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Notes on PWR Tech Activities AY 2010-2011 & beyond
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Notes on PWR Tech Activities AY 2010-2011 & beyond


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • * name change pending: Digital Literacy Coordinator and Digital Literacy Committee (or Committee on Writing in Digital Environments)
  • * name change pending: Digital Literacy Coordinator and Digital Literacy Committee (or Committee on Writing in Digital Environments)
  • The Pedagogy and Practice of Writing in Digital Environments(known as the "tech blog" for short)
  • Teaching Showcase     Samples student projects and class web sitesFaculty Presentations and White Paper     Posted presentations by Molly and Nancy from last year's COLTT     Also their contributions to a white paper on digital literacyResources     Lots of resources to help you explore writing for web audiences and/or digital media composition     articles, assignment ideas, sample projects, lots of instructions...
  • Molly, Anna, and Dave delivered a presentation on "Moving Pictures Across the Curriculum" at this year's Colorado Technology in Education conference I gave a presentation on Digital Storytelling at this year's COLTT that was well attended and well received(participants from all disciplines -- DS is hugely popular as a way to share course materials, provide video projects for service learning partners, and also asked by a group from Engineering, Architecture & Planning and Disability Services to develop a class that would use digital storytelling to raise awareness about issues of Universal Access to digital media materials
  • barely scratched the surface of what we'll cover next time!       break across two weeks:  writing for web audiences & digital media composition
  • One result of that was the creation of a "digital composition support group" on Facebook (which you can read about on the blog)
  • Maybe Damian will share what he learned at DMAC?(Ginger tells me that digital comp is big among the sustainability folks)Want more help planning digital media projects? See Dave Underwood.
  • Dave LOVES working with PWR faculty and has done quite a bit of work with us over the years
  • or find him on
  • If you’re working with for the first time and would like me to send you a template for a professional site or class blog, let me know.Also have screencasts on the tech blog for both faculty and students.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Annual Update on Tech Coordinator and Tech Committee Activities
      PWR Faculty Meeting
      Friday, August 19, 2011
      Amy Goodloe
    • 2. Overview
      Tell you a bit about what the tech committee and I have done over the past year and what we plan to do this coming year
      Primary members AY 10-11:
      Nancy Hightower
      Molly LeClair
      Tell you about Dave Underwood and the services he offers to the PWR
    • 3. We Developed a BLOG!
      Conversations on the Pedagogy and Practice of Writing in Digital Environments
      (known as the "tech blog" for short)
      Purpose is to showcase the work of those of you who are involved in:
      writing for the web
      digital media composition
      (whether you and/or your students)
      And to provide resources for learning more
    • 4.
    • 5. BLOG: T2 Project Interviews
      Jay Ellis
      Michelle Albert
      Andrea Feldman
      Dave Underwood
      …and more coming soon!
    • 6. BLOG: Teaching Showcase
      Sample student project (videos, audio essays, blog and wiki projects)
      Links to course web sites, class blogs, and more
      we want your links!
    • 7. Speaking of showcases...
      Nancy, Molly, and I proposed a multimodal composition prize last year
      Will be an option starting this year
      Separate prizes for lower and upper division
      Winners to be published on the new online Occasions
    • 8. BLOG: Lots of Resources
      steady stream of new links from our Diigo group
      Blog entries:
      info on relevant articles and other resources
      tips on using digital composing tools
      reflections on teaching with blogs or digital media projects
      assignment ideas
      …and more!
    • 9. BLOG: Post Faculty Presentations
      COLTT presentations from last year and this year, by Molly, Nancy, and me
      Molly’s and Nancy’s contributions to a white paper on digital literacy
      My notes on Digital Storytelling and on the Rhetoric of Web Design
      Send us your presentations!
    • 10. Speaking of presentations...
      Committee members out & about:
      Molly LeClair, Anna MacBriar, and Dave Underwood: “Moving Pictures Across the Curriculum” at this year’s Colorado Technology in Education conference
      Petger presented his service learning videos at the Service Learning Showcase last spring
      I gave a presentation/workshop on Digital Storytelling at this year’s COLTT
    • 11. WORKSHOPS: AY 2010-2011
      Variety of faculty workshops, committee workshops, and classroom presentations last year
      Lots of one-on-one assistance
      Week-long “Digital Composition Workshop” this summer
    • 12. Digital Composition Workshop
      Total of ten people involved
      most as participants, some as presenters, some as both
      a few who couldn’t make it followed us virtually
      Participants: Molly LeClair, Becky Dickinson, Ginger Knowlton, David Williams, Mike Zizzi, Catherine Kunce, Kathy Pieplow, DalynLeudtke, Nancy Hightower, Dave Underwood, and Amy Goodloe
    • 13. Digital Composition Workshop
      to build confidence and enthusiasm
      But also to have fun!
      esp. first day when we made the world’s most quickly produced mini-documentaries
    • 14. (1) Writing for Web Audiences
      what we discussed
      rhetorical nature of web design
      the accountability of the public writer
      how hypertext changes the way we read
      what we did
      everyone worked on creating Wordpress blogs and using other tools for web publishing
    • 15. (2) Digital Media Composition
      what we discussed
      what’s lost and gained when we communicate with multiple modes
      sample student projects: videos, photo essays, audio essays, animations
      the rhetorical principles of visual communication
      what we did
      played around with tools for digital media composition, mostly video editing and photo editing
    • 16. But...
      we barely scratched the surface of all the topics we were interested in!
      Next year: break workshop across two weeks
      writing for web audiences
      digital media composition
      Possibly in May 2012?
    • 17. Workshop Follow-up
      Created a “Digital Composition Support Group” on Facebook
      Will hold regular “drop-in” sessions throughout the year
      Also planning new workshops...
    • 18. WORKSHOPS: AY 2011-2012
      Nancy, Dalyn, Molly, and others will talk about approaches to using class blogs
      Hands-on workshops on using “web writing” and “digital media composition” for Service Learning Projects
      maybe also CNF, Diversity, and Sustainability
      Nathan and I may cover screencasting and podcasting
      I’ll probably do another Digital Storytelling workshop campus-wide
      … and many more!
    • 19. PRESENTATIONS: AY 2011-2012
      Molly, Dave, and Anna will give their presentation on “Moving Pictures Across the Curriculum”
      Petger will talk about his service learning videos
      Showcase or roundtable on using web writing and/or digital media composition for Service Learning, CNF, Diversity, Sustainability, etc.
      … and many more!
      Work with other committees on ways to incorporate writing for the web and/or digital media composition into the committee’s vision
      make mini-documentaries about what the committee does
      help committee develop web site on
      Inspire a few brave souls to help me develop mini-docs to promote the work of the PWR
    • 22. DAVE UNDERWOOD: classroom
      Available to give guest lectures on:
      principles of graphic and multimedia design
      “reading” and “writing” the language of film
      storyboarding as a method for planning visual communication projects
      using images creatively and effectively
      planning effective communications campaigns
      NOTE: Dave’s talks are oriented towards general users, not design professionals
    • 23. DAVE UNDERWOOD: individual
      Also available to consult with faculty about:
      assignment design
      project planning
      Dave does NOT do software application or equipment training
      But Tim Riggs does:
      I’m also available to talk to your class about web design, blogging, or digital storytelling
      will give hands-on workshop on Wordpress, web design and/or iMovie
    • 25. WANT MORE INFO?
      For more info on Dave and everything else I’ve talked about, go to: