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Future health care
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Future health care


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Health systems worldwide are struggling to satisfy a growing demand and a rising tide of customer expectation. But new technologies are pushing knowledge access, self test and diagnosis toward the …

Health systems worldwide are struggling to satisfy a growing demand and a rising tide of customer expectation. But new technologies are pushing knowledge access, self test and diagnosis toward the users. With developments in nan and bio-tech this is about to accelerate with a new range of sensors and treatment/repair options.

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  • Great pres as usual Peter.

    I spotted typo's on slide 5 = 'Facilities' & Slide 63 = '...this'
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  • 1. Future Health Care ...largely unseen, but on the radar ! Peter Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 2. Context, context! My kingdom for Context! With apologies to William Shakespear Richard The Third Act 5, scene 4, 7–10Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 3. The rules of the game have changed...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 4. Healthcare worldwide is struggling to the future it will be much worse...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 5. Solutions will be technology driven and come from the home and local facilitues... ...only the timing is the issue...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 6. A recent example...a family member is now suffering this and can’t speak...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 7. The NHS supplied this... But I thought we could do a lot better with an iPad and a Free App...and I was right!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 8. We will be the last generation to know so little about our health and the state of our bodies...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 9. Home testing, diagnosis and treatment will (have to ?) grow...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 10. Much of it will be built in...subliminal...and those who elect to opt out or ignore the data, and warning signs / fail to take action will die early...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 11. Technology has moved the centre of gravity...and it won’t will only accelerate...and we have to do much better than just hanging on...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 12. And there is no going back...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 13. This is the new norm, the new stability...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 14. “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place” The Red Queen hypothesis, Alice in Wonderland: Lewis CarrollWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 15. Networks of people and things have changed the way we see our world, think and act...with social nets and distributed working now centre stage...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 16. Users now call the shots, with creativity, problem solving and innovation moving to the edge...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 17. Old people, systems, lawyers,managers, companies, societies, governments...are finding it hard to cope, and even harder to change...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 18. The only human that likes change... ...and even they cry and scream thoughout the process !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 19. Changing an established company ! “…can be almost impossible, and it is generally far easier to build a new one”Niccolò Machiavelli 1469 - 1527Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 20. Changing an established company ! “…can be almost impossible, and it is generally far easier to build a new one” This is what you haveNiccolò Machiavelli 1469 - 1527Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 21. Changing an established company ! “…can be almost impossible, and it is generally far easier to build a new one” This is what you need haveNiccolò Machiavelli 1469 - 1527Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 22. But giant leaps are risky! Exciting - and very definitely dangerous !!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 23. And yet some companies seem to get it right !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 24. How do they do it?Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 25. By understanding... What is available What it can do now What it will do in futureWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 26. By understanding and satisfying markets Make it easy Make it simple Make it obvious Make it convenient Solve a problem Satisfy a need Deliver valueWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 27. By understanding & s a t i s f y i n g customers... ...which is now quite a span !!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 28. Timing ! Has to be spot onWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 29. During the reformation eve r y t h i n g b e c a m e stove-piped...initially t h i s b ro u g h t h u g e benefit, but it is now a major inhibitor... ...there is only science...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 30. We really do have to start taking a much wider perspective to see what must be done, when and by what mechanisms...nothing is disconnected anymore; the ecology, economy, technology and all of life on this planet shares a mutual dependency...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 31. So what is the big future opportunity ! The world of atoms and bits is coming together...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 32. Sustainability cannot be realised with old technologies and old industry models...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 33. Changing all the light bulbs and tinkering at the edges won’t cure this problem..Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 34. We have to stop doing things like this and find planet (and people) friendly alternatives...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 35. Underused video conference is a sign of the lack of network bandwidth and connectivity... does not signify a lack of need, demand, or suitable technology !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 36. Tele-operations in t h e N H S c i rc a 1992...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 37. And 20 years on it is still seen as on the leading edge...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 38. People are always the ultimate road block to our progress... the biggest risk to success...and now we are far slower to change than our technology...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 39. Our future and that of the planet lies in the hands of new technologies and new models for industry and society...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 40. So, whats on, and just over the horizon ?Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 41. It all hinges on the the next tech hot spot.... ...and the next industrial revolution Nano Bio IT + AIWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 42. It all hinges on the the next tech hot spot.... ...and the next industrial revolution Nano Bio IT + AI This is where all the real action is going to beWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 43. Moving on from bulk materials and the destruction of resources... ...3D printing is going mainstream in industry... and soon it will be in every office and homeWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 44. It is revolutionising the way we think of design & production... ...enabling new ways to realize c o m p l e x s t r u c t u re s , a n d integrated components...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 45. In the extreme it will change everything... ...and we have to think in terms of shipping designs and not goods...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 46. For those who don’t see how 3D printers will change the way we live... about a printed jaw and other body parts...scaffolding for bone growth and repair where cure is impossibleWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 47. Vertrebal Disc 2002 Tissue Injection Molding.. Trachea 2002Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 48. Cranofacial Implants 2003Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 49. Bridging the organic and the biological to create new materials and capabilities...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 50. Programming materials to form 3D objects of predefined shape & function...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 51. We can afford to have a gene decode @ $600 & 0.5day... ...and within 5 years it will be $10 and 10min...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 52. Nano-sensors and decoding the genome will change medicine and care... ...whilst the decoding the protein will lead to a new chapter for the human race...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 53. All the science we need to make a tri- corder is now available... ...all that is left is the engineering of a product...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 54. Scanadu - NASA Research Park Moffett Field CAWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 55. Total Body Scan - bio samples to storage Continual This all leads to an Monitoring expectation of technology assisted Injury or Ill personal survival... Health Repair and RegenerationWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 56. And perhaps a little fine tuning!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 57. But there is much much more rapidly approaching!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 58. We can now manipulateindividual atoms andprogram cell by cell...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 59. And our machines aredesigning machines...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 60. Still at an infantile stage - part magic - part reality...mutating matter....Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 61. Really interesting exper iences this year so far!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 62. A new breed, and a new model operating at the edge...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 63. A global network of home bio-labs is now producing useful results and contributing to the professional world... ...the happened before in the 1940 - 2010 with electronics, hi-fi, radio, computer s , software , apps...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 64. And what of the connected world and mainstream ?Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 65. For most professionals the amount of data and info is doubling in less than 2 years !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 66. They can’t cope, but the patients can...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 67. A solution is coming from the direction of a game show out of the USA - Jeopardy...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 68. This application of AI is really powerful and will soon be available via The Cloud...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 69. Life and death decisions are a fact of life...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 70. To say the least this poses some ver y serious issues...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 71. And this is only the beginning of a whole new line of self generating technology...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 72. The world is no longer simple, linear and well never has been...but now it really shows...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 73. The complexities of Mother Nature have now been compounded by those we have engineered!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 74. Outcomes are very often counterintuitive and small things can often have very big consequences...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 75. Stress and mental illness amongst the professional classes is becoming an epidemic!Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 76. We are not going to get any smarter and the situation can only get worse !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 77. We need help and there is only one direction to look !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 78. We need a different perspective and new ways of thinking...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 79. Computer modelling, scenario testing, risk assessment, decision support...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 80. And there is so much more... • Social nets use GPS to go real • Machine to machine + robotics • Telepresence for maintenance • Logistics and RFID + tracking • Vehicle and people tracking • Appliance and device tracking • Dynamic energy management • Interactive books & newspapers • Interactive media • The death of radio,TV, print +++Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 81. New economies fuelled by data and meta-dataWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 82. Where you are ? New economies Where you have been ? Where you are likely to be going to ? fuelled by data and Who you have met ? Who you are going to meet ? meta-data Who you call ? Who calls you ? Who you TXT - IM - Link ? All your contacts All your urls All you passwords What you are doing now ? What have you done in the past ? What games you play ? What apps you use ? What music you listen to...? What you watch...? What you read...? ++++++++++Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 83. Big government & big companies ‘think big centralized solutions’... ...and the almost always fail...complexity kills !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 84. But local small scale system almost always do a far better job...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 85. Tagging for lifeWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 86. Tagging for life Cradle Chunky Limited to Pretty Grave technology information Jewelry Data Chips and tags on and in everything including goods, animals & peopleWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 87. Challenges - My Big 3 !Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 88. Artificial Intelligence Bio/Nano Sensors Manufactured PartsWednesday, 14 March 12
  • 89. Life will be governed by our data, but our survival will be decided by our MetaData...Wednesday, 14 March 12
  • 90. Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e sWednesday, 14 March 12