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Technology largely unseen - but on the radar
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Technology largely unseen - but on the radar


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Forecasting what technology will arrive when turns out to be relatively straightforward. However, the human, commercial and political elements are far more tricky! Here we look at where IT is going …

Forecasting what technology will arrive when turns out to be relatively straightforward. However, the human, commercial and political elements are far more tricky! Here we look at where IT is going and what is available, and possible, today as opposed to predicting what is actually going to happen.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Largely Unseen... ...but on the radar ! Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 2. Context, context! My kingdom for Context! With apologies to William Shakespear Richard The Third Act 5, scene 4, 7–10Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 3. Sustainability cannot be realised with old technologies and old industry models...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 4. Changing all the light bulbs and tinkering at the edges won’t cure this problem..Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 5. We have to stop doing things like this and find planet (and people) friendly alternatives...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 6. Underused video conference is a sign of the lack of network bandwidth and connectivity... does not signify a lack of need, demand, or suitable technology !Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 7. Home, remote, and working on the move are obvious winners too... ...but only if you can get the bandwidth and connectivity you need...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 8. But there is widespread frustration at the extremely low bandwidth and poor connectivity available today ...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 9. It undermines and prevents the widespread use of the latest technologies...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 10. < 7 % of internet ready TV sets can gain access at sufficient speed to be useable...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 11. d !! I collected these o rl w ic Global average test results over e tr m the past year as I sy m a travelled the an planet... n ot is t IT B u Global averageTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 12. Bandwidth & connectivity present the ultimate road block to our progress...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 13. Our future and that of the planet lies in the hands of new technologies and new models for industry and society...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 14. I only have time to illustrate this with a few samples of some of the biggest changes on the horizon....Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 15. It all hinges on the the next tech hot spot.... ...and the next industrial revolution Nano Bio IT + AI This is where all the real action is going to beTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 16. Moving on from bulk materials and the destruction of resources... ...3D printing is going mainstream in industry... and soon it will be in every office and homeTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 17. It is revolutionising the way we think of design & production... ...enabling new ways to realize c o m p l e x s t r u c t u re s , a n d integrated components...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 18. Hardware ig n D es t Access en lo pm D e ve OPEN on bu ti Networks i st ri on D a ti n ov In SoftwareTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 19. Bridging the organic and the biological to create new materials and capabilities...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 20. Programming materials to form 3D objects of predefined shape & function...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 21. Back to the plot !Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 22. Nothing is static for long: technology, networks and people...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 23. Everything now tends toward the complex, is inter-connected, making causality difficult to establish - and is mostly impossible... ...what drives what is no longer simple or clearTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 24. Technological change is a l w ay s a o n e w ay process... ...there is never any going back without huge penalties !Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 25. Unequals Worlds apart - a completely new paradigm!Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 26. Mobile technology has enabled new ways of wo r k i n g , p l ay a n d industries...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 27. So, what happens next ?Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 28. Social media leads to social selling...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 29. es se .. es e’. ic os e rv cl S ly ed eal Bas ‘r e on com ti be ca s o d L n + rie S lf P a G u vi rtTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 30. Where you are ? Your mobile device will Where you have been ? Where you are likely to be going to ? know more and more Who you have met ? Who you are going to meet ? about you day by day ! Who you call ? Who calls you ? Who you TXT - IM - Link ? All your contacts All your urls All you passwords What you are doing now ? What have you done in the past ? What games you play ? What apps you use ? What music you listen to...? What you watch...? What you read...? ++++++++++Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 31. Incramentalism ? This really isn’t the next step - it really isn’t !!Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 32. The wider problem - cards galore! ID Pass Debit Credit Guides Loyalty Medical Licences Insurances Institutions Quick Notes Memberships iCards ++++++++++ How many more my life for me!with? Just manage can you copeTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 33. If cards go from swipe to contactless...and that is all, then there will be another... ...only this time it will really hurt!Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 34. Tagging for life Cradle Chunky Limited to Pretty Grave technology information Jewelry Data Chips and tags on and in everything including goods, animals & peopleTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 35. Everything & everyone will be connected and communicating... ...and increasingly mobile...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 36. MetaData will be the future focus of business, care and government ... ...and it is where the £, $, € will migrate !Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 37. B U T a g ro w i n g complexity will demand more speed and more connectivity...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 38. The technologies of the p a s t c a n ’t c u t t h e mustard...they really can’t... ...the future demands something radically different...a new approach that can deliver...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 39. And we won’t find the solution in the museum...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 40. The biggest challenges facing any industry ? • History • Old mindsets • Old models • Existing operations • Vested interests • ChangeTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 41. It is time to be thinking different...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 42. A existence theorem... a company with a vision and a plan... ...FTTH @ an initial 1Gbit/s both ways open to all users and all networks...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 43. FTTH + 3G + WiFi open access in the customers box...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 44. Mountain View & GoogleNet … a different model and new threat to the Mobile Industry???Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 45. What would all this mean for the UK ?Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 46. 22M of these... Or 55k of these...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 47. Thin bandwidth over 1 - 10km Big bandwidth over 10mTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 48. FM WiFi Opportunity TV Optical Mobile We have devices & processing power to do & access more than ever beforeTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 49. Number Tx MW of devices Tns Sensors RFID Bns 100% The need for regulation and control ~ 0% Ms Mobiles Distance 3/4/5G & Power 100ks WiFi/Max ks mWTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 50. The spectrum myth… …it is in short supply! ! ed u s n u s t ly City of Chicagoostudy <17% m of commercial spectrum used is it a lly ctu ATuesday, 7 February 12
  • 51. We now have the technology to deliver an infinity of wireless bandwidth to almost any location...all the old limiters have gone!Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 52. 2.5/3G mobile HiFi FreeView SatTV DVD ~60GHz WiFi FTTH Entertainment & IT connected & configured using 60GHz. Broadband Server + back up store + CD & DVD + movie store + Integral 60GHz + WiFi + BlueTooth + 3 + 4GTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 53. mobile PC Hub/ Switch Server A cloud of connectivity Router Old wires and boxes view New access cloud perceptionTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 54. Mobile migration “Hardwear” Chunky Pretty technology JewelryIt hurts when I sit down!Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 55. Mobile migration...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 56. Gen Y = most connected, networked, participative and technically engaged generation ever…Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 57. Or as the older generation might see them...Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 58. >20 years of living on line - Any platform - Any device - Any OS - Any Application - An entirely different expectation! - Socially aware and connected - Unwilling to tow the IT Dept line - Provide and own their own IT and appsTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 59. And IT Dept’s will not be able to do this any more…Tuesday, 7 February 12
  • 60. Creativity is now at the edge, out of control, open, & distributed... ...and it is connectivity and bandwidth hungryTuesday, 7 February 12
  • 61. Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sTuesday, 7 February 12