A Corporate Conspiracy


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Chapter 1.1 So it Begins

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A Corporate Conspiracy

  1. 2. Previously in The Corporate Conspiracy… Legacy founder Stanley Thomas James found a beautiful lady and a grand education at Sim State University. Fortune smiled on Stanley as he also found a high paying position within the SFO corporation as head of their newly established paranormal research and development lab. Catalina, his future bride still had two more years of school ahead of her so his arrival in Pleasant View was a lonely and somewhat confusing one. Now… “ Hmm…There has to be a house here somewhere. How big is this lot?” “ Good morning Mister James…”
  2. 3. “ Good morning. Are you Miss Swenson?” “ I am. Welcome to Pleasant View Mister James. I hope your trip was uneventful.” “ My trip was fine but I’m a bit confused as to why the cab driver dropped me off on an empty lot.” “ This is the correct address. There has never been a house on this property. Am I to understand that you expected there to be a structure here?” Stanley looked across the expanse of grass. “I…guess I assumed there would be one. Where am I supposed to live if I don’t have a house?”
  3. 4. “ The corporation has paid for the lot in full and has provided you with a small sum that should cover the cost of a small dwelling to be built here. I’m sure that you and your bride will enjoy designing and decorating your own home.” “ I suppose. I don’t really relish the idea of living on the lawn again. I had to do that in college and it was pretty hard.” Heidi smiled, “Then you should have no trouble at all here. I do unfortunately have to inform you that the lab you are to be in charge of is not operational as of yet. We’ve had some set backs you see, and some things did not go as planned.”
  4. 5. Stanley moved to avoid the cloud of butterflies that were trying to invade his space as she spoke. “Set backs? Does that mean I don’t have a job?” Amused by his effort to avoid the delicate creatures, Heidi turned as he moved. “Technically, yes. However the community has several openings in other fields and I have been instructed to aid you in selecting one. It would only be for a few days but we do understand that you have a certain financial needs.” He looked around at the rain soaked lawn. “Okay. What did you have in mind?” “ There is an opening at the hospital for a nurse. Your training more than qualifies you for the position.” “ A hospital? Where they take sick people?”
  5. 6. “ Yes. I do realize that it may take you outside of your comfort zone and have asked the hospital to assign you to more administrative duties than patient care. It will only be for a few days until we get the mess from the fire cleaned up.” “ There was a fire in the lab?” “ Experimental equipment can be rather touchy to handle. A former lab assistant incorrectly set up a weather control device we have been field testing and the resulting misfire caused a rather massive explosion. Not to worry, everything will soon be cleaned up.” “ Former lab assistant? He was fired?” “ She smiled and tilted her head. “You could say that I suppose.”
  6. 7. Miss Swenson left Stanley with a paper listing her phone numbers as well as the time that his car pool would arrive in the morning.
  7. 8. The funds given to him by the company at least provided for a livable structure. Cat was sure to have a fit about his choices in décor so he decided to leave things relatively neutral for the time being.
  8. 9. Stanley wasted no time in contacting Catalina once the phone was operational. “Kitty Cat we are going to be living in a one room shack for a while. The lot is beautiful and huge! But there wasn’t a house on it.” “ Do you have everything you need Nerd? Should I send some money?” “ No. I don’t have everything I need but I’ll get by. I’m having to take a temporary job at the hospital as well. Some kind of explosion at the lab.” “ What do you mean by explosion?” “ An experimental equipment accident. I guess the damage was pretty extensive”
  9. 10. “… Just be careful Nerd. A real lab doesn’t have all the controlled safe guards as the university.” “ I’ll be fine. I love you and I’ll call you tomorrow. All right? “ I love you too.” Stanley hung up the phone slowly. He was already lonely and the bare walls of his new home gave him little comfort.
