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People like having Pete & Brenda on their team! They love what they do, they're fun to work with and they are always coming up with fun, creative things to do. pete & Brenda are one of the hardest working teams in radio today.

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What Radio Leaders Are Saying

  1. 1. What Radio Leaders Are Saying About Pete & Brenda www.PeteAndBrendaInTheMorning.com
  2. 2. Pete and Brenda "All the best shows prep heavily but Pete and Brenda follow that up by becoming a part of their listener's lives just by being themselves. Experience, talent and natural personality makes Pete and Brenda more effective than other radio morning shows. They are two of the hardest working people in the business." Jack Taddeo Communications (Senior VP/Programming CLEAR CHANNEL, WSNI-Philadelphia, WLIT-Chicago, KIXY-San Diego, KODA-Houston, Owner Radio K-T, Inc./WLKN Lake 98.1 FM)
  3. 3. Pete and Brenda "Pete and Brenda are a highly entertaining morning or afternoon show! Two superb voices that are capable of doing a number of different formats and do them well and they are very easy to deal with.” Ed Levine, Galaxy Communications President and CEO
  4. 4. Pete and Brenda “ Pete and Brenda are a perfect pairing of brilliance and humility.  They understand that the core element to success in this medium is not only knowing your audience, but BEING your audience.  They are constantly in show-prep mode . They make everyone around them better. Their dedication made us all want to work harder.” Leslie Pfau, Marketing Manager KRSK / KWJJ Entercom Portland (Former FISH PORTLAND Marketing & Promotions Director)
  5. 5. Pete and Brenda “ I have known Pete and Brenda for 20 years and their strengths get stronger. Pete and Brenda have a passion to execute at the top of their game every day. They have a unique ability to not just talk to the listeners, but to be interactive with them. They have that special connection with their audience.” Greg Carpenter, Program Director WLIF Radio - CBS Baltimore
  6. 6. Pete and Brenda "When we put our Contemporary Christian FM,(Life 93.5), on the air in our market recently, we were looking for a morning show that could just as easily run on our Adult Contemporary station. Pete and Brenda in the Morning was a true “rare find”. The show is topical, contemporary, fun, and the chemistry between Pete and Brenda is tremendous. The audience loves Pete and Brenda. Pete and Brenda have the ability to work on any Adult Contemporary station. There are very few syndicated morning shows for an Adult Contemporary format that have all the “positives” of Pete and Brenda! Best of all, Pete and Brenda don’t sound syndicated. They sound like they are “live” in the studio and involved in the community!" Howard Toole, President-GM - Rome Radio Partners, LLC
  7. 7. Pete and Brenda "Pete and Brenda treat their listeners, callers, guests, and my employees with respect, a quality all too rare these days. Pete and Brenda entertain our listeners, inform our listeners and make us laugh. All of this, without being mean or disagreeable. They seem to truly enjoy each other's company and in turn we enjoy theirs. I am happy to work with Pete and Brenda." John Iannuzzi, Operations Manager - Business TalkRadio Network - Lifestyle TalkRadio Network
  8. 8. Pete and Brenda “ I love Pete and Brenda. By understanding what’s important to their radio audience they created a “real life” show by using reoccurring expert guests to produce weekly segments that were fun and interesting. As a guest expert on the show, I found the segments were effortless and came alive with their questions, personal stories and funny antics. Who needs coffee in the morning when Pete and Brenda are on the air!” Heidi Diller, RD Albertsons Corporate Nutritionist
  9. 9. Pete and Brenda To find out more information about having the team on your radio station, please contact them at… 503-762-1723 or 615-776-3070 www.PeteAndBrendaInTheMorning.com