Contest Entry Three


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Round Three entry for Extreme Makeover- Home edition contest at

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Contest Entry Three

  1. 2. Round Three Entry- Extreme Makeover- Home Edition Task: Remodel the Modern Masterpiece home Comments: I actually really like the structure of this house except for the fact that the odd roof line makes some areas hard to decorate, so I didn’t change the floor plan very much at all. New exterior and interior colors, landscaping and a modern/industrial feel to the furnishings is what I used. Curb appeal
  2. 3. The front entry is one of the few areas I changed the structure on slightly. The entryway way was made a bit grander with the addition of a glass awning and half walls to provided some privacy and structure. The only furnishings here are two simple white orchid plants. Curb appeal
  3. 4. A few steps back to see the architectural topiaries and river pebble landscape cover. I decorated the house with the idea that a husband and wife who run their own architectural firm live here with their 13 year old daughter. Curb appeal
  4. 5. Night time view of the front. Notice the distinct lack of flowers and informal shrubs. Their random shapes would detract from the clean lines and angles of the home. The white, black and red accent colors were chosen for the outside to help show off the shape of the home. Previously the home was clad in a natural stain wood from top to bottom inside and out. This made the roof shape dissapear into the mass of the structure. Now, the black grounds the building while the graphic lined white makes the roof peaks pop. A red steel roof adds definition to the shape. Curb appeal
  5. 6. The second floor outdoor area has been set up for relaxing and playing a little chess while listening to the sounds of a water fountain (black, just barely visible on right). This is also a nice area to entertain potential clients of the firm. Curb appeal
  6. 7. A tour of the home starts in the tiny foyer which is simply decorated with a table on which one can drop their keys and set down a bag or two. To the right is the living room which has two seating areas. One for viewing TV and the other for comfortable conversations. The family collects odd and unusual art and have displayed some of their more unique paintings in this room. Living room
  7. 8. The TV area is dominated by a massive entertainment area which has convenient video and game storage on the sides. The couch is comfortable yet durable leather. Living room
  8. 9. The seating area is simple yet stylish and provides a very nice home for the families only pet: Mister Fishy (in the glass jar). As the primary area for giving presentations to clients there has been plenty of space left for floor plan displays and an easily cleared table to lay things out for the clients to see and touch. Living room
  9. 10. I love this painting! The original artist is Nick Sirotich. Sky Wookie converted them into paintings for the game and you can find them over at Garden of Shadows. Sorry for the shameless plug but I really love this painting! Living room
  10. 11. Immediately off the living room is the couples work from home office. It’s not too fancy in here but has plenty of storage space, two lap top work stations and a smaller TV for teleconferences and background noise. Office
  11. 12. Back in the foyer and we are now looking at the dining room/kitchen area and the stairs up to the second floor. The stairs were traded out for a set more in keeping with the asthetic of the house and the kitchen was opened up leaving only two walls to provide a backsplash wall for the stove. The two walls also help to separate the kitchen and dining room without being enclosing. Foyer/Dining room
  12. 13. The dining room is furnished with a simple glass and steel table with black chairs to bring further industrial elements into the space. Here you will also see that the wall color changes as you pass into the kitchen. The entire home is painted in neutrals which keep things visually warm. Dining room
  13. 14. The area beneath the stairs is a great place to display plants and small artworks. Just beyond the stairs you can see the hallway and the entrance to the downstairs bathroom which is mostly used by the families teen daughter. Dining room
  14. 15. The kitchen carries on the industrial look with stainless steel counters and matte black cabinets. The Terrazzo marble floor with its diagonal pattern adds some energy to the space. I experienced some difficulty with the counters here in the kitchen. When I placed them they rounded to corner (on the left) perfectly but when I came back into the house to finish up and take pictures, they had come apart and simply refused to reconnect. Even selling the old ones and buying new did not correct the problem. In the next shot you will see the floating counter on the left (identical to the one the sink is on) has been removed and a regular counter will be in the corner.
  15. 16. The cook top and oven sit against the two remaining wall sections. Overall this is a very functional kitchen for the single chef of the family- Dad. Kitchen
  16. 17. The downstairs bathroom is primarily used by the family’s thirteen year old daughter and has begun to take on her more artistic tastes. Downstairs bath
  17. 18. Keeping this area clean for guests to use has become a bit of an issue for the family. Mom and Dad don’t mind the change in style as they want to encourage their daughter’s creative mind.
  18. 19. The daughter’s room is very different from the rest of the home and shows the transition that every your girl makes to young lady. A budding artist in her own right, Mom made sure to make room for art supplies as well as a vanity. Downstairs bedroom
  19. 20. The vibrant blues and pinks are bold against the rest of the homes neutral décor but it’s her room and she loves it. Downstairs bedroom
  20. 21. A comfy reading nook and space to sprawl out on the floor to do homework. Downstairs bedroom
  21. 22. The unusual hall way the leads to the master suite currently houses some of the family’s large pieces in their art collection but in more inclement weather the chess table and seating can be brought in. The windows on both sides provide lovely views of the front and back yards. Upstairs hallway
  22. 23. The master bedroom continues the modern style of the parents and currently houses three of the four handbags in Mom’s expanding collection. Master bedroom
  23. 24. The master bath is quite small but outfitted with the necessities. A whirlpool tub and shower combo provides a quiet nook to soak away the tensions caused by that looming deadline. This is the one room in the house that really needed to be expanded to make a proper master bath but doing so would have forced me to alter the shape of the house. Which I did not want to do. Master bath
  24. 25. Outside the landscaping is simple and clean. A stone and gravel path leads a visitor in and towards the pool past a small sitting area. Side yard (R)
  25. 26. The sitting area provides another space for the couple to entertain clients as well as show off their simple landscaping plan. Side yard (R)
  26. 27. At night the yard is lit in a manner that pulls you back toward the pool area. The stepping stone path adds unusual texture to the yard. Side yard (R)
  27. 28. The pool area has the home’s only other planting area. Here architectural topiarries create a focal point and draw you back onto the pool deck for a closer look. Side yard (R) and pool area
  28. 29. The pool area is perfect for entertaining both clients and family. A jetted hot tub (foreground) juts into the pool creating an unusual shape. While the outdoor kitchen area lets Dad prepare those perfect kabobs he’s famous for. Pool area
  29. 30. The left side yard has been left as a play area for their daughter. Mom is hoping that when she outgrows the monkey bars and slide they can be removed to make way for a Asian rock garden. Dad would like to build a garage in this space to house that new BMW he has had his eye on. Side yard (L) The following pictures are overview shots. 