The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Nine
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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Nine



The OWBC by PetTech Part NIne

The OWBC by PetTech Part NIne



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The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Nine The Offically Wacky BoolProp Challenge by PetTech Part Nine Presentation Transcript

  • “ Hello! Alien lady having a baby here!” No you didn’t miss anything. I just decided to start with the ending and then go to the beginning and then come back again. I suppose that would have more effect if this actually had a story for me to tell. Besides, its not really surprising that Psion is pregnant. In fact for OWBC it is down right mandatory. Yes, in the last update I did say that life is easier if you start your journey at the beginning. In a way, Psi giving birth is a beginning since when I named the child I realized that I only had three names left. That means that this is the beginning of the last generation of this challenge. Ha!
  • Let’s see, beginnings…Ahh! Allegra- Oscar and Cassandra’s kitten popped into a lovely- umm… Training tells me this is a Persian because she is short nosed but the hair coloring reads Himalayan. I guess she’s a mix. Oscar’s offspring however does not suffer from such confusion…
  • Except for the brown eyes she is very much her father’s daughter. Little Mandy is the child of first generation spare Oscar and Cassandra Goth. She is an Aries (6/9/8/3/3) and looks to be a charming young lady. Since some of you expressed interest in the appearance of some of the spare children- I give you the following slides.
  • Mandy pops into childhood much like the kitty. I also rushed the growing up on this bunch of spares because I wanted some new kids to follow the main house’s children home from school. I’d rather have family nicking Bob than Marsha Brueing. (I later may regret saying that.)
  • This little tyke is the child of Olive (first generation) and Geoffrey Walter. His name is Kyle and he is a Scorpio (10/3/9/3/1).
  • Grown up a bit he looks like this. He’s actually better than I thought he would look given his father’s unusual face.
  • And this is Brian’s firstborn son George. George is a Gemini (6/9/9/3/1).
  • Little George grows up and looks like a copy of his daddy Brian.
  • This is Brian and Lucy’s second child Breanne who also looks a lot like her daddy. Joe Carr has some very strong genes! That’s all the spare kids for now. Let’s move on…
  • Over in the downtown area I decided that I should probably use more than the vending machines and trash chutes that came with apartment life. Since I have so many single (at the moment) sims moving back from college I thought it would be fun to throw some of them into an apartment building until they decide who they want to spend their lives with. Rochelle, as you see, grew up in her mother’s dress.
  • After a make over and a little job hunting (without success) my former bad apple decided to invite some of her new neighbors over for a party. Rochelle it turns out is a Virgo (9/2/6/6/5) with a LTW to be Captain Hero. I already knew she was a popularity sim. She is turned on by brown hair and high cleaning skill and turned off by glasses. By the time she graduated she had only maxed one skill- creativity. Prepare yourselves. The next photo is very banned 4 lyfe…
  • I apologize to any sensitive young readers who might be shocked. However, there is a disclaimer on my boolprop thread saying that there could be adult oriented stuff. Two former boyfriends and one really wrong dance move! At least I gave you a warning. Unlike some people… *glare* You know who you are!
  • Despite the appearance of the former photo, every thing here is copasetic. Having these three in one building will help insure they stay friends. There is no real romance here among any of them. After popping over to check out Maxi Buckle’s want panels I find that she and Alexander both have three bolts and she has the want to get engaged to him. It would seem to me that a romance sim and a pleasure sim will get along really well. But I don’t know if I will go so far as marriage.
  • Also living downtown is Paul and his new fiancé Sarah Leong.
  • For a girl who was wearing punk gear, the soccer mom look has to be torture. Don’t worry it gets fixed. She is a romance sim as well and as you can tell by the blue rings she doesn’t mind being engaged to the Spud. We will see if that changes come wedding time.
  • Next door big sister Lori gets Jim over for a little impromptu growing up and moving in.
  • Jim is a family sim as well. Hopefully, Lori can keep her half romance hands where they belong. We will be back later for Paul and Lori’s weddings. But first, a birthday.
  • Odell has finally become a senior citizen. And she didn’t do too badly in the clothes department. Odell, in case you have forgotten, was the heiress of Tess Trueheart- my founder. Her birthday was immediately followed by a wedding.
  • Anthony King, the oft over looked secret society member with the big cheeks and bowl hair cut becomes a Trueheart. When they first met Psion was still a fortune sim and they had three bolts. Now that she is a grilled cheese and after a few adjustments they have two. As is Trueheart family tradition all the ladies are wearing the same dress (except Odell who I didn’t have time to change). Unfortunately, due to the weather the wedding was indoors and some guests just had to go outside and change their clothes…
  • This is not the lovey dovey pair they were when they met but they still are quite fond of each other.
