com www.teleca.com If you have questions or need further information? Visit our stand or www.teleca.com © 2011 Teleca AB 23