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SharePoint AX integration and roadmap

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Share Point Ax

  1. 1. SHAREPOINT / DYNAMICS AX Presented By Peter Ward‐ Business Collaboration Manager ,InterDyn John Dooley‐ IW Dynamics TS, Microsoft
  2. 2. Agenda • SharePoint general direction • SharePoint’s integration with dynamics • SharePoint programming tools • Services that InterDyn can provide • Questions
  3. 3. Introductions Peter Ward- Business Collaboration Manager ,InterDyn John Dooley- IW Dynamics TS, Microsoft
  4. 4. SharePoint Strategy Customers Partners Internet Presence Enterprise Portal Employees XML Web Services HR, Finance, . . . Team Collaboration Personal Consistent and connected enterprise End user and business unit empowerment  Business Applications (SAP, data warehouse, custom . . .) Server consolidation with delegation for low TCO  Business solutions agility and interoperability through Web services
  5. 5. The “Anywhere” Workplace Before: Information Workers traveled to their workplace at the airport while traveling in the hotel in the office at the at home Internet Cafe Now: The workplace is wherever Information Workers are By 2007 “telework” will be practiced by more than 60 million people* More than 66 percent of works will use mobile and wireless solutions* *Source: Gartner Management Update 2004
  6. 6. SharePoint Feature Areas Business Intelligence Collaboration Server-based Excel Docs/tasks/calendars, blogs, spreadsheets and data wikis, e-mail integration, project visualization, Report management lite, Outlook Center, BI Web Parts, integration, KPIs/Dashboards offline docs/lists Business Processes Enterprise Portal Rich and Web forms Templates, Site based front-ends, Directory, My Sites, LOB act actions social networking, pluggable SSO privacy control Content Management Integrated document Enterprise Search management, records Enterprise scalability, management, and Web contextual relevance, rich content management with people and business data search policies and workflow
  7. 7. A SharePoint Portal
  8. 8. So what does this mean?
  9. 9. e-forms –AX Data Automation In the past, most ERP systems often ignored processes and workflow and focused on data entry. Today, Microsoft e-form technologies addresses the processes and workflows. Create PO Approve and comment InfoPath, Workflow, AX automation Outlook Libraries, Lists InterDyn provides a quick start single e-form engagement. Forms include: Requisition, Expense Reports, A/R, A/P, Expense Handling, New Hire Application, Journal Entries, Timesheet Entry, etc.
  10. 10. Document Capture –AX Integration Paper-based document management can be a significant expense for enterprises. Searching through paper files is time consuming and there’s always the risk that information may be misfiled or lost. What’s more, the costs of storing and distributing paper documents can be excessive. SharePoint has the ability to be a high-volume, production-level capture system designed to eliminate these problems. It can gather documents from end users in your corporate headquarters and branch offices and easily scan and index documents, then store them in the appropriate SharePoint repository in TIFF, PDF and XPS file formats. Digital asset management: Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Vendor Management
  11. 11. Analytics & Dashboards–ERP BI
  12. 12. Why SharePoint? • SharePoint 2007 was the 3rd release • Microsoft’s fasting growing product • Microsoft have bet their future on the product • You own the product • A lot can be done out of the box with integration to  AX • Remember no one ever got fired for buying Microsoft
  13. 13. SharePoint Programming tools
  14. 14. Visual Studio 2010 The best developer toolset for SharePoint  development • Creativity Unleashed – Powerful prototyping, modeling and  visual design tools bring your vision to  life • Simplicity thru Integration – Leverage your existing skills to build  SharePoint applications – Seamless development team  collaboration • Quality Code Ensured – Application Lifecycle Management ‐ building the right application, the right  way
  15. 15. .NET Framework 4 The best developer platform for SharePoint  development • Deep Investments in the Core and  Interoperability – Faster / smaller core runtime – Dynamic, parallel and functional  programming – Interoperability built in • Time to solution – Powerful middle‐tier frameworks for  web and data‐driven development – Program at level of abstraction • One set of skills – .NET continuum expands ‐ build for  Windows7, Windows Server, SharePoint,  Office, Silverlight, Azure…
  16. 16. Microsoft SharePoint 2010  The business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the web Connect and Empower People Browser Office                    Offline Mobile Your SharePoint solution across a variety of scenarios Rapidly respond  Cut costs to business  with a  needs unified infrastructure Reporting Application  Document LOB Human and Websites experiences processing integration workflow Browser Analysis Online or  On Premise Shared  Office SharePoint Out‐of‐the‐Box Capabilities Services Sites Communities Content Composites Insights Search Sandbox  SharePoint Designer Solutions Administration Visual Key SharePoint Platform Services Studio Application Model Packaging Security Programmability Interoperability Deployment Manageability The Microsoft Application Platform (SQL Server, Windows, .NET) ERP, CRM, Your enterprise LOB,  Cloud BUIT applications external systems and cloud services services
  17. 17. Microsoft Dynamics Building on the Application Platform
  18. 18. Microsoft Dynamics AX
  19. 19. SharePoint Dynamics Reach More  IW’s Windows Workflow Foundation Enrich the  Application
  20. 20. Embed SharePoint Collaboration
  21. 21. Expose Through Enterprise Search Unified search over structured/unstructured data
  22. 22. Enable Visual Composition (Parts)
  23. 23. Enable Rich Composition (BCS) Extend the reach of LOB applications
  24. 24. Move Process Inside:  Workflow Makes process visible and measurable
  25. 25. Our Implementation Approach • InterDyn build – Deploy • InterDyn train – Empower • InterDyn support – Coach and Nurture • You move forward • Together We Create: Ownership, control  and stability
  26. 26. About InterDyn
  27. 27. Questions? • email : • • phone: 212 502 3937 Microsoft confidential internal use only Be part of the experience