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The conference formula has changed, but we haven't
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The conference formula has changed, but we haven't


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The conference scene hasn't changed much in over 6000 years. We might have migrated to better technologies and presentation formats, but we still see largely passive audiences listening to a 'sage on …

The conference scene hasn't changed much in over 6000 years. We might have migrated to better technologies and presentation formats, but we still see largely passive audiences listening to a 'sage on the stage'. At the same time our technology driven society is speeding up and we struggle to understand the resulting complexities of commercial and societal life. It is time to think anew; to change style and format; to fight fire with fire and use and exploit technology in new ways to enhance conferences and our understanding.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 1. The Conference Formula Has Changed .... ...But We Haven’t Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sFriday, 27 January 12
  • 2. The ‘sage on a stage’ persists and the oral argument remains as dominant as ever... ...conferences haven’t changed much in > 6000 years !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 3. Our tech improves with time, but our work & documents remain mostly passive & lack any real interactionFriday, 27 January 12
  • 4. Life is getting more and more complex...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 5. Attention spans are getting shorter, business is getting faster ...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 6. Whilst our fundamental capacities remain static...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 7. And technology driven change is like a ratchet, it is a one way process, there is no going back... ...the old ways are long gone, dead, and never to return !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 8. We have to step up to the plate, meet the challenge, think and act, differently...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 9. And we have to help others do the same !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 10. BUT, time and technology wait for no man... ...or company !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 11. The power to ‘project’ amplified what we could do - beyond the sandbox and blackboard...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 12. And the power to demonstrate is now even more effective...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 13. But the way we engage is also changing...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 14. Participation is king...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 15. And new technologies will afford individuals and audiences new modes of attendance and participation...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 16. The best of the best... Hush HushFriday, 27 January 12
  • 17. Shorter talk times...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 18. Demo or die...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 19. Provide memorable context, connectivity, networking, references, and experiences...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 20. Fully connected audiences...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 21. Provocative !!Friday, 27 January 12
  • 22. WWW Everything & everyone on-line!!Friday, 27 January 12
  • 23. A return to the ‘guide at the side’ will also help with deep understanding...but will mostly be a machine in future!Friday, 27 January 12
  • 24. Axiomatic...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 25. The need for ‘instant education and understanding’ is on the rise...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 26. How come?Friday, 27 January 12
  • 27. Complexity and the speed of change increasingly render the methods of the past largely redundant...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 28. Everything & everyone is being connected and communicating... ...and increasingly mobile...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 29. People are now overwhelmed by data, workflow, and rapid subject matter change...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 30. Where you are ? Oh, by the way, your Where you have been ? mobile device will know Where you are likely to be going to ? Who you have met ? more and more about Who you are going to meet ? you day by day ! Who you call ? Who calls you ? Who you TXT - IM - Link ? All your contacts All your urls All you passwords What you are doing now ? What have you done in the past ? What games you play ? What apps you use ? What music you listen to...? What you watch...? What you read...? ++++++++++Friday, 27 January 12
  • 31. MetaData will be the future focus of business, care and government ... ...and it is where the £, $, € will migrate !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 32. A growing complexity now per vades all aspects of technology, human life and activity... ...and the resulting non- linearity is something we do not fully understand !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 33. But that doesn’t mean we cannot exploit the capabilities we discover !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 34. ‘Apparently simple’ examples..Friday, 27 January 12
  • 35. We need to thinking more widely about the big trends to be included in the future conference scene... ...way beyond more of the same but smaller, faster and cheaper !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 36. We really need to consider the bigger picture...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 37. Sustainability cannot be realised with old technologies and old industry models...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 38. We have to stop the wholesale destruction of raw materials...and the planet...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 39. ...cease the production of more and more for the few... ...and provide sufficient for the many !Friday, 27 January 12
  • 40. We need sustainable cycles that are synergistic with nature and not in conflict with her...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 41. Changing all the light bulbs and tinkering at the edges won’t cure this problem..Friday, 27 January 12
  • 42. Our future and that of the planet lies in the hands of new technologies and new models for industry and society...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 43. There is no ‘basket weaving idyll’ of the past that can support a global population of 7Bn...Friday, 27 January 12
  • 44. Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sFriday, 27 January 12