  10. 11. Stanley started work early the next morning. They liked him so much that they promoted him that day to MD despite the fact that he was only a temporary employee. He wasn’t going to complain about the promotion as he needed to save as much as possible if he was going to build Cat the beautiful house he wanted for her.
  11. 12. He was told that if he managed to become just a bit more mechanically inclined that a resident position might be available for him. The bonuses for promotion were well worth the creepiness of sticking his hand into the practice dummy. “Why on earth did I put that in there?”
  12. 13. Cat managed to get off campus for a visit and Stanley couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing her. “Mmmhm… Stanley, I can’t breathe.” “ Sorry.”
  13. 14. Once she was able to straighten her glasses and look around, “this isn’t that bad Nerd. The neighborhood is really nice.” “ I know. It’s just that I wanted us to have a really nice house to live in. Instead it will be a slightly larger version of what we rented at school.” “ All it takes is time and lots of love to make a home. It will be fine and before you know it we will build us that dream home.” Stanley smiled at her. “Do you ever see the glass as half empty?” “ Only when comes to these glasses on my face.”
  14. 15. The two of them spent very little of her time visiting with talk. As Cat left she did enquire about his job with the corporation and was somewhat concerned about the delay. Stanley was going to need her help very soon and that thought stuck in her mind on her way back to the university. For Stanley, the next day was an exciting one. Heidi had called to tell him the lab was up and running and they needed him to report right away. That meant he could drop the germ ridden job at the hospital. His first day in the lab was a great one that got even better when he came home to find…
  15. 16. His lovely bride to be standing in his kitchen/bathroom/living room/bedroom.
  16. 17. Stanley was dumbfounded for a bit. Eventually he got around to speaking. “Cat, what are you doing here?” “ I tested through all my remaining classes. I graduated yesterday.” “ Not that I’m not happy to see you but I thought you enjoyed school. Why did you rush through it.” She smiled, “because you need me.”
  17. 18. “ I don’t understand.” “ To be successful you have to be able to present the proper image to your employer. That means dressing right and meeting the right people. I know you too well Nerd. You will go to work and do your job really well but no one will notice because you are so shy and quiet.” “ You’re pretty shy too.” “ Yes I know. But together we can overcome that. Without me here you won’t get noticed.” “ Isn’t this all a little too1950’s housewife for you? I thought you wanted to have a career.”
  18. 19. “ I do. But it can wait for a bit. If we are going to build our home here we need to be sure the land will be ours. Besides, I do want to have children and I suspect that you won’t be interested in hiring a nanny.” He flinched a bit at the ‘N’ word. “Nannies burn down houses and starve kids. No way, no how are we hiring one of them.” “ Then it’s settled. First things first, we need to get married. I know we don’t have much money right now but I would like to go buy a gown. Something we can pass on to our kids.” Stanley looked into Cat’s soft blue eyes. “Anything you want Kitty Cat.
  19. 20. The next day the happy couple planned their nuptials. Somewhere along the way the computer suffered a melt down and Cat took it upon herself to fix it. Once again Stanley was faced with the possibility of his precious Kitty Cat dying! Fortunately the shock was very minor and a hot shower and a little rest was all Cat needed to be ready for the big event.
  20. 21. They rented the arch and chairs. They bought a lovely cake and called up their closest friends to come witness the exchanging of their vows. They even had one party crasher who looked particularly like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. If only Stanley wasn’t allergic.
  21. 22. Catalina’s friends arrived and danced. Badly.
  22. 23. Stanley’s friend came inappropriately dressed and acted atrociously.
  23. 24. “ Stanley, where did you get that suit?” Cat asked eyeing him up and down. “ From the store.” “ From now on Nerd I get to pick out your clothes. Okay?” “ Yes dear.” He grinned at her. “We sound like an old married couple all ready.”
  24. 25. The vows were spoken and the rings were exchanged. The guests ignored the entire event.
