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What is cloud computing, what does it offer, and how come it is secure?

What is cloud computing, what does it offer, and how come it is secure?



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Cloud computing Cloud computing Presentation Transcript

  • Ahead  in  The  Cloud Peter  Cochrane COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s
  • Is it real, or is it a dream ?
  • What is Cloud Computing ? The Web the way itit wasmeant to be ! “The Web the way was meant to be !”
  • The  Cloud  -­‐  what  is  isn’t  !  A cure-all solution  A universal panacea  A return to the mainframe  Obviously advantages in all cases!
  • Poten4ally  :cking  all  the  boxes! Social  Inclusion ✔      Inherently  Green ✔ Reduces  Waste ✔        Socially  Beneficial ✔
  • Cloud  Mythology!! Cloud  Mythology  Imposes performance penalties over PCs  Security substantially downgraded  Needs large scale investment  Just the same as Grids  Just a fad!
  • The  mindset  change!  Networking will by-pass hoarding  Optimise everything for sharing  Make everything a resource  Let users decide  Influence is more important than power
  • Creativity is now at the edge, out of control, open, & distributed...
  • ~20 years of living on line….. …and now entering the workforce… - Any platform - Any OS - Any Application - An entirely different expectation!
  • And IT Dept’s then do this to them…
  • Time  and  technology  –  waits  for  no  man!                                                                          We  don’t  do  this  any  more    We  shouldn’t  be  doing  this!
  • If it is real it changes everything…
  • Provisioning/   Cost/desk/year Company  Mode Support  Cycle Internalized £1.5  -­‐  2.5k 9  –  18  months 100%  DIY Outsourced £500  –  900   9  –  18  months Google £50 9  –  18  minutes Desk  Top
  • IT Dept’s can no longer cope ...or indeed... compete !
  • A  general  observa4on  ! We are rewarding suppliers who give us more freedom – not less!
  • Get  rid  of  all  this  –  it  ain’t  core! Others  can  do  it  far  beDer  and  far  cheaper  –   achieving  greater  reliability,  resilience  and  QoS Application Operations Services Services Network Security Authentication Ordering Storage Sharing Availability Provisioning Operating System Integration Monitoring Licensing Database Customization Patch Mgmt Billing App Server Web Services Upgrades Renewal Web Server API Backup Marketing Data Center Multi-Language NOC Sales Disaster Recovery Multi-Currency Maintenance Support Workflow Desk Top Support Analytics Multi-Device Messaging Search
  • Spot the problem... ~9 months Tech Cycle ~2.5 years Management Cycle ~5 years People Cycle 2 - 10 years Procurement Cycle
  • Some  headlines  you  will  never  see....   -­‐  Corporate  apps  now  seen  as  cool -­‐  Workers  love  their  IT  Dept -­‐  Industry  the  prime  source  of  new  apps -­‐  CEOs  vote  TwiVer  their    1  business  tool
  • Here are the keys: - Reliability - Resilience - Connectivity - Efficiency - Energy - Openness - Mobility - Two-way Bandwidth
  • We  are  good  at  building  ultra-­‐reliable   systems  from  dirt  cheap  components! Unfortunately  the  same  cannot  be  said for  soXware  &  security....yet!
  • And  just  one  more  way  of  looking   at  The  Cloud…
  • Henry  Ford  gets  into  IT  ?
  • Thank You COCHRANE a s s o c i a t e s