Pete & Brenda Reaching Out


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Pete & Brenda love being a part of their listener's lives. They don't just talk to their radio listeners, they interact with them on every level. Their radio show reflects their community spirit, their passion for what they do and their ability to make people feel like they are sitting around the table with them having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, some lively conversation and a lot of laughs. If you're tired of bad news and polarizing politics, turn on the Pete & Brenda Show for a refreshing change.

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Pete & Brenda Reaching Out

  1. 1. Pete & Brenda Reaching Out Their motto is, “do as much as we can, whenever we can, and however we can.”
  2. 2. Pete and Brenda When we moved to Portland, Oregon in 2005 to host the Pete & Brenda Morning Show on the FISH, our goal was to provide a consistently entertaining and informative morning show highlighted with humor, fun guests, and lots of participation by our listeners.
  3. 3. Pete and Brenda We would be competing with a number of beloved and deeply entrenched heritage morning shows who had become household names with their audience. Our goal was to do the same.
  4. 4. Pete and Brenda We began by reaching out to the community and going out and meeting people and lending our support to important organizations and issues that mattered to our listeners.
  5. 5. Pete and Brenda In 2006 we established the popular Pete & Brenda Makeover Monday where deserving women of all ages were given a chance to feel good about themselves as they met life’s challenges head on. When we first launched the feature we received over 500 entries.
  6. 6. Pete and Brenda In 2006 we also launched the Pete & Brenda Annual Luncheon and Shoe Auction with Outback Steakhouse and DSW to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Outback opened special hours and served a buffet style luncheon that included their most popular entrees. DSW donated all of the shoes for auction.
  7. 7. Pete and Brenda 2006 was the year we kicked off the Pete & Brenda "Third Thursday Book Club with Barnes & Noble. Two of our premier events were attended by more than 450 people in partnership with Disney. The book club is a popular "me-time" destination for our listeners.
  8. 8. Pete and Brenda In 2007 we introduced Pete & Brenda animated characters in a popular TV commercial that made a lot of people, who had never listened to the FISH or heard of Pete & Brenda, take notice. These animated characters were based on a succession of Pete & Brenda caricatures dating back to the early 90’s and created as a gift by world-acclaimed local animator, Ranjy Thomas.
  9. 9. Pete and Brenda By Winter of 2008 the Pete & Brenda Morning Show had made a steady climb to #4 in our target demo of Women 25-54. By October of 2008 we had attained a “Q rating” among Portland Morning Shows of 8.3, second only to Nelson and Terry at the Buzz in the Portland Radio Market.
  10. 10. Pete and Brenda We had set out to develop a fun, successful morning show for our listeners and are proud of what we accomplished with a remarkable team effort.
  11. 11. Pete and Brenda Our goal is to bring a warm, friendly, funny, entertaining and informative show to even more people. We’re excited at the possibilities and options and excited about 2011! To find out more information about having the team on your radio station, please contact them at: 503-762-1723