  25. 26. Despite the electrocution, unruly guests and party crashers, Stanley and Catalina had the perfect wedding. And much like how they fell in love while solving a puzzle ball this step into their new life together was very much their own style. And no one was going to be able to tear them apart.
  26. 27. The next afternoon, Stanley found Cat to be looking a little ill. At first they both believed it to be the after effects of the rather nasty shock she had but soon enough they realized that the first little one was one it’s way. Stanley sent Cat straight back to bed and set about making arrangements for his first child. They would need a crib and a changing table and a room to put them in. Babies were expensive.
  27. 28. Despite her pregnancy, Catalina was soon making new friends in the community. Nemo was one of the special ones. Cat felt a certain fondness for the odd man who went around town with a diving helmet on all the time. He was witty and fun and strangely familiar. “ Wen r oo ouu?” His voice was always muffled by the helmet “ When am I due? About mid winter.”
  28. 29. Time passed quickly for Stanley and Catalina. The excitement over they pending arrival was almost too much to bear. “ Hi there little one. Are you coming out to see us soon?” Glancing up at his wife’s face, “what do you think, girl or boy?” “ Does it matter?” “ No, I’m just curious. We could have both you know?” “ I thought we agreed we were having two anyway.” Cat’s feet were swollen and achy, she didn’t have much patience for debates. She sighed, “I’ll bite. What do you mean, both?”
  29. 30. Stanley smiled and walked to the fridge. “I made you something special today while you were napping.” “ Cheesecake Nerd? Really?” “ It’s logical. We want two children and you would like to start your career plans sooner rather than later. So, if we have both kids at once…” “ We. Whose we? I’m the one who looks like a parade balloon.” Stanley smiled, “It’s strawberry. Your favorite.” His scientific side kicking in, he mused “I wonder how this works?”
  30. 31. In the end, Stanley’s logic won. It made sense to have twins. It would be twice the work but half the time spent with the early developmental phases. Catalina spent a lot of time home alone. Stanley’s hours at the lab were long and exhausting and he was either asleep or studying when he was home. She hoped that by the time the twins arrived his work schedule would be a little more amenable. In the news: “The SFO corp. announced today the gifting of 5,000,000 simoleons to the city to assist in the construction of a conference hall in the downtown area. A press release from the company stated that the hall would be available to large group functions for the community at large and could serve as an emergency shelter, if such a need arose….
  31. 32. Meanwhile… Stanley’s project was beginning to evolve. The lab was newly renovated and rather non-descript. It smelled of disinfectants and fresh paint and an oddly scorched area out back was the only clue to Stanley that anything bad had happened here.
  32. 33. Stanley worked tirelessly collating all the data from his first major project.
  33. 34. The company had hired him two assistants who were monitoring their test subject’s vital signs as she trudged on the treadmill. Both were intelligent and focused which made Stanley’s job so much easier. Jason Gross had come from Strangetown and had plenty of experience working with supernaturals. Doctor Lori Krug was an MD with extensive training in biophysics and genetics. Their subject was probably one of the most difficult people Stanley had ever met in his life and was the current proverbial ‘thorn in his side’. He was fascinated by the zombie but she was mean and generally smelly and from time to time little bits of her would fall off or she would pick at her sores. Worse yet, the company had offered Vyn Scott lodgings at the lab in exchange for her assistance with their research.
  34. 35. It was during one for several endurance tests that the lab received it’s first visitor. Stanley caught a glimpse of Miss Swenson out of the corner of his eye.
  35. 36. “ Miss Swenson. I wasn’t expecting you.” Stanley jumped to his feet to greet her. “Ahh…What can I do for you?” he asked nervously. “ Don’t worry Doctor James, this isn’t a surprise inspection. I just stopped in to see if you need anything and to discuss some additional projects the board has some interest in with you. I hope I’m not interrupting anything vital. “ No, Not at all. Let’s take a break everyone. Thank you Miss Scott.” Stanley gestured to a nearby room, “Let’s go into the break room to talk. I don’t have an office yet.”
