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Life improvement workshop - Self-development - Personal-Revolutions

Life improvement workshop - Self-development - Personal-Revolutions



Slides from the Nov, 12, 2011 live event.

Slides from the Nov, 12, 2011 live event.



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    Life improvement workshop - Self-development - Personal-Revolutions Life improvement workshop - Self-development - Personal-Revolutions Presentation Transcript

    • Life Improvement Live Event Self Improvement Concepts – Life Strategy Personal Revolutions ™ November 12, 2011 © 2011 Paul Worsham
    • Agenda
      • Introduction
      • Slides & discussion & breaks
      • Wrap-up and after-discussion
    • Introduction
      • This is a first-time presentation of this information
      • The content is for informational purposes – consult a professional before taking action
      • Ask questions at any time
      • This information will be put online after the event
      • Housekeeping notes: If you need to feed a meter, we can help remind you.
      • Please put your phones on vibrate/silent/low volume
    • 3 “steps”
      • Know yourself
      • Improve yourself
      • Enjoy your life
    • 3 Things
      • Know yourself – become aware of:
        • Your passions/goals/motivation
        • Your capabilities
        • How you (really) function
      • Improve yourself – once you know yourself:
        • Map out how to get to where you want to be
      • Enjoy your life
        • Create “flow” in your activities
        • Happiness – recognize, allow, expand it
    • How Do We Change, Improve?
      • Just identifying a problem is half solved.
      • Identifying your own challenges gets you past denial and blockage.
      • Sometimes you need to act without believing.
    • mind-body connection
      • Somewhat obvious, sometimes not
      • Vision example:
        • Our eyes see “pixels” - not shapes
        • Our brain filters, for patterns such as “horizontal motion”. We can even dictate these filters.
        • Our mind gets this input, and applies “meaning” to these pixels and patterns
        • We “see” our world
    • biology, diet, and environmental interactions
      • Exercise changes the brain in beneficial ways
        • Neurons are created, chemicals are released
        • Blood flow is increased
        • Better mood, skin, muscle tone, energy
        • Confidence
      • What you eat affects how your body operates
        • Complex interactions within our biology
        • Who you are = in your head (brain/mind)
        • What you eat = who you are able to be (brain performance)
    • enjoy "flow" in life's activities
      • Flow – a positive mental state of operation …
        • “... in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity.” (Wikipedia)
      • Enjoyment without trying:
        • “The hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture, while performing a task, although flow is also described as a deep focus on nothing but the activity – not even oneself or one's emotions”
    • focus, willpower, and motivation
      • Focus – situations:
        • Learning
        • Tasks – completing actions, thoughts
        • Communication
      • Why USA phone numbers were 7 digits?
      • Biological focus & follow-through (theory)
        • When running, we have to focus 1 to 5 steps out
        • The most important decsions are “near to us”
        • The better “working memory”, the smarter?
    • focus, willpower, and motivation
      • Willpower
        • Deciding on goals
        • Prioritization
        • Focus – battling internal & external distractions
      • Motivation
        • Expected benefits from an activity (reward)
    • focus, willpower, and motivation
      • Motivation questions
      Now : What are you doing now? Think about the activity that you are doing at this moment Needed : What result are you working towards, but currently not on track towards? What course of action will move you towards your future happiness – towards your goals and vision of the future? Nuance : Honestly assess how will you feel later about your current activity-momentum. Next : Find the very next step… an activity that you can do right now…] .
    • Emotional Mathematics?
      • Happy + Loving = Positive Support
        • Happy + Purpose = Motivated
      • Anger + Impatience = Revenge
        • Anger + Understanding = Forgiveness
      • Purpose + Energy = Confidence
      • (ingredient 1) + (ingredient 2) = Happiness
    • brain
      • Human brains are the most complex.
        • Four lobes, folds making each brain unique
      • Composed of billions of neurons, each with thousands of synapses (connections to other neurons). 80 to 120 billion neurons.
      • We are born with more connections than we need, and lose them as part of becoming who we are
      • Belief factor – fiction more powerful than fact?
      • Multi-tasking – fact or fiction?
    • brain plasticity
      • Neuroplasticity: re-wiring our brains
      • Refers to “the ability of the brain and nervous system in all species to change structurally and functionally as a result of input from the environment.” (Wikipedia)
      • “Plasticity occurs on a variety of levels, ranging from cellular changes involved in learning, to large-scale changes involved in cortical remapping in response to injury.”
    • meditation
      • Practicing meditation may lead to changes in the neurological process, creating physiological health benefits
        • Examples of benefits include: reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, pain, elevated blood pressure, improved focus, mood.
    • “limitless”
      • being limitless in pursuit of all that inspires us
      • what limits us?
        • * physical - boundaries, energy,
        • * logical - laws, society
        • * emotional - confidence, social pressure - our interpretations
    • life planning, blueprinting, setting vision, goals
      • Parameters for life planning:
        • A blueprint is a structural design.
        • A plan is how builders take the blueprint, and over time make it a reality.
        • Plans change, timelines change, flexibility is always needed.
      • A vision precedes a blueprint; not as detailed.
        • You have a vision, it is what got you here.
        • long-term vision – create one, or use "default".
        • default = dependent on external influences, training, expectations
    • Goals
      • goals - these are milestones.
      • a goal must have a deadline, or else it is a dream?
      • Really? Must be someone who likes deadlines.
      • A goal must have a feeling associated with it, which is perhaps the real goal.
      • Do you want marriage, or the feelings that it will bring?
      • the real goal may be happiness - pleasure.
    • Self-Deception
      • Understanding how our minds deceive us, and using that constructively
        • How do we decide, anyway?
      • We think we know ourselves, especially our preferences, but not always.
      • Marketers continue to study this area. Why? Because if they know us, it will help them.
    • Destiny
      • You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
    • Next Thoughts
      • Meta-cognition – thinking about thinking
        • Why are you acting/thinking this way?
        • Think it through – what do you really want?
      • Watch What You Feed Your Brain:
        • “You will move towards what you think about”
      • Everyone wants to influence you
      • Keep learning, growing
        • Happiness “set point”
        • Become comfortable with what fits in with your personal sense of destiny & purpose
    • Wrap-up
      • What did you get out of today?
      • What will you remember tomorrow?
      • What other topics are you interested in covering?
      • Social time is beneficial to our minds & brains...
      • (continue sharing with each other)