  • Psi is way too nice to even consider cake smashing. Anthony on the other hand might have. Anthony is a Scorpio (6/5/8/3/3), fortune sim with a LTW to top the business career track. His preferred hobby is sports and he is turned on by glasses and high logic and turned off by high cleaning skill. He is already working on his LTW and is the first sim to work since Joe Carr the spouse of my founder. Despite the lack of jobs the household funds are well over three hundred thousand simoleons due to the fortune sim aspiration benefits.
  • Titus, Psi’s half brother attended as he is essentially part of the family. Here he is chatting with Rochelle who is already working on getting rid of the ‘freshman fifteen’ she put on eating so much pizza.
  • His face became glitched after the cake was fed to him.
  • There of course was plenty of smustling. It just wouldn’t be an OWBC party without it. Had I thought ahead a bit I probably would have done a honey moon trip for these two but Psi was already expecting and I didn’t want to wait extra long to see what the first child was going to look like. Maybe later…
  • As a wedding present Anthony nearly got scared to death by Joe.
  • Pleasant View also has a new resident sim-self. Mountainshade (Shady) writes a great OWBC too. If you aren’t reading it you should. Apparently she doesn’t like being harassed by wolves though. She is sharing the house you see in the background with Little Nemo, Maxi Buckle, Michelle Fobbs, Purple Bunny and thepiper5. They mostly play video games and blow bubbles over there.
  • This picture is here to show that all the paintings made it back to the house from uni. I just can’t fit them all in one shot. They are a requirement for the family scrapbook challenge. That is all.
  • During the wedding Rochelle took it upon herself to cart off Bob the gnome. Odell fortunately went and got it back the same night. This time.
  • Three non eventful days later…
  • Some birthdays occurred over at the house that BBP, thls0 and Lorinsv60 share. *evil grin* This is little Elizabeth who suffered through Titus’s teasing not so long ago.
  • Now the two of them have civil interactions. Oh, she does the one nice point scowl and the arm crossing and everything. It is not very convincing though.
  • A new hairstyle and change of clothes and Elizabeth has grown into a lovely young lady. Lea was concerned that her face might be strange but I have to say she looks very pretty.
  • Same day a different little girl. They don’t look alike but they do have the same personality. I forgot to randomize the generator. Sorry. Inga is however, a beautiful little child with what I suspect are her daddy’s cheeks. Two Scorpios (10/3/8/8/1). I also suspect there will be plenty of noogies handed out sometime in the future.
  • The last thing to report here is that some three bolt stalking action has developed between Lorin and Mr. Long. Lorin, he is a good catch with a field researcher job. If you want him, he is yours. I promise to dress him better.
  • I love that I can use the same photo over and over again in the same post without a lot of effort. Are you ready to see the first child of the last generation of this challenge?
  • See. I’m not entirely cruel. My sim-self is currently packing 0 nice points and a 10 body but the real me still has a few nice points left- for now. This little girl is named Olona. The name was the result of me trying and failing to come up with a better O name. She has her father’s eyes and hair color and seems to have normal ears and nose. The ears could still change like Titus’s did. Let’s get back to some weddings…
  • Back at Lori’s place she and Jim Wong get married while one half of the guests tell jokes on the front porch. My weddings never seem to go very well.
  • Three Trueheart ladies in a row. The party went down hill after this point. In the back of this picture you can just pick out a couple of sims heading into the tiny house. One of them is Jerry.
  • Jerry decided to start smustling in the house’s only bathroom causing a potty pileup. The party still had a good score but everyone got kind of stuck in the house.
  • After everyone was gone the bride and groom quickly got started on the family they both want. Jim Wong is an Aquarius (4/4/4/7/6) with the LTW to be Captain Hero. That seems to be a popular want here lately.
  • Skipping ahead just a bit- here is the result of Jim and Lori’s wedding night. A sweet little girl named Carrie. I will grow her up along with Psi’s kids so she can go to college with the family.
  • Next door and a different wedding. Since Sarah seemed to carry the dark punk look very well I themed the wedding with black and red. Their house too is decorated in black, red and purple. I know it sounds awful but really it isn’t. Paul and Sarah swoon over each other constantly. It’s kind of mushy.
  • She didn’t take an aspiration hit for getting married but she did throw up the red wedding bands (I missed the picture). I don’t see these two having kids anytime soon. Neither of them rolled wants to do so during the wedding. That may change of course.
  • A little cake under the stars. You can see that Sarah is in platinum despite being a romance sim that just got married.
  • A proper picture of Sarah’s new look and to show off the new default eye set I found this weekend. These are beautiful and are Yumedust’s “Eye Love” set re-fitted onto Anva sclera by Pooklet and re-colored. I found them at Garden of Shadows and I love them. You get to choose what shades you want for each primary eye color plus she has a special genetic set for your townies. Most of the photos in this update have the standard Maxis eyes but you will get to see more of these later I promise.
  • Back at the Trueheart compound, after what seemed an eternity, Psion finally finished her book. It’s the rousing tale of a young alien girl who explores distant worlds with a talking mouse. It’s titled- The Adventures of Galaxy Girl and Micro Mouse.
