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Enterprise Project Management
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Enterprise Project Management


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NYU Event

NYU Event

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Extending Project Management to the Enterprise Welcome Management and Technology Master Practitioner Series
    • 2. Extending Project Management to the Enterprise
      • sponsored by NYU SCPS Programs in Business
      • MS in Management and Systems
      • a unique interdisciplinary program
      • an MS degree providing:
      • solid understanding of business disciplines
      • cutting-edge IT knowledge
      • the knowledge to effectively manage in today's challenging business environment
    • 3. MS in Management and Systems
      • select from four concentrations
      Database Technologies Enterprise Risk Management Systems Management Strategy and Leadership online and onsite courses
    • 4. Extending Project Management to the Enterprise Master Practitioner Series Business Collaboration Manager InterDyn Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management Solutions Group Microsoft Vice President Profit Quest Consulting Peter Ward Tommy Fu Doreen P. Fagiano
    • 5. Enterprise Project Management Doreen P. Fagiano ProfitQuest Consulting Inc. [email_address] Master Practitioner Series
    • 6. Enterprise Project Management
      • The conscious integration of processes, technology, organization structure and people in order to align strategy with the execution of projects .
    • 7. Project Management Project Portfolio Management Program Management Technology People Organization Processes
    • 8. Project Management TIME COST PERFORMANCE
    • 9. Benefits of Formalizing PM
      • Agreement among the project team, customer and management on the goals of the project
      • A plan that shows an overall path and clear responsibility: to measure progress during the project
      • Constant, effective communication
      • Controlled scope
      • Management support
    • 10. Project Management Project Portfolio Management Program Management Technology People Organization Processes
    • 11. Establish Consistent PM Processes
      • Practices
      • Defined practices that can be implemented consistently
      • Standards
      • That comply with accepted requirements
      • Roles
      • With clear responsibilities and decision points
    • 12. PM Practices
      • Project life cycle
        • From kick-off to post project review
      • Project management methodology
        • Complex vs Simple
        • Formal vs informal
      • Templates, Checklists, Guidelines
    • 13. Standards
      • What?
      • When?
      • Who?
      • How much?
      • How long?
      • Project Charter
      • SOW
      • Communication plan
      • Resource plan
      • Risk plan
      • Quality plan
      • Change Management plan
    • 14. Roles
      • Authority shapes processes and cultures:
      • Portfolio level: who has the authority to approve or cancel a project?
      • Program level: who has the authority to assign or remove people from project teams?
      • Project level: what are the roles/authority of the project sponsor and project manager?
    • 15. Project Roles
      • Who will the project manager report to? What responsibility to the project will this person have?
      • What does it mean to sponsor a project?
      • What responsibility, if any, will functional management have for a project?
    • 16. Establish an Enabling Organization
      • Staff augmentation
      • Consulting
      • Mentoring
      • Training
      • Project archives
      • Collecting/disseminating best practices
      • Promoting/institutionalizing the project management profession
      Project Management Office
    • 17. It’s People who Deliver the Projects
      • Institutionalizing the best project management practices creates an environment that teaches and reinforces project management skills to our PMs
        • Unconscious competence
      • All stakeholders have key roles to play in order to have effective EPM
        • How do I fit into the big picture?
        • How do I make a contribution?
    • 18. Rollout Enabling Technologies
      • The information and telecommunication technology that enables people to follow the processes
    • 19. Project Management Project Portfolio Management Program Management Technology People Organization Processes
    • 20. If you don’t know where you’re going… … any map will do
    • 21. Master Practitioner Series Microsoft’s Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management Solution Tommy Fu, EPM SSP [email_address]
    • 22. Microsoft Project Evolution 2006 1996 #1 Project Portfolio Management Software Vendor 6 th Largest business unit at Microsoft 2007-2009– $750mm  $1billion 23 Different Languages Program Management Portfolio Management SharePoint & .NET Platform Project Collaboration Resource Management Financial Management Scheduling Task Management Simple Reporting Resource Tracking E-mail & Print
