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My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
My GTD Workflow Setup
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My GTD Workflow Setup


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This is how I get work done! Here is the workflow I use to help me maintain control over the tasks I put my energy into during the day. This deck also explains the rationale behind it and the core …

This is how I get work done! Here is the workflow I use to help me maintain control over the tasks I put my energy into during the day. This deck also explains the rationale behind it and the core tools (both on PC and iPhone/iPod) that allow me to be remember more and keep focus on what needs attention. I hope it helps you - would welcome feedback, here or at my blog on

The approach is heavily influenced by David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD) approach.

BTW - I've also got a Productivity Magazine on Flipboard that I curate. Find it at

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  • 1. Purple SalixMy Personal Workflow Setup Pete Jakob Purple Salix email: Web: Twitter: @curdridge Marketing Science, Marketing Transformation, Business Impact
  • 2. Caveat• Choosing your productivity setup is very personal – Other applications undoubtedly offer functions that will suit your requirements better• Don’t overtinker – “Perfect is the Enemy of Good Enough!” – My setup could certainly be improved, but it works for now• There are hyperlinks throughout this deck linking to the key applications
  • 3. Getting Things DoneThe core of myproductivity system istheGetting Things Done(GTD) methodologydescribed in DavidAllen’s book of the samenameIt also owes a lot toideas I’ve picked up fromthe GTD topic in theToodledo Forum GTD Workflow. Taken from
  • 4. My Productivity WorkflowDelete Workflow email Unique Toodledo email ID emailArchive email clip Web clip email Meeting Notes email Direct entry Reference Dictation app Unique Evernote email ID Ideas Scan Documents Email (or direct entry) Evernote Photos
  • 5. Other Workflow Tools I’ve Tried• eProductivity (Lotus Notes) – Integrates fully with Lotus Notes (replaces mail template) – Workflow and Reference in one environment – Highly recommended for Notes Users – I no longer use Lotus Notes!• ActiveInbox (Gmail extension) – Powerful tool if you want to manage your day from within your email. I want to separate the 2 items – I found it limited around printing and the lack of a native iOS became a real issue so I ditched it• IQTell – Looked promising for a while. Tries to become a dashboard over your email, todo lists, Evernote etc – I found the UI a little cumbersome and struggled with it’s implementation of projects. – However, a strong candidate and good support• Evernote – Some people try to use Evernote as their GTD system – after all if it’s already the reference system, why not extend it further? Read more here from Ruud Hein – I found it too clunky– simply asking a great tool to do something for which it wasn’t designed.• Nirvana – Haven’t tried it, but the UI looks very simple and it looks like it handles projects more successfully than Toodledo – Anyone any experiences to report? Conclusion: Nothing is perfect – find the best fit for YOU!
  • 6. Why I Chose Toodledo• Email address• Native app on Web and iOS (means I can process lists when offline)• Highly customisable to my environment• Supports subtasks and attachments (paid version)• Note: It ain’t perfect. It has fundamental issues with projects – but I can work around it
  • 7. My Toodledo Setup Operation• • Any new actions, by default come straight into the Toodledo Folders inbox. I can worry about categorising later.Especially useful – Inbox for forwarding emails to TD when I only have my – Actions iPad/iPhone available – Projects • Exception is where I use the Toodledo Chrome extension to – Waiting add tasks, where I frequently complete the processing – Someday/Maybe within the dialogue box – Ticklers • Ticklers is for reminders for specific dates (eg remember – Agenda someone’s birthday) Don’t use that much as I prefer to use my Gmail calendar for that• Contexts • Agenda is to capture topics for discussion for upcoming – @Work meetings. I tend to capture the name of the meeting and – @Home add agenda items in the Note field – @Errands • Contexts. I used to use many more, but have realised that• Main Fields Used whenever I’m working I have a computer with me (at least – Task iPhone) so several contexts became redundant. – Folder (default to Inbox) • @Errands allows me to remember what I need the next – Context (default to @work) time I’m in B@Q, for instance – Start Date (default to today) • I use Due Date only when absolutely necessary – Due date (only if necessary; mostly blank) • Stars to denote actions that I want to add to my focus for – Priority today. I keep on experimenting with whether or not to also use it for project next actions (that are not necessarily to be – Repeat (as necessary) completed over the next few days). Jury out on that for me – Note (this contains the email text when I forward emails • I spend most of my time in the Hotlist (called Focus in to Toodledo; I also add the mail/web URL so I can get Appigo Todo). Other views are mainly for maintenance and back to the source email quickly for replies etc) weekly review.• Hotlist • There’s great Forum support on Toodledo which has been – Defined by Priority of “3 Top” or higher invaluable as I have evolved my system – Due date in the next 7 days – Starred
  • 8. Why I Chose Evernote• Offers Tagging – more flexible than folders for retrieving information (items can have multiple tags)• Offline storage on Apple device – so all info always available• Import folders – allows, for instance, PDF downloads to be automatically imported for later reading
  • 9. My Evernote Setup• After many years I’ve now greatly simplified my setup. The reality is that Evernote has great search capabilities (including saved search) and tags – with that I can do all I want from a reference bucket• Most things get into Evernote directly, or emailed, or using the Evernote Web Clipper• I tend to use the following Notebooks – Inbox (this is the default Notebook). During my Weekly Review I will process any items in here so that it is empty – Reference. This is a single notebook into which I place anything I want to keep. I use tags to group them under key topics (eg recipes, receipts, garden, client names, etc) – Read. This is a Notebook I use for articles/PDFs/Presentations that I find on the web (or get emailed) that I want to read later. Once I’ve read them I’ll move• With the Clipper I can automatically place articles into folders and tag them accordingly• By Default, emails etc go into Evernote into Folder called “Inbox”.I can then tag them• I use searches and saved searches to get rapid access to information. Check out Brett Kelly’s list of saved searches.
  • 10. Why I Chose Dropbox• Glues iOS and Windows files together• Familiar Windows Explorer format• All my (non-confidential) work files are stored here, and accessible from any PC, and iOS device• Automatically stores version history of files on web for 30 days• Store frequently used files offline (“favourites”) so can be accessed when no network available
  • 11. My Selection Criteria for Other Applications• Integration with Dropbox and Evernote• Stable• Allow me to be productive with either PC or iPad/iPhone• Provide functionality when no network coverage (eg SouthWest trains to London!)• Regular enhancements• Low Cost / Free
  • 12. Function PC Notes iPad/iPhone NotesWorkflow Toodledo See previous slides Appigo Todo Personal preference. Syncs with Toodledo in cloud, provides better handling of projectsReference Evernote Mainly use PC version, but Evernote web interface also availableemail GMail Personal preference – good iOS email searching, filtersWeb Browsing Chrome Chrome extensions Safari available for Evernote, Toodledo and GmailNote taking - Notability Text and Handwriting input (no handwriting recognition) Audio recordingMindmapping Freemind Compatible with iThoughts iThoughts HD Fast, Flexible Free Exports to MS doc/ppt Also great for note takingDictation Dragon dictation Good recognitionScan HP Photosmart Use for multi-page docs JotNot Pro Includes stabiliser for better Printer (Also supports print from image clarity iOS)Photos iPhone Camera / Automatically uploads Dropbox photogallery to Dropbox
  • 13. Enjoy!