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 Networking skills
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 Networking skills Networking skills Presentation Transcript

  • Networking SkillsNetworking Skills WorkshopWorkshop Presented byPresented by Lena HepworthLena Hepworth
  • finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with many years of hard work
  • finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with many years of hard work 6
  • What is effective networking?
  • What is effective networking? Why do it?
  • What is effective networking? What challenges do people face in making networking work effectively? Why do it?
  • The biggest problems with networking • People mix selling with networking • It takes people outside their comfort zones • People don’t work the room well • A lot of people aren’t in the right room to begin with • They have no real networking strategy
  • A prize for anyone who knows who this is?
  • A prize for anyone who knows who this is? “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”
  • The essential networking skills 1.1. Working the room; know the following;Working the room; know the following; - Who your potential / ideal customers are. - Potential suppliers…..not just for you but your customers and network of contacts - Potential recommenders 2. How to make connections with people2. How to make connections with people
  • 5 things people decide in the first minute 1. Do they like you? 2. Do they rate you? 3. Can I sell to you? 4. Can I buy from you? 5. Can I refer you on?
  • How to get the best out of an event • Business cards • Pen (ball point) • Name badge • An objective for the event What do you need to take with you? Leave you brochures in the car !!!Leave you brochures in the car !!!
  • During the event itself • Who on earth do I speak to? (other than my mates) • How to start a conversation with someone • The dynamics of open/closed groups Key issues that people face
  • Dynamics of groups Who to approach
  • What do I say? • Getting the conversation started • Talk about them first • Talk about you last • The conversation itself • How to move on politely
  • Conversation memory stack • Create mental pictures • Link them together • Repeat them a few times • Trigger pictures
  • The most valuable networking questions that you can ask • What are you looking for out of today? • What kind of introductions are you looking for? • What kinds of businesses are you looking to make connections with?
  • When you get the chance to talk about yourself • What do you say? • Don’t shoot yourself in the foot! • Most responses are typically boring ‘‘I’m an accountant’I’m an accountant’ ‘‘I work in advertising’I work in advertising’ ‘‘I’m a financial advisor’I’m a financial advisor’
  • When you get the chance to talk about yourself • See things from the other persons point of view • Always talk in terms of their interests …. WIIFMWIIFM
  • Getting out of the conversation • I’ve really enjoyed talking to you this morning, I hope you find today productive for you. • Let me introduce you to someone I think would be interested to find out more about what you do. • Do you remember that you said that xxxx are good contacts for you… if I bump into any xxxxx this morning shall I introduce you to them?
  • Your moment in the sun! • 60 second presentation (4networking/BNI) • Longer presentations (usually 5-7 minutes long, Chamber events & Business lunches) How do most peopleHow do most people feel about thisfeel about this opportunity?opportunity?
  • A format for your network response • Start with your name and company • Who do you know who…....what your clients look for (be specific) • They want to talk to us because ….what results you get for them (be specific) • Restate your name and company • Memorable close 60 second presentation
  • A format for you network response Same as before and…. Build in a customer success story Longer presentation format Just don’t bore them,Just don’t bore them, people buy you and connectpeople buy you and connect with you when they see thatwith you when they see that you haveyou have solutions thatsolutions that are relevant to theirare relevant to their issues!issues!
  • Networking Fundamentals 1. Find out beforehand who will be attending. 2. Show up early and stay late. 3. Look your best. 4. Bring lots of business cards. 5. Target who you want to meet.
  • Networking Fundamentals 6. Have your 60 second network response planned and ready. 7. Remember peoples names and use them. 8. Don’t drink or eat while mingling. 9. Don’t waste your time chatting to your best mates. 10. Have fun, positive energy and be magnetic. .
  • Networking Fundamentals 11. Remember that you are judged by what you say how you say it and how you look. Don’t be incongruent with your message. 12. Spend two-thirds of your time with people you do not know. 13. Find out about the other person before talking about yourself. 14. Build rapport - avoid selling at the event. 15. Write notes on the back of persons business card immediately and make sure you follow up by doing what you say you are going to do.
  • Networking SkillsNetworking Skills WorkshopWorkshop 77thth March 2012March 2012
  • Your Feedback PleaseYour Feedback Please Please completePlease complete thethe questionnairequestionnaire we will bewe will be collecting thesecollecting these Thank you Meeting Evaluation Meeting Evaluation
  • Networking SkillsNetworking Skills WorkshopWorkshop 77thth March 2012March 2012