  • I began experiencing some troubles with Tin at some point. He refused to recharge and was getting dangerously low on power. A couple of days earlier there had been a thunderstorm that set an ivy vine at the front of the house on fire with invisible fire. Tin and a smoke detector could see it but everyone else was clueless. I finally was able to find and delete the offending blaze but not before I tried forcing an error on the lot and losing the painting of Anthony Psi was working on. A few nights later the invisible fire happened again on a different bush. Lesson learned- pay attention to where the lightning hits.
  • Lori made a random appearance at the house and promptly swooped in to pick up her niece and feed her a bottle.
  • Time to grow up this little poop machine and see what we’ve got.
  • Olona looks much like her father. She appears to have normal ears but those cheeks are going to catch up to her as she get older.
  • And after about a gazillion tries baby number two is one the way. A random die roll tells me that this baby will be the last Bad Apple for the family.
  • The cheeks really pop out when she smiles. This little bear is going to be an odd one. She is a Pisces (10/4/10/1/10)- another skewed personality! Her hobby is science and she has high interests in sci-fi, Toys, Paranormal and school.
  • Rochelle also made an unannounced visit to play some pool with her father and steal Bob again. As of the time of this being posted for you to read Bob is still MIA.  You can see the new portrait of Anthony Psi is working on.
  • Anthony, who I find a little boring, is actually up to President in his career track. He needs logic points so I keep parking him in front of the telescope at night hoping the last baby might be another alien but I’m not counting on it. The poli-techs most likely don’t want to be dulled to death. I’m sure that he isn’t that bad but right now all he wants is to get promoted and hasn’t done anything even remotely entertaining except the glitched face at his wedding.
  • Titus was invited round on the day that baby number two was due to meet his new family members and to catch up with his sister.
  • Psion takes her pool games very seriously.
  • For a moment Olona looked like she was going to cry when Titus knelt down to talk to her. She soon had him wrapped around her little finger though.
  • He spent about half his time at the house playing with her. She even threw up on him and while he made a face, he didn’t even set her down. I think Titus is a closet family sim.
  • Finally the time arrived. I suspect mister popularity got his 1,000 aspiration points for meeting someone new. Also, just before she went into labor Psi hit perma-platinum on points. I wish there was a way to turn that off. She has only eaten about 30 grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Ahh…? Brown eyes? Okay. I have no idea where the brown eyes came from. Jerry has blue and was a dormie. Anthony has blue and was a dormie. Maybe from the poli-tech? Someone has hidden genetics here because Anthony is the father of this child. This Bad Apple is Prudence. Yes, that Prudence. If it had been a boy his name would have been Pascal.
  • Joe makes his presence felt in the garden. Odell has been working hard to grow food for the family and maybe, accidentally become a plant sim *shifty eyes*. If she does I will have acquired every monster in the game except big foot and a were wolf which I still could do.
  • One more child to go and my couple seems to be having some trouble conceiving again. It took eight woo hoo’s before the lullaby finally rang out. Granted all the woo hoo took place within twenty-four hours with breaks for food and what not. They were very tired.
  • Olona was a dream toddler who spent hours with her blocks and logic toy when I could keep Tin from trying to bathe her. Maybe he was trying to wash off the green?
  • Somehow I missed getting a photo of her post cake. Here she is with Tin during story time. She, like her mother is a hugger and kisser.
  • Prudence survived the swarming grandparents and servo to make it to her first cake. I still can’t figure out where the brown eyes came from.
  • My last bad apple! She grew up in a white tuxedo! I see she also has her father’s cheeks.
  • Ahh! Joe! He was a pain to catch for Tess’s first husband then calmed down. Now as a ghost he is back to being a pain in the butt. Poor little Olona was so scared she wet herself.
  • Prudence was given smart milk in between the hourly baths and taught to walk, talk and use the potty. I’m having to power Tin down from time to time now as he constantly wants to feed or bathe the little ones. In between he cooks meals no one wants.
  • Elizabeth stopped by the Trueheart house to borrow the invisible paper. She will have to argue over her right to do so with Maxi since this house is on her paper stealing route.
  • Finally we have the last child of the last generation. This challenge doesn’t end until the kids are adults (that means all the way through college).
  • Again with the brown eyes! Anyway, this is Cort a handsome little boy. Now that the child bearing is done it is time to get Psi and Odell down to the clubhouse for a while. And maybe we will send the family on a vacation as well. That will all have to be in the next post. Click 
  • This is here for Nemo, who I only recently learned was seriously injured in a car accident in December. He is back to writing again and I hope he gets to feeling better soon. But only as long as he keeps his hands to himself when dealing with this lady. She is the founder’s wife in my upcoming legacy attempt that I will start posting when this OWBC is over. If you haven’t read Little Nemo’s apocalypse story Far Away From Eden, I highly recommend it. He goes to amazing lengths to entertain his readers. Until next time. Thanks for reading!