Wind turbine reliability & condition monitoring

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What role does clean oil play in maximizing the life of critical components in wind turbines?

What role does clean oil play in maximizing the life of critical components in wind turbines?

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  • 1. Page Wind Turbine Condition MonitoringWind Turbine Reliability & Condition Monitoring
  • 2. Question: Can a wind turbine gearbox reach its full reliability potential having only a 10 micron filter? standard 10 micron inline filter
  • 3. Research Concludes: For optimum life and reliability of gears, bearings, and lubricants a 3 micron filter must be employed. Effective moisture removal will further extend the life of oil and components. 3 Micron Offline Filter
  • 4. The Challenge: The fact remains that many wind turbines come equipped with only 10 micron filters and little to no water removal capacity. standard 10 micron inline filter
  • 5. 3 Sources of Contamination Particles Water Oxidation
  • 6. Particle Contamination Abrasive Wear When clearance size particles wedge between moving parts they destroy metal surfaces, creating more particles Sand Blasting When particles carried by high oil flow collide with metal parts, metal surfaces are destroyed forming new particles
  • 7. If oil filtration is insufficient contamination increases exponentially. Particles continually circulate and multiply. Bearing damage caused by micro particles
  • 8. Small particles are the biggest problem micron
  • 9. Water Contamination Cavitation & Hydrogen-embrittlement (rust formation)
  • 10. Water Content & Bearing Life Water Content PPM ● Bearing life directly relates to level of water contamination. Removing water to below 200 ppm results in substantial bearing life extension.
  • 11. Contamination by Oxidation Water Wear Particles Air Heat Base Oil Oxidation Depletion of Additives = Oxidation by products ● Resins ● Sludge ● Varnish
  • 12. CJC filters remove all 3 contaminants
  • 13. Life Extension of Oil! ● Oil usually lasts 3 years in wind turbine gearboxes that use only inline filters ● Adding CJC offline filters extends the operating life of oil to 5 years.
  • 14. Without CJC With CJC T4 T1 2.0 MW Turbine Retrofit ● Offline filter retrofitted after 2,000 operating hours. ● Samples taken after 8,000 hrs. Data from Penamacor, Portugal, 2010
  • 15. 2.0 MW Turbine Retrofit ● Second samples taken after 14,500 operating hrs. Data from Penamacor, Portugal, 2010
  • 16. MacPherson’s research proved gearbox life can be increased by 7 times by switching from a 40 micron to a 3 micron filter.
  • 17. Clean oil extends machine life
  • 18. Patch Test and 100 x Magnification
  • 19. Used Dirty Filter Insert ● 1.7 x Gearbox Life Extension
  • 20. “...oil analysis has showed considerable improvement and our gearbox has yet to have a single bearing failure...we are likely to save major repairs that may cost over $ 900,000” - John Hall Jr., Director at N.A. Wind Research and Training Center
  • 21. Inline vs. Offline (Typically 10 µm)
  • 22. Inline vs. Offline (3 µm)
  • 23. Inline + Offline = Total Protection
  • 24. $ 250,000 is the approximate cost to replace a failed wind turbine gearbox. This does not take into account costs associated with downtime.
  • 25. What do the experts say…? “Even dirt particles much smaller than the mean film thickness cause wear if they are hard. If they are large enough to penetrate the oil film thickness, they cause local stress at the surface and thereby shorten the life of the bearing always pays to keep the dirt and water content in the lubricant as low as possible.” - Bo O. Jacobson “Replacing 40-25 micron filters by units rated at 3 micron aboslute is to be recommended for gearboxes. Such action should lead to improved reliability, longer periods between overhaul, cheaper overhauls, and consequent reductions in ownership costs. Times between oil changes, where relevant, should be substantially increased.” - P.B. MacPherson
  • 26. Where is filtration required?
  • 27. • The importance of clean oil to gear and bearing life extension is well documented. • A filtration regime that utilizes both inline and 3 micron offline filters is key to keep contamination levels as low as possible. • The life of lubricants can be significantly extended by implementing a 3 micron offline oil filter. Conclusions
  • 28. Our experience… over 80,000 wind turbines worldwide
  • 29. Wind Turbine Manufacturers ● Vestas ● Siemens ● Gamesa ● GE Energy ● Endurance ● Dewind ● Nordex Energy ● Alstom ● Goldwind ● Sinovel ● Clipper ● Noxwind ● Suzlon ● Csic Clean Oil - Customers Utilities: ● Sask Power ● Suncor ● TransAlta Wind ● AIM Powergen ● International Power ● Algonquin Power ● Sky Generation ● PEI Energy ● Nova Scotia Power ● Pattern Energy ● Samsung ● Enbridge ● Yukon Energy ● Acciona ● TaTa Independent Service Providers ● DMP ● Total Wind ● Stema Wind ● DWT ● Peter Lohns ● Availon ● GES ● Ingeteam ● enXco ● Outland ● Upwind ● Stork ● Betlink
  • 30. HDU Fine Filter: Products
  • 31. HDU Fine Filter: Main Components
  • 32. Klassen Specialty Hydraulics Inc. Canadian Distributor For C.C.Jensen Offline Filtration Systems Tel: (604) 794-7755 ___________________ PO Box 7, 9465 Ford Rd. Rosedale, BC V0X 1X0 Contact Us