    • 23. What Is Enterprise Project Management (EPM)?
    • 24. Work Management Visibility, Insight and Control EPM System Project and Portfolio Program Executives
      • Track the entire project lifecycle
      • Organizational Visibility
      Team Members See simple view of all projects and programs PMO
      • Manage scope, risk, quality, issues, and schedules
      • Prioritize all project work with enterprise objectives
      Visibility Insight Control
    • 25. Resource Management Align, Automate and Accelerate Resource Repository People & Time Finance Material Accelerate
      • Track costs and budget to better understand finances
      • Create transparent schedules
      Executives Centralized data facilitates cross project analysis of finances, resources, schedules and materials PMO Resource Managers Allocate resources based on their skills and availability Align Automate
    • 26. Portfolio Optimization Create, Select, and Manage Project Repository Analysis and Selection Reporting Dash boarding
      • Align selected portfolios with your business strategy
      • Determine optimal portfolio under budget and business constraints
      Prioritize business strategy and competing investments Manage
      • Quickly realize a return on investment
      • Measure and track
      • portfolio performance
      Create Select
    • 27. Team Collaboration Store, share and track Central Repository People Information Project
        • Share documents, synchronize calendars, stay up to date with team events, and assign tasks
      Collaborate via project workspaces and access project information through the Internet
        • Manage team documents with metadata, workflow, search, check-in and check-out and document versioning
      Track Store Share
    • 28. EPM Solution Components Line of Business Systems Executives Portfolio Analysts Project Managers Application Managers Project Managers Executives Resource Managers Team Members Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 integrates with Office Project Server 2007
    • 29. Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management
    • 30. Key Takeaways
      • Facilitates strategic portfolio decision making
      • Leverages existing investments
      • Manages work across the entire project lifecycle
      • Delivers an easy to administer enterprise ready platform
    • 31. Next Steps
      • Install the EPM Solution evaluation today
      • Learn more at
      • Learn more about Windows Vista, Exchange 2007 or the 2007 Office system at
    • 32. Implementing Enterprise Project Management and MS Project Server 2007 Peter Ward Business Collaboration Manager Web: Blog:- Master Practitioner Series
    • 33. Cultural Acceptance of Enterprise Project Management
      • Develop a culture centered on project management
        • This objective is very difficult to achieve
        • Technology is only an enabler
        • Behavior often retrogrades to original state
        • Policies, procedures, accountability and leader behavior must offer sustained support
      • “Culture change, that big elusive goal, often starts with one small “WOW” project”
          • – Tom Peters, Author of In Search of Excellence
    • 34. Do's and don'ts
      • Do’s
        • Treat the process as a project
        • Get IT involved
        • Train project manager and users
        • Review the process
      • Don’ts
        • Keep it under the radar
        • Big bang approach
    • 35. Perspectives and skills vital to project management Conceptual Relationship Skills Technical Governance Committee Implement. Team Other Tec. & Prof’s.
    • 36. The Business Objectives INFORMAL ORGANIZATION PERFORMANCE Organization Group/Unit Individual INPUT Environment Resources History Form Structures & Systems O U T P U T Individuals WORK The Organization Leadership Objectives Feedback Feedback STRATEGY Feedback
    • 37. Building a Business Case
      • Why is it important?
      • blogs, wikis, instant messaging and web conferencing
      • Bean Counters generally buy on:
      • “ We believe that by deploying project management tools we make our employees more productive, thus improving the bottom line (e.g. either making more money or saving more money).”
      • ROI Strategy
        • Reduce head count by 2 people => $100k saving
        • Products go to market not just quicker, but in 4 months, not 6.
    • 38. NYU MS in Management and Systems 'The M.S. challenges students to examine the intrinsic inter-relationship between business and technology and how leaders and managers can harness that knowledge to advance their companies. This is a new skill set and those who possess it will be the ones to watch.' - Guldem Gokcek, Ph.D, Faculty
    • 39. Talk and Chalk Sessions