  36. 37. The trio ended their work and shut down the equipment. Vyn muttered something unpleasant under her breath as she lurched for the bathroom. “ Who’s that?” Lori asked quietly. Jason frowned, “An executive assistant from the main office. I’m not sure who she reports to. She recruited me away from Dr. Beaker.” “ Do I hear some regret over your decision to change employers?” “ Pff…Beaker’s a psycho. At least here we are doing real science in a proper lab. I just wish I knew more about the company.”
  37. 38. “ Your test subject isn’t very pleasant, is she?” “ She has good reason to be angry. She was a victim of a maliciously placed cow plant and purposefully made into a zombie.” Heidi grimaced, “who would do such a thing?”
  38. 39. Stanley avoided the question. “what was it you wanted to discuss?”
  39. 40. “ Well, first I wanted to make sure that you have everything you need. The company is very serious about this department and has set aside substantial resources for the lab. Please, do not hesitate to ask for anything.” Stanley thought for a moment, “ We could use an additional computer and an electrophoresis set up. I would like to evaluate Ms. Scott for changes on the genetic level. Also a mass spectrometer. I have a little project I’m considering on the cause of the cheesecake-twin effect.” Heidi smiled. “Do I need to get two baby gifts? How is Catalina doing?” “ She’s fine. The pregnancy is tiring and she’s a little bored sitting at home alone.” Heidi smiled, “Just fill out the request forms for the equipment you want and forward them to me.”
  40. 41. “ This equipment will be costly.” “ No worries. Now, about those projects I mentioned? First, there is the weather machine that caused the fire. I’m having the reconstructed unit sent over here for you to analyze. Doctor Long has put it back together and it is functioning properly but we would like you to take a look at its power source. I guess there is something odd about it. Ben will fill you in on the details.” She paused and waited for Stanley to reply. “ And?”
  41. 42. “ This ones a bit more complex. The corporation is very interested in the phenomena of alien pregnancies. They are hoping that you might be willing to investigate the issue. Your lab assistant, Jason will be perfect to help you with this as he has plenty of experience with alien offspring. Ultimately, the company would like absolute scientific proof of the aliens and their reproductive processes as well as the genetic data of any alien offspring.” Stanley thought for a bit, “I was under the impression that the Curious brothers in Strangetown had already done research in this area.” “ Apparently, they are not considered ‘reliable’ scientists.”
  42. 43. Heidi continued, “SFO corp. would like to have their own specialist working on the issue. They are offering a substantial bonus and they guarantee that the child would not be hurt in any way.”
  43. 44. “ Child? They want me to be abducted?” “ Yes. I realize that you may have some issues with the idea. However the benefits to your family would be long lasting. The company will provide funds for any descendants of yours that do not stand to inherit the deed to your home. Your children and their children would never have to worry about having a safe, comfortable place to live.” “ How can they afford that?” “ The board believes that the research will pay for itself many times over and that the one having to make the sacrifice should benefit from that profit. I do hope you will consider it.”
  44. 45. “ I…don’t know. Being abducted by aliens…” He sighed. “Can I get back to you on that?” “ Of course. Discuss it with your wife as well. This involves her too.” Heidi stood up to leave, “oh, I almost forgot. The company contracted with a local psychologist to handle employee counseling. If you ever need someone to talk to…” her voice trailed off. “Her name is Doctor Goth-Trueheart. Here is her card.” “ Trueheart?” Stanley glanced out the window at the zombie arguing with Lori. Looking back at Heidi he took the card from her hand. “Thank you.” She smiled, “I don’t mean anything by that Stanley. It’s my job to help you succeed. That’s all.” He felt the tension leave him and he smiled at her. “Thank you.”
  45. 46. Back home, as Stanley was contemplating the concept of abduction with trepidation, Catalina was cursing the day she met him. “Arrgh! Oh my! Oh it hurts!” Cat focused on her breathing and wished Stanley was here to jump about worrying. At least she wouldn’t be doing this alone.
  46. 47. Stanley came home to the best surprise of the day. Two beautiful and healthy little girls and an, all be it exhausted, but glowing wife. The first born of the twins was named Melinda Elise.
  47. 48. The youngest was named Kellie Michelle. They both resembled their father with their black hair and pale blue eyes. Catalina had done well delivering the babes by herself and was very relieved to be done with the pregnancy.
  48. 49. That night Stanley brought up the alien project with Cat. He explained about the bonus and what it was exactly the company wanted to happen for the project. She listened quietly without remarking until he was finished. When he was done, he studied her expressionless profile for a while. “Honey?”
  49. 50. Finally, she responded. “Do you think that you could actually let yourself be abducted? Nerd, you have a lot of security issues. Standing beside a telescope until someone comes along and grabs you up with a tractor beam means that you have to be willing to put that security at risk.” Stanley frowned, “I’m not sure. Part of me says yes and part of me says no. Generally, with me the ‘no’s tend to win out. Then there is the issue of what would happen after they have me…” “ That’s my point. To do this you will have to give up all of your self imposed protections. Not to mention experiencing pregnancy and labor… What am I saying? Yes, definitely. You should do it.” Sensing that she was teasing him, Stanley let the last remark go. “It would mean another baby to care for. We barely have enough money to go round right now.”
  50. 51. “ The house can wait. If this is something you want to do than do it. If not, then don’t. Just remember that there will be pain and fear and potentially all kinds of rewards for scientifically proving that aliens are up there using us as baby factories. No matter what you decide, I will help you.” Stanley smiled. How did he get to be so lucky to find this brilliant woman. “All right then, I will consider it.” Looking around he grinned at her, “The girls are sound asleep. If you’re not too tired I thought we might…” He wiggled his eyebrows up and down. Cat smiled and clicked off the lights.
  51. 52. A few weeks later, Cat was not feeling her best. Her stomach was queasy and everything she ate came right back up. Sometimes, she hadn’t even eaten and it was coming back up. Seven trips to the bathroom to vomit left her with no doubt that she and Stanley had an issue with their birth control.
  52. 53. Stanley wandered into the cramped bathroom on her sixth visit to check on her. “Kitty Cat you look awful.” “ Thanks.” “ No. I mean you are really pale. Go lay down for a while. I’ll clean this up and look after the girls for a while.” He ignored the nagging voice in the back of his head.
  53. 54. On her seventh visit she had to interrupt his shower to throw up. He watched her wretch into the bowl and knew that nagging voice had been right. Cat stood up and turned to face him. “I don’t know how… Well, I know how . I just don’t know what happened. I take my pill everyday. I haven’t missed a single one.”
  54. 55. He pulled her into a hug as she started to cry. “shh.. It’s all right. We’ll make it work.” He snuggled into her soft hair. “Birth control is never one hundred percent, you know that. We will just amend our plans to have three kids. It’ll be fine.” “ What about the project?” she whispered. “ I haven’t made any decisions about that yet. Don’t you worry about it.” The two of them clung onto on another for several minutes until a plaintive cry from the tiny nursery caught their attention. “Kellie must be hungry.” “ I’ll get her.” Cat brushed past him to the door and Stanley felt a desperate need for some fresh air.
  55. 56. He walked across the yard to the incomplete shell of a house. He had never had a proper home of his own and he wanted so desperately to have this one finished. The workmen had the majority of the downstairs laid out but there was no roof and no doors or windows. As he stood there in the frigid air staring at the bare drywall and unpainted foundations he felt his blood pressure rise. He stared up at the grey sky and sighed.
  56. 57. “ Crap! Crappity crap crap!” Stanley jumped up and down smashing a small section of the frozen grass beneath his feet.
