The Effective Employee Program

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  • 1. The EffectiveEmployee Incentive Program Nantucket Incentives LLC Pesa Shayo
  • 2. Why Employee Incentive Programs?• Motivate Employees• Increase Sales• Increase Referrals• Attract customers
  • 3. Type of Programs• Points• Programs• Employees• Consumer• Dealer• Sales• Online programs
  • 4. To have effective programs ...1. Be realistic with your goals.2. Inspire don’t discourage.3. Don’t let them fail to soon.4. Let the program be simple.5. Be consistent6. Always use meaningful prizes.7. If possible involve their families.
  • 5. Be realistic with your goals.• For maximum buy in and participation, the employees should feel that they can accomplish the goals set.• Several attainable goals are better than one huge,audacious goal.
  • 6. Inspire dont discourage• Use an employee incentive program to inspire, motivate and empower your staff, not to discourage or frustrate them.
  • 7. Dont let them fail too soon• Again be realistic with your goals.• Have all employees participate.• With reasonable effort are able to succeed.• To ensure that the planned behavior change happens, you need more than 75% participation throughout the program.
  • 8. Keep it simple• Make the incentive program rules easy-to-understand and simple.• Forget the multiple legalese that flood many contests.• Show that you trust your employees• Be straightforward with them.
  • 9. Consistency• Once started, maintain the program steadily and consistently with transparency.• Don’t experiment or change the rules half way through the program.
  • 10. Use meaningful prizes!• The gift must be valuable to your recipients.• Unique and memorable.• No "one size fits all"• Don’t give male construction workers purses! etc• Be reasonable!
  • 11. Involve Families• If possible involve families.• Makes it more special for the participants to have the support of their loved ones.
  • 12. In conclusion• Plan wisely.• Determine what your business needs.• Set short-term goals.• Engage all your employees and please dont leave any departments out.• Choose the program carefully, and be consistent in following the steps.• Most of all, have some fun creating a positive work environment!