Systems Design Experiences or Just Some War Stories…


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Abhay Ghaisas, Product Development Architect BMC Software talks about

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  • Make actions restartable
  • Log updates
  • Use brute force
  • Use static limit: Split resourcesParse only what you can: Shed load
  • Systems Design Experiences or Just Some War Stories…

    1. 1. Systems Design Experiences or Just Some War Stories… Abhay Ghaisas Product Architect, BMC Software 1
    2. 2. Iridium – Background Satellite telephony project • 66 polar LEO satellites in six orbital planes • Provides telephony and messaging • Satellites have straight and cross links for communication • System control segment on ground with multiple gateways • Software development began in 1995 2
    3. 3. System Challenges Huge software system Interacting components Frameworks in nascent stage: CORBA Immature development processes: no UML • Experiment with different OOAD methods • Invent some of your own New language: C++ 3
    4. 4. Messaging Subsystem Function • Get messages (pages) with subscriber id • Locate the subscriber from HLR / VLR • Choose satellites and schedule of delivery • Multiple deliveries form different angles • Create transaction record 4
    5. 5. Messaging Subsystem Expectations • High throughput • Live system to support all messaging • High availability • Downtime has direct business impact • Fault tolerance • No single point of failure 5
    6. 6. Challenges No standard way of horizontal scaling No off-the-shelf distributed architecture • No application servers No distributed or clustered databases No off-the-shelf components really… 6
    7. 7. Solution Build it yourself! 7
    8. 8. HA and FT Architecture Live and hot stand-by systems • Identical H/W and S/W Connected over two LANs • To avoid single point of failure 8
    9. 9. HA and FT Architecture Hand-written demons to maintain health • Exchange heart-beat on both LANs • Watch for all processes to be alive • Declare switch-over in case of failure and initiate power recycle • Take over from other system in case of a switch-over • Hand shake on start-up to elect active and stand-by 9
    10. 10. HA and FT Architecture Cannot lose in-flight data • Relay each incoming message to stand-by system1 • Stand-by to hold on to the data till active finishes transaction • Allows for quick take over by stand-by system in case of failure Ensure DB replication • No feature in DB itself • Active to relay DB changes to stand-by • Re-play DB changes on stand-by through code1. Log Updates 10
    11. 11. Other Fun Challenges Regularly test the limits of C++ compiler • C++ far off from standardization Test the limits of the source code control system 11
    12. 12. Mobile Browser For early mobile phones – c. 2000 No standard operating system • No standard memory management • No processes / scheduler • Memory mapped I/O • No file system Limited resources • Low memory • Poor horsepower • Limited real estate 12
    13. 13. Re-invent How to parse HTML? • Cannot use standard parsers – none available • Cannot write one with Lex and Yacc – too heavy • Hand-write the parser – first principles What about data structures? • Hand-write all the data structures • Use statically allocated memory – manage it yourself 13
    14. 14. Re-invent Custom-made display framework • Memory mapped display • Interfaces that let you draw to the glass • Hand written layered XML display framework1 • Messaging to handle dynamic parts of the display • Animation, blink, and marquee!1. Use brute force 14
    15. 15. Small World Cannot assume a lot of resources • Use static limits1 • Parse only what you can2 • Display only what gets parsed1. Split resources2. Shed load 15
    16. 16. Verification No devices available for early verification Components still to be manufactured! Some kits, some emulation Tap the display memory for automation 16