Why the cloud ?


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It is not by accident that we are seeing the confluence of BYOD, The Internet of Things, Social Networks and The Cloud. Today’s Internet will not scale and satisfy the needs of society in the near or far future. The era of sitting at a PC in an office is coming to an end, as are DIY company networks, IT Departments, and the formal structures of organization inherited from the first Industrial Revolution.

The way we design, produce, manufacture, supply, live, work and play have to change to realize sustainable future for all peoples. Embracing new technologies that span all food and artifact production and service delivery is our only option, and ubiquitous flexibility and adaptability are necessary at every stage of use and consumption. This also dictates that everything is on-line and connected, and the resulting (BIG) data employed to maximize use and utility whilst minimizing waste. None of this is a fad or fashion, they are definite, related, and interdependent needs.

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Why the cloud ?

  1. 1. WHYThe CloudEverything On Line ?Social Networks ?Big Data ?BYOD ?is far more than a crap shoot !COCHRANEa s s o c i a t e sPeter Cochranecochrane.org.ukca-global.orgMonday, 24 June 13
  2. 2. S H O R TANSWERThe internetwon’t scaleM a n a g e m e n t /work practiceswo n ’t s c a l eSustainability cannot be achievedwithout big changes to the way wecompute, communicate, control...Monday, 24 June 13
  3. 3. S I D ESHOWS- Security- The Law- RegulatorsMonday, 24 June 13
  4. 4. L A W S A N DR E G U L A T I O NEntirely humanconstructs thatare always upfor change,or often,very easily‘circumvented’Monday, 24 June 13
  5. 5. C L O U DS E C U R I T YThe Cloud/Clouds are inherently moresecure than any other network we haveexperienced before...Monday, 24 June 13
  6. 6. THECLOUDF a r m o r efundamentalthancutting thew i r e s a n deven moremobilityMonday, 24 June 13
  7. 7. W H A TWE DOTODAY~2nB Peoplehave all this~4nBPeople onlyhave a mobileToday’s internet cannot support 7Bn with all this+ a lot more - it does not scale...it will grind to a haltMonday, 24 June 13
  8. 8. I N T E R N E TINEFFICIENCYAn eMail cancircumnavigatethe planet toconnect twopeople 1kmapart...and itworks for 6Bnpeople...but...Monday, 24 June 13
  9. 9. INTERNETTODAYSlowing downUnreliableInsecureInefficientEco UnfriendlyUnfit for the futureMonday, 24 June 13
  10. 10. EVERYTHING MOBILE ONLINE & COMMUNICATING~ 50 - 100Bn things/entities demandingconnectivityMonday, 24 June 13
  11. 11. THEBASICSPeople, machines,personal devices,vehicles, sensors,tags et al needrapid, reliably,communicationwith minimallatency+++Monday, 24 June 13
  12. 12. THE CLOUDThe only technology that ticks all the boxes ofMonday, 24 June 13
  13. 13. Monday, 24 June 13
  14. 14. eeterminantThe journey to the edgeThe rise of the individualAutonomy resurrectedTrue empowermentReal responsibilityNet creativityNet powerWork 2.0Life 2.0Health 2.0Industry 2.0Sustainability 2.0A r t i s a n s re b o r nMonday, 24 June 13
  15. 15. T H E E N DOF AN ERAGoing to an officeand sitting at a PChas run its course,and big changes inlife, work & playare underwaydriven by needand technology....Monday, 24 June 13
  16. 16. N E W M O D E SFO R P EOPLE& COMPANIESA move to amore organic,& evolutionaryliving/workingstyle......unbounded/chaotic/out of controlMonday, 24 June 13
  18. 18. NetworkedGlobalizationNew TechIndustry 2.0Eco DemandsSustainabilityBusiness ModelsF O R C E SAT WORKLimits to human understandingphysical & mentalabilitiesAutomationMachineCollaborationA IAutomation New Materials NanoBioRoboticsMonday, 24 June 13
  19. 19. PRINTEDPRODUCTSGROWNPRODUCTSShaping and programming materials instead of cuttingand shaping, reusing and reshaping at minimal energyinstead of producing, using and scrapping...Monday, 24 June 13
  20. 20. INDUSTRIALP R I N T I N GAutomobileAerospaceProstheticDefenseMedicalToysJewelryAppliancesInstrumentsArchitectureComponentsa gradual and progressive migrationtoward shipping designs instead ofphysical objectsMonday, 24 June 13
  21. 21. CLOUDS INCLOUDSThis leads to a world of products‘tagged’ to record and report theirhistory, use,location, reuse, return andrecycling with near 100% materialrecovery......in order to maximizepotential and reducewaste/energy...1000sofCloudsMonday, 24 June 13
  22. 22. THINGS THATL I N K T H I N KAnd Networks//Clouds willbecome far more biological andalive - self determining - withemergent behaviours the normMonday, 24 June 13
  23. 23. ROBOTD R O N E SMonday, 24 June 13
  24. 24. ROBOTF A R M E R SMonday, 24 June 13
  25. 25. THE BIGU P S I D EMonday, 24 June 13
  26. 26. M U L T I F A C I T E DO P P O R T U N I T I E SF O R P O S I T I V E C H A N G EMonday, 24 June 13
  27. 27. N E WW O R L DO R D E R ?EmploymentEducationEconomyMedicineIndustryTrainingHealthLivingWorkCarePlay....global stability through the equitableuse and deployment of all resourcesincluding human capital...withoutdestrying the environment anddepleting supplies of finite resourcesMonday, 24 June 13
  28. 28. THE BIGGESTC O M P O N E N T O FS U S T A I N A B I L I T Y ?Monday, 24 June 13
  29. 29. DISTRIBUTEDS Y M B I O S I SWe (all) need a partnership with machines to help uscope with a growing list of complexities way out of ourleague and capacity as individuals or a groups: Genome,Protein,Weather, Resources, Economics, Data, Conflict +++Monday, 24 June 13
  30. 30. A I A S AS E R V I C EWATSONMonday, 24 June 13
  31. 31. P O W E R I N GM E D I C I N EA N D C A R EBetter diagnosis, treatment & careImproved survival rates and livesReductions in ‘digital deaths’Monday, 24 June 13
  32. 32. Thank Youcochrane.org.ukca-global.orgC O C H R A N Ea s s o c i a t e sMonday, 24 June 13