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Value Propositions Templates Value Propositions Templates Presentation Transcript

  • 7!Proven Templates for WritingValue Propositions That Workaka elevator pitches!LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • Img  credit:  LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 1. Geoff Moores Value Positioning StatementTemplateFor ____________ (target customer)who ____________ (statement ofthe need or opportunity)our (product/service name) is____________ (product category)that (statement of benefit)____________ .Sample(s)For non-technical marketerswho struggle to find return oninvestment in social mediaour product is a web-basedanalytics softwarethat translates engagementmetrics into actionable revenuemetrics.LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 2. Venture Hacks High-Concept PitchTemplate[Proven industry example]for/of [new domain].Sample(s)1.  Flickr for video.2.  Friendster for dogs.3.  The Firefox of media playersLINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 3. Steve Blanks XYZTemplate“We help X do Y doing Z”.Sample(s)We help non-technical marketersdiscover return on investment insocial media by turningengagement metrics intorevenue metrics.LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 4. Patrick Vlaskovits & Brant Coopers CPSTemplateCustomer: ____________ (who yourcustomer is).Problem: ____________(what problemyoure solving for the customer).Solution: ____________ (what is yoursolution for the problem).Sample(s)Customer: I believe my best customersare small and medium-sized business(SMB) markets.Problem: Who cannot easily measurecampaign ROI because existingsolutions are too expensive,complicated to deploy, display adizzying array of non-actionable charts.Solution: Low cost, easy to deployanalytics system designed for non-technical marketers who needactionable metrics.LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 5. Dave McClures Elevator RideTemplate•  Short, simple, memorable;what, how, why.•  3 keywords or phrases•  KISS (no expert jargon)Sample(s)" is the free, easy way tomanage your money online."LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 6. David Cowans PitchcraftTemplate•  Highlight the enormity of theproblem you are tackling.•  Tell the audience up front whatyour company sells.•  Distill the differentiation down toone, easy-to-comprehendsentence.•  Establish credibility by sharingthe pedigree of theentrepreneurs, customers, or theinvestors.Sample(s)One person dies of melanomaevery 62 minutes.We offer a dermatoscope app foriPhone that enables people toeasily diagnose their skin,leveraging patented patternrecognition technology trustedby the World HealthOrganizationLINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • 7. Eric Sinks Value PositioningTemplate1.  Superlative ("why choosethis product").2.  Label ("what is this product").3.  Qualifiers ("who shouldchoose this product").Sample(s)•  The easiest operating systemfor netbook PCs.•  The most secure paymentgateway for mobile e-commerce.LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • Bonus: The VAD approachTemplate[verb; application; differentiator]Sample(s)*•  Share PowerPoint andKeynote slides includingaudio (Slideshare).•  Create and write blogs viaemail (Posterous).•  Make VOIP calls easily andcheaply (JaJah).*Assembled  from  Guy  Kawasaki’s  blog  LINGOSOCIAL.COM  
  • Lingo provides social media, digital strategyand technology PR services for brands lookingto create more value for their customers withever fewer resources.LINGOSOCIAL.COM  @LINGOSOCIAL