  57. 58. After he was done venting his frustration on the lawn, Stanley came back inside and made a few phone calls to the contractors working on their home. They would need a larger space far sooner than planned. The contractor assured him that the first floor of the new house would be livable in a few days. It wouldn’t be pretty or very comfortable but it would keep the weather out. Painting had always been relaxing for Stanley and despite his frustration at the impending birth painting Cat’s portrait made him feel much better. Things were going to get much harder for both of them very soon.
  58. 59. On the day the contractor finished the temporary roof, the twins were ready to become toddlers. Melinda, being the oldest, was first to be brought to the cake.
  59. 60. She grew into a pretty little thing but seemed a bit shy like her parents.
  60. 61. Kellie would soon join her in the new, dark nursery. The two of them looked remarkably alike and Catalina dressed them in different colors to help keep them sorted out. Stanley worried at Kellie’s shyness. She seemed much like himself when it came to interacting with people. It would make life hard on her later in life.
  61. 62. Cat’s pregnancy was very difficult. She found that unlike with the twins, this baby made her constantly hungry and tired. This put the burden of most of the care for the twins on Stanley when he was home. Both of them were exhausted and depressed.
  62. 63. It was during this time one night after a long day of work, when Stanley came home to find the girls busy with their toys and Cat dead asleep in the dining room that was their makeshift bedroom, that Stanley experienced something very strange. The day before a telescope had been delivered as a gift with a tag that read “Just in case- Heidi” and Cat had the deliveryman set it up in the side yard. As Stanley stood looking down at Kellie who was busy with her busy blocks he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A pale young woman waving through the window.
  63. 64. He stepped to the house’s only window and looked out. There was no girl just the telescope standing in the snow. “I could have sworn…” He quickly put on his coat and went outside to look around.
  64. 65. It was a beautiful, crisp night and as Stanley looked about he saw nothing in the yard except the scope. No tracks, no girl. No evidence of anyone having been in the yard at all since the last snow fall earlier in the day. Only the dreaded telescope that could lead Stanley into a new adventure stood before him shining in the cool moonlight. He sighed as he studied it. He love to look at the stars and had had a small scope back in college. Everyone knew that aliens only took those who used a more powerful telescope and yet no one knew why. No one knew why only male sims came back impregnated or why the aliens were doing it. It was fascinating and horrible all at the same time.
  65. 66. “ What are you waiting for?” The whisper soft voice startled Stanley and he jumped to face toward the sound.
  66. 67. He glanced around quickly and found no one there. For him to have heard the voice the source would have to be right behind him. Again, no tracks at all. Just a scent on the air of fur and ginseng. Behind him he heard a quiet feminine giggle.
  67. 68. He spun around quickly toward the source of the laughter and again no one was there. Just the scope peering skyward waiting to be used. “Is this some kind of joke?” Stanley called out. “Whoever you are come out now!” No one responded and the only sound was a dog barking in the distance. Standing there for what seemed an eternity he concluded that he was over tired from work and the twins and his imagination was playing tricks. Looking at the scope he mused, “ it would be nice to relax and look at the constellations tonight. The odds of abduction are really low. What could it hurt.”
  68. 69. “ What are you thinking! Who knows what those green freaks would do to you!” The voice was sharp and nasal.
  69. 70. Stanley spun on his heel at the voice, this time over his right shoulder. Once again, nothing. “ Stanley?” A lyric voice sung out behind him.
  70. 71. “ Whose there? Where are you?” “ I’m right here behind you Stanley. Look at me.”
  71. 72. Once again he was faced with the empty yard and the beckoning telescope. By now, his heart rate was up and he felt a flush of fear replace his confusion. Breathing hard as the panic swept over him he rushed from the yard into the house. He secured the deadbolt and rushed past the curious girls to the bathroom.
  72. 73. Splashing his face with cold water, he bent over the sink as the wave a nausea nearly overtook him. Outside the bathroom door he could hear Melinda saying “Da da?” He hadn’t had a panic attack in years. Why now?
