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Hanna instruments hi 96801 digital refractometer 0 85 brix range for sugar analysis

Hanna instruments hi 96801 digital refractometer 0 85 brix range for sugar analysis






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    Hanna instruments hi 96801 digital refractometer 0 85 brix range for sugar analysis Hanna instruments hi 96801 digital refractometer 0 85 brix range for sugar analysis Document Transcript

    • Download this document if link is not clickableREVIEWS - Hanna Instruments HI 96801 DigitalRefractometer, 0-85% Brix Range, For SugarAnalysisProduct Details :http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B002NX0WHI?tag=fashionara-20Average Customer Rating4.3 out of 5Product FeatureCalibrated using a few drops of distilled orqdeionized water, eliminating need for additionalcalibration solutionsSugar content can be measured utilizing only twoqmetric drops of sample substanceResults displayed within several seconds for quickqresultsAutomatic temperature Compensation (ATC)qeliminates need for extra calculationsLarge LCD screen for readabilityqProduct DescriptionThe Hanna Instruments HI 96801 is a portable, waterproof meter that measures the refractive index of samplesin order to display sugar content in a substance, displaying results within seconds.To take a reading, the sample well must be calibrated with distilled or deionized water, followed by a few dropsof the sample liquid. A dual-level LCD screen displays the measurement and temperature within severalseconds. The meter converts the refractive index of the sample to sucrose concentration in units of percent byweight (%Brix, also referred to as degrees Brix).The single 9V battery-operated device has Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), and automaticallypowers off after three minutes of non-use. The meter has a range of 0 to 85%Brix/0 to 80 degrees C (32 to 176degrees F) with accuracy + or - 0.2 %Brix / + or - 0.3 degrees C (+ or -0.5 degrees F) and a resolution of 0.1%Brix/0.1 degrees C (0.1 degrees F). The meter uses the methodology from the ICUMSA Methods Book(International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis). Its dimensions are 19.2(W) x 10.2(D) x 6.7(H) cm, and it weighs 420 g.Refractometers measure refractive index, which is the optical characteristic of a substance and the number ofdissolved particles in it. Refractive index is the ratio of the speed of light in empty space to the speed of light inthe substance. Refractometers are often used in the beverage making process to determine sugar content.Hanna Instruments manufactures a wide variety of analytical instrumentation, including pH meters,
    • multi-parameter meters, electrodes, chemical reagents and buffer solutions. Founded in 1978, Hanna isheadquartered in Woonsocket, RI, with subsidiaries in 32 countries. Hanna Instruments holds many firsts in thefield of analytical instrumentation, including a pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor, an electronicpocket-sized pH tester, and a replaceable electrode pH pocket tester. To ensure the quality of its products,Hanna is a vertically integrated manufacturer and does not subcontract any part of its manufacturing.What’s in the Box?One 9V batteryInstruction manual