Manners for the Modern Brand


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A presentation given at DEEPSPACE, 23 September 2008 by Dion Hughes of Persuasion Arts & Sciences

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Manners for the Modern Brand

  1. 1. Manners for the Modern Brand. Beta 0.001 deepspace 23 Sep 2008 Dion Hughes Persuasion Arts & Sciences flickr image by akaporn
  2. 2. “Are most of the people I know glad that I am here?” Munro Leaf, 1946 First of all, why?
  3. 3. Advertisers once got away with being obnoxious. Click to be taken to an example from my youth.
  4. 4. “We appear uninvited into a strangers home. At least we can be nice.” British Ad Guru (?) Any attempt at considerate behavior has been personal, rather than driven by business reality. flickr image by hugi
  5. 5. “360˚ Branding” 1992 - ? Brand Manners will become imperative when you see what’s happening to the brand communications model. flickr image by fernando
  6. 6. The brand (and its 360˚ interpretation) used to be the interface. But our access to information means it’s more often a facade.
  7. 7. Brands live in small towns now. There’s no hiding. And people will talk. flickr image by cmaccubbin
  8. 8. “Only liars need to be consistent.” John Grant “Brand Innovation Manifesto” argues for embracing complexity. flickr image by alan_light
  9. 9. (360˚ x n) + Time + Interaction = Our Glorious Mess The new brand is as messy as a real life human being. flickr image by G N R
  10. 10. A brand has to be the life of the party. It has to work the room. That takes manners, humanity, deportment and wit. flickr image by eyespive
  11. 11. And now for some manners. Examples, additions, deletions, all welcome.
  12. 12. Be honest. Admit your inevitable imperfections. Set expectations. Be real. flickr image by toei
  13. 13. Bring gifts. Be of value. Either in what you do for people, or the entertainment you provide. flickr image by jillclardy
  14. 14. Don’t gossip. You have my data. Don’t sell it, share it, or lose it. flickr image by ricoslounge
  15. 15. Don’t brag. The only person it does anything for is you. And these days, there are sooo many ways to fact check. flickr image by ndrwfgg
  16. 16. Do good. In social circles, those who are active in charitable works seem to have more friends. flickr image by missgongandtheflickers
  17. 17. Fight nicely. Political advertising doesn’t. Mac V PC does. flickr image by philippeleroyer
  18. 18. Apologize quickly. Example: the gift certificates Apple gave iPhone early adopters. flickr image by andrea_fregnani
  19. 19. Do what you say you’ll do. JetBlue = Happy Jetting. Except when they’re charging $7 for a pillow. flickr image by luzbonita
  20. 20. Dress right. Aesthetics matter. flickr image by revjim
  21. 21. And wallflowers, beware. You can try sitting it out, like Hasbro did. But then just hope a Scrabulous doesn’t happen to you. flickr image by mtmont
  22. 22. Muffy and I thank you. flickr image by akaporn