  73. 74. He looked into the mirror and took several deep breaths. “I’ve never heard voices before. All the stress must really be getting to me.” “ Da da?” “ What is it baby? Daddy’s busy.” he called back to her through the closed door. “ Mommy hurt.” “ What?” “ Mommy crying!” The exclamation was followed by the sound of Mel crying as well. A loud scream of pain followed.
  74. 75. Stanley rushed through the house to his wife’s side where he found her going into labor. Catalina panted, “Ahh… It’s too soon. Nerd! Help!” He aided her the best her could and soon, although a little sooner than expected, their third child came into the world.
  75. 76. Another black haired, blue eyed beauty joined the James clan. Even though she was early she was healthy. Stanley checked over Cat and got her back to bed to rest. She was exhausted and went back to sleep right away. The proud father carried his new little one to the dismal kitchen for her first bottle. Stuck to the fridge with a magnet was the list of baby names they had been considering. At the top of the girls name column was his favorite- Laurel Jane. “That’s your name baby girl. Though I suppose we could call you Weird Night considering what has been going on this evening.” He thought about it for a bit, “Nah, your mother would slap me silly. Laurel it is.”
  76. 77. Next time in the Corporate Conspiracy… “ Good morning Stanley. What should we talk about today?”  Click
  77. 78. This is as good a break point as any. As before I plan to use the end of the update to give you those vital stats and other interesting information about the legacy. First, I am playing with ACR installed. Each family will have to have at least two children but any additional are the sim’s choice. Lauren is an ACR baby. Neither Stanley or Cat had wants for another child in their panels. Cat was extremely sick during the last pregnancy and basically slept, ate and used the bathroom. Her aspiration meter was at zero (no color visible) at the time of her giving birth. Second, I would like to introduce my “mysterious” actors who made a brief appearance in this episode.
  78. 79. These four sims were created by Neithan over at Garden of Shadows and are meant to be macabre version of Alice, The Queen of Hearts, The Cheshire Cat and The Mad Hatter from one of my favorite books- Alice in Wonderland. They are detailed creations and I want to thank Neithan for posting them. The moment I saw them I knew I needed them in my game. The four of them don’t represent the characters they are dressed as but instead are intended to represent aspects of the psyche at work in the story.
  79. 80. Alice represents temptation and seduction. She is the lovely embodiment of the part of the mind that makes us want something so badly we can taste it.
  80. 81. The Cheshire Cat shows us that life is an adventure and that without risk we gain nothing but could lose everything.
  81. 82. The Queen of Hearts (who I didn’t use this time) represents pain. Physical and emotional. “Off with her head!”
  82. 83. The Mad Hatter represents fear and regret and in a small way the passage of time. It is because of him that it is always tea time in Wonderland (at least in his mind). I plan to use all four of them as imaginary characters manipulating the scenes. So when you see them in the pictures, it is most likely that the speakers are only partially aware of their presence depending on their state of mind. For Stanley in this episode, he was stressed beyond belief by his family, his job and the excitement and fear he feels over the abduction scenario.
  83. 84. The cat at the wedding… This episode was written in pieces as I played my OWBC and I was still ironing out some of my story concepts. I wrote the caption long before I discovered the Wonderland sims. I choose to leave it in as I reminds me of how strangely my ideas have been developing for this family. And it’s only going to get weirder!
  84. 85. Now for some stats- Stanley if you haven’t guessed is working in the paranormal career track and is up to UFO investigator (lvl eight).
  85. 86. Melinda Elise is a Virgo (10/2/10/6/7).
  86. 87. Kellie Michelle is also a Virgo (10/1/6/6/7). This is the first set of twins I’ve had that have the same zodiac sign and differing numbers. They also look very much alike and I cant wait to see how they look as children. That’s all for this chapter. Thank you for reading. Many thanks to Neithan for his sims and the creators of all my custom content and game mods.