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Somerset case study Somerset case study Presentation Transcript

  • Case Study of Somerset Waste PartnershipYou will need to remember these facts for your exam so make yourself a revision aid to help.
  • Somerset Waste Partnership Somerset Waste Partnership is a combination of 5 local councils from Taunton to the Mendips It collects waste over the whole of Somerset 700 households are visited per vehicle per day
  • How Often Weekly food waste Weekly dry recyclables (cans, bottles, paper, glass) Fortnightly refuse collection (for things that cant be recycled) Fortnightly garden waste (which you have to pay for)
  • SORT IT! The Sort it Campaign was introduced in Oct 2004 and 160,000 households in Somerset take part. It is one of the best examples of a waste and recycling scheme in the UK The amount of waste going into landfill in Somerset is now less than 40% Total amounts of waste have reduced by 10-20% Refuse levels have halved
  • SORT IT!The pie chart shows the types of waste being collected and sorted for recycling in Somerset.You can clearly see that people are recycling food waste more than anything else.
  • Waste and Recycling in Somerset Every household is given a wheelie bin, a recycling box and a food waste box so they can sort their waste.
  • Waste and Recycling in Somerset Every house is given a 55 litre box for paper, glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans, foil, textiles, shoes and car batteries. The recycling can also be put out in plastic bags Since providing the boxes recycling has doubled to 45-49%
  • Waste and Recycling in Somerset 25 litre bin for food waste kept outside Small 5 litre box that can be kept in the kitchen Since introducing this food waste makes up 27% of all recycling in Somerset. This is the highest amount!
  • Waste and Recycling in Somerset For £25 a year in Mendip you can have your garden waste taken away every fortnight Youhave to put it in sacks which are sold for £7.50 for 10
  • Waste and Recycling in Somerset Other waste is collected from wheelie bins The bins have been reduced in size from 240 litres to 180 litres to encourage recycling. The lids of these bins must be closed and there are no collections of sacks. If this does not happen the waste does not get taken The fortnightly collections of this waste restrict how much you can put out so encourages recycling and composting as well as reducing costs.
  • Waste and Recycling in Somerset Ifyou do not sort your waste properly or there is a problem with the waste collection, the refuse collectors will let you know so you can fix the problem for next time Ifyou do not fix the problem then you will get a letter and then a fine to make sure that people are sorting their waste properly.
  • What happens to the food Waste? Waste goes to the Viridors Waste Management Site near Castle Cary Food waste and garden waste are mixed 50/50 and it is put in huge containers to compost. After 6-10 weeks the fresh compost is then supplied to local farmers to use on their fields.