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Marketing for future business
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Marketing for future business


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Technology is revolutionizing the insight function and it is difficult to understate the importance and scale of change we now face; mobile devices have fundamentally changed how we interact with …

Technology is revolutionizing the insight function and it is difficult to understate the importance and scale of change we now face; mobile devices have fundamentally changed how we interact with customers, and there are now more mobiles than people on the planet.
All business rely on accurate and timely data, but few exploit today’s modest amounts of ‘meta-data’ readily available that relates to their customers and the competition.  The smart mobile revolution is about to change the depth and breadth of information and knowledge about all of us, and all things including products and services. It will be the use of that knowledge that will dictate future winners and losers. The big opportunity, and challenge, is the leveraging of an accelerating stream of data and it’s transformation into meaningful information.
The biggest changes we will see in marketing will be:

Really understanding need and what people will pay ever more vital
B2C & B2B overtaken by C2B, C2C, B2M, M2B, C2M, M2C & M2M
A move from markets of millions to markets of one!
Social media leading to ever more social buying
Far more focus and the creation of near singularities
Sucking up to the customer will be key
Taking the pain away will be the norm

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  • 1. Open For Future Business Or, what’s over the horizon for markets & marketing ? Peter Cochrane ca-global.orgThursday, 14 June 12
  • 2. Let’s all start on the same page ! “process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 3. So, what is actually happening ?Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 4. The old methods are still hanging on, but are really on their last legsThursday, 14 June 12
  • 5. Many of the new methods are no less irritatingThursday, 14 June 12
  • 6. But we know that carpet bombing is very expensive and ineffective in all its forms !Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 7. To be ef fec tive w e n eed tar get to & fo cusThursday, 14 June 12
  • 8. TheWhat we are trying to achieve... old methods are still hanging on, but not always easy ! are really on their last legsThursday, 14 June 12
  • 9. Fundamentally it The old methods are is about building still hanging on, relationships... but are really on their last legs ...built on delivery trust, reliability, satisfactionThursday, 14 June 12
  • 10. We know and love: B2B, B2C! But C2B, C2C, B2M, M2B & M2M are novel and evolving...creating new opportunities & competitionThursday, 14 June 12
  • 11. And Market Insight outguns Market ResearchThursday, 14 June 12
  • 12. Examples of organisations that are really ‘not getting it’Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 13. I only have time for a very few exemplarsThursday, 14 June 12
  • 14. Fail to fully exploit their knowledge of us... we have to chase them for the services we need... they appear to anticipate nothing!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 15. Utilities pester us with marginal deals and offers we have no interest in!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 16. Mobile phone operators persist in interrupting us at the most inconvenient times for a cosy chat!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 17. Insurance companies chase to speak plain English... ...never create integrated packages that make sense!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 18. Fail to integrateThursday, 14 June 12
  • 19. Retail and the high street are in big trouble ! Las Vegas retail market deteriorates Las Vegas retail market deteriorates as vacancies escalate to new high of 10.5 percent ~ 200,000 ft2 of retail space to return to the market.....Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 20. Fund ament all y no thing much has c hanged in over 200 years!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 21. ...if they continue to do what they’ve always done... ...they’ll continue to get what they have always got... ...and the decline will just continue !Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 22. RIP Woolworth C&A Barnes & Noble La Senza, HMV ??Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 23. Most new approaches are failing to improve things significantly...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 24. lit y, a t qu en ce an eni m , co nv ers w sto ce Cu er vi s But they won’t buy your wine unless you have a parking lot!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 25. Home deliver services work... • Busy people love it • A growing market • Sophisticated • GreenThursday, 14 June 12
  • 26. wifi in all stores How come ? • Data & meta data • On & offline sales • Greater efficacyThursday, 14 June 12
  • 27. Why ? "We know our customers are mobile and want to be connected anywhere, anytime and anyplace” • Who you are But they also collect Meta - Data • Where you are • Where you have been • What you purchased • What you did not... • How often you visit • Who you visit with • Who your friends are • +++++++ • Real time advertising • Real time offersThursday, 14 June 12
  • 28. And y et these stores are always heavingThursday, 14 June 12
  • 29. They create excitement ...expectation and loyalty... ...all embracing’ experience • Staff help way beyond sales! • A hands-on experience • Expert lectures and tutorials • A new way of sellingThursday, 14 June 12
  • 30. They threw away the books, ignored established wisdoms, and broke the rules... ...followed their instinct and mantra of thinking different...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 31. There are no silver bullets or explicit rules anymore...only innovation and experimentation... Technology, fashion, timing and luck now play a bigger part than ever before...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 32. It is now about the complete experienceThursday, 14 June 12
  • 33. Essentials Luxuries Fun Retail is changing!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 34. Online mainstream & growing fast... • Technophobes dislike it • Demographic change ensures continued growth • High street becoming on- liners showroomThursday, 14 June 12
  • 35. Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 36. But we need to get far more sophisticated than this... 36Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 37. The leaders are moving deep into data & metadata to to make $$$ on both •They know ever more about us • We encourage them to do so • It really is a win-win situation • This trend will growThursday, 14 June 12
  • 38. It is all about taking thepain away - de-stressingtrade instead of making itdistressing....Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 39. Me2 used to be a good spot on the success curve... but in the near singularities of the digital world you are just part of along tail trying to survive and hoping to be bought out by some other big playerThursday, 14 June 12
  • 40. Social networking impacts markets quickly... Off the scale No Social Net With Social Net Music sales with and without social networkingThursday, 14 June 12
  • 41. Change is not an option - it is the only constant - driven by tech...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 42. Technology also powers a global abundance!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 43. And sees... • All markets as global • Customers always on-line • Meta data as where the money is • Customer expectation on the up • Quality augmenting cheap & plentiful • Growing online threats/opportunities • Pre-used/second hand as fashionable • Discounting dying • Group buying is growing • Consumers knowing more product detail • Prosumers a disruptive retail force • Selling fewer & better for much more • Production more local • Flash sales overwhelm supply • +++++ • Green as real issueThursday, 14 June 12
  • 44. The Power of Social Nets Other people: * Read * Watch * Listen * Search * Think * Work * Solve problems * Try products * Find good services * Organise group purchases So I don’t have to !Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 45. And you no longer upset one upset a community ! Bad news spreads faster & further than goodThursday, 14 June 12
  • 46. Where you are ? Where you have been ? The Meta Data Where you are likely to be going to ? Who you have met ? in your hand ? Who you are going to meet ? Who you call ? Who calls you ? Who you TXT - IM - Link ? All your contacts All your urls All you passwords What you are doing now ? What have you done in the past ? What games you play ? What apps you use ? What music you listen to ? What you watch ? What you read ? What you buy ? ++++++++++Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 47. What does it look like ?Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 48. Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 49. Way beyond mathematical analysis !Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 50. We are no longer looking for a needle in a haystack!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 51. But a specific needle (or group of needles) in a needlestack!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 52. It demands sophisticated algorithms & computing power...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 53. To reveal what we are most likely to need, select, buy, where and when in what quantities, along with others connected in some dimension to us!Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 54. This also applies to industries from small to large, and international...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 55. To win this race we have to embrace the power of our machines and new forms of marketing....Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 56. Aimed at the individual...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 57. But at the individual... Aimed timely and cost effective on all sides of the equation...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 58. A market of one.. ...and that means ME !Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 59. Be there when I need you and not before... -Anticipate my needs -Deliver on time -Provide support -A good price -Don’t SPAM me -Or pester me ...and you will have my loyalty & trade...Thursday, 14 June 12
  • 60. Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sThursday, 14 June 12